Why UNIX Shared Hosting is a Good Choice

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August 31st, 2012

Getting UNIX shared hosting is one of the best ways to get what you need for your websites and blogs. The right hosting will make a huge difference and this means you have to find the hosting that fits with your project just right. This is the one decision that is more important than any other that you will make for your online business.

You have to take the time to choose the right hosting with the performance you need, the features necessary for your project, the right price, and the reliability you need. This means you have to compare many different types of hosting before you decide on the right one for you. Part of that comparison should be UNIX shared hosting.

Many believe that UNIX shared hosting is much better than any other type of shared hosting and they have done a great job of closing the gap between this operating system and the other choices. Due to the higher amount of memory, the UNIX servers tend to perform better and they also have the operating system tune ability, which helps with the overall performance.

Where Does Shared Hosting Excel the Most?

The main competitor for the UNIX servers are the Windows servers, and this means you have to know what both of these can provide for you. The good news is that UNIX servers create a better overall hosting environment, but with Windows servers you will find they are easier to use and tend to have better tools for the user.

Since you are going to be using shared hosting, you don’t have much control over the actual performance, so it should not be a huge concern. Any time you are using shared hosting you will be sharing the resources of the server with hundreds of other accounts and this means that at any moment your website could respond slowly because of another website spiking in activity.

The features of UNIX shared hosting will make a difference in your decision, however. This means that you will need to compare the features of the different server types and the different shared hosting packages. If you compare the features, you will most likely find that some of the other servers offer quite a few features, but so does UNIX shared hosting.

Both UNIX and Windows servers offer similar tools and many of the same scripts and applications for use by those hosting on the server. The one major difference you may notice could be the one that helps you make your decision. Some of the features are different and if one of them is missing that you really need, your decision will already be made for you.

Hosting is too important to choose the wrong type. If you are looking for the advantage with scripting languages, then UNIX shared hosting is the right choice for you. These servers have the ability to use Apache, which is an open source program to help run the scripting languages. This gives you more customization and flexibility, if you know how to use this feature.

The Final Decision for UNIX Hosting

The one final thing you have to look at with UNIX shared hosting and other types of shared hosting is the stability. This is a very important part of your decision and UNIX takes the cake here. Windows gives you a very stable operating system for your hosting, but they still don’t compare that well to UNIX in this area.

If you are looking for the best hosting for a slightly cheaper price than Windows hosting, then you need to make sure you look into hosting with UNIX. This is a very stable hosting server filled with features you can use for your websites and blogs. Make sure you look into UNIX shared hosting before you make your final decision.

Using a UNIX Web Hosting Plan Properly

A UNIX web hosting plan is a great way to get the right foundation for your business. These servers are known to be very reliable, secure, and high performing. This means that you can certainly do more with your hosting than if you have a server that does not compare to a UNIX server. Even if you don’t own the server, you can get a UNIX web hosting plan and reap the benefits.

There are many that believe UNIX is much more stable than using a Windows server, but there is no true evidence to support this. We don’t want to put Windows hosting down because it is a very good choice for some, but it is important for you to be aware of what a UNIX web hosting plan can do for you.

The good news is that you don’t have to be scared to use UNIX because if you are not familiar with it, you can choose one of the many Linux variables that is closely related to UNIX and much easier to use. Yes, UNIX is more for the programmer than anybody else, but with the right type of hosting plan, nearly anybody can take advantage of this type of hosting.

Choosing a UNIX Hosting Plan for Your Business

When you start your search for hosting, you will find that there are numerous types of hosting out there and many different companies offering it. This may become confusing and it is important to get both the right type and company for your hosting. Here is a short checklist to help you figure out if a UNIX web hosting plan is right for you or not.

1. Server

Start by looking at the benefits of using different types of servers. This will help to narrow down the type of hosting and the company you use because they don’t all run on the same types of servers. Some companies will offer a few different types of servers, but others will only offer one type of server for you to use.

2. Type

After you have settled the debate about the right type of server for your hosting, you can look into the different types of hosting. The main three are shared, VPS, and dedicated server hosting, but you may also want to look at Cloud hosting and some of the specialties you can use within these types of hosting.

Consider the amount of traffic you plan to see on a daily and monthly basis, how much disk space you will need, and the level of security that is necessary. Shared hosting is the cheapest, but it is also the lowest level of hosting. You may want VPS hosting for more security or you may even want to consider dedicated hosting if your budget can support it.

3. Company

Finally, you want to look into the top companies offering the type of hosting you are looking for on the right type of server. This means if you are looking for a UNIX web hosting plan, you want to find the best companies offering the type of hosting you need on a UNIX or Linux server. Then, compare a couple of these companies to make sure you get the right one for you.

Benefiting from a Hosting Plan

You can easily benefit from using a UNIX hosting plan and it can be the answer to the hosting issues you could encounter with other types of hosting. UNIX is very stable and will provide you with much more than other servers will. Take your time with this decision and be sure you are getting the best choice for you, whether it is a UNIX web hosting plan or not.

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