Why Might Low Cost Blog Hosting be the Right Choice?

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September 3rd, 2012

Low cost blog hosting is a good way to go if you are trying to get your blog up and running quickly. You have many choices to make and when you are trying to find the best blog hosting for you it might be necessary to know why this hosting is good. You don’t have to pay a fortune for good hosting and with the right blog host you can get cheap hosting and still be in good shape.

The biggest problem is that many people will choose cheap web hosting for their blog from a company that is not all that good. When you are not going to pay all that much for your hosting it is necessary to get the right company that can provide you with everything you need. This is important if you want the best blog hosting out there.

The company will make a huge difference and this is the main reason why low cost blog hosting can be the right choice. However, if you get cheap hosting from a company that just is not all that good, it could cause you to have some deep regrets in the future. This is the foundation of your blog and you need the right company to provide you with the best blog hosting you can get.

Below you are going to learn five things you need to know before you choose cheap hosting for your blog and you also are going to find out a way to get exactly the right hosting company for you. These are important things to understand because hosting is a very big decision that you need to make in the right way.

The Top 5 Things to Know About Low Cost Blog Hosting

1. Your Goal

You need to know what your ultimate goal is because it will make a difference in the type of hosting you need. There are many hosting companies and many types of hosting you can use for your blog, but the best blog hosting is going to be the type that helps you achieve your goals. It is not always the same for everybody.

For example, if you are just trying to put a blog up to help you stay in touch and update your family as to what is happening, then you may not need the same type of hosting as someone trying to make money from a blog. This will also be different if you have plans to put up many blogs instead of just one blog.

2. The Support

Another thing you have to consider before you choose blog hosting that is not as expensive is whether or not the support is good. If you get hosting from a well-known company that has a good reputation you will get better support than if you go with a smaller company that may not be around very long. Take this into consideration before making your decision.

3. Not all Hosting is Equal

Even though you may be thinking that all hosting is the same and the company doesn’t matter, it does. Every hosting company has their own specialties and they also have servers that might be much different than another company has. This is important to know because some servers are going to be very reliable and others are not.

4. The Potential Blog Platforms

The best blog hosting you can get will give you the Fantastico script, which will have many of the best blog platforms you can use to get your blog up fast. This can help you to customize the look, function, and everything else about your blog. By having the Fantastico script you will get to choose between the top two blog hosting platforms as well.

These are the Joomla hosting platform and the WordPress hosting platform. When you use one of these two options you will be able to put up a blog in a way that will be better than trying to do it with a free platform or a platform with fewer options. The Fantastico script is included with many hosting packages and you need it for your blog.

5. The Speed

When you get cheap hosting you may have an issue with how fast the hosting is. You have to make sure you get hosting that is fast enough to give you the full benefits of your blog. If it takes longer than three seconds for your blog to load, then you could lose visitors and that is not a good thing at all.

How to Get Low Cost Blog Hosting from the Right Company

When you are looking for the best blog hosting you can get, but you are on a budget the company will matter much more than it does when you can spend more money. You need to make sure you get the right hosting company to help you get your blog up and running properly. Your blog is important and getting a good foundation will lead you to a more successful project.

You want to make sure you read the web hosting reviews of the top ten hosting companies and find out which ones provide the best blog hosting. These reviews can help you narrow down your search and two of the best choices for you to read are the HostMonster review and the BlueHost review. These two companies provide very good blog hosting for a very reasonable price.

Getting the right hosting company for your blog is very important and you want to make sure your decision is made with full confidence. This will help to ensure that you have less to worry about with your blog. Setting a good foundation is something you can certainly do with low cost blog hosting as long as you choose a top web hosting company.

What Price Range does Cheap Blog Hosting Fall Into?

When you are looking for cheap blog hosting you need to know what to expect. There are many things you need to make sure you get from your blog host and there are also many things you don’t want to deal with. You need to know what price range you should be looking in and what to expect if you get hosting that is even cheaper than this price range.

If you go with blog hosts that are not even cheap, but are free you will be getting the cheapest blog hosting you can find. However, this will be horrible hosting with very little space and very few options. You need to make sure you are not dealing with the free hosting options that are out there like the Google web host.

Getting cheap hosting is one thing, but getting free hosting is something completely different. Cheap blog hosting can be very good if you know what you are looking for, but you have to spend at least a little bit of money. Free hosting may sound great, but it is horrible and you will regret you ever used it when you get your blog up and running.

You should be looking for cheap blog hosting that will cost between $4 a month and $10 a month. These packages are going to be shared hosting and they are the best choice for the best blog hosting on a budget. There is better hosting out there that you could get for your blog, but it will not be in this price range.

If you can deal with this price range and you can afford the blog hosts that sell packages in this range, then you want to make sure you start looking for the right type of hosting. Below you are going to find some of the things you need to get with your blog hosting and these are not really optional.

The Top 5 Necessities for Cheap Blog Hosting

1. Fantastico Script

The Fantastico script is what gives you the top blog platforms like the WordPress and Joomla hosting platforms. These are necessary if you want to get your blog up and running the right way. If you don’t have a good platform for your blog you will miss out on many tools, plugins, and themes that can help you make your blog look the way you want and function the way you need it to.

2. Plenty of Speed

Slow hosting is something you simply cannot get because if your hosting is slow you are going to end up struggling to make money. Slow hosting companies will not give you want you need in order to make money online and when it takes your blog more than about 3 seconds to load up you will lose many of your visitors to your competition.

Consumers are no longer patient when it comes to finding what they are after and if your blog takes forever to load you will never get it in front of the consumer. This is not a good thing and you need to make sure you get your cheap blog hosting from a top web hosting company that can provide you with a good amount of speed.

3. Great Support

This is especially for those that are beginners to the hosting world and if you don’t have good support you are going to regret it as soon as your site goes down the first time. Your site may never go down and this would be great, but you will end up needing support for something at some point. This means you need to have good support.

4. Unlimited Domain Hosting

Another thing you must have if you are looking for cheap blog hosting is the ability to host unlimited domain names. Most of the time you are going to get the choice between a hosting package that will allow you to host one domain name and you will not get to host any more than that. You need to have the ability to host multiple domain names because you will want to put up more than just one blog in the future.

5. A Monthly Payment

Getting cheap hosting is something that you need have on a monthly basis. Yearly hosting is not the way to go because this means you have to pay for it all up front and you are committed to that company for a full year. You want to get a monthly payment plan with a company so that if you find out you made the wrong decision you can change to another hosting company.

A Few Things to Help you Find Cheap Blog Hosting

When you need to find cheap hosting and you want to use it for a blog you need to make sure you are looking at the lists of the top 10 hosting choices. These are the best of the best web hosting companies and they always have packages that are in the cheap price range. With a top web hosting company you know you are in good hands.

Once you have looked through this list and found the hosting companies that offer the Fantastico script you are going to want to go through and read the web hosting reviews. The BlueHost review, HostMonster review, HostGator review, and the JustHost review are some of the top choices and when you read these reviews you will find out the features of all the packages they offer for blog hosting.

If you still have not narrowed it down to one blog host after reading the web hosting reviews you can test the support by asking them a few questions. If they are fast to respond and they are very professional, then you have one of the best web hosting companies. This is a good way to finalize your decision when you are just not sure.

Make your decision with confidence and know that you are getting everything you need from a top web hosting company. This will be the foundation for your blog and when it is a strong foundation you are going to have a better chance to make money online with blogging. Cheap blog hosting can still be very good, but only if you get one of the best web hosting companies to supply it for you.

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