Why Choosing Free Web Hosting Sites is not Good Enough

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September 16th, 2012

Web hosting is basically like the street that your website lives on and you have options like free web hosting sites. This is one of the options that many new marketers like to choose because it is free, however, this may be costing you more money than you realize. There are also paid options that may be much better for you.

If you have thought about using one of the many free web hosting sites that are out there, then you need to do proper research first. Your business is far too important to make a mistake like choosing a hosting option that does not fit the necessity of your website. This could cost you money that you cannot afford to lose.

How will Using Free Hosting Cost you Money?

Imagine for a moment that you spent your precious time building up regular traffic to your website through article marketing and other forms of free marketing. Then, imagine you started to make money from your website and you didn’t even notice that you were losing money every single month.

Do you know why you have not noticed that you are losing money? You are making money and that is great, you are happy and you think you are doing things properly, then you find out that your conversion rate could be as much as twice what it is right now. Imagine you are making $500 a month and you could have been making $1,000 a month the entire time.

Why is it that your conversion rate is so much lower with free web hosting sites than if you paid for hosting? When you choose something for free like hosting there is a tradeoff. The company providing it has to make money somehow and they do this by displaying ads on your site. They make money from those ads.

Those ads distract your visitors from your site and the message that you have put out there for those that find your site. If you have built up your traffic to 100 visitors every week, then you could be losing half of them or more to the free ads that are displayed because you are using one of the free web hosting sites for your hosting.

How Much is the Tradeoff of Free Hosting Sites Worth to You?

If you were to go with the base option, which is shared web hosting, you will spend between $3 and $10 a month depending on the host, if you have a coupon code, and what special they may have at the time you sign up. This is not very much money each month and if each converted visitor is worth even $0.50 to you, then it will not take much to cover this cost.

You do not want to squander your efforts and the time you have spent to market your website. This is why you want to pay for hosting from a reputable hosting company that will not require you to display ads on your website. The free web hosting sites do not have this option and they will cost you more than they will save you.

Is Using a Free Web Host a Good Idea?

When looking through your web hosting options, you may have come across certain sites that advertise the fact that they can get you free web hosting. Of course getting your hosting for free may sound tempting to many, as everyone would like to receive something for free. However when it comes to free web hosting, there is always a trade off in the end and it means that it is simply not worth using it. You will end up actually paying more if you use free web hosting, as you will waste your time and you may not be able to make all the money that you would like to make on the internet.

The Facts About Free Web Hosting Providers

Here are some reasons as to why using free web hosting companies is a very bad idea for internet marketers and for anyone that would like to make some serious money on the internet.

They Put Ads on Your Site

Many free web hosting companies put ads, such as banners, pop ups, video ads, or text ads on your web site. This may give your site an unprofessional look. It also makes the site slower to load for the users. Furthermore, the web host is the one that is benefiting from these ads, as any revenue generated by them goes in their pockets and helps cover the expense associated with providing you with free web hosting.

They Lack Support

With free web hosting companies, the support that you will get if you have a problem with your website will be minimal. Very few of them offer support by phone or live chat. In fact, most of the free web hosting places only give limited support by email. This will mean that you will often have to wait one full day, or more to even get a response from them. Since they provide a free service, they don’t have much incentive in giving their customers top notch technical support.

Their Service is Unreliable

Even free web hosting places that claim to give you a good amount of web space and do not put up any ads on your website are frequently unreliable hosts. Since they do not charge you any money for your web hosting, they often do not want to make any significant investments into getting new servers that are more reliable, for example. This means that your site may be down for extended periods of time, and the web host will simply not care, as you are not paying them anything to have your site hosted with them.

They Can Disappear Overnight

Many free web hosting companies are small, one man operations, especially the ones that offer free hosting with no ads. This means that they can decide to delete all the sites on their servers and close shop at any time, and there is little that you can do about this. When it comes to web hosting, you are much more better off dealing only with reputed companies that have been around for some time.

Is Free Hosting Ever a Good Choice?

Since free web hosting is used by millions of people, there must be a type of web master that can benefit from this kind of web hosting, right? Well actually, if you are only putting up a website as a hobby, or if you want to try out your web design skills, then using a free web hosting company might actually be a good choice for you. This is mainly because you wouldn’t be making any money from your site, so getting service that is reliable at all times would not be much of a concern to you.

However, if you are an internet marketer and want to make some money on the internet, you absolutely need to avoid using any kind of free web hosting solution. There are far better options available out there, such as getting web hosting from one of the top ten web hosting companies. These web hosts will provide you with excellent quality web hosting, affordable packages, as well as 24 hours a day, 7 days a week technical support. This is a whole lot better than simply relying on the services of a free web hosting company, as you would actually be getting excellent web hosting and you will not be having any of the problems that are commonly associated with free web hosts.

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