Why Choose FatCow Hosting?

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August 8th, 2012

There are web hosting companies who have distinguished themselves from the rest because of their very powerful packages, like the one FatCow hosting offers. FatCow was founded at the end of 1997 and the company was formed through the highs and lows of the dotcom era. This web hosting service aimed primarily at small and medium-sized enterprises, but also geared to individual needs, offers a variety of quality products.

Instead of spending their time focusing on revenue, FatCow hosting spends their time focusing on the customer and the service they provide to that customer. Some may even say they are old fashion with the customer coming first instead of the cash.

FatCow for the Business and Individual

The FatCow web hosting provider is currently offering a good web hosting package and they also register domain names. As a reliable internet hosting choice for small businesses and private individuals, they offer a very simple to use interface and system control. FatCow has a team of service agents that are very good with customers.

They even have a policy that states if a service agent is rude with you, they will give you a month of free service. That is how they keep their support above the rest. The staff consists of experienced members trained in the hosting industry. They will make sure you get the best answers to all your questions, no matter what the issues is.

Fat Cow website hosting is a superb option for many individuals who require website hosting. This company offers tools to assist in building the site, as well as tools to help market the site so it can grow and bring in buyers. Fat Cow is among the few hosting corporations that may boast it is great for the environment, as it is totally wind powered. Fat Cow hosting plans are on sale for $66 each year, which breaks down to $5.50 a month.

Typically , The hosting plans are $88 each year, so this is a great sale. Many internet host corporations offer plans with analogous pricing nevertheless, they do not offer the extras available with this plan. Every now and then, discount promotions run, making the price of the hosting plan just $3.67 a month – with a free website name included. Fat Cow hosting programs support CGI, PHP and MySQL, Perl, Ruby, and Python.

Unlimited drive space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, and unlimited POP mailboxes mean regardless of how much your site and business grows, it’ll be unnecessary to fret about switching hosts. This is an excellent thing because many individuals begin with a hosting plan and realize they require more than what their internet host offers. Fat Cow web hosting programs come with search site tools offered by SubmitNet, a $50 Google AdWords credit, $25 Yahoo Search credit, ShopSite net store tools, WordPress blogging tools, and 2GB worth of information backup with Carbonite.

This is everything web designers need to design a killer web site and get traffic coming to it, without effort. HubSpot’s site grader is another one of the selling tools web designers will have at their disposal when selecting Fat-Cow. As well as everything Fat Cow already offers, there’s a site builder, a free net store builder and a free script library so installing content management systems like WordPress or Joomla becomes an easy choice. The script library makes it simple for folks with no advanced coding and development information to form a functional site with very little effort.

With the management and control of more than a million sites, customers are guaranteed 99.9% server up time and fast loading pages. The load-balancing technology makes this all possible, which basically supports the sites on different servers, so boot time and speed are faster. This is one of the best new technologies being used. You can read several more things about FatCow below and you will get an idea as to why we like FatCow so much and why it has a lot of raving reviews about it online. They are not only cheap but you will find many other good things about them.

The FatCow Host Plan

The plan itself is offered at less than $4 per month and this is one of the best plans you will find. If you want to get the best, you want a company that specializes in the type of hosting you need. Shared hosting is what FatCow does and they do it better than most. They only offer one plan, but it is packed with features and backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

FatCow Web Hosting Features

The FatCow Web Hosting plan comes with powerful features for a value packed product. With the cheap price and the ability to use all the top content management systems, like WordPress, Joomla, and many others, you will certainly have everything you need. They also have one of the best user-friendly site builders out there.

The FatCow Free Marketing Gifts

Not only do you get a power packed plan with FatCow hosting, but you also get many freebies. They give you a domain name for free to use for the life of your account, but that is not all. They also give you free marketing credits to use with Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook. This allows you to get the best possible hosting and start marketing your site right from the beginning. It does not get much better than this.

Our FatCow Hosting Review

When looking at a company like FatCow we had many things to consider. We rate them as the top choice for value when you are looking for shared hosting because of the many positive reviews and the features they provide. The main thing they give you that many other companies don’t is the amazing support and customer service.

Support can tell you quite a bit about a company and with FatCow, it is always going to be top notch support. This company knows what they are doing and they will only provide you with the best possible hosting for the best price. This is why we recommend you choose FatCow hosting for all your hosting needs.

Finding and Using FatCow Coupon Codes

FatCow Web Hosting is one of the best and most reliable of all, and by using one of the FatCow coupon codes can help save you a bit of money. You can enjoy a savings of FatCow coupon codes for a limited time, so you want to use this type of coupon to save on your hosting.

Many Internet users can find building a website to be a difficult task, as it seems to find the best web hosting provider of choice for many. There are many reviews, comparisons and other ranks behind all the web hosting. There are many, it is important that the reviews and tell others to check out a particular provider of web hosting. In this paper, we did some research and found out, you can save with FatCow coupon codes, the user money on hosting a rather surprising. FatCow is why we conduct our research, and that’s what we know.

Hosting services are like a foundation in the complete process of entering the online world. Specialists and tech gurus often stress on their importance because if a very fancy web site is designed but registered with an average host company, end users would not be able to enjoy a smooth visit of the page. This would result in their dissatisfaction that will force them to switch on to some other site.

Companies think finding a competitive host that would also fit in their budget is a difficult job but not with Fatcow amazing coupon codes available in the market. The sole purpose of entities starting up a new business is to earn profit, which is only possible in two ways; first the expenses are reduced and second the revenues are increased. In order to achieve this perfect balance, one needs to provide good quality services at lower prices that come in effect with falling expenses. This can be achieved only if Fatcow discounted coupon codes are used that are not only very economical fee wise but also provide the best quality of services.

Firms get to enjoy unlimited bandwidth, web space, mailbox capacity, FTP users and sub users in a very substandard monthly fee. Fatcow has been in business since 1998 and is known for its reliable, professional and usable features. With so many offerings, coupon codes of fatcow are nothing less than icing on a cake on the package fit in every firm’s budget.

The economical coupon codes offered by Fatcow are offered usually to new clients signing up as a strategy to attract more and more customers. Another very useful feature of Fatcow coupon codes is that do not restrict any company’s resources, as the fee is too low the entity is able to use the same money for some other project or any other reason. With the introduction of Fatcow economical coupon codes, many new entrepreneurs were able to give a practical shape to their ideas, as less capital is required for starting up a business online.

Apart from this, some companies have switched to fatcow’s network considering the amount of benefits the company is offering. It is a known fact that host service providers that offer to work for lesser fee can never provide you high quality services but Fatcow is truly an exception that has been satisfying its clients for almost fifteen years now.

Who is FatCow and What Is The FatCow Coupon?

FatCow has been around since 1998, and with his experience on the Internet, consumers of products that are safe and reliable. A shared web hosting, it is important to find a hosting provider that reliable, especially when you plan your site, as a business. Your business will never be turned off once you go online and with one of the FatCow coupon codes, you will be able to do it much easier.

FatCow web hosting is a reliable product for the consumer to make sure that your site is professional and reliable for new and regular visitors to see. FatCow has increased in business every single year and has grown to a level that is not like most others. You will have a better chance of using a top hosting company if you choose FatCow.

FatCow works to allow the consumer to understand how easy it is to use the product. The majority of Internet users and potential employees are not trained, like software developers and website programs are. FatCow Web Hosting makes it easy for anybody to use their hosting and this is one of the major benefits of their hosting system.

By offering many content management systems and an easy to use site builder will help in many ways. This will help you get the right hosting for your project and will give you the blog and website tools you need. If you get the right type of hosting, the rest becomes much easier.

Why the Coupon Code for FatCow Very Important?

FatCow web hosting, has many services and functions. The problem with cheap or even free hosting service is that it usually does not offer enough features and services to help you build your website. Thus, even if you start with the price of free, you should always buy extra features to your website started.

It’s even cheaper if you buy more time with FatCow by signing a two or three year contract. With the right FatCow coupon codes you can save even more and get your hosting for as low as $3.67 per month. You will just need to do the right thing and research the company first before you do anything else at all.

Some of the Things you get with FatCow Hosting:

Disk space is limited
Unlimited Traffic
Domain Name Registration
Site Builder
Free Shop script
Free Shopping Cart
Secure SSL Server
Free advertising credits
24/7 Support
30-day money-back guarantee

As you can see, FatCow almost everything you need and more about running a successful website. If you are looking to share the best web hosting, FatCow Check only $3.67 per month. The lower price comes from the right hosting with the right coupon code. Make sure that read our review and comparison of FatCow hosting, then just choose a company and sign up. Find one of the FatCow coupon codes and get your hosting today.

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