What to Be Careful of When Looking for Low Cost Web Host

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September 4th, 2012

When you have a budget and you want to find the right low cost web host you have to know what to look for and how to find it. There are also a few things to be careful of and if you are unaware of these things you could end up learning something the hard way. There are many ways to learn lessons, but when it comes to hosting you don’t want to learn your lessons the hard way.

You want to be aware of free hosting like the Google web hosting because this is not usually a good option for anybody trying to make money from their website. You do not get many features to work with and when you use the Google website hosting that is out there you are going to need to make sure you do not care about being successful.

Google does not give you much when it comes to space or speed. Plus they will not allow you to use your own domain name either. This is a big problem and you really have to have hosting that will allow you to use what you are trying to use for your website. This means you need the best hosting you can find for your project and the Google web host is not going to be it.

The other type of hosting you need to be aware of when you are looking for a low cost web host is the reseller option. Even the best reseller hosting is not a good option if you are not trying to open your own hosting business. You want to make sure you get hosting from an actual hosting company and not from a middle man.

Reseller hosting is when someone purchases a bulk hosting package from a company like HostMonster or BlueHost and they decide that they want to resell the portion they are not using to others. They usually cannot provide very good support and they certainly cannot provide you with what you could get directly from the hosting company.

The Top 5 Tips for Finding a Low Cost Web Host

1. Search the Top Choices

The top web hosting options are listed on many websites and blogs for you to use. This is a great place to start when you are trying to find great hosting and you want to do so without spending a large amount of time researching the potential options that are out there. You can look through the top 10 web hosts and see what they offer for you.

2. Read the Top Web Hosting Reviews

Start with the HostMonster review and the BlueHost review and read through them. Even though these two hosting companies may not offer exactly what you are after they will be able to give you an idea of what to look for. You can compare other companies to these two and find the one that offers the right option for your project.

3. Figure out What you Need

When you know that you are going to be looking for a low cost web host you will want to make sure you still get what you need for your project. You really want to make sure you know whether you need simple blog hosting or whether you need more advanced hosting like ASP hosting. This is very important to the performance of your website and when you go through the choices on the top ten hosting companies you will learn all about the different options and what they can do for you.

4. Set a Reasonable Budget

It is never good to just simply look for a low cost web host and go with the cheapest website hosting you can find. It is better for you to set yourself a budget with a maximum and just make sure you are under that number. Prepare to spend your maximum every month and if you find great hosting for a less expensive price just consider it a bonus.

5. Choose with Confidence

The easiest way to know whether or not you are going to have the right low cost web host for your project is the confidence level you have with the hosting choice. If you feel that you may not be choosing correctly, then you should continue to look and compare. You do not want to choose a host you do not have confidence in.

The Different Things to Compare When Choosing a Low Cost Web Host

When you are trying to narrow down your list to the right low cost web host for your project you need to know the most important three things to look for. Obviously you already know the price range you are looking for and you should not be looking at anything out of that range. This means you need to make your decision based on the other important factors.

1. Support and Customer Service

When you run into an issue with your low cost web host and you need help you will deal with the customer service of their staff and the support they provide for your hosting. The top web hosting company separate themselves from the ones that are not all that good with great support and top notch customer service.

Prepare to test the support with a few basic questions. The main thing you are looking for is how fast they respond, and how good their answers are. If they give you the right answer and they do so in a reasonable amount of time, then you have a good choice for your low cost web host. This is a great way to know what you really are getting ahead of time.

2. Reliability

A low cost web host can still be very reliable and this is something you simply cannot give up. If you do not have a reliable host it is going to cause you many issues that you do not need to deal with. You can only find out about the reliability by reading the reviews. You can start with the HostMonster review and the BlueHost review.

3. Speed and Space

The final things you want to compare when looking for a low cost web host is the speed and the space you get. Do not be fooled by the unlimited option that many shared hosting choices provide. This is not always the best choice simply because unlimited means you are sharing resources with ever other hosting account on that server.

This can work out very well for you or it can be a big mistake. It just depends on what you are doing, how much space you are going to take up, and how fast you need your site to perform. You will need to compare the different options that are offered and make sure you get what you need when you are looking for a low cost web host.

These are a few of the most important things to compare when searching for a low cost web host and you need to take your time with the comparison. You have to make sure you get exactly what you need, and you will want to make sure you get the right host for your needs. Getting the right host is not always easy and you must take your time with a low cost web host choice.

Inexpensive Web Host Choices to Avoid Completely

If you are a beginner and you want to find an inexpensive web host, then you need to be aware of a few choices that are just not going to help you. These choices may be cheap, but they are not going to provide you with everything you need to do with your website or blog. As a beginner you will be saving yourself a large amount of time and stress when you decide not to go with these bad choices for an inexpensive web host.

First, you do not want to use the Google web host. This is a horrible choice because Google is not a hosting company and they are not good at providing top notch hosting for anybody online. You will not get much space and you will not be able to put up the type of website or blog you are hoping to put up. When you choose the Google web host you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Second, going with a free blog hosting option like blogger is another bad idea. Blogger is actually a part of Google, but any of the free blog hosting options are not going to give you much ability to customize your blog and make the money you are trying to make. This is not a good choice for an inexpensive web host and you can do much better than a free blog hosting option.

Last, choosing any type of free hosting is a mistake. Really any type of free hosting is not going to be very good for you or for your website or blog. Free hosting comes with many catches and many things you really do not need from your hosting. This will not make it any easier for you to start making money online and you will just set yourself up to fail.

These options for an inexpensive web host might be very tempting, but you should make sure you avoid them. Anytime something is free there is a catch and with hosting the catches are enough to make sure you are not successful with what you are trying to do. Free hosting is horrible and you have to avoid it if you want to be successful online.

An Inexpensive Web Host Does not Have to Be Bad

When you are searching for an inexpensive web host you do not have to be looking for an option that is not good hosting. Sure there are some that are horrible, but if you know how to spot the good choices and the bad choices, then you will be able to get great hosting for a much lower price. There are many options that are good for your website or blog.

If you are putting up a blog you can get the cheapest website hosting from one of the top web hosting companies. This is most likely going to include everything you need for your blog in the Fantastico script. This is what most of the top bloggers use and this can be considered one of the best blog hosting choices out there.

Blog hosting is not expensive, but you do need to spend at least a few dollars to get better hosting than free blog hosting. When you choose a good blog host you will know it right away and the differences will be evident. Most of the top blog hosting options are also considered to be an inexpensive web host as well.

Another type of hosting you can get that is an inexpensive web host is shared hosting. This is what you will most likely be using for your blog hosting, but there are different levels of shared hosting. The cheapest website hosting option that the top web hosting companies offer is shared hosting for only one domain name.

If you are trying to make money online with blogging or internet marketing, you are going to want to make sure you get a shared web hosting option that is going to give you at least hosting for more than one domain name. This will range anywhere from $3 to $20 a month and the more you spend the better your shared hosting will be.

When you are looking for an inexpensive web host you have to read the FatCow reviews. Not only is FatCow considered to be one of the top ten hosting choices overall, but it is also one of the cheapest website hosting companies you can find. They offer shared hosting that is cheaper than most others and they are a top web hosting company.

There is another inexpensive web host that is better than shared web hosting and it is one that you can start with a very small package, with some hosting companies, and grow as you need more hosting. This is VPS web hosting and it is better than shared hosting because you get a partition of a server all for your website.

With shared hosting you are going to share a server with many other hosting accounts and this means you do not get all the resources for your site. You will only get what is available at the time, but when you go with VPS hosting the partition you get is all for you. Then, when you need more space you just upgrade to the next level and pay a little more.

These options can all be an inexpensive web host for you and it is all up to what you need and what your goals are. You need to decide on the type of hosting you are going to use and if you find that through the process you need more than shared hosting or VPS hosting, then you will want to read about the best colocation hosting below.

An Option that is not An Inexpensive Web Host

The most expensive hosting is also the best and this is the best colocation hosting. It is also known as dedicated server hosting and there are two ways to go about getting it. You will not find this to be an inexpensive web host, but if you find that you need more than the other options can offer you, then the best colocation hosting might be right for you.

You can get this type of hosting if you purchase a server of your own, which is going to be at least $1,500, and you house it. You will have to pay a monthly fee for rack space for your server, but you will have the benefits of owning your server, more security, more speed, and more space for your websites and blogs.

Another way to get the best colocation hosting is to rent a server from a web host. If you decide to do this, then you will want to read the BlueHost review and the HostMonster review because they are well-known for providing great dedicated server hosting options. You are going to spend from $150 to $2,000 a month depending on the size of the server you rent.

There are many different hosting options out there and if you need an inexpensive web host you will want to stick with the cheapest website hosting you can find that is not free. You want to make sure you are getting all the options you need for your hosting and you will want to make sure you do this without choose a bad inexpensive web host.

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