What Most Over Look with the Best Web Host

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August 20th, 2012

Most people spend more time looking at the price of what they think the best web host is instead of looking at the features, security, and what really matters. The last thing you want to do is get stuck with horrible hosting that simply doesn’t help you much. You need to know how to look for the right hosting and what will work best for you.

Within the best web host for you, it is important to get everything you need. Not all projects are the same and you need to make sure you get the features and tools you need for your project. This means you have to look at more than just one hosting company, since they are all different.

Features the Best Host Will Have

The best web host will always have great security features. The last thing you want is weak security. This could lead to many issues you simply don’t want to deal with. You could end up hacked, someone could steal your traffic, or they could make changes to your blog or website.

Many companies offer good security, but not all have the rest of the features you may need for your project. Whether you are trying to put up a website or a blog, you can benefit from using one of the top content management systems out there. This can help you manage your content, change the design with ease, and gives you many other benefits. Content management systems allow those without programming language to put up websites and blogs very easily.

You also want to make sure you get the support of a good company. Some companies simply don’t offer much, but if you choose to go with the right company for you, you will get support you can trust. The worst is when they outsource support to other countries and you end up with someone trying to help you that you cannot understand. Make sure you get United States support from your hosting company.

Why Smaller Hosts Might be the Host For You

Smaller hosting companies offer many things larger ones cannot give you. They offer the ability for you to get personalized service and support. They also offer a very affordable price, sometimes lower than the larger companies do. Some of the smaller companies tend to give you more of what you need because they know they have to compete with larger companies.

If you choose one of the smaller companies and you go with shared hosting, you won’t need to worry about whether they will overload their servers or not. Smaller companies cannot take on nearly as many accounts as larger companies, and they often understand the importance of keeping the amount of accounts on one server to a minimum.

If you want the best hosting for your project, take the time to compare a few companies before deciding. See what they offer and make sure you find the best web host for your needs before you get started on your project.

Web Hosting Free Is Never Enough

Many peple these days wish to generate a little extra cash through e-commerce web sites. And many of us try to get our web sites off the ground with web hosting free packages. While this may be highly cost effective it can be detrimental to your websites success. This is largely due to the fact that web hosting free services are typically a slimmed down version of what an end user could expect from shared or low cost web hosting. The benefits of web hosting free are far outweighed by the setbacks.

For instance, most free hosting packages do not in fact offer all of the web site creation tools offered by many low cost web hosts. Nor can you expect to be given a 99.9% up-time guarantee. The list of cons with web hosting free could fill this entire article. This is not to say that free web hosting is without its uses. It can be a great way to get familiar with the world of web site creation and management. But when it is time to take off the training wheels it is time to find web hosting free of high costs. As well as virtually overflowing with all of the bells and whistles you missed out on in your earlier free web hosting adventures.

Shared Hosting VS Free Hosting

Shared web hosting is a cost effective web hosting solution that won’t break the bank. Nor will it leave you starving for more features. We here at FatCow have done simply that. We have assembled all of today’s hottest and fastest growing software developers in one place for your web site creation indulgences. When you want to get a web site built and do it right we offer you the tools with which you may execute such a task. Script installers like Rvskins and Fantastico are just a small sample of the high end interface software made available to you here.

All of this being integrated with cPanel as well, furthering the ease of use. This is what helps seperate us from web hosting free companies. Simply put, you will most definitely not receive a 99.9% up-time guarantee from a web hosting free account package. And rest assured with web hosting free accounts you will not be getting all of the top notch site creation and content management tools you will get from a paid web hosting account. A paid web hosting account like you can obtain from us here at FatCow. Where you will also receive award winning 24/7 customer service based out of the United States. These educated and well trained customer support techs are more than capable and always ready to resolve any issues you might face while in ownership of your web site. This is why it pays to avoid web hosting free and stick with the paid services of a top notch shared web hosting firm like us here at FatCow.

Web Hosting Free Of Hang-ups

We here at FatCow have been working day in and day out to provide our clientele with an easy way to obtain top notch web hosting free of hang-ups and fluff. We like to pride ourselves in the fact that we offer some of the most competitive web hosting prices for today’s money conscious web site owner. With all things in life you get out what you put into it and it is no different here. We put our hearts and souls into offering up and providing the most comprehensive set of tools and plug-ins to help make your web site “pop” like you need it too.

This is all made possible by maintaining licenses for today’s best and most sought after web site creation and management software packages. These licensed software packages make it easier to add image and video content to your web site. As well as allowing you to manage the written content on your web site whenever you need to. These protocols are all executed via cPanel in cooperation with the other tools and software packages we offer for you to choose from. We continue to update and innovate in order to maintain a quality relationship with our clientele. This is the essence of what it takes to bring you web hosting free of high costs and brimming with software and services.

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