What is VPS Managed Hosting all about?

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September 1st, 2012

If you have gotten to the point where shared hosting just isn’t enough, you may want to look into VPS managed hosting. This type of hosting is a certain upgrade from shared hosting and give you many things don’t get with shared web hosting package. It will be a bit more expensive however, it is worth the extra money.

Many small businesses can use VPS managed hosting to give them many of the benefits they need if they cannot afford dedicated server hosting. The whole point of this type of hosting is to fill the gap between shared and dedicated hosting. It is not as expensive as dedicated hosting, but you get many same customizable features.

It is important to understand all the things you get with VPS hosting before you make your decision. Many companies use this type of hosting to grow their hosting along with their website and their traffic over time. Here are some of the things you should know about VPS managed hosting for you move forward with your decision.

A Few Things to know about VPS Hosting

The first thing you must understand about VPS hosting is the ability gives you are better security. Many will upgrade to this type of hosting simply because they need the added security that they don’t get with shared hosting packages. Since you don’t share a server in the same way and you have your own partition you are able to customize security of your resources.

This will allow you to do more things with your hosting like store files that might be more sensitive than others. You won’t have to worry about getting hacked simply because another account on the server got hacked. You will be able to fight off this attack because you have to custom security features with your VPS hosting package.

Another important thing you get with VPS managed hosting is the ability for a higher performance server. Since you have your own partition and the resources are all yours on that partition, you are able to use them in any way please. This will afford you more speed and faster load times your websites and blogs.

If you start to run out of resources you are able to upgrade your partition to a larger set of resources, which means you can grow your hosting along with the activity your website pulls in. This allows you to move at the rate that is comfortable for your business and your budget.

The final thing to understand about VPS hosting is how it fits in between shared and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is the cheapest and dedicated hosting is the best, so how does VPS hosting fit? The easiest way to look at this is understand that VPS hosting start out at a similar price shared hosting and end up at a price as high as dedicated hosting is.

By using VPS hosting you can start out at affordable price and move your hosting package up as you can afford more and need more. This allows you to control your cost in the amount of resources you have for all your websites and blogs as you are trying to make money online.

Getting Managed Hosting Today

As mentioned before, you can start off at about the same price as shared hosting packages. A small VPS hosting package will allow you to get started with your own set of resources, better security, and more speed. You can start for about $10 a month and build your package up until you can afford a dedicated server for your hosting needs.

We recommend starting with a package from HostGator hosting because they offer a wide variety in the VPS hosting market. You can start off with as small package for under $20 a month and upgrade the package as you need. Since they are one of the leading hosting companies, you can trust the VPS managed hosting they offer.

Managed Server Hosting Services for a More Competitive Business Website

If you are trying to compete with larger businesses you may need managed server hosting services. This type of service will allow you to take advantage of all the benefits of dedicated server hosting. However, the cost will not be as high as if you hire your own staff to monitor and manage your servers.

Many large businesses keep their servers in-house and they hire IT staff to manage them and monitor them around-the-clock. This means they have to pay the salaries of these employees, renovate the area for the servers, and pay for all maintenance and updates involved with housing and managing servers. The expense can be enormous and way too much for a small or even medium-sized business to handle.

The problem is you still need the benefits you get from dedicated server hosting. If you cannot afford this type of hosting it will be harder for you compete and handle the amount of traffic you can get to your website. There are better ways to go about getting your hosting been trying to afford an entire staff to monitor your servers around the clock.

Why Managed Hosting Services are a Great Alternative

If want to own your servers, but you cannot handle housing them and managing them you can use one of the managed server hosting services to help you out. One of the managed hosting services will allow you to buy your own servers, and pay them a monthly fee to house, monitor, update, and manage all the technical aspects of your dedicated server hosting.

This means all you have to afford is the up front costs to buy the servers and the monthly fee associated with the managed server hosting services you need. Instead of trying to afford hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries you just need to pay for your servers and the companies the to provide you with the professional service you need to manage your servers.

Another option you can use if you cannot afford of pay for your servers upfront is to rent servers for your hosting. Most of the managed server hosting services offer dedicated servers you can rent for a monthly fee. This allows you to get all the space you need, all the resources you need, and a team of professionals to manage and monitor every last bit of it.

The key is to get the right hosting for your business so that you can compete with all the larger businesses and make money you are trying to make with your online website. With dedicated server hosting you will have the best possible hosting you can find and you will be up to do more than eight you decide to go with shared hosting or VPS hosting for your business.

Finding one of the Server Hosting Services

If you want to find one of the best managed server hosting services you will need to compare a few companies before you decide on the one that is right for you. These are typically listed under either dedicated server hosts or managed hosting. We have a list of the best managed hosting and a list of the best dedicated hosting on our website to help you with your decision.

These lists will give you a few different companies you can choose from and we recommend you compare couple of them before you make your ultimate decision. Is necessary to be sure and confident in the decision you are making and by comparing a few different managed server hosting services you will be sure you’re getting the one that is right for you.

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