What is The Most Important Thing When Starting Your First Small Business Online?

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August 25th, 2012

Starting a business is not easy and starting your first small business is going to be much more difficult than any of the others. Over 95% of the small businesses that open will end up closing their doors in the first year. This is typically due to a few specific mistakes that business owners make. You need to know what these are so you can avoid them.

The first mistake that is made by those that open a business is that they do not plan properly. Many businesses only assume that they will need so much money to get started and they don’t ask for enough when they go to the bank and the investors. This is a huge mistake and is usually something that will happen when starting your first small business.

The second mistake is that new business owners try to grow too fast. This can be very dangerous and when you grow too fast you may end up not being able to handle the business you have coming in. You have to build at a pace that allows you to have the necessary resources in place before you see a boost in business.

The last major mistake is more specific to those that run a business online. Most of those that plan on starting a business in internet marketing think it will be easy and they forget to actually treat it like a real business. This is one of the most dangerous things you can do when you start your first small business online.

The Top 5 Tips to Use When Starting Your First Business

1. Run your business with purpose

When you have a business you need to treat it like a business and not a hobby. You cannot go into an online business and expect to make money right off the bat. You have to know that when you run your business with purpose you will have a better chance at succeeding.

2. Research and test

Sometimes when you start your first small business online you will forget that you have to research marketing methods and test them before you use them on a larger scale. If you were to invest the majority of your budget into a marketing method that did not work for you, then you may not have any money left.

However, if you test each of the marketing methods you choose on a small scale over a month or so, then you will have a better chance of finding the ones that work best. Then, you can invest more money into them with confidence that they will work and dump the methods that did not work for you.

3. Keep a tight budget

You have to be very careful with your budget when starting your first small business. This is very important because if you just spend all the time you will not have any money left after a while. You have to have a good balance when it comes to your budget and you have to know where your money is best spent.

4. Build up to Outsourcing

Many online businesses outsource their writing, SEO services, backlink building, website design, and much more. This is a great way to make sure you get the quality work you need done without having to do it all yourself. You can hire others and use their services to help you when starting your first small business.

5. Build at a manageable pace

Since growing too fast is one of the largest mistakes you can make when starting your first small business you need to make sure that you have the resources in place to support your growth before you actually allow your business to grow. This will keep you growing at a manageable pace and you will not lose business because you cannot handle it.

The Benefits you can Experience when Starting Your First Online Small Business

One of the major benefits of starting a business online is that you will not have as large of an overhead. You do not have to pay for a building for you and your employees because you can run it from your home and allow your employees to work from their homes. You may also not require as many employees as if you go with a brick and mortar business.

Another benefit is that you can reach the entire world when you plan on starting your first business online. This is much harder to do if you are only in one location and in one community. This gives you a much larger audience to market to and more possibilities for sales of products and services globally.

Basically if you start your business online you will be able to take advantage of the widespread that marketing online will give you. You will also have less to pay for since you will not be spending money on a building and many other things. This is one of the best ways for starting your first small business.

Using Small Business Internet Marketing Promotion to get Traffic that is Highly Targeted

The best small business internet marketing promotion cannot always bring you the most targeted traffic. Why do you need targeted traffic? Simply because if you have traffic coming to your site that is not targeted you may never make any money. Targeted traffic will convert better and help you make more profits.

Some of the small business internet marketing promotion will only bring you very general traffic and this is not always a good thing for your website. For example, if you have a custom golf club website and you are getting a ton of traffic that is just general golf traffic, then it will not covert as well as if your traffic is coming from a more targeted keyword like custom golf clubs.

This is simply because the person that searches for golf or even just golf clubs is not ready to buy and is just looking for information. However, when they get more specific and search for custom golf clubs or even go further and search for something like TaylorMade R7 Driver, then you know they are ready to buy.

The Top 3 Internet Marketing Promotion Choices for Targeted Traffic

1. Article Marketing

When you write articles around very specific keyword phrases you may not get thousands of visitors to your website, but those that find your article and get to your website from it will be ready to purchase. They have already searched and found your article, read it, and now they are on your website, this makes them very highly targeted.

Imagine if you wrote an article around a very general keyword and it brought you 1,000 new visitors next month. Then, you also wrote an article around a more specific keyword that was highly targeted and it only brought you 200 new visitors next month. Most people would look at this and think that the 1,000 visitors is the better way to go.

However, if your 1,000 visitors convert at a very average rate of 1% you are only going to get 10 sales. This is not all that great for 1,000 visitors. With a more targeted traffic you could realistically convert those 200 visitors into more sales. If you do this correctly you could see nearly half of those visitors turn into sales.

This is simply because you are going to steal these visitors when they are in the right frame of mind to buy. Nearly all those that decide to type in a very specific keyword or even a product name into a search engine are looking to purchase. They have already done their research for the most part and just need that little extra push.

2. On Site SEO

Another way to get top search engine ranking for keyword phrases that will bring you targeted traffic is to use on site SEO. This is probably one of the better small business internet marketing promotion choices online. Imagine if your blog post or webpages are listed and your articles are listed for the same keyword phrase.

3. Forum Marketing

Forum marketing is not going to bring you a ton of traffic, but the traffic it brings you will be highly targeted. This is almost like more specific article marketing and you should use forum marketing as a small business internet marketing promotion. A forum is a community of people that all have a similar hobby or similar interest. You can join it and use it for marketing purposes.

If you Don’t Use a Small Business Promotion You are Missing Out

You may still be able to get a ton of traffic without using a small business internet marketing promotion from above, but you will work harder to make just as much money. Plus those that build a list will get more sales from the same customers when they have targeted traffic. This is a better way to make even more money.

The bottom line is that you are going to need to find a way to get very targeted traffic if you want to see your conversions become higher. There is no downfall to using a small business internet marketing promotion that will bring you highly targeted traffic and make you more money.

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