What is SSL and why should I use it

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January 20th, 2012

SSL means Secure Socket Layer. This is a method which encrypts the session of the person browsing your website so nobody else can ‘listen in’. You most likely have seen this hundreds of times without realizing it. A site using SSL is identified in your browser by the little padlock in the URL bar. This indicates the session is encrypted so its ‘safe’ to provide private information like passwords, credit card numbers, etc. SSL certificates are registered by the year. Thus, you can have an SSL cert registered until next year. Or you can order an SSL cert that will exist for 10 years. This is chosen at the time of purchase.

How SSL works is somewhat technical. However, from a layman’s point of view, its really simple. Once you have your SSL certificate installed to your account, its ‘always on’. Meaning you don’t need to activate it in a special way. To invoke SSL on your website, you just need to make sure your links include ‘https://’ rather than just ‘http’. Most CMS’s or shopping carts have an area for configuring this. It ‘forces’ the browser to switch from ‘http’ mode to ‘https’ mode automatically.

Generally speaking its a good idea to have SSL on any website.

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