What Is Shared Reseller Hosting?

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August 9th, 2012

Shared Reseller Hosting is when a web hosting reseller sells their excess shared hard drive space to you for a monthly fee. This type of shared network is a domain and shared by many different web sites. These web sites are often on the same IP address or shared IP address. It is for this reason that many businesses and e-commerce site owners typically look for VPS(virtual private server) or a dedicated server contract.

Shared reseller hosting, while less secure in some cases, is still an excellent means of obtaining a host for your web site. With shared reseller hosting, there can be multiple IP addresses as well linked to the main IP address that is in turn connected to a “virtual” server hub. This virtual hub is what routes the traffic to all of the shared reseller hosting providers’ networks different IP addresses or individual web sites. This is a brief or general explanation of how these shared reseller hosting networks operate.

What Is Reseller Hosting For

Shared reseller hosting is for all who need it in order to get your web site up and running, to help propel the dream of owning your own web site. Whether or not your web site is a personal blog to let off steam or a web site or forum dedicated to your love of video games and gaming accessories. Maybe you want to get your feet wet in the world of web design or hosting. With reseller shared hosting you will be able to do just that.

One thing to keep in mind is to be absolutely positive the shared reseller hosting provider you choose has the tools you need. You want to be sure you have the freedom to manage your personal web site to some degree. This is usually the case when the shared server space is partitioned, or separated for each individual web site. In truth though, this is only really important if you need this level of security and service. This type of service is perfect for those of you who wish to familiarize your selves with the tools available to you in the control panel.

Do I Need Shared Hosting

If you are trying to start your own web site for personal or business reasons and need a hosting services provider. If in fact you need to save money on hosting costs and you do not want the responsibility of managing the day to day problems that arise. In this case it may be more economical and logical for you to use a shared reseller hosting service provider. This will allow you to have the benefits with much less time and effort involved.

In many cases there are shared resellers hosting providers often have web site templates paired with domain names available for sale or re-sale. If one is not well versed in the use of the plug-ins and control panel software this can help. it can be difficult to conceptualize and create your own web site. These types of shared reseller hosting providers make life so much easier. With them doing all the hard work for a small fee, and freeing up your valuable time to keep up with the more important daily tasks of a web site owner.

How to Find a Reseller Provider

There are many ways to go about finding a reseller hosting provider. With so many different search engines and review sites at your fingertips it is nearly impossible not to. There are also many different blog sites and e-news sites with reliable information on this exact subject. This being the case, the problem will not be finding one. The real problem lies in making your choice. The choice you make at this point is critical so do you research first.

The reseller hosting provider you choose should meet your requirements. If you need unlimited server space, be sure this is an amenity the firm you chose offers. Many of the better reseller hosting providers offer unlimited hard drive space. Perhaps you need to have a high bandwidth. Many different resellers offer unlimited bandwidth as a feature for reseller hosting provider accounts. Or a free domain name for the life of your web site in many cases. Plus many other services you will find upon further investigation.

What Does a Hosting Provider do

A reseller hosting provider sells account packages that allow you to resell the space allotted to you in your contract. Some reseller hosting providers have caps or limited hard drive or “server space” space. The same can be said for bandwidth in some instances as well. Most reseller hosting providers, on the other hand do not have these caps in place. These caps are usually put on shared reseller hosting provider accounts.

These caps are put in place due to limited hard drive space and many web sites in need of shared reseller hosting. With shared reseller hosting you may pay a little less but the caps mentioned earlier are in play. This is not to say that all shared hosting reseller provider firms do have these caps in place. This is usually the case with smaller and lower cost reseller hosting providers.

Caring for you and the issues sometimes experienced by the end user of these services is the primary concern of the reseller. The reseller is not expected to care for the network infrastructure or issues with uptime. This is the responsibility of the individuals who sell you the contract. That’s the beauty of being a reseller hosting provider.

What Can I Expect to Earn as a Reseller

Many people are working and toiling day in and out as they start up their reseller hosting provider account. The work does not stop there. Even with tools to help automate your administrative duties. The reseller hosting provider game is not for the faint of heart. This does not mean it isn’t good for the rest of you out there. The earnings you should expect will be affected by your marketing strategy and work ethic.

In the beginning you will spend much of your time getting used to caring for the clients you have. One way you can insure that you have clientele in place is to couple this idea with a design firm.
If in fact you are capable of web site design and have clients that want you to maintain the websites for them. This is an optimal situation for reseller hosting providers to find themselves in. The clients web sites can be hosted on your reseller hosting provider account. You can even profit from the monthly fees charged for the hosting of said websites. The average user will only get out what they put in. It will be a lot of work at first, but with consistently good service and marketing campaigns you can compete with the best of them.

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