What Is Cloud Storage And Why Is It Important?

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August 17th, 2012

What is cloud storage and how has it helped internet users have become common questions these days probably because most of us are so busy making an effort to be aligned with the tech world that such important issues are overlooked. All of us, in some point of time, have lost huge amount of data stored in our desktops or laptops when their hard drives crash. And once this loss is caused only then we realize how important it was to keep a back up of all those files and to have good hosting. Restoring data is a fairly job these days depending only on the damage that got inflicted to the memory.

At times, just partial amount of data is recovered and rest goes completely down the drain. This proves that it is extremely important to keep backing up all your files without considering if they are important or not. If we think about files that are stored on any common computer system, we have official documents saved in word and excel files, presentations or slideshows, very important in fact the most looked out for pictures and videos. Since hard drives are quite spacious these days, they give us the liberty of storing heavy files. But there is no point in saving so much data if no back up is kept. However, to know about how the data processing and storing works on a cloud, one needs to know about what what is cloud storage.

What Is Cloud File Storage Doing For Common Internet Users?

Many devices were introduced in former years to keep a copy of the large MB files like flash storage, flash drive USBs and even extra hard drives. These have good capacity but online data needs even more space to be saved. In order to solve this particular problem, cloud storage was introduced but what is cloud storage is something very few people know. By signing up an account with cloud storage, which is totally free of cost, all the hassle of backing up online files is taken up.

What is cloud storage can be answered in the simplest way by saying it takes the responsibility of storing all the online files one wants. A large number of cloud storage providers are available on the World Wide Web; the only thing common among all of them is that they let you create a free account that lets you create backups later on. When one signs up with a particular storage services providing web site, the service provider starts saving the client’s data on its servers. These servers are hundred percent public ones that are connected to the internet twenty four seven.

Ambiguities Removed About What Is Cloud Hosting

Since all the files are available at the service providing server, which is connected to the internet, the client can easily access them whenever they want to. The uploading and downloading of files can be done anytime of the day and from wherever one wants only if an internet connection is available and working properly.

Larger MB files would obviously take a little longer to be uploaded or downloaded but the wait is totally justified. The importance of this storage medium is increasing by the day as now more people actually know what is cloud storage.

What Is Microsoft Cloud Hosting?

Microsoft cloud hosting is considered one of the top 5 hosting providers in the world. Cloud hosting has created quite a buzz in the IT world. It offers the most reliable and secure service among all other types of web hosting. Cloud technology is being termed the future of all web hosting and it’s really amazing as to how easy it is which is one reason why so many people enjoy it.

Collaborative and remote work has become possible thanks to cloud hosting. Microsoft has provided businesses with many tools which increase efficiency and flexibility. The Microsoft Lync Server offers one interface for communications carried out on many different interfaces like cell phone, email, messenger etc. Gone are the days when you had to check a hundred different devices to stay connected with work, friends and family. The Microsoft Exchange is much like Gmail in the sense that you can check your email on your desktop computer or cell phone or on any public computer, as long as you have an internet connection. The Microsoft Share Point is like a virtual file where you store all your documents. These documents can be viewed and edited.

The Advantages Of Microsoft Hosting

Microsoft cloud hosting is reliable and offers 100% up time. The brand name of Microsoft is enough to convince you that the service you will get will be the best out there. Cloud hosting ensures that if one server is down, you can always shift your website to another server and that way, your website will be online 24/7.

Many smaller businesses have limited capital to begin with. They find it hard to spend so much on hardware and licensed software. With cloud hosting, the end user doesn’t need to worry about purchasing hardware or updating this. This is entirely the host’s concern. The virtual servers are maintained by the host and the end user benefits. You personally do not have to buy extra hardware for the extra server space of hire IT professionals to maintain them. There is only a monthly charge involved without any extra charges. Cloud hosting offers scalability so you can use extra server space when the traffic on your website increases. At the end of the month, you pay according to the server space you used.

Microsoft Cloud hosting is IT’s solution to global warming. The IT industry has been criticized many a times for the huge amount of waste it creates. Technological innovation is so fast that within months, a piece of hardware or licensed software is rendered useless. This leads to a lot of perfectly functioning hardware which just gathers dust. Cloud computing and cloud hosting offers a solution where this extra hardware is not bought by all the users but just by the host. This way, one piece of hardware benefits thousands of website owners.

A Guide To Cloud Hosting

If you start your online business with a small website and want to expand in the future, Microsoft Cloud Hosting is the right choice for you. Cloud hosting offers unlimited server space, much like a dedicated server, except with much lesser costs. With conventional hosting plans, if you need to expand, you are required to make another deal with the host or even change your host. However, with cloud hosting, you only need to inform the host to increase your server space and you can expand as much as you like. Choose Microsoft cloud hosting for your website.

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