What Is A Trial SSL Certificate?

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August 12th, 2012

If you have any apprehensions related to SSL, then the trial SSL certificate is perfect for you. Having an SSL certificate with a good hosting package can greatly boost your online sales. If your website receives plenty of traffic but it does not translate into sales, this means that people do not trust your website with their personal information, like credit card numbers. For such a problem, you need to give your customers an assurance that your website is absolutely safe. You can do this by buying an SSL certificate.

So what exactly is this SSL certificate? The issue with web data in servers is that it’s not encrypted. This means that any third person may be following your activities on a website and steal your credit card number when you enter it to buy something. Such a theft is very hard to catch and leads to uncountable loss. There have also been cases where people’s identities have been stolen through the theft of social security numbers, addresses etc. Here is where the SSL certificate comes in. The SSL works in a way that it encrypts all the data you enter on a certain website. The SSL adds gibberish data in between your codes and numbers, making it impossible to guess what is the correct sequence. If a hacker does gain access to your information, he will not understand the data and thus your information will be safe.

How Does One Acquire A SSL Certificate?

If you are a website owner which specializes in e-commerce, it is essential that you get an SSL certificate. E-commerce websites are where most of the sensitive information is entered and if the customer does not feel safe, your sales will drop. The SSL certificate can be acquired from almost anywhere but it’s essential that you buy it from a proper distributor and authority. There are numerous SSL certificate authorities out there so make sure you approach one for your certificate. Before you decide to buy an expensive SSL certificate, it is always better to opt for a trial SSL certificate first.

Most SSL authorities will allow you to buy a trial SSL certificate so avail this opportunity. If you are not satisfied with the trial SSL certificate, you can always return it. It’s absolutely free of cost.

What Benefits Does a Trial SSL Offer?

SSL certificates have become a necessity for all e-commerce websites. However, it’s still wise to research about them. SSL certificates vary greatly in costs so do check which certificate is right for you. After the research, try to start with a trial SSL certificate. During this trial period, you can actually check whether your visits and sales ratio has improved or not. You will find that it most definitely will improve. If that is the case, you can always buy the certificate.

If you buy an SSL certificate, a lock icon appears before your web address to indicate that your website is safe. Online buyers are now adept enough to check websites for this icon. The presence of this icon boosts the customer’s confidence and your sales. You can always give a link of the certificate on the website so that people can check whether it’s authentic or not or whether it has expired or not. Try this service out today if you haven’t already and get your own trial SSL certificate.

What Is A Geotrust SSL Certificate?

If you own a website that specializes in e-commerce, then a geotrust SSL certificate is a necessity and so is having a wonderful hosting package. If you are selling online, it is essential that you gain your customers trust. Unless the customer feels safe in putting his personal information on your website, your sales will remain low.

The process of e-commerce is pretty simple. You have a website which sells certain products. People who wish to buy them need to enter their personal information, like credit card number etc, in order to buy that product online. The problem is that a lot of hackers want nothing more than to gain access to your customer’s personal information in order to steal your identity or use your credit card. A lot of people shopping online thus need an assurance that this will not happen to them. This is where the geotrust SSL certificate comes in. The SSL certificate offers your customers security from such hackers by encrypting all the data they enter. The SSL adds random numbers to the figure you enter, thus making it impossible to read for the hackers. This protects the customer’s sensitive information and the integrity of your website.

The Benefits Of A Geotrust SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is a must if you wish to boost your customer’s confidence in your website. If you notice that the traffic on your website is healthy but your sales are low. This means that your advertising is working but people do not trust your website enough to make them buy something. This scenario can be changed with a geotrust SSL certificate. You can even get a trial SSL certificate and check whether your visits to sales ratio increases or not.

An SSL certificate adds to your credibility because if you buy an SSL certificate, the customer feels that you went an extra mile to care for the customer. If you have bought SSL, a padlock icon appears on the browser address bar before your domain name. This shows to the customer that you have indeed purchased an SSL certificate. It’s always a good idea to give your customers a link to your SSL certificate as well so that they can check its authenticity and whether it has expired or not. As an online shopper, do remember to check this certificate because a lot of websites keep using an SSL certificate that has expired.

How To Purchase A SSL Certificate?

There are a certain things you need to remember when buying an SSL certificate. You should go for the geotrust SSL certificate because it’s currently leading the SSL market. It offers the cheapest and most reliable service. It is essential that you buy the SSL certificate from a proper authority because fraud is common. There are many companies out there which will give you fake certificates. Watch out for those and do a thorough search online before you purchase the certificate. You can approach a proper SSL certificate authority and sign up with them. You will be charged according to the package that you buy. Every SSL certificate is valid for a certain time period. Do remember to renew it once it expires. Remember that you will have to gain the customer’s trust if you wish to sell them your product. For reliable and secure service, choose geotrust SSL certificate.

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