What Exactly is a Reseller Host?

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August 16th, 2012

When you are looking around the web for web hosting, you may have seen advertisements for a reseller host and were wondering as to exactly what one is? A reseller host is simply a hosting company that is run by someone who has purchased a large amount of bandwidth and storage space from a larger company such as iPage or HostGator. The company then resells that hosting to consumers in order to make a profit for themselves.

Basically, a reseller host is simply a middle man. You should be aware of the fact that most hosting resellers are actually small operations, even if they may have beautifully designed websites that make them look like a large and professional web hosting company. A reseller host could even be a one man business. The main disadvantage when dealing with a very small hosting company such as a reseller host is that technical support and customer service may not be the very best and they may also be hard to get in touch with should you experience any problems or issues with your hosting account.

The Main Reasons Not to Use a Reseller

1. Limited space and bandwidth

When you use a reseller host, you will usually get only a limited amount of bandwidth and storage space. Obviously, this is simply not good if you are planning to expand your online presence and build a bigger website. The reseller host may have limited options for you to upgrade your website hosting package, which can cause many problems when your business is starting to grow.

2. Poor support

One of the principal issues of doing business with a reseller host is that their support will usually not be as good as the once provided by large web hosting companies. Rather than focusing on technical support and customer service, many web hosting resellers are simply looking out for ways to maximize their own profits and put more money in their pocket.

3. Reliability issues

Another major issue with a reseller host is that if your site goes down, you will be stuck with their limited support options. Resolution will also be more time consuming and complicated as you are dealing with a middle man and not the hosting company itself. The reseller host has to contact the main hosting company and then reply to you with whatever information they provide on the problem. This simply wastes time in resolving the issue at hand.

A Better Choice Than a Reseller Web Host

There are a lot of companies that you can do business with in the hosting world, but a reseller host is not the best choice if you need a hosting place that is reliable and that will help you if you are having any problems. A much better thing to do as a webmaster would be to deal with a main hosting company such as BlueHost. They will provide you with around the clock support, as well as more interesting packages that you are unlikely to get should you be dealing with a reseller host instead.

Why Cheap Reseller Hosting is Not the Best Choice

When you think of using cheap reseller hosting, you should seriously pause to think that this may not be the best idea for your business. Why is that? In order to get an answer to this question, you would need to know what cheap reseller hosting actually consists of. Simply explained, it is a type of hosting where a reseller buys a large amount of hosting space from a web host and then sells it back to clients to make a profit.

This is not to say that all people who are involved in the cheap reseller hosting business are crooks and that everyone using this type of hosting is getting ripped off. But you should know that if you are building a stable and successful online business, it may not always be the best decision to go with cheap reseller hosting.

Issues Affecting Reseller Hosting

The problem is not with reseller hosting itself, but rather going for cheap reseller hosting. When you do everything possible to cut down on price, you should know that you will also be cutting down on features and support as well.

You also need to know that when you use cheap reseller hosting, you are not buying the server space directly from the owner of the web host, but rather through a middle man. Therefore, if something doesn’t work as it should, you add one layer between you and the web host, which could complicate or slow down resolution. While some resellers are actually serious companies that have a few dozen employees which are dedicated to solving issues around the clock, as soon as they arise, this is usually not the case with companies that sell cheap reseller hosting.

When someone decides to become a reseller for a large web host, that person’s primary motivation is making profit and not providing you with excellent support and service. As such, they would mainly focus their efforts and resources on acquiring as many new customers as possible, rather than making sure that existing ones are satisfied with what they are offering.

Because of all that, using cheap reseller hosting when you are building an e-commerce site is a very bad idea. Imagine if your site was down for an entire day, while you try to get hold of the support department of the reseller – which sometimes, could be just one person… and when he’s sleeping, eating or decides that he’s too lazy to work today… your request will be left waiting until he finally decides to look into it.

Some Alternatives to Cheap Hosting

As an alternative to making use of cheap reseller hosting, you should think about using another type of hosting arrangement for your website. There are various other options available to you. If your site is relatively small, you can go with shared hosting, directly purchased from a reputable web host. Or, if you have bigger projects, a VPS or dedicated server hosting option might work out better for you. All of these are better choices than cheap reseller hosting for a person who needs a reliable hosting solution when they want their online business to succeed.

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