What are Web Hosting Reseller Packages?

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September 1st, 2012

If you are looking into hosting and have found yourself confused because of the web hosting reseller packages offered, then you need to understand what reseller hosting is. You may have seen shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and even cloud hosting, but what is this reseller hosting offered by some hosting companies?

This is the type of hosting that causes the most confusion simply because it is quite different. With any other type of hosting, you buy a package, put up a website, and it is the foundation for that website. However, with one of the web hosting reseller packages, you can actually sell portions of your hosting package for a profit.

Reseller hosting is for the person wanting to start their own hosting company without buying servers, housing them, and managing them. Instead of investing thousands into servers and the ability to house and manage them, you can buy one of the web hosting reseller packages and use it to sell hosting to your clients.

A Very Clever Way to Profit from Reseller Packages

The best way to profit from web hosting reseller packages is to buy your package, build websites on smaller portions of your hosting package, sell the websites, and include hosting within the package. This will give you the ability to make money off the sale of the website and make money from the hosting every single month.

You don’t want to include a year of free hosting, unless you are getting more for the website because of it, but you want to include a month or two of free hosting. This gives the new customer a chance to host the website they have purchased, without any issues, find out your hosting is good, and buy a package from you when the free period is up.

Many are using this strategy right now to make a profit from reseller hosting and they will build and sell dozens of websites every month. The key is to get the most out of every sale and it starts by building websites that make a profit. If you build a website, put advertising or a product on it, get the site to make some money, and then you sell it, you can make more from the initial sale and still make money from the hosting.

Using Hosting Reseller for Yourself

Another thing people do quite often is buy web hosting reseller packages to use for themselves. This will give you the ability to use more space and to have your own hosting package that is not shared hosting or is a higher grade of shared hosting. Many will buy a large reseller package, use a portion for themselves, and sell the rest to clients to make a profit.

Even if you never turn a profit with your reseller hosting package, you could get enough people paying you for hosting that your own hosting is free. This is a very nice benefit for any online company and if you want to get free hosting, this would be one great way to go about doing it. Just make sure you get one of the web hosting reseller packages from a top company that will support you and your clients.

Cheap Reseller Hosting Can Get Your Foot In The Door

Cheap reseller hosting also known as shared hosting is an excellent way to take the first step into the reseller hosting market. Though cheap reseller hosting would be better suited for use in personal applications as opposed to a reseller account. This is due primarily to the fact that most shared hosting accounts have caps in place. These caps are typically server space and bandwidth but let us not forget burst memory as well.

These caps will only be problematic however, for those who wish to resell several different accounts. If in fact you are only servicing the needs of a finite range of clintele, than cheap reseller hosting may actually do the trick. Especially if your resold accounts are blogs or small private forums as apposed to e-commerce sites. The graphic design elements and ad space use more memory and the traffic they generate can cuase bottle necking during peak usage hours. It should be said that while possible this is not always the case with cheap reseller hosting.

How Can An Individual Acquire A Hosting Package

The easiest way to do so would be to stop where you are reading right now and scroll to the top of this very web page. There you will find some of the most award winning reliable cheap reseller hosting firms. These firms may be just what you need, and depending on your budget any one of them could be the perfect choice for you. But if you find that the prices you see here are out of your price range do yourself a favor and look a little closer.

The services being rendered for the monthly fee charged are hands down some of the best cheap reseller hosting packages money can buy. Features like; unlimited domains, unlimited server space and many other perks not typically offered at such a price. It goes without saying that the above highlighted hosting packages are wonderfully priced. But if seeing it here is not enough, than feel free to search the World Wide Web for your answers. You could do it the old fashioned way and search the web via search engines and locating cheap reseller hosting review sites to sifting through all of the results pages only to find that these same cheap reseller hosting providers were on this page as well.

What Does A Reseller Hosting Have Package Offer That Others Do Not

The first and foremost thing that cheap reseller hosting offers you is an opportunity to save a good bit of money on monthly hosting fees. Secondarily the low pricing also makes it easier for hosting resellers to make more money from reselling their accounts. Meaning that; there is a little more room for your price point and a little more money in the bank.

The other benefit is to those who want to design web sites and resell not only their hosting services but the web sites and domain names as well. The benefit here is that once you have sold the web site the client is more likely to continue using your cheap reseller hosting services for the life of their web site. Cheap reseller hosting can also be one of the best ways to get your web sites hosted for free or next to it with the highest level of hosting services and controls software. So if anything at all i hope you are inspired to take a closer look at cheap reseller hosting and what it has to offer you.

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