Are You Thinking of Becoming a Web Hosting Reseller?

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August 11th, 2012

If you are looking at being a web hosting reseller, then you probably think that you can make a lot of money from their. While it is definitely true if you put a lot of work into your business as a web hosting reseller you can make a decent profit, you will need to know exactly what you are getting yourself into before you start.

A lot of entrepreneurs have given thought to being a web hosting reseller and thus running their own web hosting company. Many online entrepreneurs were quite successful in being a web hosting reseller and have built very good businesses. But some of them have also failed. You will need to know what it takes to become a successful web hosting reseller and what your tasks and responsibilities will be if you start a web hosting company of your own.

What You Will Deal With as a Hosting Reseller

You will simply be a middle man in the web hosting industry so you will have to deal with the web hosting company a lot. When you run a web hosting reseller and one of your clients has a problem with their hosting accounts, you will need to keep in touch with the web host that you have purchased space from in order to have the issue taken care of. You need to be fast and efficient if you want to keep your customers happy. One of the main complaints that customers of a web hosting reseller make is that the company is to slow or inefficient in dealing with technical support, billing or customer service problems.

As a web hosting reseller, you will also need to figure out multiple ways to get people to sign up for your hosting plans. While the web hosting company that you are reselling space from will provide you with some advice, as well as some marketing materials such as website templates, articles and advertising templates, you will need to figure out effective ways to get new clients to sign up for your hosting if you want to make a nice profit at the end of the month. While signing up new clients is of course very important to any web hosting reseller, you will need to be aware of the fact that providing support for your existing customers needs to stay as your number one priority. If you provide poor support, you will simply end up losing clients and will be chasing your own tail as you desperately try to replace the clients that you have lost with new ones.

Becoming a Web Reseller is Not Always the Best Idea

A lot of internet marketers believe that being a web hosting reseller is an excellent idea, however many of the experts in the field of internet marketing would recommend against it, due to the fact that running your own hosting company is a lot of work and is thus not always worth the hassle. If web hosting is something that interests you, there is another way that you can make money from this industry. You can simply sign up to become an affiliate of an existing web hosting company. This will allow you to make some money by promoting web hosting products without you having to become a web hosting reseller yourself.

What Exactly Is Cheap Reseller Web Hosting?

When you are in search of cheap reseller web hosting, you will need to be aware of what this type of hosting really is. This will give you a better idea as to what product you are actually looking for. The main thing that you need to be aware of when you seek out some cheap reseller web hosting is that by doing so you will be getting your hosting through a middle man, instead of through the actual hosting company that owns the server.

One of the advantages of cheap reseller web hosting is that it is, well, cheap. Meaning, not really expensive and quite affordable for everyone. However, this pretty much sums up its advantages. The quality of the hosting itself, such as features and reliability of the servers, will vary depending on which web host the middle man is dealing with. But there are some issues that you probably would not want to be dealing with in regards to cheap reseller web hosting.

Why Cheap Reseller Hosting Is a Poor Choice for Internet Marketers

All internet marketers, whether they are newcomers to the industry or seasoned veterans, know about the importance of dealing with a reliable and quality web host. Sure, you may have a small budget, but your web hosting is definitely something that you want to cut corners on in order to get a cheap price. This is the main reason as to why cheap reseller web hosting is not a great choice for internet marketers. Instead, there are many other great web hosting companies that you can select from.

When it comes to the price factor, you should know one fact: most of the companies which provide cheap reseller web hosting are actually not much cheaper than going directly through the actual host that they are reselling space from. This means that if you use a company like HostGator and BlueHost and get an account directly with them, you will be able to get an excellent hosting plan at a reasonable price.

Another disadvantage of cheap reseller web hosting is the support. Providing customer support and resolving technical issues will be the responsibility of the hosting reseller. Unfortunately, many of them are simply to preoccupied with acquiring new customers and making more money in their pockets to truly care about serving their existing customers well. Sure, not all cheap reseller web hosting providers are like that, but you will find that many of them are almost exclusively focused on maximizing their profits rather than giving great service to customers.

Some Other Options To Cheap Reseller Website Hosting

With regards to cheap reseller web hosting, it is actually possible for you to find much better and not a difficult thing to do. For example, if you are just hosting a simple website which doesn’t require you to run your own applications and you don’t need advanced security measures to be deployed, then a shared hosting account will suit your needs rather well in that case. A shared hosting account is very inexpensive and costs from $4 to $15 a month, depending on the features that you select and whether you pay monthly or you prepaid for a certain period with the web host. In any case, it will be much better for you to get a shared hosting account directly from a large and well known web hosting company, rather than dealing with those providing you with cheap reseller web hosting.

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