What is Considered When Figuring the Web Hosting Price?

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August 4th, 2012

We all know that the web hosting price of each package from each company can vary quite a bit. You can find different types of hosting ranging from free of charge to thousands of dollars a month. Why is the web hosting price of these package so different? What is figure in to decide what the web hosting price of a specific package is going to be?

How Companies Come Up with a Hosting Price

The hosting companies have to start by looking at the overhead they have. Some companies have a very large space filled with servers that they have to pay an IT team to manage. They will also have to pay for a support staff, a sales staff, and other members of their team to keep their operation going. This means they have to figure their overhead into the web hosting price.

Other hosting companies may just be a reseller for one of the companies that have larger overhead. This means, they don’t have nearly as much to worry about. They simply have to cover the cost of their reseller plan every single month and they will be set. They don’t own any servers or have an IT team. Compared to the hosting company itself, the resellers can, in most cases offer cheaper packages.

Another thing the company must figure into the web hosting price is the type of hosting you want. Shared hosting is the cheapest because they can use one server for many accounts. This allows the overhead of that one server to be spread among many accounts making it much cheaper than other types of hosting.

If you go with VPS or dedicated hosting, they will not be able to put as many accounts on the same server. This means they have to charge more because your account takes up more space on that specific server. This is a large part of what determines the web hosting price you will pay for the package you choose.

Some companies also offer extra features that you don’t have to pay extra for. For example, with the business plan from HostGator you get a free private SSL certificate and dedicated IP address. Some companies charge extra for this and make their packages cheaper. It is always good to understand what you are getting for the web hosting price you are paying.

The way you pay for your hosting will also determine the price. If the company offers a monthly payment option this will cost a bit more than if you pay for 6 months, a year, 2 years, or even 3 years up front. The more time you pay for up front, the lower the monthly fee will calculate out to be and the more money you will save off the end web hosting price.

Why Some Companies Offer a Cheaper Price

There is a very basic reason why some of the hosting companies can offer a lower web hosting price. These companies don’t have nearly as much overhead and they may not be as good. Less overhead means less server room and less staff for managing the servers and supporting those trying to host their websites with the company.

It is always good to understand what goes in to figuring the cost of any web hosting package. With this information, you can now choose the right company for you and the right package. Don’t pay too much for your hosting, but be careful not to get cheaper hosting with less support. Remember, the web hosting price is determined by what is put into the package and you really do get what you pay for.

How to Get the Best Deal on Web Hosting

There are hundreds of types of hosting and companies to choose from, so how do you know you are getting the best deal on web hosting for you? The overriding factor is always the confidence you have in the package, the company, and the type of hosting you are going to use for your project. It is necessary to spend some time doing your research and getting exactly what you need to become successful.

This is something you must do because hosting is the foundation of your project and if you don’t have a strong foundation, you will struggle for success with your project. It is important to look at all the potential deals on hosting and choose the best deal on web hosting for you, not for anybody else.

Every project is unique and there are many deals going on for different types of hosting every single day. It will not be all that easy to get the right one for you, but if you take the time to choose a good type of hosting for your needs, then you can be sure you are going to get the best deal on web hosting.

What is the Best Deal on Hosting?

The best deal on web hosting is the one that gives you the most value for every single dollar you spend. This deal is one that you will be confident in and will know is going to give you everything you need to create success with your website and with your overall project. You need to consider the deal you are getting and compare it to at least a few others.

Knowing what you need will make quite a big difference and if you are unsure of what you are getting yourself into, then you will need to take the time to research other projects similar to yours. Use the hosting forums and the other resources out there to figure out what you will need to complete your project in a successful way. This will help to ensure you get the best hosting for your project.

Once you know what you need to become successful with your project, it is very easy to get the best deal on web hosting. At this point, it is a matter of matching the type of hosting and the hosting company to your actual needs. If you do this properly, it will put you on the path to success instead of setting you up for failure.

Find three to five different companies offering a deal on the hosting you are trying to get. Then, compare each one and see which company is going to give you the most for every dollar you spend. Remember, by paying for a year, two years, or even three years of hosting up front, you can get the best deal on web hosting from any company offering this service.

Finding the Coupons for Web Hosting

Don’t just buy your hosting once you know which company and type you want. Make sure to take the time to do a search through some of the hosting blogs and some of the coupon sites. This can help you to find the coupon codes that will give you an even better deal on the hosting you are trying to get. Most of the best hosting companies have coupons out there and you just need to find them.

You may be able to get a free month of hosting or even up to six months of free hosting with the right coupon code. It is also possible to get up to a 50% discount and a free domain name with the right coupon code. Take the time to be sure you are getting the best deal on web hosting and you will be much happier moving forward with your project.

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