Why are there Different Web Hosting Costs?

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August 5th, 2012

The best types of hosting come at a price and there are many different web hosting costs out there. Since there are different levels of hosting you need to be aware of what you are getting when you pay for your hosting. Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, and dedicated server hosting all come at a different cost.

The web hosting costs associated with the package you choose will directly relate to what you are getting. If you want the best possible hosting, you better expect to pay a little bit for it. Dedicated server hosting is the best you will find, but it is also the most expensive out there.

Shared hosting is the cheapest, but can come with many issues. This is why there are different web hosting costs and you need to be aware of what they mean. Below is a quick explanation to help you understand what you should consider when you are choosing the right hosting for your needs. This will help you in all the categories of hosting.

Getting the Right Hosting at the Right Hosting Costs

When you start looking at the different web hosting costs you will notice a range with each type. Shared hosting will start as low as just a couple dollars a month and go up to about $25 a month, whereas VPS hosting starts around $10 a month and can get as expensive as a few hundred dollars. Dedicated hosting starts at around $60 a month and can go over a few thousand, and cloud hosting is all over the board.

These prices are based on the amount of space, resources, and company you get your hosting from. If you choose shared hosting for a super cheap price, then you cannot expect to get as much support from the company. However, if you check out the company first, you may be able to get good shared hosting for just a few dollars a month.

Some companies advertise super low prices because they don’t offer that many features. Once you get your package you have to pay extra to add things to your account you need. This may give you a lower price, but with a company that costs a few more dollars you may get all the features you need included in your package.

With VPS hosting the web hosting costs will directly relate to the size of the package you get. The more resources you need, the more money you will pay for your VPS hosting package. A very large hosting package can be quite expensive and you may pay a few hundred dollars for the largest VPS hosting packages.

Dedicated servers can start around $60, but this is only for a very small server that will not do much for you. If you want a good server with plenty of spaces and resources, you will need to spend at least $150 for your server. This, of course, is for those renting a server and if you purchase your own server the costs will be much different.

Web Hosting for Your Project

Taking the time to figure out what type of hosting you need, how much space is required, and the features you need, will help you to get exactly what you need. Don’t consider the web hosting costs before you do your research. Making a decision based on the price will only lead you down a path of ultimate failure.

Instead, you should figure out what type of hosting you need and compare a few of the top companies. Then choose the company that will provide you with the best package for you. If you want to be sure you are getting the right hosting, then ignore the web hosting costs until you have it narrowed down to just a couple choices.

The Best Cheap Web Hosting and Domain Name for an Online Business

So, your budget is a little short, but you still need to get cheap web hosting and domain name to start your online business. This is one of the most important decisions you will make and you cannot just make it based on price. As long as you have $15 or less you can start with hosting and a domain name.

There are many companies that advertise a really cheap hosting package that is usually under $5 a month. The only problem is, when you go to sign up you find out they want a full year of hosting up front. Not everybody can afford to pay for a year of hosting up front and shell out $50 or more to start. There is another way.

There are several firms across the world that offers inexpensive hosting but contradiction might start to happen when you wish to find the one which you can have trust in because there are so many of them online. The inexpensive hosting companies online doesn’t at any point guarantee trust and that is really important to have and that is why you need to go with a company that is established and known.

The company can be offering low rates simply to attract consumers and yet its services are poor and the downtime of the site might be very bad. It isn’t a simple task to spot the best, inexpensive and a trustworthy website hosting company you can trust unless you look at some of the features the company posses and it has got a record of impressive performance for a fairly long time.

In order to trust any website hosting company, one is meant to be ardent on numerous issues concerning the company and be ready to draw your conclusion for declaring it as inexpensive and dependable website hosting company. To trust any available inexpensive hosting provider, one should observe on its trustworthiness to consumers over a period of not less than 7 years. This could basically guarantee the consumer the services the company offers can actually be good. It’s not recommendable to join a hosting provider just because it charges lower rates but instead you ought to be positioned to identify other features that may tell absolutely its legitimacy.

Some website hosting corporations offer a refund guarantee if there is something that happens or you find out that you do not like the company for personal reasons. The length for cash back is reckoned to be 3 to around 4 days with a charge of one percent. The website hosting firms that practice this sort of service may be said to be trustworthy since the shopper is warranted of their money any time.

Other features that will excuse the dependable of a website hosting company include a 99.9% uptime network guarantee, twenty-four seven shopper support availability, unlimited storage and transfers, good charge rates amongst others. A website hosting company with all of these qualities can be trusted by clients and there shouldn’t be any fear in joining them.

Most of the yearly hosting companies that offer cheap web hosting and domain name will give you the domain name for free, however. This is a good benefit, but domain names can be as cheap as $1.99 for a dot info domain name or you can spend the $12 and get a better domain that is a dot com. There is also a few good options in between these two price points.

How to Get Cheap Hosting and Domain Name for Under $20 to Start

Getting your cheap web hosting and domain name is not all that hard. You just need to be aware of how you can get monthly hosting instead of paying for an entire year upfront. This is something you have to be able to do and if you want to really become successful online, you need good hosting and a top domain name.

Your domain name can be purchased from GoDaddy.com and if you do a search for coupon codes you may be able to get a discount. Even assuming that you are unable to get any type of discount, you can get a dot com for $11.99, a dot net for $9.99, or a dot org for $6.99 a year. These are the best three choices, but if you have to go super cheap you can do the dot info for $1.99 a year.

If your goal is to use offline marketing of any sort you plan to go after top search engine ranking, then you need to get a dot com, dot net, or dot org. These three domain extensions rank better than the others rank and are well worth the extra money spend. This is just one part of the equation and we will assume you got a dot com domain name, so you have around $8 left for hosting.

By using the Hatchling or Baby hosting plan from HostGator hosting, you can pay for one month up front and get your hosting for under $8 a month. This is a bit more expensive, per month, than if you pay for a full year up front, but they are one of the few companies left that actually offer a monthly payment plan.

This is how you can get started for under $20 and if you use the dot info, you can actually get started for around $10. There is no excuse for not having your own domain name and hosting. As you build things up you can upgrade your account, pay for a full year up front, and add better quality domain names to your network.

Find The Best Cheap Web Hosting Online The Best Cheap Web Hosting and Domain Name for an Online Business

Web Hosting and Domain Name for Internet Marketing

It is a key to success to get your own domain name. This is web property and if you ever want to succeed online, you have to get your own domain name. Most internet marketers own a handful or more and they are always looking for the next one to add to their collection. When you are ready to retire or done with a project, you can sell the website and domain name, but you cannot do this if you don’t start with cheap web hosting and domain name.

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