Using Affiliate Programs to Learn How to Make Money Blogging

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August 7th, 2012

Making money is often the major goal when it comes to building a blog and this is why it is so important to learn how to make money blogging. There are many ways to go about monetizing your blog and one of these ways is to use affiliate programs. You have many choices with affiliate programs and they are nearly all free, so there is no cost involved to get going with monetizing your blog. How to Make Money Blogging with Affiliate Programs:

Using Clickbank Products to Discover How to Make Money Blogging

Clickbank is free to join and is the overall leader when it comes to digital product affiliate programs. There are over 10,000 choices in guides and software products that you can promote for a commission on your blog. The best part is that you can make well over $20 per sale that you generate with Clickbank products. Most of these products pay around a 50% commission and some pay even more. This means that you can make large commissions for every single sale you generate.

Discover How to use Commission Junction to Make Money Blogging

Commission Junction is another choice to learn how to make money blogging. They can provide you with affiliate links and tools to help you promote products that are actually going to be shipped to your visitors. They have many top companies that have products and offers for you to promote on your blog. It does not matter what your blog is about there are probably products you can be promoting through Commission Junction to make a commission. The commissions are smaller from Commission Junction compared to Clickbank, but the products typically convert more visitors into buyers.

How to Make Money Blogging with the Amazon Associates Program

Another way to promote products on your blog and make money is to join the Amazon Associates Program, which is free to do. This will allow you to promote any product that is on Amazon on your blog. There is a large amount of products on Amazon that you can earn a commission from and the more sales you generate the larger your commission percentage will be. This is one of the most popular ways to use when you are learning how to make money blogging.

Learning How to Build a Blog for Profits

Discovering the art of building a blog is something that many have done in order to help them enter into the realm of making an online income. When you learn how to build a blog and you also learn how to properly monetize it you can turn nearly any subject into a profit. This is a great way for a new marketer to get started and it is not hard to do either. Here are 3 Tips on How to Build a Blog and Monetize it.

Learning How to Build a Blog for Free

The first thing you have to decide is whether or not you are willing to spend any money when it comes to your blog. If you want to start completely for free, then you will want to use a platform like blogger. This is a free way to get started and will not cost you anything to join. The downfall is you will not have as much control over how your blog looks and there are features you will not be able to use compared to paying the money for hosting your own blog.

Discovering How to Build a Blog with WordPress

The second choice in building your blog is to host it yourself. This will cost you around $10 a month for hosting and about $10 for your own domain name per year. Even though this option will cost you a little bit of money it is well worth it because it will give you much more flexibility in what you put on your blog. You will have completely control over the actual design and you will be able to learn how to build your blog on your own domain name, which will give it more power right from the start.

Monetizing your new Blog for Profits

It does not matter whether you use a free platform or you pay to host your own blog it will never make money unless you monetize it properly. This can be done with affiliate products, Amazon products, eBay products, or Google AdSense Ads. You could also create your own product or use your blog to help you build up a list of subscribers. Some blogging platforms have tools built in to help you monetize your blog and others have the option to pay for tools that will help you do this. The choice is ultimately yours and there is quite a bit of free information out there to help you learn how to build a blog.

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