What Do the Top Reselling Websites Do?

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August 15th, 2012

The top reselling websites are nothing special, but rather simply websites which sell the best reseller web hosting. This can be a good service for internet marketers and webmasters, however there are certain things that you should be quite careful about if you are thinking of using reseller web hosting for your own website or to become a hosting reseller yourself. Here are certain things that you should be aware of it you would like to become a reseller of web hosting.

The top reselling websites list many different web hosting companies. The top reselling websites also organize the hosting companies in a list that makes the top 10 hosting choices on the internet. It is recommended that you use one of the best web hosts if you would like to become a reseller, as using a company from the top 10 hosting choices can have a great impact on the quality of the web hosting services that you are receiving.

Something else that the web hosts listed on the top reselling websites need to be able to do is to provide the necessary customer service as well as tech support to their customers. This is actually the most important element that comes with providing the best reseller hosting. The issue with support is that if you are not able to provide high quality support, you will have quite a hard time keeping your client and making money with your reseller hosting business will be quite difficult.

Something that you can do to make sure that you are providing the best support if you are using the top reselling websites to start a hosting company is to get yourself a smart phone. This will let you constantly check your email, just like you would check text messages. If you get an email from a customer, you can then forward that message to the web host who will then take care of the issue. Providing prompt support when using a host from the top reselling websites is the right thing to do, as it will show your customers that you really care about them and the quality of web hosting services that you provide.

Finding the Reseller Web Hosting from the Top Reselling Websites

For many years, there have been discussions as well as full blown debates as to whether getting the best reseller hosting from the top reselling websites was even worth doing. The top reselling websites will all tell you that it is a good type of hosting to have and some will offer you special promotions such as one or two months for free, or a deeply discounted price for your web hosting. Even though these offers that are often found on the top reselling websites are quite attractive, it is not something that you would want to jump into right away. You need to do some research first.

What you should do instead is to carefully go through the top reselling websites and make a comparison of some of the different web hosting choices that you have, before you finally settle on a type of web hosting that will be right for your needs. For you to understand what actually makes a hosting company any good, you would need to also understand the things that would make a top 10 web host such a great choice.

The top 10 hosting options are those which provide you a combination of the best web hosting packages, coupled together with the best technical support. All of these companies have built a strong reputation as great web hosting companies and they should therefore not have any problem delivering.

However you should be aware of the fact that even the absolute best web hosting coming from the top reselling websites is not going to give you the support that a top 10 web host can give. This is because when you use a reseller web hosting company yourself, you will be depending on a middle man to act between you and the web host in order to provide the support. Instead of using a reseller host, it is a much better idea to directly go with a similar hosting package that is offered by a larger web hosting company such as HostGator, HostMonster or BlueHost.

These companies are three examples of web hosts which are on the top 10 hosting options list and you can select from many more hosting places that are even better than the best reseller hosting that you will find on the internet. Consider one thing: if you are getting reseller web hosting from the top reselling websites, you are actually getting it from one of the top 10 hosting companies, but are actually simply putting a middle man between you and that company.

Some Things that the Top Hosts are Actually Good For

Using the top reselling websites may not be the best thing to do if you are actually quite serious about making some money on the internet. What you would want to do instead would be to make a comparison of some of the top 10 hosting options that you can find online and then use a top 10 web host for your own site. Directly using a quality web hosting company can give you a whole lot more than what even the best reseller web hosting could ever give you.

One thing that reseller web hosting is useful for is giving you more space as well as options for your website. What you could do instead of using the top reselling websites is to directly go to one of the top 10 hosting companies and use their services for your own website. Just because you are using reseller web hosting, it doesn’t mean that you are forced to sell it to others.

A lot of times those who are getting the top reseller hosting from one of the companies on the top 10 hosting companies list are actually using a part of it for themselves in any case. You have the choice to do this, or you can use the entire amount of web space that is allocated to the site for your own use. This is what many of the top reselling websites are doing with their hosting in any case, so it can be a smart thing to do for any other webmaster as well.

Learn All About Cheap Resellers Here

Learning everything that you need to know about some of the cheap resellers out there in the online world can help you avoid some of the mistakes that many webmasters make, which can actually be quite costly in terms of wasted time and money. There are various ways to make money on the internet. Some people do so by selling their own products, by being an affiliate, by providing a service, or even selling some advertising. For many of these things, you will need to have a website, which means that you will require some kind of web hosting too.

One of the realities of web hosting is that selecting the best kind of hosting based on your needs as an online entrepreneur can be quite difficult. But you should beware of the cheap resellers you find online. The cheap resellers very often do not provide good quality web hosting. There are actually very few of the cheap resellers which will give you web hosting services that you will be satisfied with. This is why you are much better off going with a web hosting company that is on the list of the top 10 web hosting companies and is not one of the cheap resellers of web hosting services.

The best reseller hosting is something that does not come cheap. Actually the cheap resellers of web hosting are usually only out there to make some money off you, rather than providing you with the quality web hosting that you deserve. When you deal with cheap resellers, you will lose out on many things. Actually even using reseller hosting if it is not cheap has some drawbacks. There are simply some much better kinds of hosting services available to you and you would be much better off using these instead of reseller web hosting companies.

Some Things to Know About Resellers

1. Lack of Features

If you select a web hosting company from the list of the top 10 web hosting choices, then you are going to be dealing with a hosting company that is known for being very good at what they do. Unlike many of the cheap resellers, they will give you plenty of hosting packages to select from and let you upgrade your web hosting when you need to do so. As your website grows, so can your hosting selection.

But when you use web hosting that comes from cheap resellers, even those that provide the best reseller hosting, your package may be quite limited and not include the features that you will need to run your website well. Many of the cheap resellers will not allow you to upgrade to a more suitable web hosting plan when you have outgrown your web host.

2. Reliability Concerns

Providers who are cheap resellers are not known for giving the most reliable kind of web hosting to their customers. This is because anyone can become a cheap reseller of web hosting and there is plenty of competition out there in the hosting marketplace. This causes many companies to cut down on certain things in order to push their prices down to attract as many customers as possible to their business in a short amount of time.

This is why cheap resellers often use servers that are overloaded and not maintained adequately. This can cause down time and is definitely not something that you would want to be dealing with if you are running an online business, as you will need your site to be available 100% of the time. So if you are serious about making money on the internet, you are much better off going with a company that is on the top 10 web hosting choices rather than using cheap resellers. The truth is cheap resellers do not generally provide reliable hosting for their clients and as such should be avoided atall times.

3. Poor Quality of Support

While the hosting market is one that is quite competitive, you will see that many of the web hosting companies these days provide plans and prices that are quite similar to one another. So, how are you supposed to tell the difference between what is a quality web hosting provider and what is not? One of the best ways to find this out is to evaluate the support that they provide to their customers. Once again, when it comes to cheap resellers, this is really their weak area.

Many of the cheap resellers are simply focused on making as much money as they can by attracting many different customers to use their hosting services. This will provide some relatively decent short term revenue for those that are running the cheap resellers of web hosting. But while they are focusing on their marketing efforts, cheap resellers are often neglecting one important element of what it takes to be a good web host: providing good support for their customers. When you go with one of the top ten web hosting companies, you will get support around the clock by telephone, email and live chat on the hosting company’s website.

But if instead you opt for using cheap resellers, you may find out that their support is not 24 hours a day and furthermore, the only way to get in touch with their support department would be to contact them by email. This could mean having to wait 1 day or more for them to even read your message, and sometimes a few days for the cheap resellers to actually do anything that will fix the problem that you are having. Obviously this is not something that you want happening to you if you are doing business online, as you need your website to make money for you.

4. Lack of Experience and Longevity in the Hosting Industry

You should be aware of the fact that a lot of the cheap resellers are simply fly by night company that often are also one man operations. Basically somebody just bought hosting space in bulk and then is reselling them to their clients at a profit. Very often, these people are simply motivated by seeing profits and do not have the necessary knowledge or experience to run a web hosting company properly.

Also, it is not uncommon to see cheap resellers going out of business. So if the owners of the cheap resellers simply decide that they want to shut down their company and do something else, they can very well do so, which would leave you without your website. You would then need to find another host quickly and then re upload and re configure your website from the beginning. If you want to avoid such potential troubles, then the solution for you is really not complicated: avoid using cheap resellers for your hosting needs. There are some much better companies out there that you can do business with instead.

What are Better Options than Cheap Hosting Resellers?

Obviously, if you have read this you should probably be convinced by now that using cheap resellers is definitely not the way to go when it comes to quality web hosting. Now, what is left for you to do is to see what other options that you have which will get you better web hosting. You can avoid wasting time and money by ignoring the cheap resellers and go directly with the top 10 web hosting companies for 2011.

In order to do that, you simply need to take a close look at the top 10 web hosting companies for 2011 list. When you do this, you will be able to see that there are plenty of different web hosts out there that are not cheap resellers and that give reliable, secure and functional service to their clients. You will also see that many of the best web hosting companies also have packages that are very affordable.

In fact, you will see that some of them have shared web hosting plans which begin at just a little over $3 per month. When you see such affordable and high quality web hosting, you really have no need to go with cheap resellers anymore.

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