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August 14th, 2012

With the increase in use of the internet and the desire that many people have to start their own blogs, there are many blog hosts that came into existence. This has also caused an increase in competition among web hosting companies, since self hosted blogs as well as general websites have become much more affordable now.

Today’s top blog hosts will actually give you a lot more features than you would actually need for your blog. But of course, remember that when it comes to web hosting, it is better to have a feature and not need it, then to need it and not have it. There are some features, however, that any webmaster will consider advantageous and therefore should look for them in a great blog host. Here they are:

The Best Blog Hosts

  • An Uptime Guarantee For Their Servers – Most webmasters will agree that the lowest acceptable server uptime guarantee is of 99%. The best blog hosts and general web hosting companies will promise you an uptime of 99.9%, which will mean that their servers are very very rarely, if ever down. While any company can make bold claims, it is also necessary to see whether there is some truth behind them. You can do this simply by reading customer reviews, which will tell you a lot as to whether a certain blog hosts is telling the truth about their uptime and whether they are actually a reliable hosting business.
  • A Satisfaction Guarantee – The majority of the top blog hosts will give you a money back guarantee if you do not feel satisfied with the service that you have received. In the majority of cases, this satisfaction guarantee period is of 30 to 45 days. In some other cases, a web host will give you an “any time” satisfaction guarantee, in which the fees that you have paid for hosting will be prorated by what you have used and the rest will be returned to you if you ever find yourself dissatisfied with the service that was provided to you by that particular hosting company.
  • Opportunity to Host Many Domains – In this case, the top blog hosts will let you add as many domains as you want to your hosting account without you having to spend extra money to upgrade your hosting plan. This is a very good thing to consider if you own several different businesses or are an internet marketer that runs multiple websites. You will find that the majority of the best blog hosts will actually let you host multiple domains on the same account on some of their plans.
  • Scripts that Let You Load Some Blogging Software – The best blog hosts will give you scripts such as Fantastico or SimpleScripts that let you easily load blogging and content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal as well as B2Evolution. This is basically one of the top requirements of bloggers and you should definitely go with blog hosts that offer these scripts. You will find that the majority of web hosting companies offer them, as long as they are good and reputable, so if you stick with the best blog hosts, you will be fine.

These 5 Top Blog Hosts are Known To Be The Best Web Hosting Companies for Bloggers

There are many blog hosts available online, but not all of them are the same. If you want quality and reliable hosting for your blog, then you should definitely stick to one of these reputable companies, as they have proven that they know about the hosting industry and can provide you with the excellent service that you as a webmaster seek out.

  • Web Hosting Hub – This web host provides a safe and rapid environment for hosting blogs with its fast MySQL and suPHP platforms. It also provides you with various one click installation systems for common blogging software such as the Fantastico library which can help you install WordPress and B2Evolution.
    Hosting your blog on their servers is fast, easy and convenient. Plus, their no downtime guarantee is of course attractive to webmasters from everywhere. Definitely one of the best blog hosts out there.
  • HostGator – This web host has an excellent reputation overall in the web hosting industry. It provides various packages to its customers and also lets you take a month by month plan instead of paying for a hosting plan in advance, which is great for those who do not want to pay for a year or more of web hosting in advance.
    Their rates will vary, and the cheapest plan is $4.95 per month, but do take note that it will not allow you to host multiple domains on a single account. There are some other packages that allow you to do that, however. Also, HostGator offers other options if you are thinking of building a complete website for your business, rather than just a simple blog. They have VPS, dedicated server and reseller hosting options too.
    This web host also gives a 99.9% server uptime guarantee, a 45 day money back guarantee as well as Fantastico scripts to install blogging software easily.
  • BlueHost – BlueHost is one of the blog hosts that has earned a solid reputation due to their rare downtime and excellent support and customer service for their users. They have SimpleScripts in their control panel that lets you quickly put some of the top blogging software in motion in your account, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and B2Evolution.
    Bluehost has an excellent money back guarantee that is a bit different from the other web hosting companies out there. They prorate the portion of unused hosting fees that you have paid and return it to you should you be unsatisfied with your web hosting.
    They offer very competitive rates and their plans start as low as $3.95 a month. Of course this is more than welcome to any person that is putting up a blog on a budget. They are thus one of the most reliable and least expensive blog hosts out there.
  • JustHost – This is another of these blog hosts that provides excellent services at low prices. In fact, their hosting plans begin at only $3.95 per month, which is lower than many of their competitors. JustHost also provides webmasters with installation tools for blogging software such as WordPress, B2Evolution, as well as Joomla.
    When you sign up with them, they will give you a free domain name, which is always welcome.
  • HostMonster – Out of all the blog hosts, this one deserves a mention in the list of the best. They give their clients a free domain name when they sign up for their hosting package. However, unlike certain competing blog hosts, the domain is free as long as you stay a customer of theirs. Therefore, you will not need to pay a fee every year just to renew your domain name with HostMonster.
    This web hosting company places customer service for blog hosts customers as a top priority. They make it so that no webmaster will need to wait longer than 2 minutes for support by phone. Unlike certain other companies, they do not subcontract their customer support to other countries and ensure that their customer service and support team is comprised only of people who are English speaking.

So, you now have the things that you should look for when you are trying to find an excellent blog hosting company. You also know which web hosts are the top 5 blog hosts currently online. While these companies have been selected by webmasters as the best blog hosts on the internet, it doesn’t always mean that other web hosting places are bad however.

To find more blog hosts, you can read through customer reviews, make a comparison and then make a decision based on the information that you found contained in them. There could be some other hosting companies that could give you a blog hosts service which will be more suited to your unique needs as a webmaster today.

If you want to find out some more information, you can browse our site to find some reviews of several blog hosts and compare their service, prices, plans as well as features which will let you make a more informed decision regarding your choice of web hosting services.

Why is It a Good Thing to Compare Blog Hosts?

When you are in search of a web hosting company for your blog, it is quite important that you compare blog hosts well or you could end up using a web host that will simply not give you what you need. When you compare blog hosts you will be looking at what all web hosts can offer you before deciding on using a specific hosting company to host your blog.

Hosting is actually the most important part of getting a website or a blog online for your business. If your hosting is no good, then it is possible that you would not be able to make the kind of money that you were hoping for from your site. There could be many things that would make a hosting company unsuitable for you, such as a lack of hosting space, or a lack of reliability. After all, no one would want to use a web host where their servers go down every single day.

When you compare blog hosts, you will get the confidence that you are getting what you need to make your blog profitable. Here you will find some thing that you can do in order to compare blog hosts well.

The Top Things You Should Look at When You Compare Hosts

1. Check the hosts’ reputation

The principal thing that you need to do when you compare blog hosts and are looking at a specific company is to check out what their reputation is in the marketplace. This is of course, an important thing for you to do, as you want a host that is well liked by other webmasters who have used it. It is also a simple thing to do. You can start by reading some web hosting reviews coming from other users of that host.

In order to compare blog hosts, simply look up some hosting reviews on webmaster forums as well as on various blogs and websites that deal with hosting companies. It is always good to read some independent information about a company that you will be doing business with, as you now get to hear from consumers that have used them.

2. Make a comparison of their packages

You should also look at the various hosting packages that are offered by the company as your compare blog hosts. By doing so, you can see whether one host is giving you a better value for the money. Looking at the different packages when you compare blog hosts will also let you see which hosts offer what options. When you put together a blog, you will probably want to be using a company that lets you easily install some common blogging platforms, such as WordPress.

3. Examine your budget

Of course, when you compare blog hosts, your budget in regards to web hosting will also play a significant role in deciding which company you would want to go with. If you don’t have much in terms of a budget for web hosting, then you would want to find a host that gives you an excellent hosting package that will fit well within your budget. What this ensures is that you will be able to get the package that you need without spending too much money on your web hosting services. However, while finding an economical host is good, remember to also compare other factors besides the price, as the host that is the least expensive may not always be the one that is the best when it comes to meeting your unique needs as a webmaster.

Making Your Choice

When the time will come to make a decision, you will need to do one last thing in order to compare blog hosts before you decide on one particular host to use. You will need to check out the quality of the customer service and tech support that the host will give you. Simply think up a few questions that you can ask their support department, either through live chat or by telephone.

By doing this with all of the hosting companies you intend to use, this can easily make a distinction between the top hosts and the ones which really are not that great at all. Customer service and support are some very important things and you will want to be sure that you receive support that is fast and reliable from your web hosting company. It is mainly for this reason that any webmaster and internet entrepreneur needs to compare blog hosts before going with one.

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