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August 12th, 2012

When you are searching for the top blog hosts for writers, you will find that there are plenty of webmasters out there who will agree on what the top hosting companies are. If you are, or are planning to become a writer and have a blog or more to earn money on the internet, then you definitely need to be aware of which hosting companies are going to give you the best hosting for your blog.

Even if you are not a writer yourself and are a webmaster, then you would need to know which are the best blog hosts for writers in order to make the job better for your writer. Then you will need to find best blog hosts for writers. Just keep in mind that the best hosting solutions will not come from free hosts, so we even won’t discuss any of the free hosting solutions, as they are definitely far from being the best thing out there.

The 3 Top Hosts for Writers are Here


BlueHost is one of the top blog hosts for writers because it lets you make use of the WordPress platform, which is recognized as being the best platform for bloggers when it comes to writing. Writing blog posts and articles under WordPress is a very easy thing to do, as it is a platform that can be highly customized and you can use a variety of plugins to make many tasks easier, such as optimizing your content for SEO.

The other reason as to why BlueHost is one of the top blog hosts for writers is because it is a very reliable web host and this has been confirmed by many other webmasters in the web hosting review sites. When you pay for a minimum of 1 year of hosting, you receive a free domain name that you can use with your account. They also give you excellent quality support and are thus the part of the best blog hosts for writers.


Another excellent web hosting option that is also part of the best blog hosts for writers is going with HostGator. Once again, this company also lets you set up and use WordPress as your content management system for your blog. The presence of Fantastico in their control panel makes using WordPress on your website very easy. Since their plans come with unlimited space, you will have no problem setting up even a complex WordPress blog on your account. The setup process with Fantastico is also very easy. This explains why HostGator is a member of the best blog hosts for writers.


Yet another web hosting company which should be featured in the list of best blog hosts for writers is FatCow, as they got a top rating in the year 2011. They are also reputed for being one of the lest expensive choices for the best blog host for writers. FatCow also gives you access to Fantastico which you can use to install WordPress if you want to use it to power your blog. This is obviously a great advantage and you should not have any problems using FatCow for your blog hosting needs, as their servers are always reliable and their support department is very responsive and attentive to the needs of their customers.

Some Things That All 3 Top Blog Hosts for Writers Share

Something that all of the 3 hosting companies that we mentioned have in common is that they let you make use of the WordPress content management system as a platform for your blog. Any experienced webmaster will know that this is the top platform for blog writing and you can even give a log in to each of the writers on your team. It also lets you customize the blog that you put up to your tastes and its many plugins mean that you can add any feature that you find necessary to the proper operation of your blog.

The fact that these 3 top blog hosts for writers let you use WordPress is an excellent thing, as it is a highly customizable platform. There are plenty of plugins available for it, some of which are free, while others are paid ones. These will help you monetize your blog as well as customize the way that it looks to your visitors. This is the principle reason that the web hosting companies that were mentioned above are the top 3 best blog hosts for writers.

4 of the Top Free Blog Hosts

You can easily find top free blog hosts on the internet and because of this, there are plenty of aspiring bloggers who go with them instead of actually choosing a quality web host for their needs.

Attempting to locate the best free blog hosts could be a little bit hard with all the different information that you will get in the hosting marketplace and also due to the fact that you will need to make a decision as to whether free blog hosts will be suitable for your needs as a webmaster.

Sure, the free blog hosts can be good for you if all you want to do is to create a personal blog that will be used for sharing some information with your friends and maybe a few visitors. But if you instead will be making use of these free blog hosts for marketing purposes, you could run into problems, as many of the free hosts do not allow commercial blogs on their servers. Furthermore, you could face additional limitations such as the resources available on free platforms, in terms of hosting space, bandwidth and all.

Another problem is that by using free blog hosts, you are often dealing with companies that are not truly professional and could be small, one man operations. As such, if they determine that their free hosting service is not profitable enough for them, they could simply shut it down overnight, without even giving you a notice. This could mean that you would be left scrambling to find a new place to host your blog.

All in all, if the goal if your blog is not mainly a commercial one, then using free blogging hosts could be the solution that you are after. But if you must use a free host for your blog, then it would be an intelligent choice to go with one of the better known and respected free hosts.

Some of the Well Known and Reputable Free Hosts:


Take note that this one of the free blog hosts is located at and should not be confused with, which is a content management system that you can use after getting your own hosting and domain name.

There are many excellent features offered by this host which makes it very popular among different kinds of bloggers. One of the top features offered by this host is the availability of themes that you can use to customize your blog.

You can also do some searching around the internet and find many free WordPress themes that you can use on your blog. Changing themes is actually quite simple and takes only a few minutes to accomplish.

WordPress is one of the top and most respected free blog hosts, so they provide you with sufficient space to host your blog as well as many tutorials to help you get up and running with your new blog. Therefore, it is one of the free blog hosts that is recommended.


This is another easy to use free blogging site where you can post various types of content such as images, quotes, links, audio, video ,etc. It is a very popular blogging platform where people can share stuff that they find online with others.

This is because users can not only post their own content, but also re-blog the posts that they find interesting and thus share it with others. This is an interesting feature that is not found on all free blog hosts and can definitely be used to your advantage. You just need to create something interesting and unique, and if users like it, they will reblog it, thus creating a kind of viral effect.


This one of the free blog hosts is owned by Google. It is a very popular platform with bloggers from everywhere. What makes it so attractive when compared to the other free blog hosts is the customization features. Here you can easily switch themes, even after your blog has been launched.

You also get a fair amount of storage space on your blog, with as much as 1GB of image storage available. On your blog, you can put a maximum of 10 static pages.

You have access to a variety of widgets, which once again, are not found on all of the free blog hosts. For example, there are some widgets to help you monetize your website through Adsense, other widgets to create static pages, slideshows with pictures, etc.


While it is one of the free blog hosts, many people instead would refer it as an online community. LiveJournal currently hosts more than 35 million blogs. It has some interesting features like event calendars, commenting, poll options, etc. Rather than being one of the ordinary free blog hosts, it is more of a social networking site, but it is still a good place if you have a blog that you want to share with others on the internet.

The site is also quite flexible and lets you use a variety of templates to make your site as unique and appealing to visitors as possible. They support advertising on the site, as well as creation of photo albums. If you are looking for more than a host but rather an online community, then this one of the free blog hosts is one that you should check out right away.

Choosing from the Blog Hosts

This is a description of the best free blog hosts available on the internet as of now. Of course, these sites are popular now, but you never know when new ones could emerge. But remember that before using free blog hosts, you must consider what your objectives are. Free blog hosts may not be suited for everyone, so if the aim of your blog is to promote a product or service, or make money for you, then you may want to go with a commercial web host instead. You will be happy to know that just like the free blog hosts, commercial web hosting companies provide you with a variety of blogging tools, such as content management systems, photo albums, etc, which will make running a blog an easy and worry free experience for you.

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