Things To Remember When Doing A Website Yourself

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September 16th, 2012

You may be considering making a website yourself due to a number of factors such as the various costs involved such as those for the domain name, designing etc. One of the most important things to consider before you go ahead and create a website yourself is whether the website builder package you’re using comes with web hosting or not.

It is also equally important to make sure your website builder package includes business email address as you do not want to be sending out emails using Google or Yahoo accounts. Needless to say it lacks professionalism to use such accounts for when you create a website yourself and if you’re looking to make a mark for yourself over the internet and increase sales your potential clients need to feel like they’re dealing with a professional and not a novice.

Creating a website yourself can be fun but considering the vast number of design templates one has at their disposal it can be a pretty daunting as well. You must make sure that the website package you are using comes with pre-website made templates and good quality templates. Again, you do not want to make your website look unprofessional or tacky with regards to its design and this is one of the main reason people resort to using professionals to help them set up websites as opposed to making a website yourself from scratch.

You must also make sure the website builder comes equipped with a comprehensive database of tutorials and technical support that help you make the website yourself with ease. Here are some simple but vital steps you should be aware of before you make a website yourself.

The First 3 Key Points

Start with a logo and graphic design. If you offline business doesn’t already have one or if you’re just in the process of starting something new altogether hire a graphic designer to help you with this or alternatively use some tools to create logos and banners and consult SoThink Logo Maker for this. Making a website yourself can be the perfect opportunity to unleash you inner creativity!
In order to make sure the overall performance of your website is smooth and hurdle free for the many users that will be coming its way it is vital to instill a well-thought out and efficiently planned website structure. When you make a website yourself, this may be particularly difficult unless you have some experience beforehand. You must make sure the users can navigate properly and encourage them to contact you and pick and choose selective products and services.
After you decide how to plan your website out, the next step to creating a website yourself is to move on to content and imagery. Make sure the content is informative, to the point and tells the customer exactly what they need to know. The imagery should of course, be eye-catching and draw the consumer in even if they don’t necessarily like or need your product.

Two Final Tips

Another part of the website creation process that may give you some trouble while you set out to make a website yourself if you are inexperienced is regarding Links and SEO. When designing the website yourself, the importance of keeping the layout simple cannot be reiterated enough. The links you create should be conveniently place amongst the content posted on your website. As far as the SEO is concerned, while creating the website yourself create meta tags that tell visitors what your website is about and makes the website easier to find amongst many like it that already primarily exist.

The last important thing to keep in mind while making a website yourself is knowing how to promote it accurately. You can try submitting you website to some online directories for example and this will help you publicize the website.

Making a website yourself isn’t very simple but after you learn how to do it, making websites will not be difficult anymore.

How To Buy A Website?

It’s very easy to buy a website but it’s not a decision you should make in haste. Buying a website can be extremely expensive and you also have the cost of hosting on top of the website. Instead of spending all that extra money, you can just be creative and find a good domain name for yourself. There are plenty of ways to get a good domain name without compromising too much. Besides the high cost, there a number of legal issues that need to be dealt with before the website can be transferred to you. This legal process costs you extra money because you usually require the help of a professional legal expert. Consequently, before you decide that you’re going to buy a website, make sure that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

You can head online to find different domain names on sale. Finding them is just like looking for a good hosting company. You can enter the domain names that you prefer to check if they are already taken. If they aren’t, then you can easily purchase them at minimum cost. On the other hand, if they are taken, you can approach the owner and bargain for a deal.

Things To Remember

The cost of domain names usually depends upon their demand. If certain type of domain names and formats are more in demand, they will cost you more. Similarly, websites which have a healthy amount of traffic and are active will cost you more. Before you go in for a bargain, make sure you know how much traffic the particular site is receiving. If the website is stagnant and inactive, it should cost you less.

Not all websites are bought for their domain name. Some websites are designed well or have good content. If that is what you seek instead of just the domain name, then you will have to keep the existing infrastructure safe. This can play an important part when determining the price of the website and make it even more expensive.

A Quick Guide

Each website has its own set of content writers and technical staff. These people are hired on a contract basis. If you buy a website and have your own staff to work the website, then the job is easy. If, on the other hand, you don’t have your own staff, you have to honor the previous contracts and pay for the content already on the website. At the end, you will require an attorney of law to make the contract legal.

There are a lot of people who will tell you that buying a website is a huge mistake because of all the risks involved. However, profitability is an important factor when you buy a website. A website can help you gain customers and increase profit manifolds. You can build a niche for yourself and gain access to important individuals. Agreed that it’s a challenge to buy a website but its returns cannot be undermined.

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