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August 27th, 2012

Deciding on url names for your blog, organization or business can be very difficult but buying them at places like bluehost is easy. There are usually so many options available to you that it seems impossible that you will ever come up with a single URL and reserve it for yourself. URL is extremely important because it directs web users to your website. There are few points to remember which will help you in deciding on a name for your website and the URL to buy.

Always remember that the more simple the URL, the more memorable it will be. URL’s which are simple and short are easier to remember than those URLs which try to be explanatory. Short and snappy does the trick. It’s best that you choose a URL which consists of 2 words instead of one which includes 4 words and is almost a sentence. It’s true that the shorter the url names, the more expensive they will be. This is the case because shorter url names are more in demand. However, you will find that this extra cost will serve you well as more people will be able to remember the name of your website and thus visit it repeatedly.

Basic Guide

The url names should be related to the name of your business or organization. Recalling their name would thus be easier for people. Often, it yields the best result if the URL you chose is exactly the name of your business. If someone heads online to find your business online, it would be logical for them to start the search by typing in the name of your business. This will lead them directly to your website. Naming your website according to the name of your business also gives you an edge when people use search engines to search for you. The term searched will immediately pop up because it will exactly match your website.

It may seem like a good idea to have a URL which is similar to the name of a famous website, but that is not the case. It can back fire as when people try searching for you, they might end up on a very different website. This would be a particularly bad idea if the name you try to copy is that of your competitors.

Play It Smart

If you want to capture as many customers or viewers as possible, a trick you can use is to buy url names around your favored URL name. This will ensure that your competitors do not buy those URLs to take advantage of your popularity. While this venture will lead to more costs, it will ensure that people will end up on your website, even if they enter the wrong URL name.

By searching for a URL name that you have already bought, people will be redirected to the actual website. This decreases the chances of you losing customers due to confusion. Choosing the right url names and then playing it smart can make all the difference between a successful and a failed online business.

Some Misunderstandings

One of the most important things is to think about is a url buy when you are launching your website at places like fatcow. Nowadays, there are millions of websites out there for many different purposes. Some website owners might be using free web hosts or cheaper web hosts. Most site owners would prefer to have their own url. A url is part of the address that people or customers may use to reach your site. You most definitely cannot get one of these for free so dispel all claims of any company saying that they will give you a url for no charge. You will definitely have to pay some amount of money, sometimes more than is required, if you are to secure a better domain. You may also be able to obtain cheaper domains.

There is a common misunderstanding that urls can be purchased or owned. They can only be rented for a specific period of time such as a year and a certain fixed fee has to be paid or they may expire. It is something like paying rent or any other fixed fee. But no matter how much it may cost you, a url buy is essential if you are going to succeed in floating your website on the internet. And remember that if you choose to spend a bit more, you may be able to secure a top notch domain name that is not bound to any particular geographical location but can be applied to the world at large.


You will have to go to a domain provider in order to get a url buy. In such cases, you have to check whether the domain name you are fond of, is available or not. If it is a particularly generic name then it might already have been taken by someone else. If this happens, you will have to sit down and really think about your options. If however the domain you have chosen doesn’t load, that means you can use it and it has not been taken by anyone. Always make sure that your chosen domain name is available for use.

Buy From Existing Owners

In some cases, you may have to purchase a url from an existing owner. This might happen if you are very attached to the url buy and cannot change your mind about it. You will have to track down the current owner and make an appropriate offer for the url. The website can be used to find out the owners of different urls. Make sure you present your case as best you can so the current owner might consider selling you his or her url. Keep in mind that even though .com is a top notch domain, it may be very hard to get and you will eventually have to settle for another domain. Other domains that might be a little easier to obtain are as follows; .info, .org, .net, .mobi, .us etc. Take your pick.

There are many domain providers out there and it is up to you to choose the best one for you. Two of the most popular and well known ones are NameCheap and GoDaddy and you will definitely be able to obtain a url buy from there without much hassle.

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