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September 13th, 2012


The world of web hosting, domain names and servers can seem very complicated for those who are not in the know.

This is why we have written this Total Domain Names Guide – to help you get up and running with your new website as quickly, easily and as cheaply as possible.

From how to chose the best name, to how to get it at a good price to turning a profit – we cover it all.

Which top level domain to chose is really important – we always recommend you go for a .com if possible, but this does not always work out. The next best options are .net and .org.

If you are looking for a good way to brand your domain, you can try and incorporate the top level domain into the name of your website – for example,, etc.

We would not be a good Total Domain Names Guide if we did not advise you on the actual domain name – there are three simple rules to follow : short, simple and to the point!

You also need to consider whether you want to use your business name (if you are a business) or a description – e.g. or


Where to buy your domain is a crucial question – you will often find that your web host will also sell you domains names at the time of buying your hosting.

This is often a good way to save money, but you should check with specialist domain name registrars too, to compare prices (people such as

Saving money on your domain names is quite easy – simply do a Google search for the company you want to purchase from and the words “domain name discounts”. You will find a huge amount of discounts on the internet.

You can also look at the adverts that appear in Google – often big companies will list their discount offers here.

Using a professional to find and purchase your perfect domain name may seem like an extreme, but we would not be a Total Domain Names Guide if we did not mention it!

If you are looking in a very competitive niche, this can be a really good way to get high quality domains at reasonable prices.


The foundations to monetizing your website lie in the content, as a Total Domain Names Guide we will not go into too much detail, but you want to make sure your website has a lot of high quality information on it to make sure people will actually stay on the site and not “bounce” as soon as they think you are simply after their money.

eBooks and information products are a great way to monetize a domain name, you can hire people to write the eBooks for you. Then you simply get a basic web hosting packing, put the eBooks on for sale (offer some free content to entice people in!) and watch the sale role in!

Things To Remember When Doing Com Registration

The internet has greatly evolved over the years. As the internet has evolved overtime, making websites and websites in general have become very common. When it comes to websites, the first thing is getting a domain com registration. This is one of the first and very important steps to establish you as a website designer. Since domain registration has gained such popularity in the past years, different companies have sprung up to offer you their services, be it registering domains or hosting your websites.

When the choices are so many, it often becomes very hard for beginners to make a decision concerning which company is the best. It is very important that you choose the right registrar which is both reliable and credible. If you follow certain steps for com registration, the entire task will seem easier to you.

A Guide To Registration

The domain name is arguably the most important part of a website. It is a sort of identity for the website. It is the web address of your website which the internet users type in the domain bar above their browsers in order to reach your website. Consequently, much thought and hard work should go into designing them. The name should be simple and easy to read. The shorter it is, the more likely people will remember it. Try that your domain name is related to the business or industry it’s supposed to represent. When someone sees your domain name, they should technically get a good idea of what your business is all about. Try to add most searched keywords in your domain name so that it comes at the top when people search that keyword.

The next step is com registration where you make the domain name your own. You reserve the rights to use that domain name. Com registration can be done with a credible registrar that you can find online. Make sure that the registrar you register with has a proper infrastructure and is reliable. You do not want a cheap registrar who goes out of business and takes your domain name with it. Also, changing registrars is a nuisance which you would like to avoid under all circumstances.

Useful Information

There are around 20 million websites in the world which means that it’s highly unlikely that the domain name you came up with is not already registered by someone else. If that is in fact the case, there is no need to be sad. You can always go for a different format with the same domain name. Dot com formats are most in demand and thus cost you more. They should be your first priority but even if you can’t get it with your first priority domain name, you can go for other formats.

Another thing that everybody should keep in mind is that when you go to the registrar, make sure you check two things. The first of these two things is to make sure that you check whether the domain name has been registered under your name and not the companies. The second thing to check is for how long the name has been registered. Make sure it is registered for a minimum of 5 years. With these simple steps, your com registration will be complete.

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