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August 20th, 2012

Before you get all excited about owning a Windows virtual server for your online business you should take time to find out what type of plan would work for you best. Typically this is a simple question of whether or not your site gets heavy traffic, in which case you’d need a dedicated Windows virtual server with plenty of resources to take care of regular trends in traffic.

Windows virtual servers provide a platform for you to host and control a number of websites as if the server were yours and can be a great tool for you if you want to run different server based operating systems on your computer. This helps you in many ways and gives you more power with your hosting than other types.

A Windows Server for Your Website

These Windows servers work on streamlined windows based programs, which you would have access to if you; enter into the world of virtualization. It’s an interesting system, which attempts to address some of the problems associated with traditional server hosting, whereby companies would have to build racks of severs each dedicated to one specific task. The only problem is there’s usually a build up of hardware and heat as the machines work.

So instead of using an entire server to process a single task, Windows virtual servers allow users to connect to a single server, and using Windows based software, they convert it into multiple virtual servers. A regular server usually does only a small fraction of processing which means a lot of resources go to waste, but with a Windows virtual server users can exhaust all the resources of a single server by installing multiple operating systems on it and sub-dividing into many virtual severs.

For a long time virtualization was reserved for super computers and it wasn’t until recently that developers started using the same concept on servers, after it became apparent that the older system of using multiple physical servers wasn’t practical in the long run. There’s just too much demand for storage and processing and building a new server to deal with each command is impractical.

The Virtual Server That will Help You Most

When people sign up for windows virtual server hosting they have access to great resources and they can control the virtual server just as if it were a physical server, using different types of operating systems and controlling their online resources. With the right type of virtual server hosting you’re guaranteed of super-efficient processing without any limitations for when you want to make adjustments to your websites.

Suppliers are many so when you want to switch to virtual servers you’ll have plenty of options to choose from, and since Windows based programs dominate the market, you’re likely to find a Windows virtual server all over it the internet.

Windows Virtual Server Hosting Packages

Windows virtual server hosting is an efficient service especially for people involved in e commerce and require specific features to operate their website. Shared hosting works fine for individuals who don’t require much from the server but it’s not the same case with windows virtual server hosting.

This type of hosting works on a more comprehensive platform. Windows based virtual server hosting is ideal for the person who wants more control over the server and a host of windows based operating systems, which may not be accessible with other forms of hosting.

Why Windows Virtual Hosting Helps

Most operating systems working on virtual servers are free, and the majority of users find Windows based server hosting easier to navigate. All that’s required is a control panel which will take care of business for you and all you’ll have to do is sit back and make some websites on the server.

The types of Windows based server systems doing the rounds today are many, but the most common is Windows 2008 because it supports a wider range of programs and is compatible with a number of Office related programs for file and print. This helps you do much more than, if you choose a different type of hosting.

Windows systems usually require a larger memory buffer, as they tend to take up more system memory in order to handle virtual hosting as you shift between different software. Since the majority of Windows virtual server hosting plans are powered by windows 2008, the process of setting up is much easier even for someone new to the service. The plans range in price depending on the space allotted and a few other features like full administration access for when you need to tweak some website settings.

Virtual Hosting for the Right Price

Dedicated servers are favorable for people who want to allocate extra memory and RAM for their websites in cases of high traffic, as opposed to sharing resources with a bunch of other websites. With a dedicated Windows virtual server hosting your website would have all the resources it needs. Windows virtual server hosting sort of shifts back and forth between shared hosting and dedicated servers but you have the option of paying more to have your websites work better, if you don’t want share a CPU’s resources with other sites.

While you don’t get to share memory anymore, you still have to share the CPU, so it’s not a complete transition, but it’s still a better platform for a growing website. It’s entirely up to you when you select the type of server you want for your Windows virtual server hosting, you can decide if you need more resources for your website and if performance would be hindered if you share.

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