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August 18th, 2012

Many business websites suffer when they start to expand and that’s usually worse when they’re operating on shared servers, which is what Windows virtual private servers seeks to address by giving site owners the ability to run a wider range of programs and features for their websites using a virtual server.

Windows virtual private servers is meant to provide your website with all the resources it needs to function, and more so in heavy traffic seasons where shared hosting would be insufficient. This hosting is better than shared hosting and VPS hosting will help you in many ways.

Windows Virtual Servers for Your Needs

While shared hosting usually takes up resources from the other websites using that same server, virtual hosting allows the user to take up their own space in the server and the right to fix up their website anytime they feel the need to. You don’t have to contact the administrator to tweak the site.

Private server hosting works like an isolated machine working with whichever software the user wants to run it with and gives you more freedom to adjust to changes in the usage and activities on your website. The service is offered by numerous companies online, and deciding which one to go for is an issue best determined by the type of website you’re running.

Obviously, the major issue for making the transition from shared hosting to Windows virtual private servers would be hard drive space, and if you’re running a social video site then the little storage offered on shared hosting would not be enough for your site. Whether is Windows based or running a different operating system like Linux, the virtual server will allocate plenty of memory for the major processing needs your site is dealing with, plus a platform to test out a number of OSes if you’d like to try them out.

Finding Top Virtual Private Servers

Most companies, which offer solid windows virtual private servers, also come with unlimited bandwidth, but it usually costs more, so it’s always important to check out the parameters, especially if you’re running high content websites.

Reliable virtualization would guarantee you at least 99% uptime for your website and anything less is a reap-off. Technical support is always available to solve any problems that arise, but other than that, it’s up to you to play around with your site and try out different systems to make proper adjustments.

Most people find Windows virtual private servers easier to use and install than those of Linux but it’s important to look at all the angles when selecting a plan for your Windows based virtualization system. If it suits your website then go for it.

What is a Windows Virtual Server?

A Windows virtual private server basically means a private server operating on Windows or Microsoft based programs, likewise if a user decides to operate on Linux then it would be Linux virtual private sever. If you’re asking yourself what VPS is, then hopefully you’ll be able to answer that if you consider shared hosting and how it works.

In shared hosting, your precious website would be connected to a server somewhere along with a number of other websites, and you’d be sharing the resources in that server including memory and bandwidth, so obviously in high traffic seasons resources would be stretched therefore affecting the speed and efficiency.

The Right Windows Private Server for You

A Windows virtual private server is different because it can give your website space and resources to use as needed without sharing with other websites. RAM and disk space would not be shared, instead it would be allocate to your website and used as need arises.

Furthermore, you as the website owner can make changes to your website without requesting the administrator, which makes it that much better. However, like in shared hosting, you still get to share the CPU with other websites but performance and reliability is still better with Windows virtual private server.

In order to find out if you need a Windows virtual private server you only need consider your website and the type of content you have stored in there, also traffic is a major issue and will determine the type of hosting you require, shared, VPS or dedicated server.

With a dedicated server you would have an entire server all to yourself but with VPS you still get to share the CPU. Resources are not as stretched as they would be if you were sharing everything and so it’s a great platform to set up your website and control the features that characterize it.

For most business websites upgrades are regular and only help the business stay in competition so in order to make the best of yours a private virtual network may be necessary. One of the best features of VPS is Burstable RAM, which basically means the provider offers your website extra memory for when traffic exceeds normal range.

Windows Private Server Hosting for All Your Needs

If you own a website then perhaps you know something about the ‘dig effect’, and that’s when a website’s hits exceed the regular limits and that can lead to problems, but with Burstable memory the system can call on the reserve memory set aside for such occurrences, and support the high traffic.

These are some of the features that make Windows virtual private server ideal for people who want to get serious with their online businesses. It may cost slightly more than shared hosting, but it goes along way in ensuring solid and consistent online presence.

Finding Windows Virtual Private Hosting Companies

Choosing to go with Windows virtual private server hosting can help you in many ways. This can give you everything you need and can help you see all the things you should expect out of your hosting. If you want the best hosting, you have to start thinking about getting VPS hosting instead of shared hosting.

Windows based server operating systems are more popular among website owners for a host of reasons, some of which include simplicity in use and installation, but for the most part people have simply gotten used to windows and windows components. If you own a website and have been thinking about upgrading it to a platform where you don’t have to worry about its performance in terms of speed and whether or not you can load more content in there, then you’d be a good candidate for Windows virtual private server hosting.

Windows Private Server Hosting for All Your Needs

Private hosting allows you to own and control a virtual server just like you would a physical server, and gives you more resources to run your website like more RAM and disk space, as necessitated by the size and nature of your website. It also gives you much more freedom to personalize your website without having to go through the regular admin channel, which slows things down.

There are many companies offering reliable private virtual hosting and they all have unique features but in most cases, you’ll be dealing with enough memory to sustain traffic and all the hard drive space you’d need for your particular website, which leaves you with absolutely nothing to worry about.

When you look at shared hosting and the challenges it poses to growing websites, private server hosting becomes the only reasonable solution for your trouble. However, whether you’re using windows based operating systems or not you should consider whether the hosting company allows you to keep your domain name, as some providers won’t allow you to keep the one you have on your little shared hosting platform. This would be terrible if your online business is built solely on the name of your website because you’d have to start from scratch to build another name.

Your Virtual Private Server Hosting Choices

There’s usually plenty of support to help you come to a decision regarding what would benefit your website the most, and if you’re working on a semi managed support system your hosting company would assist in any hardware or software issues that affect your website. When you purchase private virtual hosting be sure you know which type of support system you’d be given.

There’s usually un-managed systems with would leave you in charge of all issues software-related. Fully managed support means the admin will install custom software and they’re also in charge of hardware. Semi managed support is somewhere in between the two and will give you the Windows virtual private server hosting you need.

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