Organic Search Engine Optimization Tips for Any Webmaster

If you want your online business efforts to be successful and want to find out the best tactics for getting free traffic from search engines, then you absolutely need to know some of the top organic search engine optimization tips found online. SEO is one of the most popular ways of getting traffic to your blog or website. Furthermore, remember that organic traffic coming from search engines is actually free traffic and so you will not need to spend one penny on advertising, unlike other methods such as media buying or PPC ads.

By using the various organic search engine optimization tips that are available to webmasters everywhere, you can quickly get your blog posts or web pages to go up in search engine rankings. If you get them close to the top of the search results for your chosen keywords, you greatly increase the chances that a person looking for what you have to offer will visit your website and become your customer.

The Main Organic SEO Tips

Learn how to do proper SEO completely

Anyone that wants to become a successful internet business operator should learn SEO. This is due to the fact that if you neglect to use SEO you will be missing out on a lot of profitable traffic. You need to learn the organic search engine optimization tips that you find online in order to increase your knowledge of the SEO world. But it is not enough to just have the knowledge, you need to apply these organic search engine optimization tips in a practical context for them to make you money.

Build backlinks to your website or blog

Backlinks are very important in SEO. They are the way that search engines use to determine the rank of your website. A site or blog which has a lot of quality backlinks will definitely rank very high in search results for targeted keywords. You need to know how to build great backlinks to achieve that. This is an important one of the organic search engine optimization tips.

Optimize your site for SEO

If you look at any material that provides organic search engine optimization tips, then you will quickly notice that a lot of attention is placed on “onsite SEO”. Now what is this, exactly? It basically consists of making your website more “SEO friendly” and thus making the pages rank well in search results. This includes doing things such as putting your main keywords in the right places, using unique and interesting content, etc.

The Benefits that Come From Using Organic Search Engine Optimization Tips

We can all agree that the main reason of using organic search engine optimization tips is to get traffic. And if you put these tips into action properly, then your site will certainly see a lot of new traffic. The organic search engine optimization tips will also help build your brand, as your site will be listed higher in search results and thus will be seen by a lot more people than if it was buried under thousands of other results on Google.

Why You Should Use Article Directories

As many would expect, internet marketers around the world are debating as to what the top article directories 2011 are. People’s opinions may vary, but the benefits of using these directories will remain the same. If you use these directories in the right way, they can be very profitable for you and cause you to earn a lot of money as part of your online activities.

When you submit articles to the top article directories 2011, be advised that it is best to avoid using any black hat methods. While these methods may work in the short term, they are not useful for the long term and you will eventually lose your traffic, bringing you back to square one.

Every time someone finds tricks to fool the article directories, these strategies get shut down rather quickly. All in all, if you are using black hat methods with the top article directories 2011, your traffic will only be temporary. But if you use them with long term goals in mind they will be extremely profitable for you.

The 3 Top Benefits You Get When You Use the Top Article Directories


As many people would agree, traffic is the highest benefit of making use of the top article directories 2011. After all, without getting any traffic, you will not make any money online. Remember, money will not magically appear in your bank account just because you have an online business. The great thing about article directories is that they are able to bring you some very targeted traffic which will rapidly convert into sales and therefore generate income for you. Article directories are so powerful that a lot of people online have made a living simply by marketing through them.

The traffic generation coming from the top article directories 2011 is very straightforward. You include a link back to your website at the bottom of the article. If the reader finds your article interesting and wants to find out more, he will simply continue on to your website to check out the information.


Another benefit that you will derive from the top article directories 2011 is that you will be able to obtain backlinks for you website. Article directories give very high quality backlinks which means that these are very well respected by all search engines and will therefore help your site get the traffic that it needs.

Expert Status

By putting up articles on the top article directories 2011, you can become an expert in your niche. When people read your articles, if they find them interesting and useful, they could share them on their blogs, link to them on their sites or like them on social networking sites like Facebook. This can have the effect of spreading your articles around the web and making you and expert in your niche.

Of course, there are plenty of good article directories out there. But this is a presentation of the top article directories 2011 and the overall benefits that they will bring you.

  • – the number one choice due to the fact that Google loves them more than any other directory.
  • – good amount of traffic and very high quality backlinks.
  • – only accepts unique articles, but gives very high quality backlinks due to the fact that it is well liked by Google.
  • – a directory that is quite easy to use and receives a lot of traffic on a daily basis.
  • – very quick to approve your content and offers a good backlink.

By doing some research on your own, you should be able to make this list grow to around 10 or 15 article directories, but if you just focus on the ones named above, you will get a whole lot of traffic, great backlinks and you will build your expert status very fast. These are simply the top article directories 2011 and any smart internet marketer will be using all of them.

What You Should Know About RSS Backlinks and Traffic

RSS Backlinks and Traffic are things that work in parallel to improve the visibility of your site on search engines and therefore will allow you to rapidly rise through the rankings in search results. Wonder what RSS means? It actually stands for Really Simple Syndication and lets a subscriber be informed when their favorite blogs are updated.

Some Facts About RSS:

  • Creation of RSS Feeds – When you create an RSS feed for your site, this feed will basically list all of the content that you have on your website, including links that you have in your articles. RSS Feeds are then submitted to aggregators, whose job is to distribute the information to other websites and users. Images and videos that are embedded on your site are not transmitted in the RSS feed itself, but a link to these will be instead. This makes RSS backlinks and traffic very useful if you want to promote your site, no matter what kind of content it has.
  • Subscribing to an RSS Feed – The RSS feeds of websites will usually appear as an orange RSS icon at the top of the page or on the address bar. RSS aggregators provide users with information as to whenever a site is updated. Users are also able to receive update notifications by emails, depending on what they prefer.
  • Creation of Backlinks – In case you didn’t know, RSS feeds have a very important role in creating backlinks to your site. RSS backlinks and traffic are exactly what you need to get more visitors to your site. This is done by making your site rise through the ranks of the search engines.
  • Google loves RSS – As a search engine, Google has a good impression of RSS backlinks and they have bought FeedBurner, which is an RSS website. In your marketing strategy for your business, submitting your site to RSS aggregators should therefore be a priority.
  • The Rankings of RSS Aggregators – Aggregators have an important role in you getting RSS backlinks and traffic. Google really likes these services because they have dynamic content that is always updated. Therefore, Google assigns RSS aggregators a better ranking than what static websites could get. Of course, different RSS aggregators will have different rankings on Google, just like any other website. The backlinks coming from an aggregator with a high page rank will thus give you better quality backlinks. But you shouldn’t just submit your site to the top aggregators and ignore the rest. Adding your site to all aggregator services is a necessary thing for you to do to get RSS backlinks and traffic.

There are various methods that you can make use of in order to create RSS backlinks and traffic to your website. However, those created by using RSS feeds are the easiest way to accomplish this job. Remember that RSS backlinks and traffic are all about updating your site with regular content. So it goes without saying that for you to draw the maximum benefit from this strategy, you should update your site with new content on a regular basis. Not only will it be more interesting to visitors, but it will perform better on RSS feeds that way and allow you to get a whole lot more RSS backlinks and traffic.

Some Cool Viral Marketing Ideas To Make Your Business Grow

Viral marketing is definitely not a new concept. It has existed in some form or fashion for centuries. Except that now, with the widespread popularity of the internet and more recently, of social media, it has gained a lot more attention from all kinds of business owners who seek to promote their products or services to their targeted audience.

Viral marketing is similar to the concept of “word of mouth” where one person tells another one of something they have seen or heard, and the information spreads rapidly from one person to another. There are some cool viral marketing ideas which are often used by online marketers for the promotion of various businesses. These ideas are all done by leveraging the help of other people to spread the word about business products and thus do most of the marketing work without even knowing about it.

Some cool viral marketing ideas have started by marketers simply passing on an idea to their family and friends, who then passed it along to others and the idea spread to thousands of people. Of course, this is not the only way to do viral marketing. Right now, there are various online methods for doing viral marketing, such as sending a message to an email list, or using many social networking sites.

When you do a viral marketing campaign in an effective and successful way, the word of your business will spread very quickly and there are also many additional advantages to that. The promotion is done free of charge and unlike many “traditional” ad campaigns, since it spreads through social contacts, there is no limit to the amount of people that your message will reach.

Below you will find some excellent examples of some very cool viral marketing ideas that you can implement in order to ensure the growth of your business.

  • Creating Your Own Ebook– Let others place their ads in your ebook and inform them that in exchange, all they have to do is to give out your book to their followers on social networks, their website visitors, their blog readers and their mailing list subscribers. Many marketers will see the marketing potential of having an ebook that has their ad in it go viral, and they will gladly accept to distribute it to everyone.
  • Use Article Marketing – Writing articles that are related to the niche of your business (its type of products and services) will make articles which give a lot of value and are quite useful to the audience that you are targeting. When you give permission for others to publish these articles on their websites, their ebooks, magazines, blogs and newsletters, it can become one of the best cool viral marketing ideas. All you need to do for these articles to be an effective viral marketing tool is to include a link back to your website in the signature box at the bottom of the article.
  • Create some Website Templates – If you are able to make graphics and website templates, then creating a series of attractive templates and making them available for download can also be a good one of the cool viral marketing ideas. You can set up a small site that has graphics, website templates, etc. which are available for download to anyone who wants them.

    In exchange for providing these templates for free, you will leave a little ad next to the copyright notice at the bottom of the template, which will include a link back to your business website. As people love to use free web templates and will share them with their friends and fellow webmasters, this can cause a nice amount of traffic to flow to your website.

  • Put Together an Online Forum or Bulletin Board Script– Another one of these cool viral marketing ideas is to create a discussion forum or bulletin board and place a banner advertising your main business website at the top of the forum. While this may seem to be a lot of work, there are plenty of free forum scripts and software that you can brand and customize to achieve this. Just like with the web templates, you will distribute these on a free website, so that webmasters who would like to put a forum on their website but don’t really know how to create one or don’t want to pay for expensive software to accomplish this will download your forum tool and use it on their site.

More About Viral Marketing

All of these cool viral marketing ideas can be leveraged to send a very large amount of web traffic to your business site as well as increase its overall visibility and popularity on the internet. You will see that by using those cool viral marketing ideas you can get more traffic to your website than what you would have ever thought possible.


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