Importance Of Renewing a Domain Name

Everybody who owns a website will know how important renewal domain name is and it’s easy to renew and host it at places like fatcow. If your domain name expires, it will be available on the list of available domains and anyone looking for a domain name such as yours will purchase it. This is something no website owner wants, which is why renewal domain name is extremely important.

Once you get your website name renewed, you can use it for as long as you want, till its next expiry date. Not renewing your domain name means that you will lose all traffic, money, time, visits and content if it is left after expiration and you forgot to renew it. Therefore, it is advisable for all website owners to be careful about your website’s expiry date and renew it on the day it expires. Make a calendar note or mark it in your notepad to renew your website on time.

Renewal Instructions

The process of renewal domain name is not difficult but rather very easy. If an email has already been sent to you, it should have instructions about how you should go about with the renewing process. You can also obtain necessary information by visiting the registrar’s website. There are different things that the registration of your web can be under and in technical terms, these are termed as your website’s properties. If you see “Registered Until Renewal Date”, this means that your website domain is safely registered and hasn’t approached its date of renewal.

Moreover, if it your web page says “Renewal Required”, this means you will have to get to the process of renewal domain name and get your website renewed. You should be careful about all these things but those who are new to the process of renewing websites shouldn’t worry about doing it because the task is actually quite simple.

Renew Through WHOIS

Another simple way of finding out your domain’s expiration date is to go to WHOIS. WHOIS is a search service which allows you to find out the date of your domain’s expiry. All you have to do is to go to the URL and type your domain in the search box. After you are done, you will see a page in front of you that will show you the date of your web domain’s purchase and when it will expire. This is also a very convenient way of finding out when its time renewal domain name time.

Even though the task of renewing your domain name is simple, a lot of people forget to renew their domain name on time, which leads to their domain getting purchased by someone else many times. If you have a great website, with a lot of content and you have invested in a lot of money in it, you should be very careful about renewing it so that you make sure nobody can get your domain name. It is always advisable to be alert and do the renewal domain name on time.

Avoid Forgetting To Renew Domain Names

A lot of web owners believe that once they have created a website, there is no need to renew domain name ever again even when they have theirs at places like justhost. However, this is one of the most commonly made mistakes by web owners. This important process is often ignored even by regular internet users. If you do not renew domain names, they will expire and someone else will gain ownership. This means that your website will lose its identity in no time and the process will start all over again. This can be quite a nuisance if your website is popular and widely visited.

The easiest way to renew domain names is to log on to the system with the permission of the registrar and renew your domain name. Typically, you are sent an email a little before the expiration date. This email informs you that you need to renew your domain name or it will be sold off to someone else. The email also includes instructions on how you should proceed with the renewal. Some registrars also allow you to renew your domain name almost six months before the expiration date. It’s best to renew domain name early to be on the safe side and avoid any inconveniences.

Check Your Status After You Renew

When you go online to the registrar’s website, you can check the status of your domain name. If it says ‘Registered until Renewal Date’, it means that your domain name is secure.

If it says ‘Renewal Required’, it means that your domain name may have expired or the expiry date is approaching. Under such circumstances, you should quickly pay up and make your domain name secure.

If your status says ‘Processing Renewal Request’, it means that payment has been made and you have requested to continue owning the domain name, however, your request is being processed by the registrar and the status will update soon.

It is advisable that you go online and check your status on the registrar’s website every now and then to stay on the safe side. If the status suggests that you need a renewal, you should get the task out of the way as soon as possible.

Do Not Ignore Notices

There are many search services available which allow you to check the status of your website’s domain name. If you enter the URL of your website in the search box, it will show you the exact date when the domain name was bought and when it will expire. It takes a lot of time and effort to get significant amount of traffic for your website and if you lose your domain name, the traffic goes with it. Visitors will be incapable of sending you emails or checking out your website. Stay abreast of the expiry date and renew domain names because they can be bought and sold within seconds and you wouldn’t want to lose it after doing all the hard work.

Why Should You Renew Domain Names?

The most common mistake that web designers make is that they forget to renew domain names even if they have good deals at places like hostmonster for their domain name. People who have some experience in creating and maintaining websites know that it takes a lot of effort to get traffic for your website and to make it successful. Hours go into designing the site, advertising it and making a good profit from it. However, all this effort can go to waste by a simple act of negligence. Buying domain names once does not mean that you own it forever.

When you register your website, you are given an expiry date when you have to renew domain names. Unless you renew your domain name within that expiry date, you lose it and it is easily sold off to a willing customer.

When Should You Renew?

At the time when you register your domain name for the first time, the registrar gives you a date when your domain name will expire and it will require a renewal. A renewal can be made up to 6 months before the expiry date on some occasions, depending on your registrar. Usually, you are sent an email a few days before the expiry date. This email reminds you that you should head over to the registrar’s website and pay the designated fee to have your domain name renewed. To renew domain names on time, try to visit the registrar’s website every now and them and pay heed to the emails they send you.

There are no complex methods to renew domain names. It is all very simple to do. The instructions on how to renew domain names is included in the email that is sent to you to remind you of the expiry date. If you do not wish to rely on the email, you can still just head over to the registrar’s website for these instructions. All you have to do is pay the price set to renew domain names and you reserve it for yourself. The registrar’s website also shows you the status of your domain name. If the status says ‘registered until renewal date’, it means that you’re good to go. If it says ‘renewal required’, it means that you have to act quick before someone else comes along and buys away all your hard work. If the status says ‘processing renewal request’, it means that you have either paid up the entire cost and status will soon update or that a part of the total cost has been made and the other half is awaited.

Stay Safe

If you forget to renew your website, you get a 60 days grace period during which the domain name cannot be sold again. Once this time is over, the domain name will be deleted within 5 days. Once the domain name is deleted, it is up to be sold again. After the name is sold, there is no way of getting it back and you lose all your hard work. To avoid inconveniences, try to stay safe and renew domain names on time.


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