Get Your Website Off The Back Burner With Website Hosting

New websites are the lifes blood of the internet. It is because of the advent of new web sites that we realize the innovation of the world wide web. And without website hosting this would all be the imaginings of a world longing for something more. A world of listless people looking for an easier way to get their daily and lifes goals accomplished. The internet allows us to realize our full potential as human beings and is part of the necessary evolution of our way of life. This is why website hosting firms and their endless banks of server upon server hosting all of the websites we know and love. Web sites we rely on to be there for us day in and day out. And we take the web site hosting firms for granted in all of this. These are the individuals responsible for making our lives better and a little simpler, at the end of the day.

So it is safe to assume that without web site hosting companies or, firms, this would be a dismal world indeed. We would not have the ability to IM our co-workers. There would be no easy way to connect with our friends and family after your work day was over. No more shopping for your favorite things from the comfort of your living room or bedroom. And no more gaming with your friends across the globe. These are all things we have become accustomed to and would nearly die without in many cases. This is all made posssible by website hosting firms with the education and skill sets necessary to make all of this magic happen. Web hosts like FatCow are her to keep our web sites up and running for the world to see. They offer you the ability to advertise yourself globaly for under four dollars a month. That is less than a cup of coffee in many cases and an excellent deal on web hosting to say the least. So hug your web host today and remind them how important they are to us all.

Thankfully We dDo Not Have To Worry About Web Hosting Anymore

There are so many website hosting firms out there today that there is no need to worry aboutn being able to find one that suits your needs. There are so many it is like shooting fish in a barrell, as they say. So it is a toss up, it could be easier or even more difficult to find the web host right for you. Easier, due to the fact that there are so many hosting companies for you to choose from that one will eventually prove to be the right one for you. The difficulty lies in the narrowing down which one fits the bill. They all seem to offer a great deal of the same bells and whistles.

Each firm offering a variety of different operating systems or control panels for you to choose from. If you want to save a little money, many web hosting firms offer one, two and three year service contracts. These long term contracts can be an excellent way to get your web site up and running for next to nothing. And if you do the right research you will find that it is easy to discerne who the top web hosts are and what they have to offer. Many firms offer you a good value, but fall short on services or amenities. Then you have the other side of the coin, where you get alot but you also pay alot.

For some web sites the latter option is the only way to go. If you are launching a web site for business purposes and need highly secure dedicated and managed web hosting, this may be the case. But for many of us we are on a budget and would like to avoid breaking the bank just to get our web site off the ground.

So we are fortunate to have a web host like FatCow to help us offer the world our thoughts, products and services without going bankrupt in the process. This is the wave of the future and we all want to ride it and without being caught in the undertow. Affordable shared website hosts, like FatCow, offer us exactly that opportunity.

What Can I Expect From My Hosting Plan

Ultimately, we all have to ask one simple question; what can I expect of my wbesite host? This all depends on who you choose as your web host in the end. There are many diferent hosting companies that offer web hosting plans. Some starting as low as $3.95 and up to $250 a month. So the first thing you need to figureout is what type of hosting your web site will need. After you have figured out what level and type of hosting service you need, you can begin the search for your web host.

The search for a web site host can be an adventure to say the least. You could just type your keywords into a search engine and hope for the best, like many others. And if a shot in the dark seems the gamble and risk you need for a little excitement then you could continue this process until a web host is found.

This is however a risky move and not recommended. You could find after doing this for days that you have found too many hosting firms to choose from and are overwhelmed by it all.

You could use comparison web sites that rate and compare the services of the top web hosting firms. These web sites can be a very helpful and useful tool when on this arduous journey in search of a web site host. And if you have found yourself reading this very article you could be closer to an affordable and reliable hosting firm than you think. FatCow offers the same bells and whistles as the big guys out there and for an unbelievably low monthly rate. They offer you a clear cut look at high end “>website hosting with a bargain basement price that will shock and amaze you. So do your web site a favor and take a minute to have a closer look at a hosting plan from the folks here at FatCow.

What Is A Web Hosting Package For

For those of us who do not already know and understand what a web hosting package is, lets take it from the top. We have all spent some time surfing the internet from time to time. Some of us much more than others, but one thing stays the same. No matter how much time you spend on the web, without a web hosting package none of this would be possible.

You would not be able to log on to your favorite web sites because that simply wouldn’t be there. The World Wide Web is a vast and endless place and this is all made possible by countless amounts of server banks solely tasked with one mission and one mission alone; To store the data and coding necessary to create and operate all of your favorite haunts on the web.

The one most important roll on the internet is held by those who own and operate these mainframe computers or “servers”. They play a role that is intrinsic to the internet’s existence. So that social site you can’t live without, poof it’s gone. How about that gaming site you never want to leave, it is no more. And what if you have a serious medical concern and you need access to a doctors chat site, not going to happen. At least not without a web host to be there to host these web sites. This is how very important it is to have a web hosting package. Not to mention how important these web hosting firms are to our daily lives.

What To Hope For From Your Hosting Package

Well, now that we are a little more familiar with the what’s of a hosting package lets talk about the expectations you should have for your web host. A web hosting package is a very important decision critical to the success of your web site. You do not want to go in “guns a’ blazin’ ” only to find out that you pulled the trigger to soon. Without the proper research and cross comparisons you could find yourself locked in a death struggle with a sub-par web hosting package.

This is a common mistake made by many of us who are new to the prospects of web site ownership. You need to be sure that your web host hits all of the marks. They need to be able to address all of your customer support issues in an expeditious manner for the benefit of your web site and its visitors. They need to have a solid uptime guarantee. As well as be capable of offering you unlimited disk or server space for storing your web sites vital data. And let’s not forget the importance of unlimited bandwidth. This will help your visitors have a faster hassle free connection to you. Unlimited domains, web sites and e-mails are also very necessary aspects of a proper web hosting package.

And you can get these high quality hosting packages from many highly reputable web hosts much like the folks here at FatCow. They offer high quality, world renowned hosting services at rock bottom prices. This is no joke, with web hosting packages starting at just under four dollars a month you would be remiss not to take a closer look. So let’s get to it and get your budding web site up and running with hosting services second to none in their class with a web hosting package from FatCow.

Where Can One Find A Web Hosting

If you are like many others these days, then owning your own web site has been a thought on your mid at some point in your life. The simple fact is that without a web hosting package from a top quality, reputable and trust worthy web host. You want to be sure that you are getting the best web host for your hard earned money. That is why it is highly recommended that you take a closer look at what FatCow has to offer.

There is no type of web hosting package which FatCow sells that does not offer their end users world class services for mere pocket change. And this is high quality hosting services we are talking about here. They offer you a 99.99% uptime year round guarantee. As well as unlimited domains and bandwidth. And never mind the fact that you will have unlimited disk or “server” space for hosting your unlimited web sites. And I almost forgot, the beauty of cPanel as your control panel interface working in conjunction with Fantastico and Softacular to boot.

The folks at FatCow truly do offer you one of the best deals on hosting packages the web over. These top notch services could be yours already. And you could be experiencing a world class web host for under four dollars a month. So stop in and get a closer look at the web hosting package right for you from FatCow.


What Makes Us The Top Hosting Firm For Your Money

So you ask; what makes us the top hosting firm? Well that question can be answered simply enough. We here at FatCow have assembled many of the most cost effective web site hosting accounts on the web today. We offer all if not more of the amenities and services you wish to receive from your web hosting firm. Most notably are the unlimited server space and unlimited bandwidth aspects of our service plans. Not to mention unlimited web sites and domain registries to boot. With certain packages offering you savings and amenities you simply won’t find anywhere else. We believe that you, our clients, deserve a better breed of hosting from a well trusted top hosting firm for as little as possible.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a world class web hosting experience for next to nothing. Unlike many of our competitors that do not even offer services at prices as low as ours. With the right service plan in play you can get your web site hosting from our top hosting firm for as low as $3.95 a month. Add to that a free domain name and added domain registries at under one dollar a month. These are bargain basement prices on top tier services here folks. There is no filler or fluff to our no nonsense approach to web hosting. Ultimately we are here to serve your web site hosting needs and address your concerns to offer you a top notch, affordable top hosting package for your web site hosting needs and requirements.

What Can A Top Hosting Package Do For Me

If you have found yourself asking; what can a top hosting account do for me? Well then, welcome to the answer epicenter. If you, much like millions of other business owners, wish to diversify their business strategy this is one way to do so. One can no longer rely simply on word of mouth and good business practices for their clientele. Without a solid marketing plan you could find your business going the way of the dinosaur. And we all know that extinction is the last thing we want for our businesses. One of the best ways to avert such a situation is through internet marketing.

This is the wave of the future as they say and it would be a shame for your business to get left behind. With new companies popping up every day there is less and less room for errors in your business strategy. This is why it is so important to modernize and update your business through a web site with the top hosting firm backing your every play. Leaving nothing to chance and choosing a top hosting firm like FatCow, you will not be lost in the pages of history. You will find your business on the front page every day. So don’t miss out on a golden opportunity to drive your business into the future with the top hosting firm today at your side.

Where Can I Find The Hosting Package I Seek

We all hope to have our businesses achieve success and prosperity. This can be a little easier to achieve by offering the world your products or services. The best way to achieve global brand recognition is via the web. This would be completely and totally impossible to execute without a top hosting firm there to host your web site and store its vital marketing and business information. This is the only viable way to achieve your businesses international reach and recognition in your respective field. This is our chief concern here at FatCow, to help your business reach new heights via the World Wide Web.

By offering you an unbelievably low cost web hosting solution with world class service and attention to detail. We will rest at nothing until our top hosting services are assisting all of the world’s unsung businesses. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to be competitive in their field of business. No matter their size or the size of their budget. If you have a product or service the world needs and you want them to know about it. Then we are here to help you achieve that very goal. So do not waste any time in getting started towards your future business success and get things in motion with a top hosting account from us here at FatCow.

What Are Web Hosting Reviews Doing For Me

Web hosting reviews are quickly growing in popularity these days. This is mostly because of the advent of ecommerce in this tech savvy world we find ourselves in. There are businesses and corporations all over the world vying for our customer loyalty. Hoping to create and solidify a relationship with their customer base. These web hosting reviews are a sign of the times. If you wish to be recognized on an international platform with the ability to reach nearly every person on the globe, a web site is the way to do it. And the truth of the matter is, that without a web hosting firm on your side you be left simply with an idea with no means of expressing it. This is where these web hosting reviews come in to play. These reviews allow you an opportunity to closely scrutinize the web hosting firms out there before deciding on one that you deem suitable.

It can definitely be said that you will find the firm FatCow on many of these web hosting reviews, and for good reason. FatCow offers their clientele award winning services second to none, for prices so low they are almost unheard of. Through the caring people at FatCow you can achieve the global recognition you seek for as little as $3.95 a month. And you can’t put a price on insuring your business ventures success. That is what is so great about web hosting reviews and what they do for us. They offer us a window into the best web hosting firms out there. Showing us what they have to offer and what it can potentially mean to your bottom line. So let web hosting reviews help you along the way to achieving global recognition, and help you find a web host like FatCow and the award winning services they have to offer.

What Hosting Reviews Offer To Todays E-Commerce Crowd

With so many different companies or firms offering us web hosting solutions today it is hard to choose only one reliable and affordable web host. This is why web hosting reviews are so important to todays e-commerce based business owner. The reality is, you could be saving money on your web site hosting fees even if you already have a web host you believe is reliable. Reliability does not always mean affordable, in fact it is quite the contrary in most cases. With most things in life, you get what you pay for. At FatCow they offer you the hope diamond of shared hosting services at cubic zirconium pricing. This is one of the many great things that one might find for themselves after examining some of these web hosting reviews.

Another great thing that takes place in these web hosting reviews is the listing of all of the services and software packages and administrative tools these firms have to offer. This way you don’t have to spend your days pouring over the endless technical jargon best reserved for IT pro’s. With web hosting reviews, there is a clear and concise format for viewing all of the different pros and cons of each of the web hosting firms out there today. This is allowing more and more businesses the opportunity to shop around and find better pricing on the same, if not an increased level of service. And as we all know, these savings can turn into the means by which your company grows and expands its horizons. This is, in short some of the benefits web hosting reviews offer todays e-commerce crowd.

Web Hosting Offer You A Look At Firms That Can Save You Money

With web hosting reviews we can all rest assured that we will not get left behind in this crazy, mixed up fast paced world of e-commerce. It is important we remain diligent in maintaining a competitive edge as well as attempting to maximize our businesses potential profits. With this in mind, a visit to some web hosting reviews may be just what your business needs. You never know until you try. There could be a world of web hosting firms out there that can save you a great deal of money. And the only way to find these firms is by employing the use of web hosting reviews. They will showcase for you all of the many different services and amenities offered by the top hosting firms on the web today.

Take firms like FatCow, for example. This award winning web host is more than capable of satisfying your web site hosting needs. They offer very affordable rates with unparalleled levels of service. The reality is, that without these web hosting reviews this would not be possible. Without them you would be forced to spend your valuable time picking apart the service plans of all of the web hosts you feel are viable. Then you would be left with the task of deciding which of them offers the most bang for your buck. That is why web hosting reviews are so important to the savvy web site owner. They offer us a look at other web hosting firms that can save you money, and increase your profits due to these savings.


Find Cheap Hosting: The power of the web

In the ever expanding world of web hosting, Cheap Hosting is becoming more and more widely available. However, it still remains tricky to a) find the cheapest hosting, and b) get good value for money from Cheap Hosting.

In this article we will present you with some tips and tricks to help you find the best cheap web hosting that will really get your web ventures off to a financially successful start. From coupons, to Google to customer service, cheap hosting is out there – if you know where to look!

Firstly, you need to harness the power of the web you get Cheap Hosting. Many people make the mistake of going with their default host, without realizing there is a world of other good quality, good value for money web hosting providers out there. So, open up Google, and get started! A simple tip is to type in the amount that you want to spend on hosting – for example “Cheap hosting $5”, this will return only results that the host’s website specifies has a cheap package.

You will also want to harness the power of the location search feature, as you will surely know, many developing countries offer some of the fastest growing and financially friendly technology services – so type in “cheap web hosts India” and you will be very pleased with the results.

The power of the phone

Do not make the mistake of just going with the prices on the website of the Cheap Hosting company, ring up customer services! Tell them you are looking to move/purchase some Cheap Hosting and you may find that they are prepared to offer you a variety of deals and extra services if you buy their services then and there.

Do not be afraid to tell them your budget, although maybe suggest a price just below (to leave some negotiating room, allowing you to make it seem like your sacrifice is even greater when you increase your price) than your actual budget.

The Power of Coupons and discounts

You will also want to make use of vouchers and coupons on your quest for Cheap Hosting. Simply typing “cheap web hosting vouchers” into Google will produce a multitude of relevant search results, although check for any special requirements of the deal (e.g. having to sign up to a certain contract length).

You can also improve your search results by searching for a specific company’s vouchers – you will often find yourself taken to a page on the actual host’s website that they use to give out deals (that just does not appear on the normal homepage).

You can also ask any people you know who own/run websites, whether their host gives them any deals for referring on new customers – if they do, ask for a recommendation! There will almost certainly be benefits for the person who recommended you to the host too.

Cheap Hosting: quality of customer service

Everybody likes the idea of Cheap Hosting, what could be better than getting all your files stored, traffic connected and sales made on a website than costs less than $10 a month to run!?

Well, actually, there are several things you will need to bear in mind when you are looking at discount services, from customer services, to extra charges, there are a range of extra things to consider when cutting costs – for those not as technologically competent, it may be better to go for a premium service and just take the extra costs.

There will always be a trade off between customer service and hosting costs, the more you pay a company, the better service you can require from them in the future. With Cheap Hosting, you have to consider whether you are able to sort out minor technical problems (such as issues with domain name servers) by yourself, or if you will require a lot of technical help.

For people comfortable with technology, the Cheap Hosting – minimal service option may be worth the saving, for those who are less so, in the long term the saving will be vastly outweighed by the cost of professional support.


Depending on your bandwidth requirements, Cheap Hosting may not be the correct choice. For anyone considering running a website where any type of media is streamed, Cheap Hosting is definitely not the way forward. However, for those looking to run a small, possibly community based, website, a Cheap Hosting service may be exactly what you need.

If you are expecting less than 150 visitors a day, you do not need to be paying extra for large amount of bandwidth you will never use. Also consider whether you will be looking to expand your website, while you initially aim to start off with minimal visitors, if you later want to expand it may be worth investing now so that you do not need to mess around changing hosts and servers at a later date.

Extra services and charges

As you would expect, Cheap Hosting is the most basic service going – you do not get all the extras that premium hosts provide such as WordPress installation, SQL server installation etc. If these are services you think you might need, it may be worth increasing your budget a bit!

Similarly to low budget airlines, you literally have to pay for what you get. When it comes to Cheap Hosting, companies will look for any opportunity to spring an extra charge on you.

If you are worried about expanding too quickly and getting a fine for going over your allowances, you will need to make sure that you do not go for Cheap Hosting. Similarly, if you want free tech support, domain transfers etc, you need to be prepared for any extra costs you host might incur.

In conclusion, although Cheap Hosting can be a great way to save money, you need to remember that it is not always cheaper in the long run.


There are Many Types Hosting Companies

The type of hosting company you choose should be looked at carefully. This is suggested due to the fact that varying degrees of service create a wide variety of prices. We all know the less you pay the less you get. This is to say if you need to obtain hosting companies services for a blog or small website, you may save some money by using shared or reseller hosting companies. These forms of hosting are very cost effective.

Though for some web sites this could be problematic. Many shared hosting service providers have storage space caps. There is also the issue of heavy traffic and how it affects site performance at peak times due to diminished bandwidth. This is due to the flow of traffic bottle necking at the main server as it routes all of the different clients and visitors to the appropriate site.

If you are not trying to run and operate a large business or e-commerce site these types of hosting companies services may be perfect for you. If in fact you are trying to set up a web site for your large corporation or e-commerce site you may need a higher degree of service like a virtual private server or a dedicated server.

Hosting Companies Offer Many Different Services

Hosting companies offer many different services for the monthly fee you pay. It should be noted that you get a wider variety of services and tools with higher end services. Hosting companies that offer dedicated and VPS hosting may also offer shared and reseller accounts as well. In many cases these hosting companies offer you free set up and software licensing. This can add up to a considerable savings for the end user.

The same can be said about many of the shared and other types of lower cost hosting. In some cases you may find that these hosting companies offer a plethora of the same services but to a slightly lesser degree. You may not have the level of control you may be used to from other high end hosting companies. You may also find that the tools they offer are limited as well. As stated previously, you get what you pay for so be sure to look at all of the needs of your site before you decide on a hosting company for your website.

Hosting Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

The bottom line here is that there are so many hosting companies available that one should take the time to make an informed decision. One should start by readying their new web sites written and graphic content. After this is complete you will have a better idea of what type of space and bandwidth is required for your web site. This will essentially help you narrow down a list of providers that meet t your needs.
Once you have decided on the hosting companies you have to choose from it will be much easier to pick them out and launch your site. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Now your products and services are available to the world. In turn hosting companies are capable of helping you achieve your goals. Whether you’re web site is for business or personal use great or small there are hosting companies ready to provide their services to all who need them.

What Is Web Site Hosting

Web site hosting is when a host or web site hosting services provider creates a space for your web site on the internet. This type of business requires a great deal of technical knowledge. This technical expertise is typically attained through years of education in the process. This expertise however, if not received in an apprenticeship is the result of a college level education in information technologies or IT.

More specifically, an education in the area of hardware and software maintenance. The same can be said for basic upkeep and the pro tools necessary to create and manage these large server networks. Web site hosting is not a simple business to get in to. In many cases even with the right education this does not insure your web site hosting businesses success.

With this in mind one who wishes to make a name for themselves in web site hosting had better bring their “A game” so to speak. This is primarily due to the high saturation of the market. Another reason for this is the level of competition in the web site hosting market globally. Many people these days are jumping on the web site hosting band wagon. If you do want to try your hand at this prepare yourself. Do not just throw caution to the wind and start this with little to no information. This will be detrimental to you and your fledgling web site hosting firm.

What Do I Need Web Hosting For

Have you or anyone you know ever thought of owing your own business? If you said yes, then you need a web site hosting services provider. In today’s business world one cannot afford to have a storefront and no web site. In many cases you may do better managing your bottom line by using your web site as your storefront. This is exactly what web site hosting is ultimately for.

A web site sans web site hosting services is just a saved data file on a hard drive all dressed up with nowhere to go. The overabundance of web site hosting service program providers will all tell you the same thing. No matter what you do if you want your business web site, blog or forum to be seen you will need to employ the services of a web site hosting firm. This is true for all who do not own their own dedicated server bank to showcase the web site on.

What Kind Of Website Hosting Services Are Right For You

Shared web site hosting or budget hosting can be beneficial to some of us who need low cost solutions with more security than free shared hosting provides. If you are trying to launch a personal web site like a blog or forum. Or maybe a review site for the many different products manufactured for the modern consumer. Shared web hosting is definitely the most cost effective way to obtain contracted or paid web hosting solutions. The low rates are due to the fact that network upkeep and maintenance costs are shared by all of the shared web hosts individual users.

Dedicated web hosting is a great solution for those of you who need unlimited storage space and bandwidth. Dedicated web hosting is also much more secure than free or shared web hosting. This type of web hosting program is typically employed by companies with sensitive information that needs to remain private. With the added bells and whistles comes a higher monthly rate. But, if you have a profitable business site you can’t afford to sacrifice security for savings.

VPS(virtual private server and VDS(virtual dedicated server) web hosting provide the same basic security and management tools as dedicated hosting while on a partitioned network. Meaning , that many different sites are securely separated on the same server bank. The beauty here is that you get virtually the same service for a little less money each month. I hope this article helps you understand a little more about web hosting and what it is for.


Web Hosting For Free For Your Website

How To Host A Website can assist you in getting web hosting for almost free. Free web hosting isn’t sustainable because web hosting is technical and support is always required. You may be surprised to find out that servers and bandwidth are actually really cheap. However, it isn’t free if you want a strong support team that’s ready to assist you when things go wrong. Before you insist on free web hosting you should consider just how valuable your website is or may become. If it’s a business website and it goes down it could easily cost you $1000+, which would pay for web hosting for over 16 years! The average price for cheap hosting for your website is only $5/month – and it’s well worth the investment.

A Year Of Hosting For Practically Free

At How To Host A Website we have secured a special promotion for new website owners. This discounted offer applies to you if you’re just starting out and your concern is whether you are ready to spend money on a new website before it’s proven. ITX Design has agreed to provide new clients with one YEAR of web hosting for just $1.00. All you have to do is use the promotion code below and your first year of hosting is only a buck!

Instructions on how you can claim this deal:
Web Hosting Provider: ITX Design
Promotion Code: 1buck
Copy the promotion code above. Then visit:
ITX Design – Order 1 Year for 1 Buck

This allows you to enjoy the benefits of almost free hosting and it provides you with a full year to test or develop your website without taking any chances. There are no cancellation fees and after the first year it’s only $4.95/month or $59.40/year.

* Note – this is a special being offered by ITX Design for visitors of How To Host A Website. This promotion does not appear on their website and you must use the link above along with the promotion code when you place your order.


Dedicated Server Hosting Reviews

ITX Design was founded in 2001 and they specialize in dedicated servers and shared web hosting. Their servers are extremely reliable and they are one of the best providers for fast dedicated servers. One of the benefits of ITX Design is that they’re a mid-size host that really focuses on technical support. Each dedicated server comes with a dedicated account manager that’s available 24×7 to assist you. In addition to the dedicated account manager they also provide 24×7 technical support via telephone, email, live chat, or their online help desk.

Other great features that push ITX Design to the top of the list include cpanel with every dedicated server, 99.999% Uptime Guarantee, and 24/7 Server Uptime/Health Monitoring.


Liquid Web was founded in 1997 and they are one of the largest providers of dedicated servers. We usually shy away from larger companies because technical support and customer service usually declines as a company undergoes expansive growth. However, Liquid Web has some of the best technicians in the industry and their “Heroic Support” is unsurpassed. Liquid Web also received the INC.5000 Fastest Growing Companies award in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. They have 3 Wholly Owned Data Centers and over 13,000 Servers.

Whether you’re looking for a dedicated server solution, VPS hosting, or shared hosting you can’t go wrong with Liquid Web.

Selecting a Server Hosting Provider

Congratulations if you are selecting a dedicated server hosting solution. A dedicated server will provide you with the highest level of security and reliability for your website. I say congratulations because the fact that you are reviewing dedicated server solutions means you already have a successful website or you have a concept that you know will be successful and it requires reliability and fast servers. We have worked with the server hosting providers above and they are capable of meeting your requirements regardless of the uptime requirements, availability, and or technologies. This includes both Linux and Windows and full support for IIS and Apache.

If you are worried about making this decision on your own please contact us and one of our consultants will reply within 24 hours. Our consultants are available for free to assist you in selecting the right dedicated server hosting solution that is tailored to meet your project requirements. We will provide up to one hour of consulting services absolutely free and that’s irregardless of whether or not you decide to utilize one of our preferred partners. We also have a network of resources and partners to include:
Server Sitters – Outsourced Web Hosting Support in the US and Canada
Reliable Penguin – Complex Website and Server Migrations
DBA Oracle – Leading US Oracle Consultants

Together we encompass a vast amount of technical knowledge and we can assist you with any server related projects irregardless of the size or scope.


Web Hosting Reviews for Cheap Hosting

Cheap hosting isn’t difficult to find, however fast and reliable cheap hosting is. I’ve been involved in hosting for over 11 years and I’ve provided IT Consulting for a large number of web hosting companies. I can still remember when hosting first became mainstream in 1999-2000 and it was far from cheap compared to today’s web hosting offers. In the early days of web hosting you would pay $25-$75/month and that would include a small web hosting package that would fill up within days. However, today’s best web hosting companies provide the cheapest web hosting online with unlimited disk space and data transfer. Like anything on or offline you have to be selective if you are searching for a cheap web hosting package.

Provider Website Bandwidth Disk Space # of Domains Price
ITX Design Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $4.95

IPage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $3.50

Host Gator Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $4.95

The Host Group Unlimited Unlimited 1-20 $5.95

Blue Host Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $5.95

Just Host Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $3.95

IPower Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $3.95

Fat Cow Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $3.67

Cheap Web Hosting Reviews of Unlimited Web Hosting Packages

The first thing that you have to check when you decide on a cheap web hosting provider is the amount of disk space and data transfer or bandwidth. Web hosting providers will often advertise a cheap hosting package, however they make up for it by charging you large overages each month. If you ensure your hosting package includes unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth you will avoid costly monthly overages as your website grows.

The second factor is ensuring your website hosting provider offers 24×7 technical support via telephone. Almost all web hosting companies claim to offer 24×7 support, however what they don’t tell you is that certain types of support, such as telephone support, may only be available part time. Don’t settle for a web hosting provider that only offers telephone support during certain hours but claim to offer 24×7 support because you can submit a help desk ticket at any time. This may work for small personal websites, however business websites need to be certain that they can reach a support agent 24×7 by telephone if they have a website emergency. All of the best hosting companies provide web hosting and true 24×7 technical support.

Once you have narrowed your selection down to a cheap web hosting provider that provides 24×7 support there is only one remaining step. You should test the website host by viewing their site. Ensure there website loads quickly. Although your website will be placed on a different server it will give you an idea of the provider’s network speed. Unfortunately there is no way to test the server or load time of your website on a provider until you actually create your web hosting account. Once you create your hosting account upload your files and test viewing the website in a browser.


Review: Blue Host

Blue Host has been a leader in web hosting since it’s inception in 1996. Bluehost’s facilities include their headquarters which is over 50,000 square foot and two secondary data center locations totaling over 20,000 square feet of data center space. Blue Host is also an Endurance International Group, INC owned host which ties them to a very large number of other hosting companies.

A great feature about the Blue Host web hosting packages is they only have one hosting plan, however it includes EVERYTHING you need for hosting your website online. Their featured package is only $5.95/month and it includes Unlimited Domain Hosting, Unlimited GB Hosting Space, Unlimited GB File Transfer, Unlimited E-mail Accounts, A Free Domain, and Free Site Builder w/ templates.

This is all topped off by their 24/7 technical support, which features some of the best web hosting support agents in the industry.

Blue Host Review

Setup fee $0
Monthly cost $5.95
Allowed Bandwidth Unlimited
Disk space Unlimited
POP3/SMTP Email Accounts Unlimited
Anti Virus Filtering
Anti Spam Filtering
Web Server
Sub domains Unlimited
Domain Aliases Unlimited
Secure Folders


Review: Fat Cow

Fat Cow is a large web hosting provider and they guarantee great hosting with no “bull”. They were established in 1998 at the start of the web hosting industry. FatCow is a provider of shared Web hosting solutions for small to medium-sized businesses and individuals looking for an affordable Web hosting option. Like many of the other large web hosting companies the parent company of Fat Cow is Endurance International Group, INC. and they are a very reputable hosting provider. They feature discount web hosting plans and 24×7 technical support via telephone, live chat, and their help desk.

Fat Cow web hosting maintains multiple mega data centers and their experience is unparalleled by other hosts. They are also an eco-friendly hosting provider so they are powered by 100% renewable energy.

Top 5 Features of Fat Cow:

  1. Unlimited Disk Space
  2. Unlimited Transfer
  3. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  4. Free Domain and Instant Setup
  5. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Fat Cow Web Hosting Package Review

Setup fee $0
Monthly cost $3.67
Allowed Bandwidth Unlimited
Disk space Unlimited
POP3/SMTP Email Accounts Unlimited
Anti Virus Filtering
Anti Spam Filtering
Web Server
Sub domains Unlimited
Domain Aliases Unlimited
Secure Folders


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