How to find Totally Free Website Hosting

For many people, Totally Free Website Hosting seems like a perfect deal – no cost, someone else takes advantage of the technical details and you get to keep every penny of advertising revenue you make. However, there are some serious disadvantages you need to consider first. For many people Totally Free Website Hosting will be a good launch into the world of web hosting, but have a read below of the advantages/disadvantages and think about whether it is a necessary first step for you.

If you are looking though, you can find lots of great Totally Free Website Hosting deals with a simple internet search – go into Google and a multitude will pop up – find some reviews to make sure you get the best host for you. Even within free hosting, the quality of the hosting and the services provided will be vastly different.

Advantages of Totally Free Web Hosting

The main advantage of Totally Free Website Hosting is that you do not get a bill every month! What could be better?! For someone looking to create a simple, maybe community based, no hassle website – Totally Free Website Hosting will almost definitely provide the solution you are looking for.

If you are only expecting to make minimal amounts of advertising revenue then you really need to consider free hosting to make sure you get at least some revenue from your hard work! They may also allow you to sign up to ad programs that they will run for you – making your work even simpler!
If you have no technical experience, Totally Free Website Hosting is a really good idea as it means you have minimal technical responsibility. If you do not know your servers from your ISPs then Totally Free Website Hosting companies will do everything for you, from setting up your account to managing downtime to getting updates installed.

You will also not have to bother with installing any server side software yourself – as your Totally Free Website Hosting Company will install and set everything up for you. They will run regular maintenance and their security will be even tighter (as they are completely responsible for all the data on the site).

Disadvantages of Website Hosting for Free

The main disadvantage of Totally Free Website Hosting is that you have no technical control over your servers. It is the Totally Free Website Hosting Company that hosts the server side software, updates it and decides what can be put onto their servers. They also are the people who decide when updates are run.
You may find that you are unable to run software because they have not yet updated your SQL Server version for example.

Another technical disadvantage is that there is less customer service support in some regards, you are not able to threaten to remove your account as they do not lose anything from them, the only time they will show a serious amount of concern is if it threatens the actual data on their servers.

The Importance Of Web And Hosting

Once you are done with the initial design of your website, it needs to go on the web and hosting is the way to do it like at webhostingpad. There are several hosting companies out there which put your website on the main server so that it can be viewed by other people through browsing the internet. You should do some thorough research online concerning web and hosting so that you get a good deal. It is important that you make the right decision at this point and choose a reliable host. They should have a proper infrastructure and good reputation. This will ensure that your website will remain accessible and the company will not go out of existence, taking your website with it.

Different hosting companies offer different hosting packages according to the type of website you have. Choose your package wisely because the decision will stick with you for a long time. If your website gains credibility and traffic, it is quite a nuisance to have to change your host.

Things To Look Out For with Hosting

The process of website making starts with the design which is mostly done on website builder softwares. Before you start the design or choose a hosting company, make sure that both are compatible with each other. You do not want a beautifully designed website which does not work with the hosting package you paid good money for.

Web and hosting are usually of two types. You can buy either the dedicated hosting or shared hosting. The dedicated hosting provides you with more disk space and bandwidth for a bigger website. The more bandwidth and disk space on the server you have, the more smoothly your website will run and the traffic will be handled efficiently. Your website will not experience down time due to excessive traffic.

A Basic Guide

It is often quite difficult to decide which web and hosting company is right for you. In order to get a cheap yet efficient package, you should do some fair amount of research. You should have a rough idea about how much traffic your website will receive. That calculation will help you decide how much bandwidth and disk space you require. The most important thing to look out for is the reliability of the website. If you are not much experienced in the business of hosting, it can be hard to judge which company is right for you. If you require help in this department, you can head over to different websites which show you the company ratings. These rating lists provide some basic information about the packages being offered.

Many companies offer cheap or absolutely free web hosting but choosing them will be a huge mistake. These companies often promise bandwidth and maximum up time. However, these promises are rarely kept and your website experiences maximum down time. These small issues can add up and cause significance damage to your online business. However, it may seem simple but you should be careful when choosing web and hosting.


Is Free Domain Hosting Even Good?

When you think about getting free domain hosting, you need to understand what you are getting yourself into. Sometimes this type of hosting can help, but only if you don’t plan to make money from your website or blog. This type of hosting might not cost you anything up front, but it will certainly cost you with the advertising they put on your site and the lack of options.

Not only do you not get the space, bandwidth, and features of a paid hosting company, but you also don’t get full control or even ownership of your site. With most free domain hosting you will end up with a sub domain name of their site. This means you don’t own the site and you cannot transfer it or do anything other than use their tools.

Domain Hosting is a Mistake

Since you won’t own the site with a free hosting company, you won’t be able to do anything if they shut you down. You don’t have to worry about this if you pay for hosting from a company that offers shared hosting for you to use for your needs. You need to have full control over your website and not just the control another company allows you.

With free domain hosting you will also be limited on the features and space you get. This means if you start to build a large website or blog, you will get stuck at one point or another. You will also miss out on many design features and features for functionality as well. This can cost you more money than if you actually paid for hosting from a company that offers it for a cheap price.

The best choice for your hosting comes from those with a package that actually benefits you. If you want to get the most out of your hosting, then you need to make sure you choose the right company for your hosting and free is never a good way to go. The only time free works well, is when you don’t care that much about your project.

Finding an Alternative to Free Hosting

Finding the right alternative is not all that difficult. All you have to do is choose three or four companies that offer hosting you can afford. Then, compare these companies side-by-side and choose the one that works best for you. If you do this, you will certainly get hosting that will help you in many ways.

The best companies offer unlimited hosting options for the space, bandwidth, and domain names. They will also let you use your own domain name, which means you own the site and have full control. Now, if something were to happen to your hosting company, you can simply transfer everything to a new one without any interruption to your website.

Avoiding the free domain hosting issue will help you out in many ways. You need all the best options possible and you need to ensure you get the best possible hosting for your needs. This will not come in the form of free domain hosting and you need to look into better options for your hosting needs.

Why You should Avoid Hosting That’s Free

There are many choices when you are looking for free domain hosting, but they are simply not all that good. We let the word “free” get in the way of making a good decision many times and we need to understand what “free” really means. Whenever something is free there is a tradeoff that will take place in either the quality of the services or you may be asked to do something in order to maintain your free hosting.

Sometimes this includes putting up ads for the hosting company, which distracts from what you are putting on your domain name. You want to make sure you are looking for the right type of hosting for your project without worrying all that much about the cost. The last thing you want to do is pay for hosting through lost profits and this is exactly what happens when you choose free domain hosting.


Are Free Hosting Sites No Ads Displayed a Good Choice?

The simple truth is that free hosting sites no ads are still not a good choice for your online business. These may be something that you could consider using if you are simply putting up a website for your family or for fun. But in any case, remember the fact that free hosting sites no ads displayed are not a good option if you want to make some money online. There are some far better alternatives out there and there is also the fact that shared hosting packages are now very cheap and only cost a few dollars per month. Therefore, using free hosting sites no ads is simply not worth the problems that it will bring you in the end.

When you think about free hosting sites no ads, you must be aware that even though they do not display any ads, there are some other issues with these types of web hosts that make them a really poor choice for online business. It is often the case with free hosting sites no ads that they are small organizations, sometimes owned and operated by just one person, which means that reliability will simply not be there.

What Makes Free Hosting Sites a Poor Choice

Limited Options

When you get hosting from free hosting sites no ads, you will get very little in terms of options for your website. You will also not get an actual domain for free, but very often it will simply be a subdomain, rather than an actual .com or .net domain like you would get with a paid host.

Security Concerns

When dealing with free hosting sites no ads, consider the fact that these web hosting places often have very poor security practices. They take only rudimentary steps to secure your site and your data. If you are running an online business, you will not want to have your information stored in an unsecured environment like this.

Frequent Reliability Problems

Websites that provide free hosting sites no ads are often not very reliable. This means that your site could be down for several hours a day, without any warning. Plus, they often don’t invest much money into their support departments, so if something goes wrong, the only way for you to contact them is to send them an email and then wait for a response. If you use your site for business, you simply cannot afford to have problems like these, as it will cause you to loose money when customers find that your site is inaccessible.

Choices Which are Better than Free Hosting No Ads Displayed

If you don’t have much money to spend on web hosting, it doesn’t mean that you are stuck using free hosting sites no ads. There are many other options available to webmasters today. Shared hosting packages from excellent web hosting companies are very cheap. A quality web host will usually charge from $5 to $15 a month. You will get many additional features that you won’t get in free hosting sites no ads, such as a domain name, several email addresses, web development and building tools and more.

Is It a Good Idea to Use a Joomla Free Hosting Site?

Remember that there will always be a downside to anything offered for free on the internet, such as a Joomla free hosting site. True, there are a lot of websites on the internet which offer you free hosting and make you beautiful promises as to how good their hosting is. However, remember that when you are building an online business, choosing the wrong kind of web host can end up costing you a whole lot of money, so the choice of a web host should not be one that is taken lightly. Your business will depend on it, so you need to do your research and find a quality web hosting company instead.

To be honest, using Joomla free hosting site for your business is a very bad idea. You will be able to find a lot of better web hosts which will also offer you Joomla without giving you the problems that will come with using a free web host.

However, just because you are dealing with a paid host and not a Joomla free hosting site doesn’t mean that you will necessarily get quality service either. This means that you should stay away from companies that provide low end hosting solutions or are simply acting as a reseller to another, larger web hosting company. Obviously, this is not something that you should be on the lookout for either.

The Best Hosts To Use Instead of a Joomla Hosting Site

Any Web Host With a Great Reputation

There are many dozens of web hosting companies which can give you Joomla hosting without being a Joomla free hosting site. A lot of these companies have built excellent reputations in the web hosting world and have shown themselves to be reliable throughout the years. If you want a web host that you can use Joomla on, then you should definitely take some time and make a comparison of a few of the web hosting companies which can offer you Joomla. You will quickly realize that these companies can offer you far better service than any Joomla free hosting site.

Read Some Unbiased Reviews

When you look for an alternative to a Joomla free hosting site, then you will need to read some web hosting reviews that have been written by actual users who have signed up with a certain web host. But remember to avoid any reviews that seem to be written as if they were an advertisement for the web host in question, because in many cases, such reviews actually ARE nothing more than a simple advertisement. If you want some unbiased reviews from real people, you can consult some internet marketing and webmaster forums to find these. There are also many sites and blogs that you can find which deal with web hosting questions where you can find reviews. By reading those, you will be able to find a quality web host that is not a Joomla free hosting site.

Try Out Their Support Department

Once you have narrowed down your search and have found a few web hosting companies which aren’t a Joomla free hosting site, but do offer a Joomla hosting option, the next thing that you would want to do is to see how they handle questions from customers. Even though you may think that you will never have any issues or problems with your hosting, it is always very important to check out what a company’s support looks like. Prepare a few simple questions for them to answer and try contacting the web host through various means, such as live chat, email or by phone. You will then be able to see what their response time is, whether they answered your question accurately and whether they truly seemed interested in helping you. By doing so, you will be able to see which one of the web hosts offers you the best support.

The quality of the support is also one of the main reasons as to why you should not be using a Joomla free hosting site for your internet marketing business. This is because a Joomla free hosting site will often have poor quality support and it may take them a long time to answer questions from you. This is obviously not something that you would want when you are trying to run a serious business online.

Why Not Dealing With the Free Hosting Site Will Be Much Better

If you are receiving something for nothing, such as a Joomla free hosting site, do you really expect that you will receive a lot in terms of support, bandwidth or storage space? Obviously, the answer is no, since you are not paying anything to get your site hosted and as such should not expect to get excellent quality web hosting without paying a single cent.

There are, however, a few times where a Joomla free hosting site would be the answer for your needs. If you are a beginner webmaster and want to practice creating a Joomla site, then using a free hosting option can let you train without having to pay for web hosting. Some web hosts offer a Joomla free hosting site with limitations on bandwidth, storage and support in an effort to get you to try their service and then move on to a paid package if you really like it.

Or, another case where a Joomla free hosting site would be appropriate is where the site that you are building will only be used for a hobby. For example, if you want to have a website to share pictures of your dogs with the world, then you will not need to invest in a serious hosting plan, as it is just a hobby.

But for a business owner or internet marketer who is trying to earn some serious money online, a quality web host is needed. A Joomla free hosting site will simply not be the answer for them.


What Is Free Web Hosting?

Free web hosting is a free service offered by some hosting firms. There is no shortage of companies that say their hosting is free to get you to pay for another one of their services. Sometimes free web hosting providers will charge you for your domain name. This fee is typically very high when you compare it to the free domain name you receive from many web hosting service providers. The sites that do typically offer a free domain name will definitely charge you for hosting.

In some cases you will find that your lovely home page is littered with banners. And where you find banners pop-up advertisements are soon to follow. We have all seen this at one point or another in our internet adventures. This is another way these free web hosting companies make their money. While there may be some contempt for these types of practices “a fella’s got to eat”. This should only deter you if you are opposed to the advertisements in these banners and pop-ups. One can only expect there to be some sort of catch when we get something for free.

Can I Rely On My Free Hosting Provider

Most free web hosting providers can provide a very reliable service due to their advertising income. This capitol is generated primarily via banners and pop-up ads. Often these banners and popups are beckoning you to “click here”. Without this aspect of their hosting business they would most likely not offer free web hosting as a service. This will also help insure that your host stays up and running. This is very important if one expects to have a functioning and visible web site for all to see. Though there are other ways for these free web hosting providers to generate income, these are the most popular.

If we expect a reliable free web hosting experience, we need to expect the free web host to earn an income in some form or fashion. The best part of them earning money from advertisements and pop-ups is that their earnings did not in come from your pocket. This income will also help the host to afford security upgrades for their partitioned servers. This can help avoid spamming and hacking for their subscribers. This will help keep your web site safe and any private information private. Accessible only by registered users and legitimate new visitors .It is for this reason most free web hosting providers usually provide somewhat reliable services to small blog and forums.

Can Everyone Use Web Hosting

Free web hosting is perfect for the novice user. If you do not need all the bells and whistles of a paid hosting contract? If the information being posted on your web site does not need to be absolutely secure. If the primary use of your web site is blogs or forums. You may find that free web hosting is exactly what your new web site is in need of. This way you can get your site off the ground for free or next to it.

If you are attempting to run a business site or e- commerce site free web hosting may not give you what you need. Conducting business over less secure free web hosting sites can be detrimental to your profit margins due to hackers. In many cases free web hosting providers can’t afford to secure their servers like their monthly fee charging counterparts.

What is Affordable Reseller Hosting?

Affordable reseller hosting is a simple and cost effective way to procure web hosting services for your web site. The idea behind reseller hosting is simple once you understand it. First you have the main web hosting service provider from which the reseller purchased or leases the server space from. This server space is then shared or used by the resellers’ clients, for which they pay a monthly fee. For this fee the affordable reseller hosting service provider will offer their services and tools for the operation of your web site.

In the case that something like slowed or lack of connectivity, the hosting wholesaler is responsible. Problems such as these are handled by the server or hosting providers’ data center operator. The same can be said for the hardware and other various intrinsic network components that may become faulty or obsolete. This can also be said for any problems with your web site that cannot be fixed via the control panel by your affordable reseller hosting service provider.

How Can I Use Reseller Hosting

Did you ever want to start your own social site or maybe an enthusiast’s forum? Possibly a web site dedicated to your home based business and the services or goods you provide? The best way to get hosting for your web site is through an affordable reseller hosting provider. The primary contract holder or reseller can sell or resell their available hard drive space and band width to host web sites for you at a small profit. This is only due to the fact that the affordable reseller hosting provider purchased their space at a bulk or wholesale rate.

The affordable reseller hosting provider typically sells or leases space to third party web sites for the fact that it saves their business money by sharing their server space. If all goes well, you get your budget reseller hosting services at a phenomenally low rate. In turn the reseller gets to save a little on server space as well. In the end possibly making a tidy sum for leasing or selling you said space and services. The business of affordable reseller hosting is not always highly profitable but it will “pay the bills” as they say. But with the right advertising and marketing strategies some resellers have become financially independent as well. It really comes down to how much time, money and effort the affordable reseller hosting provider puts in.

Where Can I Find Affordable Hosting

There are a vast array of affordable reseller hosting providers all available to you via the internet. You can search the web or just ask a moderator from a blog or forum you frequent. All web sites need hosting and the reseller or hosting service provider they use may be able to help you as well. There are also many different comparison web sites that rate the affordable reseller hosting providers available. These sites can be an excellent way to shop for your web hosting needs.

In most cases you can find information via web sites like this for all of your affordable reseller hosting needs. Price and service comparisons are also very helpful indeed. The fact is once you have found your web hosting provider you need to make sure they are in the budget. So many people need web hosting services these days that it is hard to imagine that one could not find an affordable reseller hosting provider to meet their needs.


What are Free Blog Hosting Reviews?

When you are trying to find the right hosting company you can use free blog hosting reviews to help you narrow down your search. This can help you in many ways when you are trying to find the right place to host your blog for either free or with a paid option. You need to understand whether paid is better or free is and where you can find the reviews that will help you make your final decision on hosting for your blog.

There are many different types of free blog hosting reviews out there and some are in forums while others are on blogs. When you find these reviews you need to know what you are looking for and how much you want to trust each type of review. Some of the reviews will be all about free hosting options and others will be all about paid hosting options.

Finding Blog Host Reviews Will Help you Determine if Free Hosting or Paid Hosting is Better

Just by reading a few of the free blog hosting reviews on Blinkweb and Blogger, two of the most popular free hosting platforms for a blog, you will see that many do like both of these options. However, you have to understand that the many people that use a free hosting option also do not understand what paid hosting can give them.

They may not understand how inexpensive paid hosting can be or they may not have any goals of ever making money from their blog. Those that use free hosting for their blog could also be skeptical about making money online and unwilling to make any type of an investment at all. This can be a very bad thing and free hosting is not all that good.

If you search long enough for free blog hosting reviews you will find that many will literally bash free hosting for your blog and anybody with experience that is already making money online will tell you that free is not a good option when it comes to any type of hosting. You will trade many benefits that you get with paid hosting just to save a few dollars.

Paid hosting is a great way to go for blogging because it allows you to use the WordPress platform that is included with most basic hosting accounts. This is the most popular option for blogging and many internet marketers only use WordPress for websites and blogs. It is easy to learn and there are many tutorials that you can use for free to learn the ins and the outs of WordPress.

You can use the free WordPress option, but it is not as advanced or as good as the option you will get when you pay for hosting and host your blog on a domain name that you own. This is a huge benefit as well and when you read the free blog hosting reviews on paid hosting you will find that having your own domain for your blog is a necessity if you want to make money online.

Finding the Free Blog Reviews

All you have to do is simply search for the hosting company you are thinking about using and you will find many free blog hosting reviews on that company specifically. This will help you to make your decision because you can read all about other consumers experiences with the hosting company you are thinking about using.

You always want to compare more than one hosting option and this is why you need to find the reviews that are out there. Check out all the different options that are out there for you and if you plan to make money from your blog, then you better be willing to spend a few dollars every month on hosting. Use the free blog hosting reviews to make sure you end up with a company that is worth the money.

What is a Free Reseller Hosting Account?

Free reseller hosting is the type you typically will get because you purchase a website or something else. Many internet marketers will put up a package deal that allows you to purchase a website and get a free hosting account with it for a month or two. This is their hosting and is considered to be reseller hosting.

They have bought a package from a company like HostGator or BlueHost and this package allows them to resell any unused portions of their hosting space to anybody they want for a profit. They can also give this away and they will use the cookie cutter website that they sell you to get you to use their free hosting for a trial period.

Once that trial is over with the free reseller hosting you get you will have to purchase hosting from them or another company. Some will not allow you to use another company because they want to turn your free reseller account into a paid one and put some money in their pocket. This is not good hosting and you need to know why.

The 5 Reasons that Free Reseller Host is Not Good

1. Support

When you have a hosting company that provides good support you will not have to worry much about whether you have an issue or not. This is because you know you can chat with them 24/7 to get the support you need when there is an issue. With a free reseller hosting account the support is not going to be very good at all.

2. Downtime

Due to the lack of support you get with a free reseller hosting account you will experience more downtime than you will with a hosting company that can provide you with the support you need to get you back up and running faster. This means that when your site is down your visitors will not get what you are selling and will not be able to see your message.

3. Space

Another issue with a free reseller account is that you will not have access to as much space as you can get with shared web hosting from a company like HostGator or BlueHost. This is a better way to go because you will have unlimited disk space, which is nearly impossible to find with a free reseller account.

4. Domains

With most free reseller accounts you may be able to host one domain and that is the one you originally purchase from them. This is not a good deal because as an internet marketer you will need to put up many websites and blogs. This means that you will need the unlimited domain hosting option or at least an option that allows you to put up a large amount of domains.

5. Real Cost

The real cost of a free reseller account is something that you have to consider. You need to know that if you go with paid hosting it will range from the very inexpensive shared hosting at $3 to $15 a month all the way up to a dedicated server which starts at $150 a month. When you use a free reseller host you are going to miss out on many things you can get for just a few dollars with shared hosting. So the real cost comes in when you start to lose money you could have made.

The Best Alternative to a Reseller Account

The best alternative to a free reseller account is anything that you pay for in the hosting world from an actual hosting company. What you really should do is compare a few of the top hosting companies and choose one of the options they offer. Many of these companies are very reliable and provide great support for your account.

You can consider going with the shared web hosting option and for under $5 a month you can get many things you just cannot get from a free reseller account. This is the base of the options and even though it might not be enough for what you are trying to do it is much better than going with free reseller hosting and it the least you can do.

If you know you are going to need more than just shared hosting, then look into VPS hosting or a dedicated server for your hosting. These are typically offered by the same companies that offer shared hosting and they will be much better than any of the free reseller hosting options you will find out there.


Starting with Free Hosting Sites is a Bad Idea

When you think that using one of the free hosting sites is going to be perfect for you it is necessary to know why it will not be. Free hosting like the Google web hosting that you can get is not all that good for many reasons. If you start off with free hosting you are making a big mistake and you are not fully committing to your own success.

You need to make sure you understand what free hosting is and what it can do to you. It may not cost you any cash, but the tradeoffs that come with anything that is free can be worse than spending a few dollars for better hosting. Getting the right foundation put in place for your business is something you really need to do and it is a true necessity.

Knowing the type of hosting and the budget you are working with is where you want to start when you are looking for hosting. After you have a budget set you will know what kind of hosting you can afford. There are options that are as cheap as $3 a month that are much better than what free hosting sites offer for you.

If you can’t invest $3 a month and $15 up front for a domain name, then you should not be trying to make money online with a website or a blog. This is only a matter of a dime a day each month and you really need to be able to make this very small investment in yourself before you start trying to make money online.

Remember you are trying to run a business and many businesses have very high overhead. However, putting up a website is not an expensive thing, but you still have to spend a little bit of money and get the hosting you need and a domain name. These are very minor costs, but they will make a huge difference for you.

The Top Reasons why Hosting Sites are Terrible

Free hosting sites are terrible for many reasons, but there are a few that stick out more than others. If you are trying to put up a blog or a website and make money from it you need to understand what you will not get when you choose free hosting. Here are the top reasons why free hosting could be a huge mistake for you.

1. Lack of space

The first thing you will notice when you look into free hosting like Google website hosting is that you are given a very limited amount of space. This means you will get to a certain point and you will have no space left to grow your website or blog. You really need to make sure you have enough space for your entire project.

2. Tradeoffs

There is always a way that you will lose money with free hosting. One of these ways is all the ads they will throw up on your sites to help them make money. This is a tradeoff and these ads will steal some of your profits. They may also allow you to use things like Google AdSense, but then they take a cut of your commission.

The tradeoffs can easily cost you more than if you had hosting and a domain name of yours. If you were to lose $40 a month, and that is being very conservative, it would cost you $480 a year for your free hosting. That could have bought you a very large package of VPS hosting or one of the best types of shared web hosting for the year.

3. No Speed

Free hosting sites use very overcrowded servers and this means you will just not get very much speed for your site. This is another thing that can cost you money because every time your site loads too slow someone will leave your site and go to another one. You want to at least get cheap hosting that will allow your site to load fast.

4. No Ownership

Sure if you save your content, blog posts, and webpages on your hard drive you will still own them when the free hosting site shuts you down, but you will no longer own the sub domain name you worked so hard to get traffic to. If you have your own domain name and your hosting account gets cancelled you can move it all to another hosting company without losing your hard work.

You have to get your own domain name and you have to have hosting that you own. This is vital to your success and you don’t want to lose all your hard work because a free hosting company decided they don’t like your website or blog anymore. You want to make sure you are doing things properly and you are set up for full success.

5. Slow Support

Sometimes with free hosting you don’t get any support, but when you do it is usually not very good or very fast support. You really need to make sure you get the right support and this is something you should test with any hosting company that you are considering. Support is very important and with free hosting it is not going to be very good.

The Best Alternative to Free Hosts

Most likely if you are looking for free hosting sites you will not be able to afford expensive hosting, but you can still get very good hosting from one of the best web hosting companies that is out there. You need to know what you are looking for, what options you need, and where you can find it for a price you can afford.

You are going to be looking for shared hosting because it is the cheapest website hosting package that the top web hosting companies will offer. This is not the best web hosting you can get, but it is quite a bit better than free hosting. It is a great place to start and later on you can upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting if it becomes necessary.

It is very important that you set the foundation in a way that will allow you to do everything you need to do with your hosting and website. You have to get the options that are going to allow you to customize your site properly and finish your project properly. This is not going to be found at any of the free hosting sites.

Is Free Site Hosting Even Worth Using to Learn about Hosting?

Many beginners think that free site hosting is a great way to go if they want to learn about different types of hosting, but this is simply false. You have to learn about hosting if you want to be successful online, but you don’t want to use free hosting as your way of learning. This just is not a good way to learn anything about hosting.

You may think that because the hosting is free that you are actually saving money, but when you don’t get good hosting you may end up losing money. If your hosting is slow, does not have enough space, or is of low quality you will lose visitors and experience downtime that will cost you money. This is not a good thing even if you are trying to learn about hosting.

There is nothing good about free site hosting except that it is free. However, if you were told that you could get something for free, but you were going to lose money that you could have made chances are you would choose to go with a better option. This is exactly how the hosting world works and there is always some type of trade off with free hosting.

Below you are going to find the five things you simply don’t get when you decide to go with free hosting for your website. These are all very important things and these things can help you to make the money you are trying to make online. If your goal is to have an online income, then you need hosting that has all five of these things below.

The Top 5 Things You Don’t Get with Free Hosting

1. Space

With free hosting you are going to get a little bit of space, but it will not be very much. This means that you can’t put up much of a website and there is very little chance you can host any video, music, or very many pictures. It is not good to be limited when you have a project to accomplish and you need the space to accomplish it.

2. Speed

You are certainly not going to get speed you can get from a hosting company that you pay for. Even cheap hosting will be faster than the free site hosting options that are out there. Without a fast hosting company you will have a site that loads very slow and you will lose visitors that are not patient. In the years of dial up internet you could have had a slower load time, but you can’t get away with that now. If you remember, years ago when we had dial up you should remember how slow it was and should really make you grateful for how fast it is now. If you don’t know then just research a video online and find a video that goes over how slow dial up was and to what the internet is like now and you’ll be amazed at the difference between the two.

3. Ownership

Probably the worst part about a free hosting company is that you will not get to put your site up on your own domain name. Your domain name gives you ownership of the actual site and of the information on the site, but when you are stuck on a sub domain of the hosting company’s main domain you will not own the site or the content.

If the free hosting company decides they don’t like your site they can take it down at any point and you will lose all your information and all your hard work. This is not a chance you can take and you really need to own your domain name and your hosting. If you were to lose your hosting and it was a paid company you wouldn’t lose all your hard work because you own the domain name.

4. Support

Why would a company give you great support when you are not paying them for hosting? This is something that you have to get with your hosting and if you don’t have great support you are going to struggle to make any money online. This is very important because if your site goes down and it takes you forever to get your site back up you will lose money.

However, if you pay for hosting from one of the best web hosting companies out there you will get great support whenever you need it. This will help you to make sure your site gets back up and running very fast. The faster the support is the quicker you can get your site back up and online. You need to have great support for your hosting.

5. Reliability

With free site hosting you will miss out on the reliability that you deserve for your website or blog. This is vitally important because servers that are not all that good are used for free hosting and they are not reliable. If you don’t have hosting that is reliable you will struggle to keep your site up as long as much as you want to.

How to Get Better Hosting than Site Hosting

Now that you know free site hosting is not going to benefits you very much you need to consider what the other options are. Many of the hosting options that are not all that expensive are much better than the free hosting you can find, but you do need to keep a few things in mind. You have to shop around and make sure you get the right hosting for your project.

Figure out what type of hosting you really need and find a top 10 web hosts list to help you find the right choice for your hosting. This will help you to do everything you need to in order to get your project up and running. You need to have good hosting and if you start with the top ten hosting companies you will have a better chance of getting great hosting for your website or blog.

After you know what type of hosting you need and you find a top ten hosting list you will want to read some of the web hosting reviews that go along with the list. These will help to introduce you to what many of the top web hosting companies can do for you. You will find out whether or not a hosting company is good for you or not with the reviews.

Make sure you take your time and choose the right hosting company to fulfill your hosting needs. This will help you to do everything you are trying to accomplish with your website or blog. Having top hosting to help you instead of free site hosting is going to give you a much stronger foundation for a successful project.


Are Free Hosting and Domain Names Worth it?

Many companies will offer you free hosting and domain names just to get your business. They know when you find out they are putting ads on your site, giving you a very limited hosting package, and they are not giving you full access to all the features, you will upgrade. This is a tactic to gain your business and it is only good in some circumstances.

If you look at some of the free hosting and domain names offered out there, you will find the domain names are really sub domains and the hosting is very slow and limited. There is more benefit for the actual company giving it to you than for you. They will put ads all over your site and their services get sold, while your offers get ignored.

Even though, most of the free hosting and domain names offers are not all that good, there are some that are great. You just need to understand what you are getting, why it is good, and how to take advantage of the situation. Here are a few ways to get free hosting and domain names that will actually benefit you.

3 Top Ways to Get Hosting and Domains Free

1. Coupon Codes

Many of the best hosting companies have coupon codes you can use to get a free month or even a few free months of hosting. They may ask that you pay for a full year up front, but within that year, they may subtract three months from the fee. This is a great way to save on your hosting and get free hosting for a few months without much issue.

Another thing you can get with coupon codes is an actual free trial of a hosting company’s service. This may only be for 15 days, but it gives you the time to check out what they offer and really understand whether or not they are the best hosting choice for you. Even if it is a limited amount of time you can get to know their hosting and make a decision before you spend any money.

2. Free Domain Names with Hosting Purchase

Nearly every hosting company will offer you at least one free domain name with your purchase of hosting. This is usually an offer that goes along with a yearly package, but you get the domain for free as long as you host it with them. BlueHost, HostMonster, and FatCow are three of the top companies that offer free domain names with a hosting purchase.

3. The Power of Reseller Hosting

If you buy a reseller hosting package and you sell enough of your hosting, then the portion you keep for yourself is free. This is a more creative way to get free hosting and domain names and you can get free hosting for life with this method. It is actually possible to cover the monthly cost of your reseller account and make a profit with this method.

Taking Advantage of Free Domains and Hosting

Anytime you have a good offer in front of you from a hosting company with a solid reputation, you should take advantage of it. This will help you save money that you can reinvest into your business for marketing or something else. It is not cutting corners if you do it properly and there are free hosting and domain names offers that can greatly benefit your business.

Why you Do Not Want a Free Website Creator with Free Domain Name

Have you ever been told that nothing good is ever free? Well, in some cases this is certainly the truth and one of those cases is with a free website creator with free domain name. This is one of the things that you can do much better with if you pay the small fee for hosting and for a domain name. There are a couple of exceptions, however.

You need to know what you are getting into before you start building your website and the first step is always going to be choosing your hosting company. Of course, once you have a hosting company you will be able to keep all your websites there, if you have the right options built into your package.

The 5 Downfalls of Choosing a Website Creator with Free Domain Name

1. Free is not always good

When you choose to go with something for free you will either be giving up your time or getting something that is of lower quality. For example, if you use article marketing for your website, then you are trading your time for it being free. If you choose to go with free hosting, however, you are going to get a lower quality product.

2. Free Hosting does not Give you Many Options

Typically when you use free hosting you are going to have very few options that are worth it. You may get a free website creator with free domain name, but chances are the domain name is not going to be a .com or even a .info and the website creator will probably be very basic.

3. There are better options that will not break your budget

The biggest downfall of using free hosting with a free website creator with free domain name is that you could get so much more for a few dollars per month. If you do not already know the range of price for hosting it is about $4 per month up to $1,000 or more per month. Do understand that the higher end is for the larger businesses and is more specialized.

Another thing you need to understand is that your domain name is only going to cost between $2 and $20 per year. Of course, there are some domains that are going to be very expensive because they are premium, but these are few and far between.

The Finally to Free Hosting with a Free Website Creator with Domain Name

Wow! That is quite a bit of “free” in there and too much free should worry anybody. When you think about getting something for free, then you need to know that it will probably not be something that you will want to use for very long. This is because free is never good for the long run when it comes to hosting.

If you are able to get a free trial and test out a hosting company, then free hosting might be worth it, but you will pay for it if you want to keep the hosting plan. The bottom line is that you have better choices out there than getting a free website creator with free domain name from a free host.


The Downfall of Free Web Hosting Sites

When a new affiliate marketer, internet marketer, or business person tries to put up a website, they often choose one of the free web hosting sites. They do this because they want to keep costs down, they are not completely confident in what they are trying to do, and they feel if they can make money online without spending any, then they will have the proof they need to move forward with their business.

Free web hosting sites are simply the worst choice anybody can make. If you are not willing to invest even a few dollars a month into your online business, then go back to your regular job right now and stop wasting your time. This shows a complete lack of faith in what you are trying to do and this also means you probably don’t have a plan of action.

A Web site is amongst the attractions you may have for your business. Engaging a hosting web site supplier can become a difficult challenge for you as there several them on the web. Much of the time you are to select between inexpensive hosting plans and free hosting web site service. Prior to starting with any of this sort rigorously weight the advantages and drawbacks of each hosting plans. Free internet site hosting is indeed free meaning you aren’t paying anything so its a bonus factor for you particularly when you’re only starting. But mostly free hosting sites will need you to permit certain advertisements to be shown at your internet site.

Do not expect intense features with free hosting routinely you can only enjoy limited drive space, limited e-mail access and bandwidth. There are possible downtimes and slow loading of files and pages which make it extremely tricky for you to force traffic. With the fast changing web trend today buyer support from hosting provider is extraordinarily required. This is one of the issues that you’ll encounter in a free hosting plan. You cannot reach them quickly if you happen to have any issues about your site. Remember that you cannot afford to be off the beaten track because any minute your site is inaccessible it can bring you possible losses.

There are many more reasons as to why you should not go with a free hosting website online. If you do your research and read on you will see as to why you should avoid a free host. There are plenty of hosting sites online to where they are cheap and affordable. These seem to have higher ratings and even though they are cheap can help you out in many ways. Just make sure that you do your research and find out what is best for you to have and see if you should go with a free domain or a domain name that is cheap and affordable.

Many people start an online business and expect to make money very quickly, but if you choose one of the free web hosting sites as your foundation, you might as well go build a house on a foundation of Jell-O. There are many reasons why free hosting is not a good choice and they are listed below.

The Reasons to Avoid Free Hosting

1. No Domain Name

Many of the free web hosting sites will say they are giving you a domain name, but what you really get is a sub-domain name. This looks like,, instead of a real domain name that looks like, The search engines don’t rank sub-domains very high and this gives you very little power with the search engines.

2. No Ownership

When you open a free account with one of the free web hosting sites you won’t have any ownership of the work you do. Sure, you can save it on your computer, but if the hosting company decides they don’t like your content or your website, they can shut you down. Often they will do this without any notice and the free Google hosting is well known for this.

3. No Property

If you went and bought a house, then you own that house, but if you go and stay in a house for free, you don’t own it. The same goes with hosting. If you pay for the hosting and the domain names, then you own the rights to the domains and you own your hosting. However, with free web hosting sites you don’t own anything and this means you cannot sell it for a profit, if you decide to.

4. Lack of Space

With the free web hosting sites, you typically get a very limited amount of space and you really cannot upgrade once you reach that limit. This can make it very difficult to put up a blog or website and grow it over time. The limit will be something very small and you will hit it very fast if you are trying to grow at a normal rate.

5. Lack of Speed

Free web hosting sites also don’t give you much speed because they are free. The company is not going to use the best servers or maintain them in the best way in order to give away hosting accounts. This lack of speed will cost you money when visitors click away and go to competing websites.

One Final Nail in the Coffin For Having A Website Host That Is Free

The final nail in the coffin for free web hosting sites is the ads they make you display. These profit them and this is the reason they want you to use their free hosting. The more people that use their free hosting, the more money they can make from their ads and that is what it is all about with free web hosting sites.

Why Free Website Building and Hosting is Horrible

When you choose anything for free there is a tradeoff and it is no different with free website building and hosting. You want to make sure you have a powerful website for all your online needs, and this usually does not come for free. There are some very bad things that you may experience with free website building and hosting and you need to be aware of them.

First, if you choose to have a website built for free or you do it yourself for free, you may not have all the design options you get when you pay a professional or use professional design tools to build your website. If the design of your website is not clean and professional, you may struggle to keep the visitors on your site.

Second, with free website building and hosting chances are you will have to display ads on your site for the company providing you with the hosting and website building tools. This means, that you will lose visitors to these ads that will not buy from you or will not read the content you put up. The ads they use can be very distracting and are more of a benefit for them than you.

Third, free hosting is always very limited and you will not have much space. You can put up a website or blog with a free host, but as soon as you hit a specific size limit, you are done. You can no longer grow and you will not be able to add any more information to your site. This will not take long considering they don’t give away much free space.

Finally, the time it will take for your site to load may drive away visitors. Free hosting is not known for speedy load times and anything over about 5 seconds is considered very slow. This hurts your search engine optimization and will drive away impatient visitors that will not wait for your site to load.

Why People Choose Free Hosting

The major reason why people choose to go with free website building and hosting is simply because it is free. They don’t want to invest any more money than they have to in order to achieve success online. This is fine if you are not trying to make money online, but if you are, you need to pay for hosting and web design.

If you were to go into business for yourself and it was not going to be an online business, would you have to go out and lease or buy a location? Of course, you would and the same goes with running an online business. Your location is your domain name and the foundation of this domain name is the hosting you use to allow others to access your website.

Achieving success online is not going to come for free, but it does not have to cost you a fortune either. There are many alternatives to free website building and hosting that you can get for under $10 a month for the hosting and under $20 a year for the domain name. Most of these hosting accounts will include free access to WordPress, Joomla, and other potential design tools to help you put up a professional website very easily.

Instead of rolling the dice with free website, building and hosting you can spend a very little amount of money and get all the tools you need. You will have plenty of space, most of the time it is unlimited, and you will have the necessary speed to become successful. The best part is you don’t have to display any distracting ads when you pay for your hosting.

Avoiding Free Web Building and Hosting

If you are not willing to invest $150 a year into your online business for hosting and a domain name, then you might as well quit right now. That is a very small amount of overhead and it will give you the foundation you need to achieve success online. Of course, you will probably need to spend more money for marketing, but without a foundation that includes a domain name and hosting, you might as well forget it.

Avoiding the free hosting options is the best thing you can do. Even though it sounds great because it is free, it is not and you really need to have the power of a real hosting account and a domain name. The design part is not all that hard with WordPress and you won’t have to worry about the downfalls of free website building and hosting anymore.


Getting a Free Domain and Web Hosting to Start

There are many ways to get your start online and if you know how to get a free domain and web hosting, then you have an edge. This will save you a little bit of money every single year and give you the ability to get started with your online business much easier. You want to be able to build your income over time and for the long term, and starting with something for free can be good.

Now, understand that when we say free domain and web hosting we don’t mean that you are getting free hosting with a sub domain. This would not be a good thing and will actually help you fail. What we mean is you are paying for a shared hosting package and with that package is a free domain name.

It may not seem like much, after all it is just a domain name, but when you get a free domain and web hosting it means you don’t ever have to worry about whether that domain is registered or not. Many hosting companies offer this type of a deal and you get the domain name for as long as you have the account open with them.

Finding the Free Domain for You

Now the key is to find the right free domain and web hosting for you. This is not always easy and it can be a bit time consuming, if you do all the research on your own. However, you want to be sure you get the right features with your hosting account, or you may struggle to move forward with your project. If you really want to get the right foundation, simply choose a top hosting company.

The best way to narrow down your hosting selection is to choose a few of the top companies listed by a blog or hosting website, and then compare them on your own. This can help you by providing useful reviews and other types of information to assist you in making the right decision. An informed decision is always better than taking a chance.

Hosting will be the lifeblood of your business and if you don’t have a good type of hosting along with a strong company, you may just fail simply because of hosting problems. You already have enough obstacles in your way that you have to conquer and there is no sense in adding another. Get the right hosting for your needs by breaking down the project you are wanting to work on and matching it with the features you need from a hosting account.

The company you choose will make a difference since you will, most likely, start with shared hosting. This means, you need a company that does not overload servers, does not have large amounts of downtime, and will give you the support you need, when you need it. If you don’t get this from your hosting company, chances are, you will struggle.

The Web Hosting We Like

For beginners, we really prefer FatCow Hosting. They are one of the leaders in customer support and they provide an affordable package with a free domain name. This is our top rated hosting company and you should consider them if you are planning to put up a website and try to make money online.

However, if your project needs more than just shared hosting, you will have to browse through our other top hosting lists to find one that fits better with what you need. There are many great choices listed on our website and you can certainly use this tool to help you find the free domain and web hosting you need.

Why is Web Hosting for Free Dangerous?

Most forms of web hosting for free are very dangerous and can make it very difficult for you to gain the success you are after. Hosting is your foundation and it must be solid. You need to know that you can count on your hosting company for everything they promised you. Whether you need cheap hosting or expensive hosting, the company you choose is very important.

When you choose to go with web hosting for free you might as well choose to fail. Free hosting is usually horrible and will only give you limited space and options for your site. Blogger, which is owned by Google, is one of the free forms of hosting, and it is much harder to make a blogger site look like an actual website than it is to make a WordPress site look like a website.

Paying for hosting should be the first thing you do when you want to be successful online with a website or blog. This will give you the ability to make money from each site you build simply because you have a solid foundation. Hosting is vital to any online business and if you choose web hosting for free you may never achieve the success you are chasing.

The One Type of Web Hosting That is Good

There is, however, one type of web hosting for free that you can choose and gain many benefits from. It is a simple solution to your issues and it will not be 100% free. You can get a few months and sometimes all the way up to 6-months of hosting for free, which will help with the other things you need to pay for.

This type of web hosting for free is found from real hosting companies that offer paid hosting. With the right coupon code, you can get a discount off the yearly price in the form of a few free months. Some companies will give you as much as 6-months of hosting for free if you commit to them for two or three years.

Of course, you still have to be careful with offers like this and you must check out the hosting company quite thoroughly. This will help to ensure you get the right hosting company to give you the support and features you need. Your project is dead without hosting and is in utter despair if you choose the wrong hosting.

Take the time to compare a few of the top companies and narrow it down to a handful of choices. Then, start searching for coupon codes to see if you can get some of your web hosting for free from one of these companies. You will be surprised at what they offer and how you can save money by getting your hosting for free.

What Most Free Hosting Companies Gives You

Most of the web hosting for free will only give you a limited amount of space and once it is full, well, you are done building that website or blog. They will often make you display ads on your website that you don’t profit from, as well. This is the dangerous type of free hosting and if you have any experience with it, you already understand why it is no good.

Beginners beware; free hosting is most likely going to hinder your success more than it will help your success. Getting real hosting does not have to be expensive and you can pay as little as a couple dollars a month on a yearly plan or under $10 a month on a monthly plan. Just make sure the company is reputable and reliable before you accept any offers for web hosting for free.


Can you Find Free Reseller Web Hosting?

When you are searching for free reseller web hosting you have to understand that free does not always mean better or even worth it. Many things are free that are really not free or are a complete waste of your time. There are not very many free options for hosting that are actually good in any way at all.

The worst thing is that there are so many people that market things like free reseller web hosting in order to get you to sign up for crappy hosting and get you to upgrade with their service. If you know this up front, then you need to compare all your hosting options before you ever sign up for anything that is free.

With hosting that is free of any kind you typically have to either trade some of your site space for ads that will take away from your own promotions or you have to give up resources like the speed and downtime of your site. Sometimes you have to give up both and this is how a free host makes money from you.

Why You Should Avoid Free Web Hosting

With any type of free reseller web hosting you are going to get a very limited amount of space to host your website. This will hinder your growth online and will not allow you to do very much with your website. If you are new to internet marketing, then you are probably trying to save money, but hosting is not an area to scrimp on.

Hosting is vital to your online business and without it you will not have a website, blog, or a combination of many websites and blogs that are making you money. This makes it very difficult to become successful with any online marketing strategy and the worst is when you think you have beat the system because you found free reseller web hosting.

It is inevitable that anything of free hosting will cost you money sooner or later. It could be because of downtime that has caused your site to stop making you money until it is back up or it could be that you have to display ads for someone else and you are losing money every single time someone clicks on one of those ads.

Either way it is not worth your time or your money to use free reseller web hosting or any other type of free hosting that is out there. You are better off spending the money to get good hosting that will not cause large amounts of downtime or take away from your own online promotions by displaying ads on your site.

The Better Alternative to Free Hosting

The best alternative to free reseller web hosting is to use BlueHost and let them be your hosting company. By doing this you are cutting out the reseller, which means you are dealing directly with the host and you do not have to go through a reseller every single time you have an issue with something.

You will also be able to upgrade to more space whenever necessary so you do not have to worry about downtime when it comes to getting bigger than you expected. This will also allow you to build more than one website and continue to grow your business until you have reached your income goals.

The bottom line is that free reseller web hosting is not good for your business or your website and you really need to think about dealing directly with a web hosting company like BlueHost. This will give you a more direct route for any issues you have and will guarantee you more space than free reseller web hosting will ever give you.

Can you Really Find Free Reseller Hosting?

When we speak of free reseller hosting you have to know right away that finding it is not easy at all. Sometimes you can find someone that will offer you free hosting, but nothing is really free. With reseller types of hosting it is very different and finding it for free just is not going to happen.

So, what do we need to discuss about free reseller hosting, then? Well, you do need to be aware of what you are going to be dealing with if you do find this type of hosting. Free is not always a good thing and when it comes to your hosting you have to understand that free is nearly always bad for your websites.

The Things You Need to Know About Reseller Hosting

The first thing you have to know about free reseller hosting is that any time your hosting is free you are going to make a trade off of some sort. This could be that you agree to allow ads to be shown on your website or you agree to a domain name that will probably never get you ranked in the search engines, at least not high enough to get traffic.

When you make the trade off to show ads on your page you should know that this will take away from your message and if you are trying to make money from your site this will steal some of it away from you. This is a pretty big trade off just to get free reseller hosting or another type of free hosting.

Reseller type of hosting is when someone purchases a large amount of space with a host like HostGator or BlueHost, and then they rent some of that space out to you for a fee. If they are giving it away for free, which would be free reseller hosting, then they are going to want something in return to cover their costs and make a profit.

They are not running a charity hosting company so they are not going to be just giving it away to you out of the goodness of their heart. When you agree to show ads these are typically for products they are promoting or they are selling this space to cover the costs of the hosting and to make a profit.

This is why getting free reseller hosting is not good for your site. Even just reseller hosting in general is not good because the person selling it to you is not the host and they are more concerned with making money from their new clients than maintaining the server space and making sure your website does not have much downtime.

You really should not waste your time with free reseller hosting or paid reseller hosting because it is not as good as regular hosting. It will cause you to have more downtime and the free version will only help you to lose money. This is just not the way to go and you really need to consider using a different type of hosting like Shared or VPS hosting.

One Final Thought About Free Hosting

If you do not already question something whenever you hear the word “free”, then you need to start. Anytime you hear the word “free” when it comes to hosting, marketing, advertising, or anything that has to do with making money, then your ears should perk up and you should start to question exactly what you are getting.

This is because free typically means you are trading time or benefits for whatever you are getting. Sometimes you are just getting a smaller version of what you could get by paying because they want you to try what they have. However, with free reseller hosting you are just going to end up with problems and not solutions for your hosting needs.


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