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August 17th, 2012

If you have used super fast web hosting, then you would know the reasons as to why this kind of hosting is so great for your website. If you have ever visited a website and saw it take forever to load, you probably now understand the importance of having a web hosting solution that isn’t slow. The faster your web host is, the faster your site will load, which means that your visitors will get to see all the content of your site quicker.

A further thing to make the case for super fast web hosting is that people’s attention spans are quite limited, especially in the online world. The average web visitor isn’t really that patient, so you have around 5 seconds to capture their attention when they see your site. So if your site is taking quite a long time to load, they will usually just leave and go to another one without even bothering to see what you are offering them.

If you are using super fast web hosting you can then put a lot of multimedia content on your website, like photos, videos, etc. All of this, without worrying as to whether your website will load fast enough for your visitors not to leave it.

Which Types of Hosting are Fast Web Hosting?

Shared Web Hosting

Is it possible for shared web hosting to be super fast web hosting? A lot of webmasters and online entrepreneurs will look at the advantages offered by this kinds of hosting account: unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, web building tools and a host of other benefits for simply a few dollars each month. However, all of that will not necessarily make it super fast web hosting, as you truly need to understand what “shared” web hosting actually is.

Shared web hosting will mean that the server that you are using will be sharing its resources with some other web hosting accounts and websites. This can mean that your site will take longer to load as you will not have all of the resources of that server available for your own use. While there are some very good quality shared web hosting providers out there, this kind of hosting cannot be considered super fast web hosting as there are some much better options available out there.

VPS Hosting

VPS web hosting is of course faster than a shared account, however it is not super fast web hosting by any mean. In this type of hosting arrangement, you will be using a partition on a web server instead of using all of the resources. The good thing which makes it comes closer to super fast web hosting is that you will not be sharing this part of the server with anyone else and it will be allocated only for your use.

But VPS, or Virtual Private Server hosting is still not super fast web hosting. You will still be sharing the server with some other users, only that now, you will have your own partition. This kind of hosting is of course faster than shared web hosting, however it usually isn’t really super fast web hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server web hosting is the only kind of hosting which would fit in the super fast web hosting type. This kind of web hosting arrangement will give you the entire server for your own use instead of sharing it with other users.

Your site will load much faster for every visitor, so you will not have to worry that much about load times. Since dedicated server hosting really is super fast web hosting, it is the best option for you to use if you can afford to get a dedicated server all to yourself.

How Much Will Super Fast Hosting Cost You?

One of the common errors that many online entrepreneurs make when comparing different types of web hosting is that they are under the assumption that shared hosting will be perfectly good for them. However, shared hosting usually is not super fast web hosting and this can cause them to miss out on some profits. This is because customers would not want to wait for their site to finish loading completely and instead look at another site.

The monthly cost for dedicated server hosting for your website will vary. It can be between $150 a month up to $1000 a month depending on the configuration of the server that you will need to power your website. While the price of this kinds of hosting may look a bit steep to some, you will need to remember that one of the advantages of super fast web hosting is that you are a lot less likely to lose customers due to a slow website that you might get with other kinds of hosting.

Why You Require the Fast Hosting Services that Many Ignore

There are certain fast web hosting services that many webmasters ignore when they are in search of a web hosting company that will provide them with excellent service for their blog or website. The thing is not really about the size of the web hosting account or how much bandwidth you get. It’s about providing these in a fast and efficient manner to the webmasters.

And there are plenty of webmasters who have complained that different web hosts cannot give them fast web hosting services in a way that is rapid enough. Also, if you go with a smaller web hosting company, it is possible that they won’t actually have the needed staff to give you these services fast enough for your site.

Take note that one of the worst types of web hosting you can make use of is reseller hosting, as a reseller simply can’t give you the services that you need in a fast and efficient way. Without having these two fast web hosting services you will have many problems with your site and probably face problems with large amounts of downtime and other negative issues.

What are the Two Necessary Web Hosting Services?

Customer Service

A lot of people do not even put into consideration the quality of the customer service when they are seeking out the services of a web hosting company. This is mainly due to the fact that a lot of people do not realize the fact that there are certain ways that you can test out the quality of the customer service that is offered by a web hosting company. The first thing that you can do is to look through the internet and read many of the web hosting reviews that you will find regarding the web hosting company and the services that they provide.

Many of these reviews will be from people who have talked with the customer service of the web host. It will allow you to see whether the service received was good or not. It will also tell you as to whether the service was slow or rapid. You need customer service from your web host to be fast and efficient, because if it is not, you will spend a lot of time waiting, which will simply be a waste of your time and a source of frustrations for you.

Tech support

From all of the elements that a good web host can provide you, the one that is the most important is support. It is one of the fast web hosting services that is really important to webmasters. This is because if you have a problem with your hosting, you will want this to be among the best of the fast web hosting services provided by the company. Hosting companies which have built a solid reputation in the marketplace will give you various options when it comes to support.

What you need to do as a webmaster is to test out these options, which usually include services provided by email, telephone, as well as online live chat. The reason support is at the top of the list of fast web hosting services is because if your site is down for any reason, you will need to be able to get in touch with the web hosting support immediately to get it back up as quickly as possible. Sure, bandwidth and web space are important things to have as fast web hosting services, but support is even more important. That’s because even if you have all the bandwidth in the world and all the storage space in the universe, it will not matter if your site is down all the time and thus not making any money for you as the owner.

Finding a Host with These Hosting Services

When you are on the lookout for a web hosting company which can give you with the most reliable hosting service on the web, especially fast web hosting services, you will simply need to look for multiple choices and not just at the services offered by a single company.

In order to see about the fast web hosting services in regards to customer support and technical assistance that a web host can provide, you should look at whether they are able to answer your questions in a fast and professional way. Simply contact them on their site or by phone and check to see whether they are able to do so. When you find a company that provides quality fast web hosting services, you will be very happy to do business with them, as they will give you everything that you need to run your site correctly.

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