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August 14th, 2012

When you make a decision that you will be starting a blog, your blog needs to have a certain purpose to it. When you will be starting a blog, the purpose of it could be to make some money from it, or to inform your readers on a topic that you are very knowledgeable about. You may even combine both of these elements together.

If you are starting a blog, the first thing that you will need to do is to figure out exactly what the purpose of your blog will be and what it’s topic will be. There are various topics that you can write a blog about, and the niches could be something very general, or instead something very specific. So for example you can be starting a blog about golf.

This could be a general blog that talks about many different aspects of this sport, or it could be something much more specific, such as advice on improving your goal swing, or reviews of various different golf clubs.

Some Steps to Follow When You are Beginning a Blog

1. Get Web Hosting

This is the first step that you will need to do when you are starting a blog. It is probably the most important element of starting a blog as if you do not have a good blog host, you will end up having a lot of problems later on. Because of this, everyone that is starting a blog will need to take a look at the top ten web hosting choices that can be found on this site, as this will give them an idea of which web hosts are good.

Another very important thing that you really need to understand when you are starting a blog is that you should absolutely never be using the cheapest web hosting or a free web hosting provider such as the Google web host. These are simply not good choices for web hosting due to poor support, unreliable service as well as limited options.

2. Select a Blogging Platform

The majority of blog hosts will offer you what is known as the Fantastico script. This will give you plenty of great options in terms of blogging platforms, such as WordPress hosting as well as Joomla Hosting. Both of these choices are great when starting a blog, so you will need to select a web hosting company that gives you the Fantastico script, as this makes it much easier to install blogging platforms like Joomla and WordPress.

The most popular platform currently in use by plenty of different bloggers out there is WordPress hosting. The reason behind this is because this blogging platform is a lot easier to figure out and use correctly than Joomla.

3. Get Your Own Domain Name

If you want your blog to be successful, memorable and rank well on search engines like for example Google, Bing and Yahoo, than having your own domain name is required. When you are starting a blog, you should think about getting a .com or .net domain name for it. A domain name costs between $8 and $15 a year, so it is something very affordable. The reason as to why many free web hosting providers are simply not recommended is due to the fact that they will not let you use your own domain name for your blog, as is the case with Google web hosting.

4. Transfer the Domain Name to Your Web Hosting Account

If you have purchased your domain name from the same company that you get your web hosting from, this step will not be necessary. However, if you have used a different domain registrar than your web host, you will need to go in the control panel of the registrar and then change the name servers over to the ones that your web host uses. You will find these in the instructions and tutorials that are provided by your web hosting provider.

After this, all you need to do is to create an add on domain in your web hosting account. The exact way to do this will vary depending on which web hosting company you are using, but once again, it should be quite simple to do if you look in the help files provided by your web hosting provider. This is something very easy to do when starting a blog, however take note that it could take up to 24 hours in some cases for the change to be reflected.

5. Install a Blogging Platform like Joomla or WordPress

After that, the next thing to do when starting a blog is to install a blogging platform, that could be either Joomla or WordPress. If you are starting a blog and installing WordPress, all you would need to do in order to make it work would be to go into the Fantastico installer script in the control panel of your web hosting account and follow the instructions. WordPress should then be installed in just a few minutes and be ready to use when you are starting a blog.

6. Select a Theme

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be using WordPress as it is the most simple platform to make use of when starting a blog, but some of the things will be quite similar in the Joomla hosting platform too. The next thing that you would need to do would be to find a theme. This can be changed through the WordPress Dashboard. A theme will decide on the overall look and feel of your blog, so make sure that you select and use one that you like and that will complement the style of your blog really wll.

7. Choose Some Widgets to Use

Widgets let you customize your blog further and when you are starting a blog, customizing it is one of the most important things for you to do. You can use certain WordPress widgets that will let you put up a blog that as different menus and that can be monetized well too. You can experiment with these until you have found a design that you like and that will go well with the overall style of your blog. When starting a blog, take the time it takes to make it look to your taste.

8. Do Some Research About Plugins and Use Them

Something else that you will need to do when you are starting a blog and using the WordPress blog hosting platform is to find out more about the plugins that you will be using. There are plenty of plugins available that will be helpful with search engine optimization, integrating your blog together with social media, monetizing your blog and many other things. Many of these WordPress plugins are available for free and can be very useful for your blog. Therefore, you should definitely look into using them when you are starting a blog.

9. Begin Posting

Now that you have done almost all that you need to do when starting a blog, it is time to begin posting in it. When you are starting a blog, you can put as many posts s you would like into it. When you are starting a blog, creating useful and interesting content is very important, as this will help your blog get well ranked in search engines like Google, Bing as well as Yahoo. There is also a scheduling feature in WordPress that allows you to spread out the posts that you make over time. This is quite useful for search engine optimization purposes.

What Can You Do After You Start Your Blog?

After you are done starting a blog, what you need to be doing is to keep building it until your blog actully makes you the amount of money that you want it to make. This is not really complicated to do, as all that you will need to be doing is to keep making some more useful and interesting posts to your blog. For those starting a blog, you really need to remember that if you want to achieve a good ranking in search engines, then you will need to add some new content to it on a regular basis. This will keep the readers happy as well and increases the chance that they will keep coming back to your blog for more if they are interested in reading what it has to say. If you follow these steps when starting a blog, then you have a high chance of it being successful.

Thing You Should Know if You Want to Make Your Own Blog

As a webmaster, if you would like to make your own blog, then first thing that you will have to do is to locate some great blog hosting. By getting good hosting, this is the most important step for those who would like to make your own blog. There are plenty of different ways of getting the best blog hosting and you will need to know what makes a blog hosting company so good so that you can find out which one would be the best blog host for your own needs.

One of the main things that you will need to understand is that there are certain kinds of blog hosting that you simply should not be using. These are not the right choice for you and if you want to make your own blog and be successful with it, you will need to try hard in order to avoid them. Some examples of hosting choices to avoid when you want to make your own blog are Google web hosting, free web hosting as well as the cheapest web hosting around.

The Google web host is a bad choice because it provides bad quality hosting for those that wish to make money from their blog. The web space that you will get will be limited and you will not have much control over your blog. Also since it is free web hosting, if Google does not like your blog for any reason they can simply select to cancel your hosting. For these reasons, when you would like to make your own blog using free web hosting services such as the Google web host is simply something that you should stay away from.

When you make your own blog, the cheapest website hosting is a choice that you will also need to avoid as the options that come with this type of hosting are quite limited. Even if some of the cheapest website hosting providers give you unlimited space or let you use your own domain name, they may not give you the best in terms of support and may also have unreliable servers. Obviously, when you make your own blog this is not the kind of hosting that you would like to be using.

The blog hosting that you will want to use is going to e from the list of the top ten hosting companies. In this list you will be able to find the best blog host for your needs as well as the type of hosting that you can feel confident in using for your blog. You can compare many different blog host choices on the list of the top ten web hosting choices to see what they offer. When you make your own blog, choosing a quality blog hosting provider is something that is extremely important for you to do and you should not spare any efforts in doing so.

Some Other Things That You Need

Something else that you need when you make your own blog is to have your own domain name. This is one of the reasons as to why you should avoid using the Google web host, as Google website hosting will not let you use your own domain name. If you want to make your own blog, having a domain name is very important for search engine optimization reasons as it can increase your traffic quite a lot.

When you make your own blog and are choosing your own domain name, you would need a domain that ends in .com or .net and has in it one of your main keywords. This will be very helpful in making your website rank well in search engines, so you will need to be sure that you get the right domain name or you will be struggling a lot to make some money from your blog.

When you are starting out to make your own blog, you should select a domain name that is easy to remember for your users, so you should select one that is not longer than four words. This will not only make it easier for your users to remember but will also be helpful in ranking well on search engines such as Google and Bing. What this means is that you will get a lot more traffic as you will be using a quality domain name.

Some Final Things to Consider

Another important thing that you will need when you set out to make your own blog is to use a bloggig platform that is easy to use and that gigves you all of the options that you need. This needs to be a platform that makes blogging simple and enjoyable.

There are a few blogging platforms that you can use however the most popular ones are WordPress as well as Joomla. Both of these come available in the Fantastico script that are available with many good blog hosts. This will let you customize your blogs easily and allow you to make some money from it. While both platforms have similar features, WordPress has been known to be easier to use and is therefore preferred by many more webmasters than Joomla as a blogging platform.

You will need to be sure that you are going through the list of the best blog hosts as well as the top ten hosting options to see which ones are the highest quality and give you access to the Fantastico script to easily install the WordPress or Joomla blogging platforms in your web hosting account. When you want to make your own blog, you need to have both a great platform and great hosting, so it is important to make your choices wisely.

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