Start Your Own Web Hosting: The Basics

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August 26th, 2012

If you’re looking to start your own web hosting company you should probably start by choosing the appropriate operating system. There are typically two choices when it comes to picking an OS system for your server, Windows-based servers or Linux-based servers. Moreover, you also need to make sure that you specifically know what apps you want to use.

The other thing to look out for when you start your own web hosting company is whether your webhost offers PHP and MySQL. Most open source scripts are based on these and it they make it significantly easier for you to start your own web hosting and equally easy for you customers. You can set up free, ready-made websites such as software for niche business; integrate open source scripts, forum websites, blogs, web portals and much more. Another thing to note is to keep in mind that any other technologies like Zend Optimizer, ImageMagick Perl, and Cron are a bonus but not essential.

Important Things To Note When You Start Your Own Hosting Business

Before you begin to start your own web hosting company you should also practically estimate the amount of bandwidth you will need. It may seem like the perfect idea to start your own web hosting but it will be rendered completely futile if you are not able to offer each personal user at least 1 gigabyte of disk space and 10 gigabytes of data transfer. Large hosting providers normally offer personal users at least 150 GB of disk space of bandwidth for around $10 per month. If you are serious about pursuing this business and really want to start your own web hosting company then you should give this, and other competitors and their tactics some serious consideration.

Another vital aspect you may need to consider before you start your own web hosting business is to start with reseller hosting first. It provides you with some return on capital and some initial money to go on with and also helps start and initial customer base. In order to start your own web hosting business you also need to keep your servers someplace safe, at your home or at the office under tight security. While on the topic of tight security, to start your own web hosting automatically implies setting up a powerful firewall as your servers are the core of your online business and continuously need to be running and be well maintained. Getting a fixed IP address that does not change upon every use would also be very useful in order for you to start your own web hosting and make it successful.

Affordable Packages

Other aspects that you make take into consideration before you start your own web hosting company are to choose your control panel and programming language wisely. This should hopefully be properly evaluated while you choose your OS system.

Finally, to start your own web hosting company make sure that your pricing is reasonable, not too high so as to scare off potential clients and not necessarily too low either to have potential clients think you’re running a con business or a poorly run business. To start your own web hosting company may seem like a daunting task now but its prospects are endless once you get the hang of it.

Why Is Host With Domain So Important?

It is important to understand why host with domain is so important. While launching your business or product on the internet, you may initially be under the impression that all you really need is one simple website and one domain name. However, as time progresses and you begin to expand you may want plan on owning multiple websites. This is where choosing a host with domain comes in which entails choosing a host company that allows you two important things. Firstly the host with domain will enable you to choose your own domain name as opposed to assigning you one. Secondly it will also allow you to do multiple hosting. The host with domain instead of hosting simply one website on one account will allow you to host many websites on a single account.

Most hosting companies will however assign you domain names that they themselves allocate and furthermore and will only allow you to host one website per domain so they can open more hosting space and increase their profits. Choosing a host with domain where you yourself pick out the domain name is not only more convenient but as mentioned easier on the pockets. Another thing to keep in mind is the bandwidth you will receive. While multiple hosting using the host with domain, you may end up exceeding your bandwidth limit for a particular month but this can simply be offset by purchasing another account with more bandwidth.

Host Is Important For Your Business

If, on the other hand you want to start your own hosting company, it is equally important you understand how hosting works and how being a host with domain one that offers your customer the option to choose their own domain works. Your company will eventually have to be very large in the face of growing competition and use very fast and large computers called servers from where you host the site and connect it with the internet.

The Ultimate Combination

You should also be easy to find and easily accessible. Most websites offer a two in one combination. If you are a website where people select domain names, you can offer complimentary hosting services as well. This is where being a host with domain combines two different processes to attract more clients. It is also useful to have several different websites for your host with domain combination in the event that if one website is down you have several backups.

You should also consider adding cPanel to the combination of host with domain which isn’t a critical option but incorporates a multitude of benefits that would further attract clients. cPanel uses a program called awstats that allows you to effectively track the visitors on your website, visit duration and the amount of bandwidth being used. cPanel also lets you create e-mail addresses based on your domain name. This will further show your host with domain combination is truly professional and comes with extra perks. Last but not least, you may want to further expand your host with domain combination and choose one that offers 24/7 technical support.

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