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August 10th, 2012

In order to secure your data plus hosting and information from potential hackers, you require SSL from the SSL certificate authority. Many people don’t know what this is, particularly those who are new to the area of web development. The SSL is an acronym for Secure Socket Layer. It is a certificate that different website owners buy in order to make sure that the data being exchanged between you and the website you’re on cannot be viewed by any third party. A lot of people can interfere in your data by encrypting it and thus getting hold of any sensitive data being transferred at that time. The SSL, bought from proper SSL certificate authority, has become quite a norm for ecommerce government websites.

Every web owner nowadays wants to make sure that his website has SSL. It adds legitimacy to your business website because people visiting it can download data or exchange it without fear. There are many different types of information which is very private but we exchange it with websites online quite often. There must be very few people out there who have access to internet but have never bought anything online with their credit cards. That is how a lot of shopping is done nowadays. This means that you will regularly put in your sensitive information in various websites.

Keep Your Data Safe With The SSL Certificate

Many of us usually go on the internet to ecommerce websites in order to buy things with our credit cards. How can we be sure that the credit card number, social security number etc that we have entered will remain between you and the website? One way of knowing is by finding out if the website has SSL received from a proper SSL certificate authority. Otherwise, the data can be easily intercepted by someone trying to steal your identity or your money and you getting into lots of trouble.

The SSL should always be bought from a proper SSL certificate authority. Since this can be pretty expensive, a lot of websites have fake SSL. In order to detect these fake SSLs, you should install proper security suits in your computer. They will inform you immediately whether the SSL is fake or not and whether the website is safe for you to browse.

Achieve Complete Data Security With SSL Authority

There is a common belief that SSL, if bought from the proper SSL certificate authority, can be very expensive. However, this is not the case in most occasions. It is also possible to get a free SSL certificate but for that you would have to do your share of researching online. The SSL certificate authority demands that you create an account with them so they can update you with various new services and have a record of authenticity for your website.

Some certificate authorities also offer installation wizards which install the SSL in a breeze. The last step is for you to post the link of the SSL certificate on your website. This is for the convenience of the customers. What they can do is that they can simply click on the link and view their SSL certificate for assurance. If it is registered with the proper SSL certificate authority, your customers will feel safe to exchange data with your website.

Why The SSL Web Certificate Is A Necessity?

An SSL web certificate is what gives your website security and between a good hosting package and domain you’ll be amazed as to how secure you will feel. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer it is a must have for any website which deals in ecommerce. SSL provides security to data and makes sure that it cannot be accessed by any third person. It benefits not only the customer and visitor of your website but also your business. If you have an online business where you can order products online, you need to make sure that you provide the right amount of security to the customer who trusts you with sensitive data. It is very easy for a third person to get access to sensitive information like credit card numbers, social security numbers etc.

Acquiring an SSL web certificate gives your customer the confidence you enter their information without worrying about identity theft. All the data shared between you and your website is essentially stored on the server. The server can be hacked into by people very easily unless you have undertaken the appropriate security measures. If you secure your server from hackers and purchase a virtual certificate, a padlock will appear in front of your domain name in the address bar. Such a display helps the customer know whether your site is protected or not.

The Benefits Of SSL Certificate

There are numerous websites offering to give SSL certificates but you have to watch out that these can also be fake. Sometimes, people purchase the SSL once and keep claiming to have a secure site even after the certificate expires. The most important thing to do as a web host is to keep your SSL certificate updated. Also, always purchase your SSL web certificate from the proper SSL certificate authority. This will ensure that you do not pay a good amount for a fake certificate. As an online shopper, make sure you check the authenticity of the certificate. Most websites have a link to their SSL certificate. Don’t forget to click on the icon and check whether the certificate is authentic and whether it is expired or not.

A SSL web certificate works in a way that it is able to encrypt all the data that is exchanged between your website and the customer. So if, for example, a customer enters his credit card number, the SSL software automatically encrypts the data so that it cannot be understood by a hacker. The software adds a lot of non sense data to the data you entered. This makes it impossible to determine the correct value you originally entered. It’s only the website owner who can gain access to the true value because he owns the encryption key.

The Advantages Of SSL Web Certificate

The SSL certificate adds legitimacy to your website and thus increases consumer confidence. There are numerous websites out there who deal in ecommerce but you can create a niche for yourself by focusing on customer security. Your customers will feel more secure in entering their personal information on your website. This can increase your sales as well. Good will and image is very important because you need to gain the customers trust, who are spending their hard earned cash on you. Do remember to buy the SSL web certificate from a reliable SSL certificate authority.

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