Shared Cloud Hosting Is Cost Effective But At What Cost To Your Business

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August 16th, 2012

Shared cloud hosting or cloud hosting are basically one in the same. With traditional web hosting shared hosting services are the most cost effective in comparison to its counterparts. Cloud shared hosting is the basic cloud hosting service available to web site owners today. While cloud or shared cloud hosting may be very cost effective there are some risks when it comes to the security of the private information the end user stores on said shared cloud hosting account. The reason being that with shared cloud hosting the server you use to store and run your web site is connected to a veritable hive of computers linked together to make one mainframe or super computer.

It is here where the security risks are at their height. That is why it is recommended that one seek out VPS(Virtual Private Server) cloud hosting solutions. While the hard drive that stores your data is still shared with the rest of the collective, you are kept safe through virtual private server aspect. The fact is that with shared cloud hosting you are more prone to being hacked. Mostly due to the fact that with the right skill set and little to no scruples one could find themselves in possession of critical private information belonging to you and or your clientele.

The Competition

Shared cloud hosting or cloud hosting has some down sides for E-commerce based web sites but as a whole is great for blogs and social sites. While those of you in search of cloud hosting services may need it for business purposes, others do not. It is for these people or web sites that shared cloud hosting is acceptable. This is primarily due to the fact that with blog sites and social sites the personal information required to start and maintain an account is minimal at best.

Hence a lessened need for a highly secure server. Yet one could still argue that none of the information on any web site should be susceptible to corruption or theft. This is why it is recommended that any one who wishes to start and maintain their own web site should think carefully about the type of plan or hosting package is most suitable for their needs. And more over that it is recommended that one use dedicated or virtual private server hosting to help maintain a safe and secure web site for your clientele. However if you cannot afford these hosting packages then a standard or shared cloud hosting package can be all the difference for your web sites success.

How Do I Know That I Need Cloud Hosting

Have you ever thought to yourself; I wonder what it takes to own and operate my own web site? Or perhaps you have only just begun to ponder what it might entail to start a web site for your business or personal purposes. Well if you are in fact in need of a web site like most business owners then shared cloud hosting or cloud hosting just may be the right answer for your needs. Cloud hosting for your web site is but a mouse click away these days.

Just like all things made possible via the World Wide Web. There are very few of us today not familiar with the internet and what it has to offer us. This is exactly what shared cloud hosting brings to your web site is an avenue for the launch and maintenance of your web site. It will also bring your products and or services to the attention of the many consumers in search of your product worldwide. So, if you like many others find yourself in ownership of a web site and wish to be seen by the masses look to shared cloud hosting for all of your web site’s needs.

Choosing To Switch From Shared Cloud Hosting

We are all about getting our hands on the latest technology. The latest shared cloud hosting is what everyone seems to be talking about. Cloud hosting is fast becoming very popular and is the choice of older website owners and new website owners alike. Gone are the times when cloud hosting was largely unheard of and most web users considered it a little dubious. But of course like with everything else, there a few disadvantages. With the help of cloud hosting, files and stored data can be communicated all over the world. This might mean it could be accessed by unwanted parties. This technology has indeed helped out a lot of smaller businesses but of course it can also turn into a hazard because of the above mentioned problem. A little research never hurts and it is best to have as much information as possible before opting for cloud hosting.

If you find that the services are not to your satisfaction, then you can always change your service provider without any issues. A few drawbacks to choosing shared cloud hosting for your websites is that there is very little security if you have not spent a little more on a secure connection. Your information might end up in the open for anyone to see. This could do serious damage regarding the privacy of your business documents. Sensitive information might get leaked and that could become a big problem for your business. This is perhaps the part of cloud hosting that still has a long way to go. It is not yet reliable.

The Dangers Of Scamming In Shared Hosting

It is an established fact that even larger businesses suffer from frauds and scammers. But in some cases they have devised ways to protect themselves. You may have to do the same if you opt for shared cloud hosting. Some examples of sites that have figured out how to protect themselves from scammers are iTunes and Amazon. Scammers are everywhere devising new plans to get a hold of your personal details like a website’s domain name etc. It is very important to know when you are in danger of being tricked. Huge companies such as Sony have had unfortunate experiences regarding scammers. Hence it becomes clear that scammers can target any company at any time. Be sure to practice caution wherever your online information is concerned especially when using shared cloud hosting.

The concept of shared cloud hosting is beneficial for most business people from a certain point of view. However if you just focus all your attention on cloud servers, you could end up in a difficult spot in times of technical difficulties. Technical problems are extremely common and occur very often. Business websites need a backup plan at all times to keep operating smoothly. Business communications are usually very sensitive and should not be left to the mercy of cloud hosting without adequate protection.

The Wrong Hosting Can Be Dangerous To Your Website

Even though the ease with which cloud servers host your online information may be considered a major advantage, it could also be a business hazard. Given that the information is hosted over many servers, it could end up in someone else’s hands. You do not have complete control when you have opted for cloud hosting. Keep the above facts in mind when making a decision regarding shared cloud hosting.

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