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August 18th, 2012

Since 2002, HostGator is has been of the most popular hosts in the world and that is why we are doing a review of HostGator for you. They host more than two million domain names, which makes them one of the largest hosting companies available. Independent organizations put about 1680000, 1.34% of the world market domains.

Most of the domain names out there are simply parked with nothing on them, but the ones hosted by HostGator are actually being used. When we look at this is obvious that HostGator is one of the larger choices for your hosting needs and is also one of the most stable. The review of HostGator will introduce you to many of the things they have going for them, but if you are in a hurry, you can simply use this coupon code to get your package for a discount.

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Part II of the Review

HostGator not only offers shared hosting, but also VPS, reseller, and dedicated server hosting. Many of the top companies cannot say this as they only offer shared hosting. In most cases, companies only offer one package, but with HostGator, you get the choice between three shared hosting packages, nine different VPS packages, five different reseller levels, and a number of different dedicated server options.

Their packages start as low as $3.95 per month with a shared hosting package and can go as high as many hundreds of dollars for a dedicated server. Here is a short breakdown of what they offer for all the different levels.

Shared Hosting – 3 packages ranging from $3.95 per month to $12.95 per month. The lowest level only allows one domain name to be hosting, whereas both other packages allow for unlimited domain names. The highest level will also include a free private SSL certificate and dedicated IP address.

VPS Hosting – 9 packages ranging from $19.95 per month to over $200 a month. The size of the package will determine the price and you can upgrade to get more resources at any time. In our initial review of HostGator we found they are one of the top providers for VPS hosting.

Reseller Hosting – 5 different packages ranging from $24.95 per month to $99.95 per month. This type of hosting will give you space for your own website and to sell to other customers for a profit.

Dedicated Server Hosting – Many different sized servers starting around $150 a month and going up from there. This is the best hosting you are going to find and HostGator is one of the top dedicated hosting providers.

A HostGator Review Features and Support

With HostGator, you get many features to use for your hosting needs. These include everything from Ruby on Rails, PHP, and other programming languages to CMS choices like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. They have one of the most user-friendly control panel options out there and you get many different things with each package.

They include marketing credits to be used with Google Adwords, Facebook, and Yahoo/Bing. This helps you to get started with your marketing right away and they combine these with many tools to help you track your efforts. If you want the best, you have to be sure you are getting everything you need and in our review of HostGator, we could not find anything they left out.

With all the different choices, you could start your business at the lowest level of shared hosting and grow from there. They let you upgrade whenever you want and as you gain more traffic, build more websites and blogs, and become a larger company, you can move up to VPS hosting, then eventually dedicated hosting. This is one of the main reasons why our review of HostGator states that HostGator is one of the best choices all around for hosting.

Finding the Best Reviews of HostGator to Use

HostGator is one of the most popular web hosting services on the Internet and this is why there are many reviews of HostGator that are so positive. It has over 7 million domains hosted on its servers. If you’re looking forward to hosting your website on a good server, you should definitely consider HostGator.

HostGator has many web hosting plans to offer to its customers. HostGator is offering shared, VPS, dedicated and reseller hosting plans. reviews of HostGator show that it is certainly a good service. They are one of our top picks and you can use the below coupon code to save a little bit on any of their packages.

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What they Mean for You

All the hosting plans offered by HostGator include unlimited bandwidth and disk space. HostGator provides a CPanel based administrative interface. This makes it very easy to take control of your website. FTP access details will be provided to you when you purchase a hosting plan. You will receive login details for your CPanel and FTP to your registered email address immediately after the purchase is complete. With FTP, you can edit files related to your websites without logging into CPanel.

With all HostGator plans, you will receive a Google Adwords advertising credit of $100. This will help to advertise your site in Google’s search result pages, Content Network, and YouTube. Few web hosts offer such services. HostGator has many things to offer even if you are looking forward to optimizing your website for search engines to get higher rankings.

HostGator has guaranteed inclusion of all websites hosted with them in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Apart from that, you will also receive free training on Search Engine Optimization to help your website and get higher rankings in SERPs.

High level security for your website is another service offered by HostGator. If you are concerned about your website’s security, you may be interested to purchase a SSL certificate and dedicated IP. In addition to that, you will also get free and easy malware scanning utility in CPanel to keep your site clean.

Search engines blacklist websites that contain malware. With this additional tool by HostGator, you can avoid such a blacklisting by search engines and keep your site accessible and safe for your visitors. You will not find most of this in the customer reviews of HostGator, but we provide it to help you make your final decision.

What to Know with HostGator Services

Hosting plans start from $3.96 per month for shared hosting, which is certainly an affordable price. There are many other facilities in CPanel to customize your website. Even if you are not an expert web designer, HostGator has tools to build a professional website within minutes.

You can create an unlimited number of email accounts on the domain you hosted with HostGator. This facility is available with all hosting plans. Simple Install scripts present in CPanel can create a CMS based website for you in a minute.

Live support for all of its customers is available 24/7. Whenever you are in need of help, you can directly use the chat functionality in their official website. You can contact them by phone, email, or even with the live chat, option and they are very quick to help you.

For any reason, if you are not satisfied with the service, you can get your money back without being questioned. HostGator offers 45-day money-back guarantee to all of its customers to ensure customer satisfaction. With all the extra facilities provided by HostGator, it is certainly a web host you must consider to host your website and if you are unsure, just read the positive reviews of HostGator and you will know you are making the best decision.

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