What You Get When You Use a Resellers Hosting

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August 16th, 2012

If you think that it is a good idea to use a resellers hosting, then you really have to know what you would be getting yourself into. Many of the resellers hosting solutions out there will simply give you too much trouble and you would be much better off using the hosting company directly for your needs. Sure, there are some good reseller hosting providers out there, but there are certainly not a lot of them available on the internet today.

What you also need to understand is that a resellers hosting is there primarily to make money for the reseller. An entrepreneur will purchased a big amount of hosting space with a well known web host and then sell parts of this space at a profit. The exact business model of a resellers hosting plan will vary. Sometimes, you will simply buy a hosting plan like any other. Other times, the reseller web host will give you a website, web templates, as well as a host of other things that you can get in addition to the reseller hosting itself.

Using a Resellers Hosting is Usually Not Good

When you make a decision to use a resellers hosting, it is possible that you will end up having issues with your host that you might not have had if you had gone directly to the actual web hosting company. Many people complain of problems when using a reseller, such as lack of sufficient web space and bandwidth, inaccessible technical support and sometimes completely bad customer service. One reason that can explain all of that is that a lot of the resellers hosting plans that you can find online are run by hosts which are actually one man operations and that will therefore not provide you with the quality web hosting that you would expect from a dedicated and professional hosting company.

Here are some issues that could affect you when you use resellers hosting:

1. Lack of support

This is fairly likely to happen to you, unless the resellers hosting provider that you will be using has dozens of employees responsible for support, or an owner that is super human and never sleeps. If you have a problem with your hosting account, you can’t actually contact the web hosting company directly. You will instead need to get in touch with the reseller by email and then wait for them to send on the message to the web hosting company.

After they have received a response from the main web host that they bought space from, they will then get back to you after sorting out the problem. This, of course, could cause a lot of delays and downtime, which can be a huge waste of money in the long term. Even if the actual quality of the hosting could be acceptable, the level of support that you will receive from a hosting reseller will often be insufficient and is thus better avoided.

2. Not enough web space

Another issue with resellers hosting is that a hosting reseller will only buy a certain amount of web space from the main web host. After they have sold it all off to their clients, there is simply nothing left. Opportunities to upgrade your hosting plan are usually rare with reseller hosts, so if you are thinking of expanding your website, then you could be stuck with having to move your website to another hosting provider. Of course, you can avoid all of these hassles by going directly with a quality web hosting company, instead of relying on the services of resellers hosting, which might not give you enough storage space to run your website in an adequate way.

3. Poor customer service

If you deal with a company which is simply a one man operation, then very often they will have trouble providing you with the quality customer service that you should be getting on a regular basis. Remember that the goal of resellers hosting is to make money for the owner of the reseller host and not to provide their customers with excellent service. Profit comes first to them and customer service is second, which is not a good thing if you want a host that will always be attentive to your needs.

The Best Choice is to Avoid Resellers Hosting

When you make a decision to avoid using the resellers hosting options, you can instead use shared hosting, VPS hosting or get a dedicated server directly from a reputable hosting company. All of such options have their unique benefits and differences. Before you actually make a decision, it is thus highly recommended that you take a look at each of these hosting types, so that you can make a determination as to which type of hosting will be the best one for your site and business.

By going directly with a high quality web host, you can thus receive the right amount of technical support, customer service and above all you will always have options to upgrade your web hosting services should the need arise for this. Remember that all of that will be quite difficult to find when you are using a resellers hosting, so you are therefore much better off to use a hosting account that is directly from one of the best web hosting companies on the internet, and not a one man operation reseller.

By saving some times, money and energy, you can thus put this to work by making efforts to improve the design of your website and to promote it in order to get more traffic, instead of constantly trying to resolve hosting problems that you might get by using a resellers hosting.

Do you Have to Find the Top Web Resellers – or Not?

When you begin looking for web hosting, you might be thinking of locating the top web resellers, but you should also consider as to whether doing so would actually be a good idea, or one that is not. Reseller hosting can sometimes be of good quality and if you want to be using this kinds of hosting, then you also need to find one of the top web resellers. There are dozens of them available that you will find online, but as a matter of fact, there are only a few good ones which are worth using.

When you take your needs into consideration, you will need to figure out what your requirements are before you begin looking for a web hosting solution. Doing so will be very helpful in narrowing down the top web resellers that you would want to do business with. But in addition to looking for reseller hosting, it is recommended that you actually take some time to examine some of the other types of hosting out there. Remember that while the top web resellers could provide you with good quality service for your business, there are plenty of web hosting companies that are not resellers and can provide you with even better quality web hosting and tech support than a reseller can.

Some Things you Must Know Regarding the Top Resellers

If you are new to the web hosting world, then you may be asking yourself as to what exactly is reseller hosting. In reality, a hosting reseller is someone that is acting as a middleman between you and one of the larger hosting companies such as HostGator and JustHost. The middleman buys a large amount of server space and bandwidth from the large company and then they go on to resell this to their own customers.

But you should know that the amount of space will vary. Some of the top web resellers out there have plenty of space they can allocate to customers, but some of the smaller operations might not. So if expanding your site is something that you plan to do in the future, it is better that you stick with the top web resellers, rather than some no name reseller that might not be able to accommodate your needs because they didn’t purchase a large enough amount of space from the web host. This could hamper your ability to make money online and expand your business without going through the hassle of switching web hosts and moving your site over to a new one.

So now you know that when you are buying hosting from one of the top web resellers, you are not buying it directly from a hosting company that owns their own servers and offices, but rather are dealing with a middleman which simply resells space that he bought on an existing server.

Also, remember that the goal of this middleman is mainly to earn money for himself. After all, this is why he paid good money to rent space on a server. Therefore, the support you will get may not be optimal, as web hosting resellers, even top web resellers, all place their focus on making as many sales as possible in order to line their pockets.

While there is nothing wrong with being entrepreneurial and wanting to make as much cash as you can on the internet, a good web host will not let that come before taking genuine care of their customers.

Also, be aware of the fact that when you use reseller hosting, you will not have as much control over your hosting as you would normally want to have. You will need to look as to whether the one of the top web resellers that you intend on using has had any problems with downtime. This is the amount of time that your website is essentially offline due to server problems or necessary maintenance and should be kept to a strict minimum. That’s because if your site is not accessible to the public, your customers could go elsewhere and you could lose money. This is especially true if you are in a highly competitive market, so you really want to be using one of the top web resellers that is very reliable.

How do you determine the downtime issues of the top web resellers? Of course, no hosting company will say: “Yeah, our hosting is complete rubbish and our server catches fire every 2 days”, they will always say that they are the best and most reliable. So the best choice in that case would be to actually take to webmasters that have used their services, to see if they are truly as reliable as they claim and thus deserve to have a spot amongst the top web resellers.

Another things that you can do if you do not know any webmasters that use top web resellers is to check around webmaster or internet marketing forums for information. You can also find plenty of review sites that give unbiased and neutral reviews and information on the top web resellers. That way, you will see details about much more than reliability, but also their features, tech support quality, rates when compared to other hosting places, etc.

Why You Should Compare Web Resellers With Other Hosting Choices

Hosting is something that you should not take lightly if you have a goal of earning serious money on the internet. When you look for top web resellers, be sure that you take all the necessary time to make a comparison with regards to price, available hosting space, bandwidth, technical support, and of course the overall reliability of the hosting company in regards to downtime, which should be at a minimum amount of time.

But don’t simply be stuck on reseller hosting, as you might miss out on some other hosting options that could be better suited for your business needs. You can compare some of the other web hosting companies that are not resellers to see if they measure up and maybe if using them could actually be better for you. This will allow you to make a much more informed and intelligent decision with regards to your hosting. If you do elect to go wit ha reseller, at least make sure that it is one of the top web resellers.

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