What do the Top Reseller Hosting service providers do?

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August 9th, 2012

The top reseller hosting service providers host third party web sites. These hosting firms offer hosting services to their clientele for a monthly fee. Many of the top reseller hosting firms have incredibly low rates. The monthly fees however do get higher depending on the server space you need or band width it takes to accommodate your web site. These fees start at just under $4.00 dollars a month and can go above $20.00 a month. The more you pay the more you get, typically.

With top reseller hosting firms you can get the most bang for your buck. you get the individual attention from them you may not receive from other firms available to you. This is due to their narrowed customer basis. With some of the larger web hosting service providers you may get a less personalized level of treatment. This is due to the fact that the top reseller hosting providers need to be able to compete with more hosting firms. Because of this they will do all they can to keep your business. This helps insure that web hosting markets remain competitive.

Who do the Top hosting providers offer their services to?

The top reseller hosting providers are capable of hosting for web sites and companies great and small. The firm you choose should be gauged by the type of hosting services your new web site needs. You may find that your blog or forum has outgrown your current top reseller hosting firm. Do not fret; there are plenty of hosting reseller firms that offer basically the same services as the “big guys” out there at highly competitive monthly rates.

It is for this reason that it is recommended that you have a game plan in place. If you know you have a popular product or topic in mind, you may need more hard drive or server space and band width to optimally run your web site. By that same token, if you find yourself the proprietor of a private blog or forum, you should not need to worry about too many bells and whistles. All top reseller hosting firms are able to meet most of the average end users’ needs. You may find this is true in almost all cases while researching the top reseller hosting firm for you.

Do I need the services of a Reseller Host?

This question is easy enough to answer. Do you want your own private blog or enthusiasts’’ forum? Are you currently trying to establish your companies’ E-presence? Do you have a product or service you want the world to know about? All of the preceding queries are definitely in need of the top reseller hosting services you can afford. You may also be in the market for social reasons. If this is the case reseller hosting can be a way to get your project of the ground. Many small internet marketing firms use the services of the top reseller hosting firms. Let’s face it, many businesses are feeling the economic pains felt by the masses.

These companies need to save money for one reason or another as do we all. They can in many cases do so by using top reseller hosting service providers. This may be accomplished by opting out of their high end services and using a reseller host. The money saved here can help maintain a solid bottom line, or even allow them to re-invest in their company to help it grow. The savings they receive due to this can also mean good pricing and savings for their customers.

How do I become a Host Reseller?

So you have made the decision to become a host reseller. This is not exactly an easy thing to do without the right background and education. The education necessary does not necessarily mean you need a degree. The education necessary can in many cases be obtained by doing the right amount of research to understand what it entails. This information is made available to all who desire it on the internet. There are many web sites and forums in which this is a regular topic. If you have a basic understanding of the web and how it works, this could be right up your alley.

In order to set up shop one will first have to obtain a wholesale or bulk reseller account with a web hosting service provider. This is the easiest part of your journey. As with any business, you will have to advertise very aggressively. The reason being; there are many host reseller service providers out there. These firms are competition from the start. I would recommend you research your competition extensively. This will help you decide what type of services you want to or will offer.

What are my responsibilities as a Reseller?

A host reseller has the responsibility of maintaining the server space allotted to them per your contract. Issues at the server hub are taken care of by the data center operator that cares for the infrastructure belonging to your hosting service provider. Whether it is equipment failure or connectivity issues this will be handled in house by the operations center team.

In so far as your clients are concerned you will have to maintain the relationship you have established with them. If a client cannot access features of or make changes to their web site. Maybe they are unable to see their web page at all. It is the responsibility of the host reseller to relay these problems to the primary provider. This will in turn help your clients resolve their current issues. This is one of the great things about reseller hosting. As a reseller you have no equipment, hardware or software to worry about or replace when they become out dated. Nor are you constantly tasked with maintaining the network infrastructure.

Can I profit from Selling Hosting?

Many host resellers can and do make profits in the reseller hosting market. This is achieved in many ways. your web page is a great place to advertise. Advertising for the right clientele can make you a little money. This web site should be able to fit within your dedicated hard drive space. This space is dedicated to the reseller to use as they please. Provided you do it right being a host reseller can be quite profitable. This is due to the fact that the reseller has the right to create their own pricing and payment schedule.

The real key to profits in this market is non-stop advertising. This takes a lot of dedication and attention to detail. As a host reseller you want to be sure you are advertising to the right people. One should be sure how and where they advertise is frequented by the right demographic. Not everybody is in need of a reseller hosting provider. Though without you web sites go unpublished, and a company’s dream unrealized.

It may take some time at first to establish a customer base. When your customer base is finally established you will find it may be time to set up some more accounts. In this case it may be time for more server space and a contract upgrade from your web host. In the end all business ventures come with risk attached. Through hard work and determination you may see your risk turn to reward.

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