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Head Surfer
October 9th, 2008

Server cleanup and management is a very important task. Clients often store old files or emails in a folder on the server. The following command will allow you to locate old files on the server and automatically remove them if they are greater than X days old.

find /home/backups/example -name “*” -ctime +14 | xargs -r rm

Here’s the breakdown of the command.
find /home/backups/example = look in the /home/backups/example folder.
-name “*” = look for all files – if you wanted specific files like zip only files you would change this to:
-name “*.zip” = that would tell the command to only locate files that are in that folder and end in *.zip
-ctime +14 = this is in days. So you’re telling it to find anything that is older than 14 days.
| xargs -r rm = this is the actual action. This tells the server to locate the files that match the conditions from above and then remove them from the server.

Warning: This is not Microsoft Windows. There is no “are you sure” or recycle bin. Once you run this command it will start removing the files immediately.

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