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August 16th, 2012

For people who don’t know what a photo blog is, it is actually a website that consists of photographs which were arranged in a chronological order and is powered by one of the photo blog hosts. The main idea behind this kind of website is not actually to give the viewer a narrative, but rather to showcase the photos as they appear.

Selecting a hosting solution for a photo blog presents some rather unique challenges, so you must know what you are looking for when you consider various photo blog hosts. Remember that the main goal of photo blogs is to give a convenient and easy way to share various photographs with site visitors.

The photos will also be put on a web hosting server, so even if your computer itself is damaged, lost or stolen, your photo blog will be a place where you photos will be safe. After all, you can always get a new computer, but some photos are priceless and thus impossible to replace.

Here are certain things to keep in consideration when you compare photo hosts:

  • The Need for Fast Photo Viewing – A photo blog that is well structured will allow you to see the next picture instantly and the photos should all load fast and without any unnecessary delays.
  • Photo URL – On each photo, there needs to be a URL for it which is easily accessible to the viewer. This makes it easier to share each photo by email or through another means.
  • Privacy Settings – The top photo blog hosts will give you privacy settings that you can adjust to make the photos viewable by everyone, or by a more defined group of people.
  • Fast Uploading and Posting Capabilities – Photo blog hosts should give you the option to upload your photos easily and quickly. After all, remember that a photo blog is about sharing your pictures.

These are just some examples of the features offered by the best photo blog hosts. You are much better off going with a reliable host that offers paid hosting accounts, rather than with some free photo blog hosts. While the free hosts may have a nice looking website and promise you that their service is the best, it is often not the case. They could put a lot of limitations on how you use your account, such as giving you only limited storage space and only a limited amount of photo albums that you can post to your photo blog. Obviously this is not a good thing.

Overall bandwidth capacity is also an issue when selecting photo blog hosts. Free hosts often put limits on the bandwidth of each account in order to conserve resources. While this is unlikely to affect you if you are only sharing a few dozen pictures with friends and family, it can be quite an issue if you have hundreds of different photos that you are sharing with the whole world. For example, if you are a professional photographer or are hoping to become one, you could need to share thousands of photos that you took on your website. Free photo blog hosts are thus unlikely to meet your needs in this case.

More About Blog Hosts

Another issue that many people tend not to give too much importance to when selecting photo blog hosts is reliability and support. Once again, if you are just sharing a few snapshots with your friends and family, you can probably survive if your site goes down for the whole day. But if you need this photo blog for business or professional purposes, then you need to have reliable hosting.

Free photo blog hosts typically are not that reliable and have limited support options, which is usually just a “contact us” form on their website. It could take them several days to just reply to your email and then a few more days to fix the problem. Obviously this is not something that you want.

Once again, the choice with regards to hosting is yours to make. If you are just sharing a couple of pictures for personal reasons, then one of the free photo blog hosts might be sufficient for you. But if you want reliable hosting, then going with paid photo blog hosts that will give you more features and solid reliability is a much better thing for you.

Finding the Top Video Blog Hosts

Those of you who are looking to located the top video blog hosts will need to be aware of where they can actually find this kind of web hosting. You would actually need to do a bit more research, as video blog hosts are different than simply general blog hosts. One of the reasons behind their differences is that video takes up more storage space and bandwidth, so you will need to have web hosting that will offer you these features and also will be fast enough to handle many different videos.

On a blog, you can have various kinds of multimedia content, one of which is videos. If you are not using one of the video blog hosts, then you could have some limits as to the size and amount of videos that you can post. But if you want your blog to be useful in communicating a message to your audience, or to make some money for you, then you would really not want to have limits placed on it, such as regarding the amount of videos that you can post.

By using the very best video blog hosts, you will have everything that you need in order to get your videos on the internet and also have the monetization results that you are looking for. If you are planning to start a blog which will host many different videos, then it is quite important that you choose the proper type of web hosting for your needs. Using the very best when it comes to video blog hosts is of utmost importance in that case.

Things You Need From Video Hosts

1. Customizability

You will need to be able to customize your blog in order to make it look exactly the way you want it to. This is actually quite easy to accomplish, but you will need to be dealing with video blog hosts that provide you everything that you need in terms of plugins, widgets, and themes so that you can personalize your blog to the maximum.

It is actually not difficult to find the video blog hosts that will let you do that. The best blog hosts will always let you use the WordPress platform, as it is the most popular one and is used by millions of bloggers from all around the world. Basically, it will let you fully customize your blog without having any trouble with it.

2. Space

Basically, if you want to put together a video blog, one thing that you will chiefly need is web storage space. It will be much better for you to go with a web host that offers you unlimited disk space. There are plenty of video blog hosts that offer this feature, which will be extremely useful for you. Why? Simply because video blogs tend to take up a lot more space than regular blogs, due to the fact that videos are larger than other content, such as pictures and text.

The best blog hosting will give you the space that you need for your blog to grow as well. Even if you start out with just a few videos on your blog, you probably have plans to make it grow. So, it is thus much better to go with a host that offers truly unlimited space.

3. Bandwidth and Speed

These are two other things that are important and will need to be taken into consideration for your choice of video blog hosts. If you get unlimited disk space as well as unlimited bandwidth, you will get the best blog hosting for a video blog. Bandwidth essentially means data transfer. Whenever someone accesses a video on your blog, they will be transferring the full content of this video from your web hosting server onto their computer. Sure, one video might only be 5 or 10 megabytes, but if you have 2000 daily visitors who each watch just 4 or 5 videos, it will add up very quickly. So essentially, the best video blog hosts for you will be those with unlimited bandwidth.

Speed is also a factor here. Internet users are not patient, and this is a fact. They don’t want to sit and wait 5 minutes while your video is loading. If the videos load too slowly, they will simply go to another website and leave yours. Once again, this is a factor that will come into play when determining which video blog hosts are really the best for you specific blog. The best video blog hosts will have servers that are always running in good condition, have fast connections to the internet and are not overloaded with other websites.

Selecting Video Hosts for Your Blog

You now are aware of the main elements that come into play when looking for the best of the video blog hosts available on the internet. It is extremely important that you keep these in consideration when you are choosing which hosting company to go with, as not using a quality web host can have a direct impact on the user experience of your blog. This can also have an impact on the amount of money that you will be making from it.

Since you need space, speed, bandwidth and reliability, one option that is offered by many video blog hosts and that should be seriously considered by you is getting a VPS server. It is better than shared hosting as you will be getting your own partition on a web server, rather than sharing a server with many other websites. Whether you will go with shared hosting or VPS hosting is entirely your choice, but the top video blog hosts will offer you both options so that you can make a better decision. If you plan on getting a lot of traffic to your video blog, then it is strongly recommended that you go with a VPS web hosting solution, as doing so will allow you to get more reliable, secure and functional hosting than if you were using shared web hosting.

By going with the right blog hosting, you can position your blog to be on the way to success in the online world. There are plenty of video blog hosts available for you, so make sure that you take your time in order to do a comparison between them.

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