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September 13th, 2012

Free URL registration has enticed every single individual throughout the world, be it individuals or even companies, to have their very own domain names and hosting. There happens to be many reasons for this instant hype, most important one being that the process has become way simpler today than it ever was even few years back. People nowadays don’t even hire authors or designers for making their web sites as common software allow them to make web pages in matter of hours.

Other than this, too many web hosting service providers are available nowadays that take up the job for few dollars and other have started offering free URL registration. Entities have started using their famous product names in web addresses so that it becomes easier for customers to recognize their used firm. Currently web developers are used majorly by multinationals to design exclusive and attractive websites for their clients; other parties usually act self sufficient. In old times, different languages such as HTML and few others were used to develop and design the site but not anymore as a pretty much similar job could be done now using ordinary software. Gone are the days of JAVA Script, SQL and other languages as new software would be doing all the back-end work for the user.

Free registration Being Offered By Firms

Many new web hosting service providing companies have started a new trend of offering free URL registration for their old clients. Many new packages were introduced that provide free URL registration service for second domain name if the first one is registered with that company. Domain name is usually confused with domain hosting, which are two complete different things. The first one relates to the address that is provided to the client so that it becomes reachable for its customers, while the latter one is how it would be debuted on the World Wide Web.

So in order to step into the virtual world of countless opportunities, having a domain name is inevitable. Once the name has been decided, which too needs a lot of analysis and research, the first step has been completed. A tip before you actually start thinking about a name, a number of web addresses or domain names should be thought of initially. The main reason for doing this is because hundreds and thousands of companies go online every alternate day and others are in the transition of entering the virtual world, so there may be instances when the name decided at first is already being used by some other firm.

With URL Registration Extra Care Is Required

When a company is paying a heavy premium for registering its web address, there are chances that it will be offered few other domain names without charging the client for it and this is when you may come across a free url registration advertisement. Although registration charges aren’t usually that high, they will obviously vary from package to package and from company to company.

Fee charges variations are mainly due to the differences in web space, bandwidth and number of email address being offered. The more the space offered, the higher would be the fee charged. With free URL registration being offered, extra care should be taken while picking host service provider.

Choosing The Right Name Before You Register a Url

In order to start a website may it be an online marketing site, shopping site, blog or any other type of website, the first thing you have to do is choose, create and register url then pick out a hosting package. The URL is also known as the domain and going through the domain name registration process might come off as a bit off a hurdle initially but is perhaps the most important step in the creation of your website. This is applicable to those who want to start a long term online business or those who want to set up a website temporarily to make some quick money.

Either ways, you have to register url. Many people like to make money online by resorting to affiliate marketing which means selling someone else’s products over the internet. Even if you are selling products that are not strictly your own per se, the website you use to sell them will belong to you and it is best that its domain be registered.

It is of the utmost importance that before you even consider to register url, you pick a relevant and creative domain name. They should be relevant in the sense that they should correspond directly to the kind of business that you are carrying out or the kind of products you are selling. Nike.com for example sells its branded sportswear and footwear and the consumer instantly knows what page to visit if they are interested in purchasing their products.

Cookinginfo.com directly leads you to a variety of cooking recopies and again, the online consumers are well aware that the website refers to cooking and not something unrelated like glitter unicorns for sale. You can register url on plenty of websites such as cheapdomainsfromscratch.com which help you pick a domain name.

Another important thing to consider while you pick your domain name is the kinds of keywords that you use. Make sure to use something that is easily accessible and easy to remember and something that comes up first on search engines like Google or Yahoo. This is because not everyone will initially know your website and the services or products it offers when you first start out and therefore, in order to build traffic and direct them towards your website, you need to have easy and attractive keywords that get the job done for you.

How To Register

There are all kinds of websites that help you choose domain names. Some are relatively expensive while others such as cheapdomainsfromscratch.com are cheaper. When you decide to register url, the first thing you will have to do is check whether the name you picked out is available or whether it has already been taken up by someone else. If it is not available, you may have to use a slight variation or brainstorm the appropriate name all over again. Such is the way of domain registration.

You also have to choose what you want to use at the end of your URL. Will it be a .com, a .net a .info or something else entirely? This is also an important aspect and it is recommended that if you buy .com for example you should also purchase .info because otherwise people might get confused between your website and another website and your hard earned traffic may be directed elsewhere.

A Long Lasting URL

You should ensure that when you register url, it lasts for at least 2-3 years so your website looks more credible to clients.

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