Why you Must Have Low Cost WordPress Hosting if you are a Blogger

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August 5th, 2012

Low cost WordPress hosting is a great choice if you want to blog. You can use this type of hosting to put up a great blog that functions and looks the way you want it to look. This is one of the best platforms for blogs and you can do many things that you cannot do with other platforms if you have WordPress.

WordPress is the most significant CMS tool utilized for the optimization of blogs along with internet sites. The fondness for this kind of program was at first recognized as an application for blogging, but the overpowering success has extended the essential nature of its celebrity in the study of internet site optimization also.

Many people today view this specific tool is due to its plain customization and simplicity of use followed by a secured server system. The bountiful development of internet site templates, secured database and plug ins has led on to a unanimous increase in the target market who are ready to select this helpful CMS tool. The CMS tool has really helped to change many things.

In all, hosting of a WordPress site needs an only dedicated WordPress hosting plan in contrast to the wants of a static page Server up-time indicates the potency of the server in 2 aspects i.e, availability and speed. This is the most vital part of a hosting plan for WordPress blogging and site.

The minimum server up time which is needed to guarantee an expert hosting plan is 99%, while the vast majority of the website hosting corporations exaggerates about their server up time directions in a masterful manner. A good WordPress hosting provider not only undertakes to supply the maximum server up time of 99.9%, but also turn out to be successful in the practical implementation of their claims.

A regular updating of the CMS and consistent upgrading of the server is the basic obligation of any customer who choosing the hosting program of WordPress. No shopper would need to have his blog or web site offline at any instant as it can impede the traffic of the audience to a major extent. A professional service supplier may be able to include an internet backup facility in your hosting package so you can guarantee a continual updating of the system and server applications.

The adequate disk drive space and bandwidth are the key wants of a skilled hosting plan. One must not lose touch with the incontrovertible fact that the designed template of WordPress needs acceptable quantity of space for the storage and uploading of content, videos, pictures, text, audio and visible materials, relying on the kind of internet site being customized. Thus, the drive space plus bandwidth should be in conformity with your WordPress hosting wants.

Now, the key is to make sure you get the right company for your low cost WordPress hosting or you could end up with a type of hosting that is not supported very well. There is a process you need to go through to get hosting for your blog. The good news is the most time consuming part of the process is already done for you.

Use the research and the reviews on this site to help you choose the hosting for your blog. This will make it much easier for your to compare each host to the next. If you start with the top hosting company list it will save you many hours of research time and you will have everything you need at your fingertips.

How to Find the Best WordPress Hosting

Getting the best low cost WordPress hosting is not always easy because nearly every hosting company offers a way for you to use WordPress now. However, some are very different than the others. You need to choose a company that has the Fantastico script because you will have access to the full benefits of the platform with this script.

Another very important part of choosing a hosting company is the reputation they have. By reading through the real customer reviews on this site you can find out what other people think about the company. This is a great way to see the up to date opinion of the company and what they are currently offering.

You also need to have a hosting company that provides you with shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting. If all you get is shared hosting and the company does not offer any upgrade options you may find that you have to switch hosting as soon as you start to get a decent amount of traffic to your blog. This is much easier to do if you have a company that already offers these upgrades.

Support is a vital part of any hosting company and if you don’t get a good hosting company the support will not be good. You need to be sure you are getting the best support from your hosting choice. This means you should probably take the time to test the support and see if it is fast and reliable. This also speaks to the reliability of their servers.

Most of the packages from one host to another are going to be very similar so you need to make sure you get the right company. Take the time to look into the reviews and you will have a better chance of getting the right hosting company for your blog.

There are many things to consider with hosting and your blog is way too important to get hosting from a low-grade company. If you don’t take the time to look at what each host offers you and test the support you may find it will cost you more time and money later on than it would have cost you now.

Making the Final Decision for Low Cost Hosting

When cost is an issue you need to make sure you get the right package from a top hosting company. You are most likely looking for shared hosting and the one major thing you need to know is that with shared hosting if you spend a couple extra dollars a month you can usually get unlimited domain hosting. This means you can put up more than one blog on the same account.

You should also look and see if any of the upgraded packages have better security or more resources. Some companies do give you quite a bit more if you are willing to spend a little bit more on your low cost WordPress hosting. Since this type of hosting is going to range from $3 a month to $20 a month it is not a large amount more that you have to spend.

Make sure you take your time and compare at least three different hosting companies. This will help you to get the right company for your hosting and the right package. Since hosting is your foundation, you need to make sure your blog is on a strong one. Take your time and make the right decision for low cost WordPress hosting.

Using the Cheapest WordPress Hosting

The cheapest WordPress hosting is for hosting a blog on the WordPress platform. It is really quite hard to say one hosting company offers the cheapest WordPress hosting because many offer shared hosting from $2.50 per month to $5 per month and include WordPress as a scripts you can use. This is a very low price range and it is very important to understand what you are getting.

With the cheapest WordPress hosting you are getting the ability to host one blog and maybe a handful of email addresses, all on one domain name. You can get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and many other features, but you will not get unlimited domain hosting with the cheapest WordPress hosting. This comes with more expensive packages.

If you plan to only host one blog you will be able to do it with the cheapest WordPress hosting, but if you plan to put up more than one blog and potentially a website or two, then you need more than just the cheapest WordPress hosting.

Another thing to consider is that this type of hosting is going to be shared hosting. This is not the best hosting out there, and even though you can use it to host your blog, you may want to look into other options.

Alternatives to the Cheap WordPress Hosting

1. A Mid-Level Shared Hosting Package

The advantage of going with a mid-level shared hosting package that includes WordPress is the ability to host more than one domain name. Most hosting companies will give you unlimited domain hosting, at this point, and they will give you more features as well. One of those features may be your own private IP address, which will give you a better chance to rank higher in the search engines.

2. A High-Level Shared Hosting Package

If you want to have the best of the shared hosting world, then spend between $15 and $20 a month for a high-level shared hosting package. This type of package will give you the most features and tools along with a better amount of security. Typically, this type of account will be faster than if you go with the cheapest WordPress hosting.

3. VPS Hosting

Another choice is to forget about shared hosting all together and start off with VPS hosting. You can start with a very small VPS package for under $10 a month and step it up, as you need more space. This will be more secure and faster than shared hosting since you will have your own partition of the server.

4. Cloud Hosting

A new type of WordPress hosting is cloud hosting. Many companies are offering cloud hosting to help you put up a blog, but it is not perfect just yet. There are still a few security issues, but nothing any worse than with shared hosting. The benefit of using cloud hosting is the speed you gain from the cloud being hosted across multiple servers.

5. Dedicated Hosting

If you want to be sure you have the best hosting out there simply choose dedicated hosting. This is the best of the hosting world because it is the fastest and the most secure. The server will be all yours to customize however you want and you can host as many domain names on the server as you wish.

What is the Cheapest Hosting Good For?

Beginners are the right customers for the cheapest WordPress hosting packages. This is a very low-level type of hosting and is usually used for a personal website or a blog. However, beginners can get their feet wet for a very small fee and upgrade to something other than the cheapest WordPress hosting when they are ready to.

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