Is Cheap Business Website Hosting Worth it or a Mistake?

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September 4th, 2012

If you want to take your business online you are going to need hosting and many business owners go with cheap business website hosting. However, this could be the biggest mistake you make and it could cause your website to be more of a liability than an asset. You need to understand everything you can about cheap web hosting before you decide to use it for your business.

You can get a lot of the same benefits with hosting that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Sometimes you might be paying for very expensive hosting packages that you do not even use. This is wasting your time and your money. It’s vital that you actually spend time researching the features that comes with the package. Find out exactly what you use and what you might not use. See if it’s worth spending all of that money and find out what host package online might be the one you should get.

Cheap Hosting is basically the type of hosting that comes from a third rate company and the cheapest website hosting can cause you many issues. You want to make sure you are getting the right hosting for your business without setting yourself up for failure. You would be amazed as to how many people actually do this and then come to regret it later. It’s very easy to do this when you are new and might not know what you are doing. There are two basic mistakes businesses make when going online.

The first mistake involves using free hosting like the Google web host and the second mistake involves getting cheap hosting that is just not from a good company. Hosting, in general, does not have to be all that expensive and there really is no good reason to go cheap with it. Here are some ways to get good hosting without spending a ton of cash.

5 Things to Know When Shopping for Cheap Business Website Hosting

1. Company Matters

You cannot choose a hosting package from just any company and you are not going to be very successful if this is what you do. Instead you really want to make sure you choose your hosting from a top web hosting company that can provide you with everything you need. This is vitally important and choosing a third rate company will not benefit you at all.

2. Price is Irrelevant

The biggest mistake made by business owners trying to take their business online is the fact that they simply choose the cheapest company. This is not always a good idea because cheaper does not mean better with hosting. Sure you can save a few dollars every month, but you can easily lose more in the profits you could have made than what you are saving on hosting.

3. Compare Companies

If you want to make sure you get the right company for your hosting you need to compare all aspects of at least three different hosting companies. Starting with a list of the top ten hosting companies will help to lead you to the right one and you can still get cheap business website hosting from one of these top companies. If you have a lot of questions or might be unsure about it then you can contact the company and see if they are willing to help you and then you can judge by their customer service skills if they might be good for you or if you should continue looking.

4. Shared Web Hosting

When you are just starting out the cheapest website hosting options is going to be shared web hosting. This will not be the most secure hosting out there, but it can help you get your business up and running rather fast. Plus if you choose one of the best web hosting companies you can upgrade once your site is making you a little extra cash.

Shared hosting will put you on a server with many other hosting accounts and you will share the resources in a “free for all” type of way. This is not the best option, but if you use a top web hosting company they will help to ensure you don’t experience any downtime. They will also be more likely to know how many accounts can fit on one server without causing an issue.

5. VPS Hosting

The other good option when you need cheap hosting is VPS hosting. This is a type of shared hosting that will have you paying for your own partition of the server and the resources will be only for you. You can start off very cheap with a small package and as your business grows online you can expand your hosting package to accommodate it.

Avoiding the Cheap Business Website Hosting Companies that Are No Good

When you need to get hosting for a business website it is important that you know how to avoid companies that offer cheap web hosting without the proper support or resources. If you want to get the most out of your website you have to choose a top web hosting company that is not some fly by night or third rate choice.

The companies that charge less than $50 a year for hosting or just offer shared hosting only are not good choices. These are usually resellers of hosting from other companies or they are very small without the team and resources to support you properly. There is one very easy way to find out how good your hosting company really is.

This is to test the support and see how fast and how reliable they are. A hosting company with good support usually has very reliable servers. This means they will crash less often and the support team will be more available to take care of your needs when you have an issue. If you are looking for cheap business website hosting and you don’t get it from a top web hosting company, you may be making a huge mistake.

Why Most Consider Cheap Web Hosting Companies?

Getting web hosting is vitally important to your business and most beginners will chose one of the cheap web hosting companies for many reasons. There are many choices out there and you really have to know whether you can trust cheap hosting or if you need to spend more to get the hosting that you need for your project.

Hosting is the foundation of your business and the major reason that most go with cheap hosting is simply because it is cheap. Most beginners will make their hosting decision solely based on the price of the company and package they are looking into. This is not a good way to make your hosting decision or any other online buying decision for that matter.

There are many different types of hosting like blog hosting, ASP hosting, ColdFusion hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, PHP hosting, Windows hosting, MAC hosting, and many other choices. These are all different in their own way and most of them do have a cheap version out there for you to purchase if you are only concerned about price.

Many of the cheap web hosting companies will provide you with a foundation to get a website up and running, but can you really trust these companies? Also, what defines cheap hosting and what is considered to be a normal price? There are many questions you may have about hosting and below you will find some of your answers.

Finding one of the Cheap Web Hosting Companies that you can Trust

If you want to find one of the cheap web hosting companies that you can actually trust you will have to do many different things and understand many different things. You have to start by understanding what is considered to be a cheap price for hosting and what is considered to be an expensive price.

The cheapest website hosting is actually free, but this is garbage hosting and you don’t want it. The Google web host offers the best free hosting on the internet and it is not even recommended for learning about hosting. You want to spend at least a few dollars a month for hosting and the cheapest website hosting that you will pay for is going to run about $2 a month.

You can get this type of hosting and it will be a yearly fee of about $25 a year. This is not very much money considering you can spend that much in a week for even better hosting or even in a month for better hosting. If price is the only thing you care about find the company that offers the cheapest website hosting at about $25 a year and set yourself up to fail online.

The most expensive hosting is going to run well over $1,000 a month, but this is the best possible hosting you are going to find. That leaves a very large area in between. So, what can you expect to pay for good hosting? You can expect to spend between $7 and $20 a month for good hosting that is considered to be cheap hosting.

This means that the difference between getting hosting from one of the cheap web hosting companies and getting good cheap hosting is about $5 to $18 a month. That really is not much money when you start thinking about it and you need to be willing to invest in yourself. You can get cheap hosting from a top web hosting company and still have trust in it.

Now that you know what to expect as far as price you should know what the cheapest website hosting is going to be and what you get with it. This will help you to understand why it is cheap and it will also help you to understand what you will be able to do with this type of hosting as well.

Shared web hosting is the cheapest website hosting you are going to find and basically this is the least secure, slowest, and the worst of all the paid options. This does not mean it can’t be used and it can’t be taken advantage of as your foundation. You can use shared hosting to help you get your website or blog online and you can do it in a good way.

You will be sharing a server with many other hosting accounts in a free for all type of sharing. This is not going to allow you to do as much as you want to do unless you get the shared hosting package that is provided by one of the best web hosting companies out there. If you get it from one of the cheap web hosting companies you will regret it later on.

The top web hosting companies will not overload their servers like a company that has a limited amount of servers to work with. This means that even with the cheapest website hosting you can get many of the benefits you need to get from hosting. This is necessary and you have to make sure the company you choose is the right one.

How to Avoid the Cheap Web Hosting Companies

Avoiding the cheap web hosting companies is easy if you just find a list of the top ten hosting companies and stick with one of the choices from that list. These are the best choices and if you choose a company that is considered to be one of the best you will know that you are getting hosting that you can trust.

You can read the different web hosting reviews like the HostMonster reviews and FatCow reviews to help you narrow down the decision to choose the best web hosting company for you. This can help you to understand the different types of hosting that are offered, the price for each package, and the company reputation.

Make sure you test the support to see if the support is fast, reliable, and accurate. The most accurate and fastest support will come from the top web hosting companies that are the most reliable. Reliable hosting is necessary when you are not getting a more advanced option and you are going with the cheapest website hosting.

Choose your hosting company with confidence and make sure you take your time choosing the right company for you. This will help you to get hosting that is going to give you the right options, the right speed, and the right resources for your website. Avoid the cheap web hosting companies and choose cheap hosting from a top web hosting company to give your business a better foundation.

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