How to Make Money Blogging, What are your Options?

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September 16th, 2012

The first thing that has to be discussed when it comes to how to make money blogging is the platform you are using for your blog. There are many options like, WordPress, Squidoo, Hubpages, and many more. Depending on what you are using for your blog will determine your options for monetization of your blog.

If you are using a free service then you are limited as to how you can make money blogging. However, those that are hosting their own blog and using a content management system like WordPress or Joomla will be better off because they can monetize their blog in any way they want to.

The Top Three Ways to Cash in With Blogging

Monetizing your blog is very important because you are not writing posts just to write posts. You need money to cover the hosting fees and your time. Some only put up a blog to make money and this is a great way to make a full time income if you understand how to make money blogging. Here are the top three ways to monetize your blog.

1. Google Adsense

One of the top ways to make money blogging is to use ads that you can display on your website from the Google Adsense program. These ads will be chosen for you to fit your website and all you have to do is copy and paste a code into your blog design. Then, the ads will display that fit your blog content the best.

2. Amazon Products

Another way to make money blogging is to promote Amazon products that fit the content of your blog. You can join the Amazon Associate’s program for free and promote any product that is listed on the site. You can even create widgets that will rotate products that are very similar and fit the subject of your blog.

3. Affiliate Products

There are many different programs out there that include affiliate products. These products can easily be promoted for free on your blog and if you generate a sale you will make a commission off the sale. This is a great way to make some money from your blog and you can even recommend products in your actual posts.

Learning How to Blog with These Methods

There is no need to go out and buy an expensive guide to teach you how to make money blogging. This is very easy to do and you have to know that when you want to make money blogging you can find a lot of information on how to do it for free. Some of the affiliate programs actually give you a free guide on how to promote their products.

If you want to take your blog to the next level, then you need to know about the monetization options that you can use. These are just three ways you can create an income from your blog. You could also promote your own products or build a list. There are many ways to make money blogging and you just have to choose the right ones for you.

Why do Mistakes in Marketing on the Web Happen so Often?

There are many good reasons why so many mistakes happen with marketing on the web, especially with the new marketers. One of the reasons is because of marketers that are new and the lack of being able to find good information about marketing out there. This causes many issues when you are new to internet marketing.

Due to the large number of guides out there that do not give you up to date or good advice on marketing you are very likely going to make some mistakes with marketing on the web. However, if you know what to look for you may be able to avoid these mistakes much easier and you may be able to move forward faster by avoiding these mistakes.

The Mistakes you Better be Familiar with

1. Program Hopping

When you are new to internet marketing you have to know that there are a ton of ways that you can make money online and a ton of other marketers trying to make money by selling their program to you. Most of the programs out there do work, but you have to work the program before you will know whether or not they will be successful.

One of the biggest mistakes a new marketer will make is they will actually start one program and never get to the point where they will make any money before they buy into a new program. This can end up costing you a lot of money and time before you make any money online.

2. Spending Money you don’t have

New marketers buy into things all the time and spend so much money they should not be spending that it is not funny. When you are new to internet marketing you can literally get started for under $20 a month and you do not have to spend money to make money. The information you need to learn these strategies is free and this is a great way to start.

3. Proper Research

Another huge mistake that is made with marketing on the web is that many marketers do not do proper research. Research is so important because if you just jump right into something with internet marketing you could waste a ton of time and cash before you ever get there. You want to know that you are making a good marketing decision before you move forward.

How to Avoid Making Marketing Mistakes

The number one thing you have to remember with marketing on the web is that if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. There are many programs and methods that are hyped up to sell them to new marketers and they are not nearly as good as they say they are. These are the ones that you should avoid.

If you find a program that sounds reasonable, then it probably is worth your time. Make sure you read reviews and you do proper research before you decide that you want to use a marketing method. This is the first thing you need to do when it comes to marketing on the web.

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