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August 25th, 2012

For many people, Totally Free Website Hosting seems like a perfect deal – no cost, someone else takes advantage of the technical details and you get to keep every penny of advertising revenue you make. However, there are some serious disadvantages you need to consider first. For many people Totally Free Website Hosting will be a good launch into the world of web hosting, but have a read below of the advantages/disadvantages and think about whether it is a necessary first step for you.

If you are looking though, you can find lots of great Totally Free Website Hosting deals with a simple internet search – go into Google and a multitude will pop up – find some reviews to make sure you get the best host for you. Even within free hosting, the quality of the hosting and the services provided will be vastly different.

Advantages of Totally Free Web Hosting

The main advantage of Totally Free Website Hosting is that you do not get a bill every month! What could be better?! For someone looking to create a simple, maybe community based, no hassle website – Totally Free Website Hosting will almost definitely provide the solution you are looking for.

If you are only expecting to make minimal amounts of advertising revenue then you really need to consider free hosting to make sure you get at least some revenue from your hard work! They may also allow you to sign up to ad programs that they will run for you – making your work even simpler!
If you have no technical experience, Totally Free Website Hosting is a really good idea as it means you have minimal technical responsibility. If you do not know your servers from your ISPs then Totally Free Website Hosting companies will do everything for you, from setting up your account to managing downtime to getting updates installed.

You will also not have to bother with installing any server side software yourself – as your Totally Free Website Hosting Company will install and set everything up for you. They will run regular maintenance and their security will be even tighter (as they are completely responsible for all the data on the site).

Disadvantages of Website Hosting for Free

The main disadvantage of Totally Free Website Hosting is that you have no technical control over your servers. It is the Totally Free Website Hosting Company that hosts the server side software, updates it and decides what can be put onto their servers. They also are the people who decide when updates are run.
You may find that you are unable to run software because they have not yet updated your SQL Server version for example.

Another technical disadvantage is that there is less customer service support in some regards, you are not able to threaten to remove your account as they do not lose anything from them, the only time they will show a serious amount of concern is if it threatens the actual data on their servers.

The Importance Of Web And Hosting

Once you are done with the initial design of your website, it needs to go on the web and hosting is the way to do it like at webhostingpad. There are several hosting companies out there which put your website on the main server so that it can be viewed by other people through browsing the internet. You should do some thorough research online concerning web and hosting so that you get a good deal. It is important that you make the right decision at this point and choose a reliable host. They should have a proper infrastructure and good reputation. This will ensure that your website will remain accessible and the company will not go out of existence, taking your website with it.

Different hosting companies offer different hosting packages according to the type of website you have. Choose your package wisely because the decision will stick with you for a long time. If your website gains credibility and traffic, it is quite a nuisance to have to change your host.

Things To Look Out For with Hosting

The process of website making starts with the design which is mostly done on website builder softwares. Before you start the design or choose a hosting company, make sure that both are compatible with each other. You do not want a beautifully designed website which does not work with the hosting package you paid good money for.

Web and hosting are usually of two types. You can buy either the dedicated hosting or shared hosting. The dedicated hosting provides you with more disk space and bandwidth for a bigger website. The more bandwidth and disk space on the server you have, the more smoothly your website will run and the traffic will be handled efficiently. Your website will not experience down time due to excessive traffic.

A Basic Guide

It is often quite difficult to decide which web and hosting company is right for you. In order to get a cheap yet efficient package, you should do some fair amount of research. You should have a rough idea about how much traffic your website will receive. That calculation will help you decide how much bandwidth and disk space you require. The most important thing to look out for is the reliability of the website. If you are not much experienced in the business of hosting, it can be hard to judge which company is right for you. If you require help in this department, you can head over to different websites which show you the company ratings. These rating lists provide some basic information about the packages being offered.

Many companies offer cheap or absolutely free web hosting but choosing them will be a huge mistake. These companies often promise bandwidth and maximum up time. However, these promises are rarely kept and your website experiences maximum down time. These small issues can add up and cause significance damage to your online business. However, it may seem simple but you should be careful when choosing web and hosting.

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