How to Find the Best Cheap Web Hosting

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September 4th, 2012

Everybody in this business is all about marketing and making profit. Probably the most key elements that influence profit generation include quality of products or services, optimum marketing and exposure, and product marketability.

However, profit can also be optimized if operational costs are minimized. Thus, if operating costs can be minimized while optimizing marketability options, there is a fairly good chance of generating maximum profit, and that is definitely great for any business. In online marketing, one of the best business strategies is find the best cheap web hosting.

Best cheap web hosting does not mean that the services provided by the hosting plan are worthless. In some cases that may be true, but today there is so much competition in the hosting industry, that even the most reputable, and reliable hosting companies hare offering cheap web hosting to be able to attract customers to their hosting plans. By cheap website hosting is meant monthly hosting that costs less than $10/month. In many cases hosting can be purchased for as little as $3.95/month. At these prices it is still possible to get a quality hosting at some of the most reputable and reliable hosting companies.

In order for services or products to be known to other areas around the globe, these need to be available to them. The best way to create products or services accessible all across the world is to develop a web site. Web hosting makes this happen.

As a result, hosting web sites is one of the most popular online business — but where to find the best cheap web hosting?

Basic Features — Don’t Skimp On Quality

In selecting a cheap web hosting plan for your products or service, it is not only vital that you think about the hosting features and capabilities, you must also look at the subscription plan too. If you save money on operational costs, you are able to maximize profit. Thus, it is important to find the best hosting deal. Finding the optimum hosting deal is not actually that difficult.

If you know where you can search for the best web hosting deals, you are able to definitely find one that will perfectly suit your needs in no time. But, how do you find the best web hosting packages, and where do you look for them?

These sites provide the very in depth reviews on the best web hosting companies as well as the best hosting deals around. Moreover, since these reviews are done by professionals and experts, you can be confident that you’re getting the correct information and unbiased opinions on the best web hosting services.

Some things that will be reviewed on most hosting reviews are the capability of servers and the customer service. It is a hard fact that there are now tons of web hosting companies and finding the right one by yourself isn’t always easy.

The reviews and testimonials of past and present customers of the host you are considering, will give you a good insight into how truthful or otherwise the company sales copy represents the true operations of the host.

Overview of Features and Options Offered By Cheap Hosting Companies

As already mentioned, the best and most well-recognized hosts offer cheap plans to attract customers. What follows are some of the offerings that are typically found in these cheap plans:

  • Free website setup – This is usually standard with most hosting companies. If a webmaster is not familiar with the process of setting up a website on a server and needs assistance, that assistance will be provided for him in a matter of just a few hours or less.
  • Unlimited disk space – Many cheap hosting companies offer more than adequate disc space for the running of your website operations, and it will be possible later to upgrade your plan when the growth of the site requires more disc space and resources.
  • Unlimited bandwidth – Here again you will be able to get unlimited bandwidth in cheap web hosting. This is an important aspect of a web hosting plan, as an inadequate amount of bandwidth will result in your website coming to a grinding halt if customers are not able to access the site because its bandwidth allotment is inadequate. It could also result in a reduced bottom line for the business and that is not a good situation.

However, with various reviews provided by website hosting review sites (like ours or others), it is possible to begin to see the comparison of those hosting companies, most particularly on their features and performance. Another essential consideration in hosting reviews are discounts and web coupons — where possible. But, this doesn’t always provide the best cheap web hosting deal…look for overall value.

Besides the monthly hosting subscription rates, which you can easily compare, discounts and web coupons can be important. Certainly, it can be advantageous for you if you get discounts upon signing up for a web hosting subscription. If you want to obtain the best cheap web hosting deal, you should look for discounts, rebates, and coupon codes.

How To Find Good Hosting For Cheap

For most companies, having a web hosting service is a necessary part of any business, so finding the best web hosting service for your company is absolutely critical if you want to keep your clients and employees happy. But, cheap ain’t so bad either and yes you can get cheap web hosting that’s darn good.

1) Free is not better if the service isn’t any good

It’s hard to pass up that offer of free web hosting – after all, we all love the idea of getting something for nothing, especially in the business world. Unfortunately, most of these free services have been designed with individuals in mind, not companies, so their functions and controls are much more limited.

It is possible for you to get free web hosting, but you will get a very limited amount of disc space and bandwidth and no control of your hosting space, and no possibility of upgrade. What’s more, you will not be given the freedom to use a customized domain name for your site, but instead, you will get a subdomain built on the host’s domain. This does not give you the freedom to brand your website, and in fact any traffic you generate will be directed to the site of your host and not to your site.

Possibility the biggest down point of free hosting, is the fact that the host may place banner and other ads on your site to help recoup the costs incurred by granting you hosting space. Also the host is under no obligation to retain your site on its server and may delete it at any moment, for any reason and you will have no recourse against such action. So free hosting gives you no control, very limited resources and space, and little flexibility.

2) A low, low price does not a better product make

The internet is full of cheap web hosting services that say they can help you create a great website that will bring in plenty of customers. Most of these web host providers have several different plans that offer a range of services at different prices. It might be tempting to pick the cheapest plan on offer, but you probably won’t get very good service or support for your website if you do.

Don’t pick the lowest priced plan just to save a few dollars because it will just end up costing you more in the long run – play it smart and look for the quality product. But, that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive either. The best choice would be the cheapest hosting plan that offers the greatest value and the necessities that your website needs for its operation.

3) Be responsible for your own backup

Most hosting services include some sort of regular backup of all the customer data stored on the host server; don’t rely solely on the host – it’s always a good idea to do your own periodic back up and restoration just to make sure that the task is being done and the information is current.

It’s really easy to do, if you can’t figure it out contact your web host and ask them for their recommendations, they will help you do it or find somebody that will help you.

4) Make sure you’ve chosen the best web host for your site

The worst mistake any web master can ever make is to pick the wrong host as your web hosting provider. You’ll suddenly find yourself well behind schedule when setting up the site, which means a growing loss of online business and a business relationship that just won’t end well. But, that doesn’t have to happen…at all.

Heads And Tails About The Rest

There are many cheap web hosting providers that have great customer service, unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth (watch this one), FREE domains, almost perfect up time and so on. To get cheap you’ll want to look at shared hosting plans, the cheapest web hosting plans (paid not free) will always be shared hosting plans.

These web hosting plans start at under $3 to $4 dollars per month with some web hosts. Now, that is dirt cheap. And, these are reputable companies — like FatCow, Hostmonster, Bluhost, MyHosting, Inmotion, and others. Given how cheaply quality web hosting plans are these days there is no benefit for a webmaster to suffer through the severe limitations that are present in the free hosting option.

But, if you have larger hosting needs — like dedicated hosting, then you’ll be looking to pay more, a lot more. But, as with anything, the more you get the more you’ll pay. Remember to look for pricing and overall value, cheap web hosting isn’t generally the best hosting, but oftentimes there are cheap plans that will give you all you need.

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