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August 7th, 2012

Getting your package from will limit you automatically when it comes to how many domain names you can host. Sure, you may start with just one, which they can cover, but what happens if you want to host more than five? They don’t offer a package allowing you to host more than five domain names at all. This presents just one of the many issues with this company. When you start doing further research online about this company then you will find out all of the problems that they have had and why so many people happen to be very unhappy with them. It’s important to always listen whenever a bunch of people complain about one site because it is usually for a reason.

If you want to host as many domain names as you want, choose FatCow hosting. They offer an unlimited package allowing you to host as many domains as you want. No limits means more options and more for you to do without needing to worry about whether you have the room in your hosting package or not. Beginners should all choose FatCow over and so should veterans.

The domain hosting only presents one of the many issues with the service offered by You probably don’t know this company very well simply because they don’t host nearly as many accounts as other hosting companies do. They don’t provide a service allowing them to grow the way others do and this presents a number of issues. Some of the services that you will need happen to be so very important. People new to websites might not understand the important of it and that’s how it could hurt them. This is why you should review and learn about all of the services that you need before you decide to get a website or go with a hosting package. It could really save you a lot of time and aggravation.

Why Choosing HostNexus Will Lead to Issues

The first thing you will notice with compared to FatCow and most other good hosting companies is the price. The prices from this company don’t make any sense because they don’t give you the options you can get for a cheaper price with another company. They simply don’t give you all you need when it comes to your hosting and they want you to pay more for it.

You don’t want to get stuck paying double or even triple the cost because you want to put up more than one website. Even just hosting one domain with will cost you more per month than using FatCow and you can host as many domains as you want with FatCow. This should throw up a red flag for you right away. A lot of hosting sites these days have it to where you can have multiple domains in one hosting package but this is not how goes with Host Nexus and that is another reason as to why people do not like them. FatCow not only has really good prices but the features and bonuses that you get with them happen to be amazing. You should research and find out how many domains you can have at fatcow with a hosting package and how much it will cost you compared to the domains that you can have with HostNexus and you can then see why people might decide to go with FatCow instead.

Another thing they don’t give you comes in the form of real support. They don’t employ the manpower that a larger company does and cannot give you the support you need. This will cause you many issues down the road and you don’t want a hosting company that does not provide the type of support you need for your account. Having a company with awesome support is something that you need to really have. If you have something that happens to your website you want to know for sure that you can depend on them. You don’t want to have a site that won’t support you when you really need it the most and more so if you are new to this kind of thing and might not understand everything that you are doing.

Finally, if you look at the website, you will notice they offer both Linux and Windows hosting. This often leads to issues with newer companies because they try to do more than they can handle. FatCow started with Linux hosting and still only offers Linux hosting. They specialize in one type of hosting for a reason. Linux hosting also has a lot of benefits with it and they are very easy to understand. If you have problems with linux then you can also look online and get answers fast because so many people use linux and that can really make a big difference.

When a company specializes they don’t need to learn as much and they can really become the best at what they do. With two or more types of hosting offered, companies must understand more about the servers and how they work. This presents a large amount of issues on the backend of things that you don’t want with your hosting choice.

Don’t Choose

Our recommendations do not include choosing You need a top company that will provide you with a strong foundation for your project. Don’t choose a smaller company just because you found them on the internet or someone recommended them to you. Make sure you read the reviews first and you will find out the truth about

How FatCow Web Hosting can Help You

My company works mostly on developing new websites for small companies and using FatCow web hosting helps. It was really hard for us to find some good hosting companies. Finally, I’ve found FatCow web hosting and their services are so good, that I’ve stuck with them up to this day.

What’s the most important thing you wish that your web hosting company provided for you? Of course, it is all about server uptime. For my company clients, having almost 100% uptime servers is necessary. It doesn’t matter if you are selling stuff online, writing a gaming blog, or providing your users with unique services, you know that your website must be up and running correctly almost all the time.

Why I chose FatCow Hosting

My first contact with this provider was very skeptical when I saw that all FatCow web hosting servers have an uptime of nearly 99.9%. I decided to try it out, especially since you can test FatCow hosting for 30 days for free, with theirs new guarantee policy.

After month of testing, I was really pleased with FatCow web hosting services. First of all, I need to mention that FatCow has only one hosting plan and doesn’t divide its customers into different plans. With only $3.67 per month, I get a bundle of services including:

– Unlimited email accounts (in my domain)
– Unlimited Disk Space
– Unlimited Bandwidth
– Unlimited MySQL databases
– Full access to CPanel, Site Builder and all scripts with FatCow has to offer

I also get one free domain for one year, just for starters. Yes, all of this for less than $4 a month. I also have to mention here that my previous website hosting provider had a similar offer, but without a free domain and a cost of $9.33 per month, which is almost three times higher, I didn’t get as much.

With such a great starter package, my company found a very useful ad with a coupon for popular networks like Google AdWords ($75 coupon), Yahoo and Bing Network ($25 coupon) and Facebook Ads ($50 coupon). I’ve already had a website that was promoting my company. Yes, it had a good SEO, but in web, developing business all my competition already had one. I’ve used those advertisement coupons to promote my website. They gave me a lot of traffic and a bunch of new customers from UK and US.

My Final Thoughts About FatCow

When I thought that my purchase of FatCow web hosting had already paid for itself, I decided to update my site. The CPanel interface, which is included for all FatCow users, was helpful for this. I’ve decided to add a shopping script, which was connected to my PayPal account. With a little use of CPanel I’ve created new sub-page for my company website.

Later I implemented one of the few shopping cart scripts, and after little configuration (filling up purchase data for PayPal transactions) my shopping cart was ready to go. If I want to add some other business scripts, like an item gallery, contact page with Google map, some kind of subscription form, or email autorespoder, I don’t have to buy those or hire someone to write them, because all scripts are provided with FatCow web hosting CPanel.

In summary, I’m very happy that I’ve found FatCow web hosting because their services are good, support is responding and helpful, and the main reason I’ve decided for them is the uptime is more than satisfactory.

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