Why Choosing HostingMetro.com Could be a Mistake

When looking at what HostingMetro.com, you will notice they offer more than just one package for hosting. They offer shared hosting, VPS hosting, and even dedicated server hosting. This gives you many options, which is good, but if you don’t choose the right hosting company it may not be a good choice for your company, if you like reliability.

There are companies out there that are much better than HostingMetro.com. You can find many of the best hosting companies reviewed right here on our website, and all of these are better choices than HostingMetro.com. There are many reasons why you want to choose a different company and you should know a few of them.

If you want to find the right type of hosting for your website, it is necessary to understand whether you need shared, VPS, or dedicated hosting. This is where it all starts and if you don’t choose the right type of hosting, you may struggle to do many other things with your website or blog. You need to be aware of what you are looking for, first.

HostingMetro and Why FatCow is a Better Choice

Those looking for shared hosting will want to avoid HostingMetro.com and choose FatCow instead. This company will give you a better choice for your hosting and will give you everything you need for less than $4 a month. This is a great way to get what you need for a very affordable price. If you want the right type of hosting, then take a look at FatCow before choosing your hosting.

If you are after VPS or dedicated hosting, you will need a different choice as FatCow does not offer these options, but choosing either of these from HostingMetro.com could ruin your business. Some of these smaller companies are just not able to handle the demand and they simply cannot help with those looking to make money online.

The biggest difference you will find from FatCow to HostingMetro.com is the support you get. FatCow is known for providing some of the best support and service for their customers. This makes their hosting better regardless of anything else. The good news is that FatCow does more than just provide great support and service.

FatCow is one name that’s here for good as it’s been servings its clients with website hosting solutions that are certainly better than what others in the niche have to give. It may be said that to achieve success in present day competitive a website hosting supplier wants to come out as a trusty option and FatCow is certainly one of those.

FatCow with its sheer zeal has carved a special place for itself in not only its niche, but in the hearts of its shopper base also. The packages offered by FatCow are for all those who have a site or those who are thinking to come out with an internet site, all from nothing. The services of site hosting supplied by FatCow are trusty, cost-effective and most critically as specified in the prerequisites of its customers.

These are the features that attract website managers to pick the services supplied by FatCow as they understand that they’re depending on a name that’s all to win their confidence. If we compare the services of FatCow to the other hosting service suppliers, it scores high on the cost parameter. Fatcow guarantees to provide its clients with a package that’s inside their reach, anybody would like to depend on FatCow without any 2nd thoughts.

The easy package offered by FatCow provides its clients with unlimited bandwidth and an unconstrained storage. All of the packages offered by FatCow come with wonderful tools that might make anybody come out with an attention grabbing and passable internet site. By paying some additional slices, you may have a customized package from FatCow that comes with MySQL databases and shopping carts.

FatCow is a trustworthy hosting service supplier and this is the reason why it offers its clients with a completely unique cash back offer. The twenty-four hours fantastic supporting system that FatCow has is more than sufficient to make it score high on your trustworthiness scale. As a domain web hosting service supplier FatCow has made all kinds of attempts to make a place for itself in the hearts of the customers.

They also give you the ability to put up your website with one of the many content management systems and they allow you to do much more with your hosting than you may think. This will give you the ability to do much more in a shorter amount of time. If you want to get the best, you simply cannot go with a lower level company. You might put everything that you have at risk and so therefore, you should always go with a company that has a very high reputation because you know for a fact that you will be able to depend on them and that they will be there to help you if you ever do end up needing their help and that is what matters the most when you are trying to figure out a good hosting company online. There are so many reasons as to why FatCow is one of the best companies to go with online and to top it off, FatCow is also very affordable and that always helps.

Choosing FatCow over HostingMetro Hosting

Before you make your decision between FatCow and HostingMetro.com, take the time to read our review on FatCow. This is a great hosting company and will give you many benefits you cannot get with another company. If shared hosting is what you are after, then reading the FatCow hosting review will make a huge difference for you.

However, if you are looking for another type of hosting, then you need to look at the categories we offer. The bottom line is that if you want better hosting and you want to get the type of hosting that will give you everything you need, then choosing FatCow hosting over HostingMetro.com is a great way to go.

Getting a Deserved FatCow Discount

Many web hosting companies give discounts without looking at the customer need in the long run and the FatCow discount is one you can get. Some stick to high prices high above many other in their trust that they are superior and have good services. However, with the current global recession it better to have discounts and have customers that are satisfied and my never wish to transfer when an end of the 12 months period comes.

FatCow is giving discounts and looking at their services to ensure that you have a smooth ride while enjoying the service. Unlike many hosting companies who give discounts, but have very poor services at hand. Many of the discounts from hosting companies are interesting, but when you take a closer look at what they have in store for their services one might get a heart attack because they are way too inferior and don’t seem to give as they promise. This is not an issues with the FatCow discount.

There are a lot of web hosting companies available out there and if you search on the internet, you will be surprised at how many names you will come across by doing a little research. However, all these companies are not as good as they claim to be, which is why you have to make the tough decision of choosing between the best one out there. When you search for top hosting companies, chances are that you are going to come across Fatcow.

Fatcow is one of the top hosting providers out there. If you are looking for a solid, reliable and responsible platform, you should think about trying Fatcow. There are many services that Fatcow provides, including templates and scripts particularly if you are on the lookout for a professional looking website. Along with the top class services provided by Fatcow, the costs at which they render these services are quite low too. And above that, you can also find Fatcow discount coupons in order to further drive the cost of acquiring their services lower.

A lot of people have come across discount Fatcow and think whether it is a scam. Well, for you information, Fatcow discount is legit and these coupons are not a scam. There is nothing as great as Fatcow available in the market since it provides cheap services and these cheap services become cheaper when Fatcow sale coupon is availed.

Since Fatcow is a very known company, you can hop on the internet and research more about it and its discount coupons. By entering the simple term “Fatcow coupons” or “Fatcow coupon codes”, you will come across legit websites that provide you greater details about how to avail these coupons. Fatcow discount is amazing since it helps in driving the total cost of services lower.

There are different coupon codes Fatcow available. While some of them drive cost lower than 50 percent, others provide discount on the monthly fee. Some even provide 60 percent discount on total fee. An inexpensive Fatcow service by availing discount coupon is not something impossible and it is not a scam. It is in fact a great way of saving up on your services. Apart from the lower price, you will also be able to avail maximum support through their services and top class, unmatched services. For everyone, price is an important consideration when choosing web hosting services and Fatcow coupon codes help you in ruling out price as a worrying factor.

A Discount From FatCow will Help You Out

Such issues are raised by many clients looking for good services that give affordable prices. The FatCow discount is developed and far beyond just getting the sale, but give better services. Discounts are not discounts until their services have been looked at and given thumbs up for its efficiency.

FatCow has a one year plan at $4.67 per month with the unlimited services like the email and which many other hosting companies who give discount reduce to a given number. Others don’t allow sub domains, which is wrong because clients should be free to do what they want with their domains as long as it does within the agreement. Such issues are most rampant with other hosting companies, but the FatCow discount is a true and provided to all equally without fear or favor. The one year package with the FatCow discount is true to its word and all the high performing servers and backed by a guarantee.

The Type of FatCow Discounts you Get

Many theories on the kind of discount receive is there, the FatCow discount for the 2-year plan is just irresistible. Many competitors complain about how is it possible, but it with FatCow the FatCow discount gets you cheaper hosting over a longer period without blocking the chance to increase if into more years. Other added services are free domain registration, which can be expensive from other companies. FatCow discount is for all buyers not limited to the kind of packages they are given.

The three year FatCow discount plan goes for about $3.67 per month and it’s the most effective one because as compared to the others is also has the free domain registration and also unlimited disk space, unlimited email addresses, and unlimited MySQL database is one package that get you the very best for a longer period of time.

Which in turn ensures effective running of the websites, blogs, ecommerce site, and any online system hosted in the platform. Fat cow discount as other call it is to die for because it beats them all and stand out like no other provided online. This is the best way to save money and with the FatCow discount you still get great hosting.


Making a Better Choice than HostNexus.com for Hosting

Getting your package from HostNexus.com will limit you automatically when it comes to how many domain names you can host. Sure, you may start with just one, which they can cover, but what happens if you want to host more than five? They don’t offer a package allowing you to host more than five domain names at all. This presents just one of the many issues with this company. When you start doing further research online about this company then you will find out all of the problems that they have had and why so many people happen to be very unhappy with them. It’s important to always listen whenever a bunch of people complain about one site because it is usually for a reason.

If you want to host as many domain names as you want, choose FatCow hosting. They offer an unlimited package allowing you to host as many domains as you want. No limits means more options and more for you to do without needing to worry about whether you have the room in your hosting package or not. Beginners should all choose FatCow over HostNexus.com and so should veterans.

The domain hosting only presents one of the many issues with the service offered by HostNexus.com. You probably don’t know this company very well simply because they don’t host nearly as many accounts as other hosting companies do. They don’t provide a service allowing them to grow the way others do and this presents a number of issues. Some of the services that you will need happen to be so very important. People new to websites might not understand the important of it and that’s how it could hurt them. This is why you should review and learn about all of the services that you need before you decide to get a website or go with a hosting package. It could really save you a lot of time and aggravation.

Why Choosing HostNexus Will Lead to Issues

The first thing you will notice with HostNexus.com compared to FatCow and most other good hosting companies is the price. The prices from this company don’t make any sense because they don’t give you the options you can get for a cheaper price with another company. They simply don’t give you all you need when it comes to your hosting and they want you to pay more for it.

You don’t want to get stuck paying double or even triple the cost because you want to put up more than one website. Even just hosting one domain with HostNexus.com will cost you more per month than using FatCow and you can host as many domains as you want with FatCow. This should throw up a red flag for you right away. A lot of hosting sites these days have it to where you can have multiple domains in one hosting package but this is not how goes with Host Nexus and that is another reason as to why people do not like them. FatCow not only has really good prices but the features and bonuses that you get with them happen to be amazing. You should research and find out how many domains you can have at fatcow with a hosting package and how much it will cost you compared to the domains that you can have with HostNexus and you can then see why people might decide to go with FatCow instead.

Another thing they don’t give you comes in the form of real support. They don’t employ the manpower that a larger company does and cannot give you the support you need. This will cause you many issues down the road and you don’t want a hosting company that does not provide the type of support you need for your account. Having a company with awesome support is something that you need to really have. If you have something that happens to your website you want to know for sure that you can depend on them. You don’t want to have a site that won’t support you when you really need it the most and more so if you are new to this kind of thing and might not understand everything that you are doing.

Finally, if you look at the HostNexus.com website, you will notice they offer both Linux and Windows hosting. This often leads to issues with newer companies because they try to do more than they can handle. FatCow started with Linux hosting and still only offers Linux hosting. They specialize in one type of hosting for a reason. Linux hosting also has a lot of benefits with it and they are very easy to understand. If you have problems with linux then you can also look online and get answers fast because so many people use linux and that can really make a big difference.

When a company specializes they don’t need to learn as much and they can really become the best at what they do. With two or more types of hosting offered, companies must understand more about the servers and how they work. This presents a large amount of issues on the backend of things that you don’t want with your hosting choice.

Don’t Choose HostNexus.com

Our recommendations do not include choosing HostNexus.com. You need a top company that will provide you with a strong foundation for your project. Don’t choose a smaller company just because you found them on the internet or someone recommended them to you. Make sure you read the reviews first and you will find out the truth about HostNexus.com.

How FatCow Web Hosting can Help You

My company works mostly on developing new websites for small companies and using FatCow web hosting helps. It was really hard for us to find some good hosting companies. Finally, I’ve found FatCow web hosting and their services are so good, that I’ve stuck with them up to this day.

What’s the most important thing you wish that your web hosting company provided for you? Of course, it is all about server uptime. For my company clients, having almost 100% uptime servers is necessary. It doesn’t matter if you are selling stuff online, writing a gaming blog, or providing your users with unique services, you know that your website must be up and running correctly almost all the time.

Why I chose FatCow Hosting

My first contact with this provider was very skeptical when I saw that all FatCow web hosting servers have an uptime of nearly 99.9%. I decided to try it out, especially since you can test FatCow hosting for 30 days for free, with theirs new guarantee policy.

After month of testing, I was really pleased with FatCow web hosting services. First of all, I need to mention that FatCow has only one hosting plan and doesn’t divide its customers into different plans. With only $3.67 per month, I get a bundle of services including:

– Unlimited email accounts (in my domain)
– Unlimited Disk Space
– Unlimited Bandwidth
– Unlimited MySQL databases
– Full access to CPanel, Site Builder and all scripts with FatCow has to offer

I also get one free domain for one year, just for starters. Yes, all of this for less than $4 a month. I also have to mention here that my previous website hosting provider had a similar offer, but without a free domain and a cost of $9.33 per month, which is almost three times higher, I didn’t get as much.

With such a great starter package, my company found a very useful ad with a coupon for popular networks like Google AdWords ($75 coupon), Yahoo and Bing Network ($25 coupon) and Facebook Ads ($50 coupon). I’ve already had a website that was promoting my company. Yes, it had a good SEO, but in web, developing business all my competition already had one. I’ve used those advertisement coupons to promote my website. They gave me a lot of traffic and a bunch of new customers from UK and US.

My Final Thoughts About FatCow

When I thought that my purchase of FatCow web hosting had already paid for itself, I decided to update my site. The CPanel interface, which is included for all FatCow users, was helpful for this. I’ve decided to add a shopping script, which was connected to my PayPal account. With a little use of CPanel I’ve created new sub-page for my company website.

Later I implemented one of the few shopping cart scripts, and after little configuration (filling up purchase data for PayPal transactions) my shopping cart was ready to go. If I want to add some other business scripts, like an item gallery, contact page with Google map, some kind of subscription form, or email autorespoder, I don’t have to buy those or hire someone to write them, because all scripts are provided with FatCow web hosting CPanel.

In summary, I’m very happy that I’ve found FatCow web hosting because their services are good, support is responding and helpful, and the main reason I’ve decided for them is the uptime is more than satisfactory.


HostWinds.com Reviews Tell it All

When you are trying to decide whether or not HostWinds.com is a good company for your hosting, you must read the reviews. However, do be careful because this is a newer company and that can be dangerous. There are many reasons you have to be careful with new companies and the reviews that come along with them.

Since many of the reviews about HostWinds.com are positive, you have to wonder if they were paid for. It is hard to find a negative review and the best companies will actually have some negative reviews out there about them. It is necessary to have reviews that tell you both sides of the story and these are hard to find when looking at HostWinds.

You want to be sure the hosting company you choose is the right one for you and will give you everything you need. If you want to find the right type of hosting, you have to read the reviews. You also have to formulate your own opinion by looking at the features you get and the things you are going to need for your project.

Getting HostWinds Hosting or an Alternative

If you choose to go with HostWinds.com just understand you are getting hosting from a very new company. This can be risky and they could go through growing pains. When a company goes through these types of things, you have to know it could cause you downtime or other issues. If this happens, you will find out why it is better to have a trusted company that gives you all the support and service you need.

When you choose an alternative, like FatCow hosting, you will be sure you get the best type of hosting with the best support possible. This means, if you do have a problem with your hosting, it can be fixed very fast. If you want to get the best hosting possible, you have to look at the support. This will tell you more about a company than anything else will.

The best type of hosting comes from a company with a great reputation for providing high quality and fast support. Getting the best out of your hosting is necessary and support will make a huge difference. With FatCow, you don’t have anything to worry about because they give you the support necessary along with plenty of features to help you with everything you need.

FatCow packs their hosting plan with features like WordPress, Joomla, a great site builder, an easy to use control panel, and much more. You get everything you need along with the reputation of a company that understands how to take care of customers. The best part is, you get all this from FatCow and with one of the coupons, and they sell their hosting for a cheaper price than HostWinds.com.

Why HostWinds.com Could be a Bad Choice

If you go with a company like HostWinds.com, you have to be sure you know they are the one for you. However, if you only choose them because of the price or the deal they offer, then you are probably making a mistake. Hosting is way too important to go after a company just because of the price they charge or the deal they offer you.

Look at the reputation, the reviews, and test the support. Take your time and make sure you get the company that is known for backing their customers with the features and support they need and want. This will make a huge difference moving forward and in most cases getting FatCow instead of hosting from HostWinds.com will be a better choice.

An overview of FatCow Hosting Reviews

FatCow is one of the best web hosting companies out there and they have many positive FatCow hosting reviews out there for you to read. It was started in 1998, and their data centers are located in Burlington, Massachusetts. So, it is one of the best and most comprehensive web hosting companies today. FatCow is very reliable, user-friendly and provide good customer support. They are providing excellent services, plans, and offers for their customers.

FatCow is currently one of the finest web hosting companies. Since its inception, it has made a good name for itself in the market and the plenty of FatCow host reviews available online are a proof of that. The company offers numerous features that are usually preferred by most users. Furthermore, the company also provides 24/7 customer service to its clients which is one of the strongest point. Not all web hosting companies provide what they promise. There is a big disparity between several web hosting companies in terms of what they promise to provide and what they actually deliver to their clients. Before you choose any web hosting service provider for your project, you should consider some really important facts. Some of them will be discussed in this article.

However, the main question is that how will you know about the different web hosting companies until and unless you actually try their services? For this, it is always better to head on to the internet and look around for FatCow hosting reviews. Other than that, the company itself has given information about its services that will provide you with a better idea about what you should be expecting before finalizing a deal.

Utilization of multiple channels is one of the best services of FatCow and thousands of the company’s customers have pointed towards this feature in FatCow hosting reviews online. Several channels can be used while the user desires to access customer service. The customer service is offered 7 days a week and the company answers customer queries in less than 2 minutes. Regardless of the fact that how serious your issue is, you just need to call the right departments or contact department through online chat or email.

Another thing you will find FatCow’s customers appreciating about the company in online FatCow hosting solution reviews is that it is currently providing an uptime of nearly 99.99 percent which means that it is promising a faultless service. Furthermore, the company also provides its users with a complete reimbursement in case if its services fail. However, FatCow users have always been satisfied with its services. Majority of the customers have written positive things about FatCow in FatCow hosting reviews on the internet, which speaks about the company itself.

FatCow also offers the cPanel, which is known to be one of the easiest and the most suitable control panel in all of development and web creation. CPanel has been designed particularly so that the users can effortlessly make use of it even if they are not a pro. It is a great tool which will help you run your own business professionally and efficiently.

Many customers have also said that FatCow host solution reviews that it also provides all its users with different vouchers and discounts. Its strength lies in customer support. All users who have used FatCow have never complained about its services and you will hardly come across any negative FatCow hosts reviews.

There is a unique plan called the MiniMoo plan. This plan is used for hosting the domain name and e-mail address for just $5/year. This plan will be used for accessing their SiteDeluxe site builder, which makes it easy for you, or any newbie without web design and technical knowledge.
Some of the important features of this plan as follows.

1. One e-mail account
2. Place holder page.
3. Spam Filter utility
4. Auto Reply
5. One click script setup
6. Control panel
7. Website promotion tools

Your Best Bet with the FatCow Hosting

The FatCow supports Open Source scripts like WordPress and Joomla. The hosting plans are highly advanced and users can access the features comparable to other leading hosting companies. This is a huge reason why there are so many FatCow hosting reviews out there. FatCow servers will back up the data, so the information and details are never lost. The server is equipped with a copy of an emergency generator. The generators are always provided with power.

FatCow hosting reviews show that you are using green hosting methods, like helping to plan trees, buying energy credits, and much more. Green Hosting uses less energy and causes less, if any, damage to the environment. Internet users are at the center of economic growth, and by using a green hosting company they can do their part with a natural and excellent service.

Fat Cow Web Hosting is an excellent choice for many. The company’s goal is to help create a website and give users the tools to market the site fast. They do this in many ways and you can be the one benefiting.

FatCow Hosting Benefits

1. FatCow hosting plan

It supports CGI, PHP, MySQL database, Perl, Ruby, and Python languages. You get unlimited space on the hard drive, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, unlimited pop e-mail, media, and tools for business growth. The FatCow hosting reviews will help enlighten you to the use of each of these features.

2. FatCow Marketing Bonuses

You get the added advantages of search engine tools of provided by SubmitNet, a $50 Google AdWords credit, a $25 Yahoo Search credit, a Facebook Marketing credit, ShopSite online store tools, WordPress blogging tools, and 2GB worth of data backup with Carbonite. This will allow you the protection you need along with some great ways to market your site from day one.

3. FatCow Website Builder and More

With FatCow you get a top of the line site builder, a free online store builder and a free script library for installing content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and many more. This makes it easy for even the beginner to get their site up and running fast.

4. Routine monitoring

You get servers that are monitored around the clock and will always help to keep them up and running.

5. 30-day Money Back Guarantee

The best part of getting your hosting with FatCow is that you get a full 30-day money back guarantee. This makes it a great way to get what you need for your hosting and test it along the way.

6. Reliability

The FatCow hosting data centers are located in Burlington, Massachusetts, and is equipped with a full line of features. They have a technical feature of load-balanced hosting solutions and are very proud of this hosting. They are equipped with more than 800 servers and they offer physical protection along with a good monitoring facility. They offer 99.9% uptime guarantee and 30-day money back guarantee if not satisfied with your services there is reliable hosting FatCow.

7. Price

FatCow was offering the original plan for $44 a year, and $3.67/month. This plan allows you to have unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited POP mailboxes, and customize email address, Google Webmaster tools, installation software, click Wizards, and much more. Search engine ad packages and social networking ad packages there with fee.

8. Control Panel

FatCow has a great Cpanel that is used by other Web hosting companies because it is easy to use. In this case, even the most novice Webmasters can use this interface. This is real-time information with multi-domain characteristics.

9. Customer Service

They offer excellent support and the company ensures that their support staff undergoes the “HeiferCratic Oath”, which is an oath to respond to a customer’s query within two minutes flat. All the services are available 24/7 giving you the facility to resolve whatever problems may arise with your website.

In addition they provide you the ability to chat online, email, and phone support around the clock. FatCow is good at solving any kind of website problems and additional resources are provided in the FAQ.

Our FatCow Host Reviews

We have rated FatCow as the best possible choice for hosting and they are a great value hosting company. If you are looking for shared hosting, read the FatCow hosting reviews on our site before you choose the right company for you.


Choosing 2mhost.com for Your Hosting Needs

When you choose to go with 2mhost.com, you need to be sure you get the features you need. Some hosting companies like FatCow hosting offer more and they are only a little bit more each month in cost. You must get every feature you need or your hosting will not provide the best foundation for your needs.

Some of the best choices in the hosting world come in the form of larger, well-known companies. If you choose 2mhost.com you will not get the support and features of a top company. Instead, you get a smaller company offering less for a lower price. They only care about getting customers with a cheap price and not with the actual service and product they offer.

You must go with a website that provides excellent services and also has a price that is low. However, that is not the only thing that matters. You also need to have a company that will have great customer service and reply to all of your emails and talk with you on the phone if needed and if a web hosting company does not provide these things then it could hurt your website.

You need hosting that will give you the best foundation for your project and not all projects need the same hosting. Some will require better than shared hosting, but most will do very well with good shared hosting. However, with shared hosting, you must understand the company, itself makes a huge difference.

Why Choosing 2mhost is a Mistake

Choosing a smaller hosting company like 2mhost.com, will leave you wondering if you made the right choice or not. If you want to get the best hosting out of your company, you need to choose a better company offering the support and features you need. Many choices come with unlimited options, but 2mhost.com does not. If you go to a hosting company that doesn’t have all of the options that you need then later on it could hurt you because you never know when those options might have helped you out.

This is why you should always stick with a website that has all of the options that you need and not venture out towards one that might be limited on their options. If you are new you might not understand some of the options but that does not mean that you should not get them. In time you will learn what they are and find out how they could have helped you and that’s when you would have wished that you would of had them.

With 2mhost.com, you don’t get unlimited space and bandwidth. This means if you want to build many pages or post many times to your blog, you will run out of space, sooner or later. It also means you can only support so many visitors every month before your site will start showing a message stating you went over your bandwidth limit. If you have bandwidth that is limited then you won’t be able to make any sales that day and people might just stop coming to your website and you really don’t want that to happen. You want to go out of your way to try and avoid the bandwidth limit from coming up and this is possible if you have a really good hosting company online.

When you go online with a website and/or blog, you will not get nearly as much leverage with a limited account. You need to support plenty of traffic and you need to be able to build your website to any level you want. This means you need unlimited options like FatCow hosting offers and unlike what2mhost.com offers. You’ll be amazed as to how having a good hosting company really makes a difference compared to having a bad one. If you have a really good one you won’t have to worry about losing sales nor traffic because it’ll always be up and going.

Hosting serves as the foundation of the house you build online. If you don’t get a very good hosting company it would be like building a house on a foundation of sand. You want and need a solid foundation with plenty of options to help you build your website, support the traffic you gain, and do everything else necessary. Sometimes it might take time to research in order to find out the right hosting site for you but in the end, you will be glad that you actually did that research.

In just a few moments you can do the research online and find the ones with five star high quality ratings and be able to see as to why people are raving about them. If they are raving about them then it’s usually for a reason. If the hosting site has a bad rating then I would really listen to what others are saying and stay away from it because you really don’t want to risk something happening to your website.

If you don’t get good hosting, you may find that you need to transfer later one, which presents more issues. Finding the right hosting the first time around will help you in many ways and it makes no sense to choose hosting with limits just to save a little over $1 a month. Instead, choose hosting with unlimited options and you won’t need to worry about as much.

2mhost.com Might Not Support You Right

Probably the most important part of any new hosting account comes with the support you get. If you want to get the most out of your hosting and you want to make the most out of your online venture, you need great support. Getting the most will make a huge difference and this does not happen if you choose a smaller company with limits, like 2mhost.com.

FatCow Web Hosting Reviews and Why they are Better

Web development is very important for every business in this modern age and using the FatCow web hosting reviews can help with your decision. Each website needs a proper domain name and a hosting plan. Web hosting is important, as it is responsible for the website up time and reliability. There are many web hosting companies in the market, which provides the good and quality web hosting plans. In this article, I will review the FatCow Web hosting service.

FatCow was founded in the year 1998 so they have been around for a few years and they have gained a wonderful reputation. They offer a variety of services. Some of the services include being able to register the domain, having a shared hosting plan and also having services with e-commerce.

FatCow hosting is known for being dependable, reliable and having awesome customer support. They also have a host bundle to where you just simply pay per year and this will help you to have tons of disc space and many awesome tools to help you with building your website. They even provide a shopping cart to help you so you can get started right away.

FatCow is a reputable web hosting company and it has been online for the last 14 years (from 1998). They have over 100,000 customers and their Alexa ranking is within the best 3000 websites, which is proof of its trust. Some figures of FatCow Web hosting are given below:

On the Web Hosting Geeks site, there are over 400 real user FatCow web hosting reviews.

The Top 11 hosting site rated FatCow, the second best web hosting company with score of 92 out of 100.

What to Expect from the FatCow Hosting Reviews


They provide unlimited disk space and data transfer. They claim to provide uptime of 99.9%, but in reality, it is actually a little better. This means that your website will not go down very often at all. They are right up there with every other top company when it comes to uptime. As a matter of fact, hardly anyone has complained about their website being down when they are with FatCow and that’s a very good thing. You don’t want your website to ever be down and if you hear of a hosting company that struggles with this problem then you might want to look somewhere else. This is one reason as to why FatCow has earned their reputation of being reliable.


FatCow is offering a great yearly package. They are offering domain hosting for one year for just $44. Their monthly package starts from as low as $3.67, which is much better than many companies relating to their package. There is also no additional set up fee or any other hidden charges. It is amazing as to how these charges might suddenly come in when you least expect them. You might not even see it right away and before you know it the price can go up. You will not have to worry about that when you are hosting with FatCow because they will not suddenly throw in charges that might be hidden and tucked away. Whatever kind of hosting you have always make sure that there are not any fees that might be hidden and come up at the last moment.

FatCow web host reviews of Site tools:

They are offering a free website builder along with the deep analytics of the website traffic. They support all major credit cards along with a PayPal shopping cart. E-store is easy to use and integrates well with the site contents. If you are brand new when it comes to building a website then you know that you can relax because using these tools will really help you with getting the job done faster and in time you will find yourself learning how to build a website online fast. In fact, the tools that they have can help you with publishing a website online in just a few minutes even if you have never done this kind of thing before.

Other features:

They provide unlimited email box along with WebMail Client and spam filtering.
They support PHP and have Python. They also provide the daily back up option.
FatCow has easy to use installation of the WordPress and Joomla platform.
They provide the unlimited FTTP accounts

FatCow website hosting reviews of Custom Support:

They have a live chat option, which in our opinion a very important choice for a company. As a user we always love to have quick customer support as in this fast world customer are the king and should be valuable for any company. Their support desk tries to resolve complains as soon as possible. The customer support is also 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Money Back Guarantee:

They are offering a 30-days money back guarantee which in our opinion is very good indication of a successful company. Not all companies offer this type of guarantee. If you see a hosting company online that offers this kind of guarantee then there’s really no reason as to why you shouldn’t try them out because it’s a really cool deal that they will give you money back if you are not happy with them. This means that chances are you will be very happy with what all they have.


If you subscribe to their yearly package, they are offering you more than $100 in free advertisement coupon with Yahoo, Bing, Google AdWord, and Facebook. With their yearly package, you get a free domain name. The total value is above $160, which is great as the total price of the package is mere $44.

The FatCow Web Hosting Reviews and Suggestions

In our final words, let’s summarize the review. We suggest you if you have a personal blog or website with not more than 1000 daily visitors than you can choose FatCow as your first priority. However, if you have a high traffic website than you should consider some of the other companies and you won’t need the FatCow web hosting reviews as much.


Should You Consider 99centweb.com for Your Hosting?

When you look at the very basic site from 99centweb.com, you will find they offer two hosting packages. They are priced very low at $0.99 and $1.98 per month on a two year contract. This is about the only good thing you are going to find as these are both very limited packages. You may want to consider what you are going to use the hosting for before you commit to a full two years with them.

There are so very many kinds of hosting programs available in the website hosting industry that may fit all of the differing types of wants and functions of web sites found on the Web. It’s irrelevant if you are just planning to have a blog or a giant scale company site; there’s a hosting plan that will become tailored for your wishes. You can select the plan according to the kind of hosting, the O. S, plus the price bracket and there are many other things that you should think about when selecting the plan. With so many options available, you don’t need to fret about spending tons to have your internet site hosted. There are lots of inexpensive hosting plans out there offering efficient and trusty services.

The varied selections of web hosting plans out there today truly can confuse a new client when they’d like to start a new internet site. The explanation for so many kinds of packages out there is to provide different solutions for different kind of users. One of the hosting out there’s inexpensive hosting. While there are numerous reasons and articles writing on why you shouldn’t select them, there are still some reasons on why your are able to. There’s a lot of competition among the website hosting corporations but inexpensive packages doesn’t relay mean that they’re not intending to do a professional job for you. All people should learn and discover more about it. In a few cases, inexpensive hosting may be a good choice, particularly for beginners.

Some of the companies out there may charge more for hosting, but they also give you many more features and unlimited options you simply don’t get with 99centweb.com. The biggest issue with 99centweb.com is the bandwidth they give you. If you start to see a larger amount of traffic to your domain name, you will run out of bandwidth with them in a hurry.

So, what happens when you have to transfer to another hosting company? They won’t just refund the portion left and even though it is not all that expensive, this is a problem. The only good thing we can find about this company is the price and if you are making your decision solely based on the price, you might be better off with free hosting. However, it is still a good idea for you to review and research to find whatever you think might actually be the best plan for you to have.

Alternative Choices to 99centweb Hosting

Since we are in the business of reviewing hosting company, we figure it is important to let you know what 99centweb.com is all about. They are a company trying to gain your business specifically because of the low price. They put too many accounts on their servers and they do not provide very good support. This is not an award winning hosting company, and awards for good hosting are not hard to come by.

This company does not even provide you with the hosting as they are a reseller of hosting for 24and7 hosting, another low-level company. You would think that if they were going to be a reseller of hosting, they would at least choose a top company to get their package with. However, they did not and they will suffer the consequences, but you don’t have to.

A better choice for your hosting is FatCow hosting. This company may be twice the price, but they don’t limit you on the amount of domains you can host, the space you can use, or the bandwidth you can use each month. They have one package and it is an unlimited shared hosting package that will give you the ability to use a Linux server for your hosting.

FatCow provides more features than 99centweb.com and they are the ones actually providing the hosting. This is a great company and our top choice for hosting. They will give you excellent support and service along with the best possible features and tools for your website or blog. If you want the best, you cannot expect it to cost you less than a dollar a month.

However, FatCow hosting is not all that expensive. You can get it for as low as $3.67 per month, which is less than a fast food value meal. It is not hard to see why FatCow is better than 99centweb.com and if you want to give yourself the necessary foundation for success, you need to choose a company with the ability to handle your hosting.

What FatCow gives You That 99centweb Cannot

The main thing that FatCow gives you is the support you deserve. If you were to contact the support of 99centweb.com, who knows what you would get, since they are not even the hosting company providing your hosting. This is a problem and you want to be sure it is not one you have to deal with.

Instead of choosing to go with a low-level company with very little experience, you can choose to pay a little bit more and get the professional service from a top hosting company. You don’t want to find out later that your hosting is costing you money, so go with FatCow hosting over, 99centweb.com.

Cheap Hosting; Reliable and Affordable Solution for Small Businesses

If you are a small business owner or running a personal website and looking for the ways to cut your additional expenses you must consider converting your web hosting into a cheap one to save your monthly expenses. Cheap web hosts not only provide you with cheap hosting but also with quality services as the other expensive hosts do to cope with your requirements.

Owing to the severe competition among the hosting providers in the markets, you can find a great number of web hosting providers providing the cheap hosting as well as some incentives and free services while simultaneously maintaining the quality of the services they are providing. So these web hosts can be a good solution to your rising hosting expenses issues.

In order to provide cheap hosting the companies employ the shared hosting environment for their customers. Different companies require different hosting sizes in accordance with their requirements. There are also some free hosting available for the users but one with good plans would discourage to use such hosting as it does not let your visitors to reach your valuable and hard worked content.

Besides that your website may be over flooded with ads, texts and banners etc and your server may not be maintained regularly and so much population would be running on free hosting and meanwhile your worthy and valuable business would be ignored.

However, as compared to the free hosting, shared hosting is a much reliable and valuable way to reduce your costs along with maintaining your quality. Almost 90% of the web masters prefer the shared hosting as they give the benefits of low costs and bonuses in services as well as essential features to keep you running your business at its best.

Usually these companies charge as low as $5 for a month. Even the top rated companies would work in similar way so as to increase their customers as well as reliability and trust factor. Therefore you can easily get reliable and quality services at cheap rates from the good organizations.

These cheap hosts are best for all types of uses including personal, professional or business related issues. These are available on reasonable prices offering good packages and may also provide you bonuses like good bandwidth, unlimited disk space, free domains, e-mail accounts and many other supportive software and scripting and programming languages like php, ruby perl etc to make your best plans come true.

So if you go to buy a hosting service for your site, it is considered advisable to make a good market search to know their reputations, fee structure reliability, customer responses etc and choose the best web hosting company according to your needs and specifications. And make sure they are able to expand the hosting plan as your business expands and you don’t have to switch to private servers. This is an essential aspect to focus upon as successful businesses have potential for continuous growth and so their hosting needs should also be fulfilled accordingly.


What HostBig.com Offers for Hosting your Website

After looking at HostBig.com thoroughly, many people will find that this is simply not the best hosting choice for them. There are many alternatives that are better than HostBig.com. Even though HostBig.com offers shared hosting at a very reasonable price they have had many complaints over the past few years about support, customer service, and the overall features they offer within their hosting packages.

Some have even gone as far as to claim that HostBig.com created fraudulent activity by charging them for things they did not order. This is not something you want to deal with because you have a project to concentrate on. The last thing you need to be worried about your hosting not holding up their end of the bargain in giving you the reliable service.

Since there are many alternatives out there, you don’t have to trust HostBig.com your hosting needs. Instead choose one of the many top hosting companies the shared hosting packages that will meet your needs perfect. Here are a few companies that we recommend to help you with your hosting needs that are all better than HostBig.com.

The Three Top Alternatives to HostBig.com

1. FatCow hosting

The top alternatives choosing HostBig.com for your hosting certainly FatCow hosting. They offer one of the cheapest full packages for shared hosting online that will give you everything you need a long with the support and service you need. We have rated FatCow hosting as our top choice and they provide quite a bit of value the price of under four dollars a month.

With FatCow, you will be put on a Linux server, which is known as the best in the industry. Linux is known for being very secure and reliable server with a higher performance compared to others. This gives you the benefit of having the best servers in the industry for your hosting. FatCow is certain we a better choice than hosting.com.

2. HostMonster hosting

Another alternative that may be a little bit better for blog is called HostMonster. The same people that run BlueHost, which is one of the top choices out there for blog hosting, run HostMonster. If you choose to go with HostMonster hosting instead of HostBig.com you will certainly have a better hosting choice to back you up for your website or blog needs.

3. HostGator hosting

The final choice makes the list simply because they are the largest hosting company online and they still offer a package you can pay for on a monthly basis. Even though many hosting companies say they offer monthly hosting, nearly all of them has released one year up front. You can certain lease save money by paying for more than just one month at a time with HostGator hosting, but you can also start just one month and a lower starting cost.

Avoiding HostBig at all Costs

After reading through many customer reviews and noticing things like this company may be a fraudulent company and they can’t seem keep my website up long enough for me to make any money online, we recommend that you avoid HostBig.com. Any of the alternatives above or any of the other choices from our top 10 hosting list much better than choosing a hosting company that simply doesn’t cut it.

There are way too many companies out there offering competitive packages at affordable prices for you choose a company that will not work you properly could really use the things you did not. Take the time to do your research and make sure that you do choose HostBig.com you are very careful as you forward.

Using Your BlueHost 50% off Coupon For Another Top Alternative to HostBig

For those who are planning on hiring a quality web host to manage and maintain the business site, must consider using the BlueHost 50% off coupon for a reputable hosting company. Therefore, considering BlueHost as the choice host is a great option to go with. Not only do they offer quality hosting, a professional looking site, the best style, and development for the site, but they also offer great communication and support for their customers.

By using the BlueHost 50% off coupon you will get the lowest possible price on some of the best hosting, as well. Using their services is already fairly reasonable in price; therefore, the use of a BlueHost 50% off coupon will allow business owners to be paying a fraction of the cost, and still get the same high quality services and hosting one would expect from the well-known and reputable online host.

Finding the BlueHost Coupon for You

In order to find the current BlueHost coupon codes and deals, consumers must know where to go on the web. One place to start the search is directly with the BlueHost website. This will give consumers and business owner’s information as to where they can find the discount code, how long they can use it, what type of services the coupon covers, and how long it is valid for.

This will allow the business owner the opportunity to save money on one of the best and most reputable host companies out there. They can also get the highest quality hosting services, all for 50 percent off for an entire year of services. Therefore, starting your search with the BlueHost site directly is a great place for business owners to find the currently available BlueHost 50% off coupon codes.

Another place to find the coupon code is to run a basic online search with any major search engine like Google or Yahoo. This will lead the business owners to sites that are offering the BlueHost coupon codes, and will help the business owner find extensions on the code even if they are already expired.

The online searches are a great way to find these coupons, due to the fact that the search will lead to hundreds of hits, and several different places the business owner can turn to in order to find the current coupon codes. Additionally, the online search option will also lead the business owner to other discounts currently offered by BlueHost. This allows the business owner to determine what the best deals and coupon codes are for their business, and for the savings, they seek.

A Few Final Thoughts on the BlueHost

Using all available resources prior to purchasing and prior to choosing BlueHost, as your online web host is something business owners will find exceptionally useful. Not only will they receive the quality hosting services offered by the web host experts, but with the BlueHost coupon codes, they are also going to pay half the cost for a year of service.

Knowing where to go, and knowing how to find the BlueHost coupon codes is something business owners must do, in order to find the savings they seek for a quality web host. Since BlueHost is one of the top choices for hosting, and you can save money by finding one of the BlueHost 50% off coupon codes.


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