Is Cheap Reseller Web Hosting a Good Choice?

When you look for web hosting and come across an offer for cheap reseller web hosting, it is important that you really get an understanding of what this type of hosting actually is and how it works. This will help you better understand what is good web hosting and what is not. When you are dealing with cheap reseller web hosting, be advised that you are getting your web hosting from a middle man and not actually directly from the hosting company.

The main advantage that cheap reseller web hosting brings is that it is in fact cheap. You won’t be paying much each month when you use this kind of hosting. However, this is pretty much the only advantage that you get by using cheap reseller web hosting. You should also know that the quality of the web hosting service that you will be getting will vary a lot. Some resellers may provide you with reliable servers, plenty of features and good customer service, but many will not. However, it can be very hard for you to find a cheap reseller web hosting provider that actually gives you the quality that you would expect from a good web host.

Usually a Bad Choice

All internet marketers will know that getting quality web hosting that is both reliable and functional is very important if you want to succeed online. What cheap reseller web hosting providers do is that they try to attract a lot of customers by offering them a really cheap price on their hosting. But the problem with that business model is that these same resellers will often cut corners everywhere in an attempt to provide hosting at such a low price. If you use cheap reseller web hosting, chances are that your hosting will not be of adequate quality.

Another reason that you should avoid cheap reseller web hosting is that it is actually not much cheaper when you compare it with the prices of some of the quality web hosting companies out there. As a matter of fact, if you go directly with the web host, it is possible for you to get a web hosting plan for as little as $3 a month.

Reliable web hosting companies such as FatCow and BlueHost have cut down their rates while still providing you with excellent web hosting and you should definitely check out a FatCow review or a BlueHost review to see what customers have to say about these web hosting companies. You would be surprised to see how many people will say that they are very satisfied with the service that they are getting from these companies, as opposed to those who are using cheap reseller web hosting.

Another one of the disadvantages of using cheap reseller web hosting is that the support that you will be getting will often be of inferior quality when you compare it with what some of the more established web hosting companies are giving these days. Few cheap reseller web hosting providers give you 24 hours a day customer service and support, which is something that is standard among the top ten web hosting companies. Therefore, it is much better for you to get hosting directly from one of the more reputable companies out there, rather than some unknown cheap reseller.

Better Options

When it comes to cheap reseller web hosting, you should know that you can find much better web hosting service elsewhere and this will not require too much research or work on your part either. All you would have to do is to check out the list of the top ten web hosting companies. You will then find many web hosting providers that give excellent service to their customers. It is also possible for you to read some web hosting reviews, like FatCow reviews, a BlueHost review or a HostMonster review. These are all companies that are not cheap reseller web hosting providers, but they are rather world class web hosting companies which can give you much better service than any reseller out there would.

Since there is not so much of a price difference between going directly with the web hosting and using a reseller, it is recommended that you instead use a good quality direct web hosting company. Saving $2 or $3 per month on your web hosting costs will really not be worth the problems that using the services of a cheap reseller web hosting company can bring you, especially if you want to make some serious money on the internet.

What are Reseller Hosting Services?

Basically reseller hosting services are exactly what they sound like. When you become a reseller for hosting you are selling someone else’s hosting service as your own. This allows the seller to make money and provide quality hosting to those that need it. This also allows the buyer to have more options for their hosting.

One of the things that many like about reseller hosting services is that you can also host your own websites with the package. Some will actually use this option for their hosting and they never sell any of the space because they need it all. However, you are allowed to sell any space you are not using.

The 3 Reasons to Consider Reseller Hosting

1. Upgrading at any time

A huge reason why reseller hosting services are the most popular for those that want to go into business for themselves is because you can upgrade your package at any time. You can decide that you want to sell more space once you have sold everything you have and you can just pay to get more space at this point.

This option makes it very easy to go ahead and continue to grow your business at a steady pace without having to shell out a larger than necessary amount of cash right up front. When you can do this it keeps your overhead lower and your profit margin higher.

2. Cancel at any time

Even though it is not advised that you cancel any type of reseller hosting services before you really try to make money using it, you can. At any time you are allowed to cancel your reseller account and walk away from it. However, there are so many people looking for hosting that you should not have any issue selling your space.

3. Hosting your own site

One of the biggest advantages is that you can host your own site with your reseller hosting services. This allows you to take full advantage of as much of your space as you need to and then you can occupy the rest of your space with those that you sell your hosting to. You will not have to worry about space being unused and if you need a large amount then you can take a large amount.

Where can You find the Best Reseller Services for you?

There is quite a bit of competition in the hosting world anymore and for good reason. Many are looking for hosting that have never had hosting before and many are looking to upgrade to better hosting. This is one of the most popular things on the internet today and you cannot put a website or blog up without some type of hosting being involved.

You can check out many of the top services for reseller hosting and compare them to each other before making your decision. There are a handful of great choices and they are all very similar. Make sure you check the benefits against the price of each thoroughly before making your decision on reseller hosting services.


Hosting Reseller Firms Are Making Web Hosting Easier

Hosting reseller plans are quickly becoming the way that today’s E-entrepreneurs are getting their start towards self- employment and financial independence. There are so many different hosting reseller package providers available it is almost completely overwhelming to search for and procure said hosting reseller services. And if your new to the hosting reseller world then it is recommended that you do your research and make sure you know what you need for your reseller hosting solutions.

But with all of the review sites offering up all the information they have for you to sift through it can be a little easier. The same reseller hosting service providers you have found out there are always showcased here on this very page. They are award winning companies with all of the necessary tools and expertise to help you with your reseller hosting solutions. It is companies such as these that drive the competitive nature of the wonderful world of hosting reseller plans. This is the primary reason for the pricing getting lower every year and the customer service gets better and better.

What Do Hosting Reseller Firms Do For Your Web Site

This type of business involves the purchase and resale of hosting reseller package services to a third party. These third party clients then use it for their own personal use at a slightly inflated rate than the resold hosting plans were originally purchased at. These types of businesses can be quite profitable with the right marketing, hard work and determination. Applying their practical knowledge and education in order to consistently offer top notch reseller hosting services to their clientele. It also does not hurt to attempt to deliver high quality services for the best price possible.

These services include things like unlimited server or hard drive space. As well as unlimited domains and bandwidth. There is also the administrative and design software or control panels included in your hosting reseller package. Not to mention the savings afforded to you by not having to own, operate and maintain your servers and other necessary equipment. So it stands to reason that you get a whole lot for a little when you really think about it. Imagine having to cover the cost of the education that goes into it. And then having to purchase and maintain the server banks and other equipment necesarry to operate said network of servers. This is why being a hosting reseller is perfect for the hosting firm and the reseller alike.

Is A Hosting Reseller Plan Right For Your Web Site

If you are interested in becoming a reseller or starting a new web site a hosting reseller plan can make it happen. For those of us wanting to start multiple web sites for internet marketing this is a great way to get thing going. Those who wish to become a hosting reseller then reseller hosting is the best way to get there. You could go the high cost route of purchasing servers and all the equipment and cable intrinsic to the network set up.

Then you are left with a network of servers and other hardware that you have to manage twenty four hours a day seven days a week. This is assuming you have the background and education necessary to execute the daily maintenance. And if in fact you do possess these critical skills then maybe this is the way you should go. For those of us not gifted or educated in this field, hosting reseller packages can make your web hosting dreams a reality. So if you find that being a hosting reseller sounds right for you. If you think you are ready to take the plunge as they say. Please feel free to use the resources made available to you here and get started down the road to being a hosting reseller.

What Is Green Reseller Hosting And How can You Use it?

Who offers green reseller hosting one might ask. The answer to that question is simple enough. The single best green reseller hosting provider out there would be GreenGeeks hands down. This green reseller hosting firm is very reliable when it comes to your web hosting needs. They are also the leader in green reseller hosting in terms of their offset purchasing programs. For instance GreekGeeks buys three times the wind energy offsets that their company uses to power its servers.

This puts them on the fore front of green reseller hosting due to the fact that their commitment to quality service is only outdone by their commitment to our planet and the vital natural resources many out there take for granted. So if you are energy concious, green thinking and a conservationist at heart then might I suggest green reseller hosting to you and your budding e-business web site. This will help you save a buck or two as well as helping to conserve our precious natural resources through green reseller hosting.

What Exactly Is Green Reseller Hosting

Green reseller hosting is when a company or hosting firm who offers hosting services uses a percentage of their profits to help conserve natural resources. This can be achieved in many ways. Primarily by purchasing offsets like carbon offsets or wind energy offsets. The purchase of these offsets and profits from them are used in the research and development of greener technologies the world over. These offsets are purchased by the hosting firm and are directly related to researching and developing greener ways to power our ever expanding world wide web and the web sites that make them up.

And in this day and age it is an imperative that we strive for greener technology to power our computer driven world. We should be sure that the companies we choose for all of life’s basic utilities are as green in their technology as they can be. This is important due to the fact that many of the natural resources the world over are being depleted at rates we just can’t fathom. And the truth is, every time we power up the electronic devices we are all so fond of, we are using natural resources.

Resources that just cannot be replaced. Once the coal that powers your power plant is mined and burned it is gone forever. This can be said about most energy sources that are not water or wind driven. Wind, sun and water based power are pretty much the only power sources that are not consumed when harnessed. So if a company truly wishes to enter the arena as a green reseller hosting firm they need to be sure that they utilize just such a power source to bring you the award winning service you expect.

So do your ecommerce or web based business a great service and try to be sure the web hosting firm you choose can boast that they are green and efficient. Companies like GreenGeeks have made sure to spend as much time and money as they can to help insure the spread of green technology by purchasing the earlier mentioned offsets. This is an excellent contribution that they are making to society as a whole. They are further proving that they have what it takes to lead the charge, as they say, to being a green reseller hosting firm.

They, much like you wish to be certain that theirs is a small footprint when it comes to energy usage and the sources that supply them with said energy. So do not let another day go by without taking a closer look at greener technologies and the green web hosting firms out there today. The fact is that our natural resources can, for the most part, only be diminished and not replenished. It is for this reason that we should all spend a little more time trying to conserve our resources, and try to use only self replenishing resources like wind, water and solar power.

So green reseller hosting is an excellent way to get your web site off the ground as well as helping to save and conserve our highly valuable natural resources as well as protecting the environment. This is a wonderful thing for all of us, whether we realize it or not. Green reseller hosting will help us all to achieve just that. A quality web site experience for all our end users that doesn’t drain valuable natural resources to do so. Not to mention that web site is being hosted by a green technology driven web host that is on the cutting edge of green web hosting practices today.

These are things we should all hope to boast about our businesses these days. If you are not purchasing carbon offsets or wind offsets you can at least be certain that your web host is doing just that. This will help to set an example moving forward. An example of what it takes to change the way the world powers its web sites. As well as the way we power computing devices we use to access the internet that stores all of the information we seek. A greener more conservation minded populous can make all the difference to mother earth as well as our bottom lines. So do not short change the environment and remember to go with green reseller hosting for your hosting needs.

Where Can One Find Green Reseller Hosting

With the never ending growth of the World Wide Web and the websites of which it is comprised, finding green reseller hosting can be a daunting task. And the odds are you may search for weeks on end to find green reseller hosting and still be unsatisfied with what you find out there. Fortunately for you and many countless others out there we have spent our time and efforts to bring you a comprehensive and accurate list of the best green reseller hosting firms out there today. One could easily spend the better part of two months putting together the information we have gathered here.

So on one hand if you are the type of person who needs to find out for themselves then please feel free to gather and sort through this information on your own. But, if in fact your time is too valuable to be spent on such a task then you have found yourself at the right place. We are committed to bringing you an informative web page filled with all of the knowledge and information needed to make a well informed and educated decision when it comes to your green reseller hosting needs and desires. So please take advantage of the tool box here at your disposal. This could help you find green reseller hosting that is right for your web site and company as well.


Finding Out the Truth About Cheap Resellers

Knowing all about the cheap resellers will help you to avoid mistakes that could cost you quite a bit of time and money. When you are trying to make money online you can do so by selling products for others, selling your own products, providing a service, or even selling advertising. You will most likely need a website and this means you need hosting as well.

Hosting can be tricky and there are many cheap resellers of hosting out there that you need to be aware of. These types of hosts are not always that good and even the best reseller hosting is not always what you want. You want to choose a hosting company and type that is from the top 10 web hosting companies and you need to know why.

The best reseller hosting does not come for a cheap price and cheap resellers of hosting are typically only out for your money. There are many things that you will lose when you are dealing with cheap resellers and you have to know what the disadvantages of using reseller hosting is, especially when it is cheap.

The 5 Things You Have to Know About Cheap Resellers

1. Lack of Options

When you choose a hosting company from the top 10 web hosting options you are going to have one of the hosting choices that are known for being very good. They will give you many hosting packages to choose from and they will also allow you to upgrade whenever you feel the need to. As you grow you can grow with your hosting.

However, when you choose hosting from cheap resellers, even if it is some of the best reseller hosting, you may not have all the options you should have. You should also know that when you choose one of the cheap resellers you may not be able to upgrade to better hosting when the time comes to grow with your host.

2. Reliability

All it takes for someone to become one of the cheap resellers is money. They simply just purchase a reseller hosting package for themselves and sell any of the space they are not using. This means that anybody can become a cheap reseller of hosting and this means there are not many good ones out there. If you want the best reseller hosting you may be searching for quite some time to find it.

Cheap resellers of hosting also tend to give up on their business quite often. This means they are not all that reliable and you may end up doing quite a bit of work for nothing because it might be gone very quickly. You want to make sure you get a reliable hosting company and there are many listed in the top 10 web hosting choices on this site.

3. Space and Speed

Reseller hosting is not known for having the most space for those that purchase it and it certainly is not known for being very fast either. You need the fastest hosting you can afford and enough space to host your entire site, but you have to have the right options as well. This is hard to find even with the best reseller hosting on the market.

4. Price

Sometimes cheap and free are not good things, in fact most of the time they have their downfalls. When you purchase something that is not all that expensive you are getting what you pay for and this is very true with hosting. Hosting that comes from cheap resellers is not all that good and they do not spend that much time doing much other than trying to find new hosting clients.

They have a large turnover and they expect you to stay for a few months and give up on it. This means that they expect you to give up on them because they know their hosting is not the best reseller hosting out there. Even if it was it may not be as good as any of the top 10 web hosting options you can choose from.

5. Support

The biggest problem with cheap resellers of hosting is that they do not provide very good support. When you have to go through them to reach the real hosting company you have a delay in the support. This can cause you more downtime, which can cause you to lose more money and this can hurt you quite a bit.

What Options are Much Better than Cheap Resellers?

Since we already know that cheap resellers are not good for your hosting it is time for you to understand where to find the options that are better for your hosting. You do not want to look for the best reseller hosting because you are going to waste time and money even if they are a great reseller of hosting.

You want to find a hosting company that is on the top 10 web hosting companies for 2011 list. This will help you to find the right hosting company for you and if you compare a few of them you will find the one that will work best for you. This is very important in getting good hosting and avoiding the cheap resellers that are out there.

What is Very Cheap Reseller Hosting?

If you are considering very cheap reseller hosting you have to know what it is first. You need to know that when you are after hosting that is cheap it might not be a good idea to choose this option. You really do get what you pay for with many things and hosting is no different. This is why you need to make sure you choose the right option.

Hosting is way too important to skip the options you really need and without it you could be in a lot of trouble. Your website could end up not having enough space or resources to work properly or you could end up with more downtime than necessary. You just need to know why you should completely avoid the very cheap reseller hosting options.

Cheap hosting is exactly that, it is cheap. The best comparison is shoes. When you buy shoes from a department store and you only spend $20 for a pair you are getting what you pay for. They may last you a few months and be just fine for a short amount of time, but if you were to spend $100 or more for a brand name pair they could last you a few years. Plus the brand name shoes are probably more comfortable and better for your feet.

The 5 Best Reasons to Avoid Very Cheap Reseller Hosting

1. Cheap is not a Good Thing

When you decide to go with something cheap then the quality may be lacking. Hosting is no different and this would be like buying a home in a bad part of town. Your hosting account is where your website will live and you really need to choose the right place for your website to live. This means you don’t want to go with very cheap reseller hosting.

2. Support is Necessary

When you go with cheap hosting you will get cheap support. This means that even though they may say support is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week does not mean that you really will get the type of support that you need. The support for your hosting has to be good or you will end up struggling whenever you have an issue. Cheap does not equal good support.

3. You will Need Space

Typically when you go with the very cheap reseller hosting options you are only going to get a little bit of space. If you have plans to build up a huge website with a lot of pages or you have plans to build many website, then you better plan on having plenty of space. Cheap does not equal plenty of space.

4. Reseller Hosting can cause Headaches

Headaches are not something you need when you are in business for yourself online. You need to make sure you have the least amount of issues as possible and sometimes with reseller hosting you do not get the support you need. This can cause major headaches since you are dealing with a middleman for your hosting.

5. There are Better Options

When you start looking for the very cheap reseller hosting you have to know that there are better web hosting options. You can go with shared or VPS hosting and you will spend just about the same amount as you would for reseller hosting that is cheap. However, you need to compare all the options before you make your decision.

Committing to Very Cheap Reseller Hosting

What will happen if you make a commitment to a very cheap reseller hosting? You will have to put up with the problems and the issues that come along with a reseller hosting account. You will also have to understand that if you decide you need more space your commitment may keep you from upgrading when you need to.

The bottom line is that you have to compare all the different choices that you have for hosting because if you don’t you can end up with hosting that will not suit your needs. Make sure you look into hosting from actual hosting accounts directly from hosting companies along with the very cheap reseller hosting options as well.


What are Web Hosting Reseller Packages?

If you are looking into hosting and have found yourself confused because of the web hosting reseller packages offered, then you need to understand what reseller hosting is. You may have seen shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and even cloud hosting, but what is this reseller hosting offered by some hosting companies?

This is the type of hosting that causes the most confusion simply because it is quite different. With any other type of hosting, you buy a package, put up a website, and it is the foundation for that website. However, with one of the web hosting reseller packages, you can actually sell portions of your hosting package for a profit.

Reseller hosting is for the person wanting to start their own hosting company without buying servers, housing them, and managing them. Instead of investing thousands into servers and the ability to house and manage them, you can buy one of the web hosting reseller packages and use it to sell hosting to your clients.

A Very Clever Way to Profit from Reseller Packages

The best way to profit from web hosting reseller packages is to buy your package, build websites on smaller portions of your hosting package, sell the websites, and include hosting within the package. This will give you the ability to make money off the sale of the website and make money from the hosting every single month.

You don’t want to include a year of free hosting, unless you are getting more for the website because of it, but you want to include a month or two of free hosting. This gives the new customer a chance to host the website they have purchased, without any issues, find out your hosting is good, and buy a package from you when the free period is up.

Many are using this strategy right now to make a profit from reseller hosting and they will build and sell dozens of websites every month. The key is to get the most out of every sale and it starts by building websites that make a profit. If you build a website, put advertising or a product on it, get the site to make some money, and then you sell it, you can make more from the initial sale and still make money from the hosting.

Using Hosting Reseller for Yourself

Another thing people do quite often is buy web hosting reseller packages to use for themselves. This will give you the ability to use more space and to have your own hosting package that is not shared hosting or is a higher grade of shared hosting. Many will buy a large reseller package, use a portion for themselves, and sell the rest to clients to make a profit.

Even if you never turn a profit with your reseller hosting package, you could get enough people paying you for hosting that your own hosting is free. This is a very nice benefit for any online company and if you want to get free hosting, this would be one great way to go about doing it. Just make sure you get one of the web hosting reseller packages from a top company that will support you and your clients.

Cheap Reseller Hosting Can Get Your Foot In The Door

Cheap reseller hosting also known as shared hosting is an excellent way to take the first step into the reseller hosting market. Though cheap reseller hosting would be better suited for use in personal applications as opposed to a reseller account. This is due primarily to the fact that most shared hosting accounts have caps in place. These caps are typically server space and bandwidth but let us not forget burst memory as well.

These caps will only be problematic however, for those who wish to resell several different accounts. If in fact you are only servicing the needs of a finite range of clintele, than cheap reseller hosting may actually do the trick. Especially if your resold accounts are blogs or small private forums as apposed to e-commerce sites. The graphic design elements and ad space use more memory and the traffic they generate can cuase bottle necking during peak usage hours. It should be said that while possible this is not always the case with cheap reseller hosting.

How Can An Individual Acquire A Hosting Package

The easiest way to do so would be to stop where you are reading right now and scroll to the top of this very web page. There you will find some of the most award winning reliable cheap reseller hosting firms. These firms may be just what you need, and depending on your budget any one of them could be the perfect choice for you. But if you find that the prices you see here are out of your price range do yourself a favor and look a little closer.

The services being rendered for the monthly fee charged are hands down some of the best cheap reseller hosting packages money can buy. Features like; unlimited domains, unlimited server space and many other perks not typically offered at such a price. It goes without saying that the above highlighted hosting packages are wonderfully priced. But if seeing it here is not enough, than feel free to search the World Wide Web for your answers. You could do it the old fashioned way and search the web via search engines and locating cheap reseller hosting review sites to sifting through all of the results pages only to find that these same cheap reseller hosting providers were on this page as well.

What Does A Reseller Hosting Have Package Offer That Others Do Not

The first and foremost thing that cheap reseller hosting offers you is an opportunity to save a good bit of money on monthly hosting fees. Secondarily the low pricing also makes it easier for hosting resellers to make more money from reselling their accounts. Meaning that; there is a little more room for your price point and a little more money in the bank.

The other benefit is to those who want to design web sites and resell not only their hosting services but the web sites and domain names as well. The benefit here is that once you have sold the web site the client is more likely to continue using your cheap reseller hosting services for the life of their web site. Cheap reseller hosting can also be one of the best ways to get your web sites hosted for free or next to it with the highest level of hosting services and controls software. So if anything at all i hope you are inspired to take a closer look at cheap reseller hosting and what it has to offer you.


Start Your Own Web Hosting: The Basics

If you’re looking to start your own web hosting company you should probably start by choosing the appropriate operating system. There are typically two choices when it comes to picking an OS system for your server, Windows-based servers or Linux-based servers. Moreover, you also need to make sure that you specifically know what apps you want to use.

The other thing to look out for when you start your own web hosting company is whether your webhost offers PHP and MySQL. Most open source scripts are based on these and it they make it significantly easier for you to start your own web hosting and equally easy for you customers. You can set up free, ready-made websites such as software for niche business; integrate open source scripts, forum websites, blogs, web portals and much more. Another thing to note is to keep in mind that any other technologies like Zend Optimizer, ImageMagick Perl, and Cron are a bonus but not essential.

Important Things To Note When You Start Your Own Hosting Business

Before you begin to start your own web hosting company you should also practically estimate the amount of bandwidth you will need. It may seem like the perfect idea to start your own web hosting but it will be rendered completely futile if you are not able to offer each personal user at least 1 gigabyte of disk space and 10 gigabytes of data transfer. Large hosting providers normally offer personal users at least 150 GB of disk space of bandwidth for around $10 per month. If you are serious about pursuing this business and really want to start your own web hosting company then you should give this, and other competitors and their tactics some serious consideration.

Another vital aspect you may need to consider before you start your own web hosting business is to start with reseller hosting first. It provides you with some return on capital and some initial money to go on with and also helps start and initial customer base. In order to start your own web hosting business you also need to keep your servers someplace safe, at your home or at the office under tight security. While on the topic of tight security, to start your own web hosting automatically implies setting up a powerful firewall as your servers are the core of your online business and continuously need to be running and be well maintained. Getting a fixed IP address that does not change upon every use would also be very useful in order for you to start your own web hosting and make it successful.

Affordable Packages

Other aspects that you make take into consideration before you start your own web hosting company are to choose your control panel and programming language wisely. This should hopefully be properly evaluated while you choose your OS system.

Finally, to start your own web hosting company make sure that your pricing is reasonable, not too high so as to scare off potential clients and not necessarily too low either to have potential clients think you’re running a con business or a poorly run business. To start your own web hosting company may seem like a daunting task now but its prospects are endless once you get the hang of it.

Why Is Host With Domain So Important?

It is important to understand why host with domain is so important. While launching your business or product on the internet, you may initially be under the impression that all you really need is one simple website and one domain name. However, as time progresses and you begin to expand you may want plan on owning multiple websites. This is where choosing a host with domain comes in which entails choosing a host company that allows you two important things. Firstly the host with domain will enable you to choose your own domain name as opposed to assigning you one. Secondly it will also allow you to do multiple hosting. The host with domain instead of hosting simply one website on one account will allow you to host many websites on a single account.

Most hosting companies will however assign you domain names that they themselves allocate and furthermore and will only allow you to host one website per domain so they can open more hosting space and increase their profits. Choosing a host with domain where you yourself pick out the domain name is not only more convenient but as mentioned easier on the pockets. Another thing to keep in mind is the bandwidth you will receive. While multiple hosting using the host with domain, you may end up exceeding your bandwidth limit for a particular month but this can simply be offset by purchasing another account with more bandwidth.

Host Is Important For Your Business

If, on the other hand you want to start your own hosting company, it is equally important you understand how hosting works and how being a host with domain one that offers your customer the option to choose their own domain works. Your company will eventually have to be very large in the face of growing competition and use very fast and large computers called servers from where you host the site and connect it with the internet.

The Ultimate Combination

You should also be easy to find and easily accessible. Most websites offer a two in one combination. If you are a website where people select domain names, you can offer complimentary hosting services as well. This is where being a host with domain combines two different processes to attract more clients. It is also useful to have several different websites for your host with domain combination in the event that if one website is down you have several backups.

You should also consider adding cPanel to the combination of host with domain which isn’t a critical option but incorporates a multitude of benefits that would further attract clients. cPanel uses a program called awstats that allows you to effectively track the visitors on your website, visit duration and the amount of bandwidth being used. cPanel also lets you create e-mail addresses based on your domain name. This will further show your host with domain combination is truly professional and comes with extra perks. Last but not least, you may want to further expand your host with domain combination and choose one that offers 24/7 technical support.


Which Cheap Reseller is The Right One?

If you were looking at web hosting options, then you may have seen some cheap reseller web hosts who offer reseller hosting packages at a very low prices. There are actually quite a lot of them and you need to know a few things before signing up with one. If you would like to become a reseller, then you will gain the ability to earn money by selling your own hosting plans, but this is not the best business model for everyone.

One thing that using a cheap reseller would be good for is to start a small website that you don’t plan to make much money with. One of the reasons that a cheap reseller would only be recommended for this purpose is because you may not get all the hosting space that you need to do everything to build your online business.

Now if you are an internet marketer who will want to build various websites, you should be very cautious of picking a host that is a cheap reseller, as it will simply not give you all the hosting options that you want. But, you might be able to get a reseller account and then use all of the space for yourself, rather than sell it to others. You could also host websites for a few friends or business partners.

Alternatives to Reseller Web Hosting

Shared Hosting

This is the cheapest option that will still give you better value as an alternative to the cheap reseller type of hosting plan. You can usually get a shared hosting account for less than $10 a month, so as you see it is not that expensive. The only issue is that you will be sharing resources on the server with other users.

VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting

A VPS hosting solution is much better than going with cheap reseller web hosting. You are given your own “virtual” server with its own resources, meaning that you don’t need to be sharing these resources with anyone else. It gives you a lot more security and more flexible management options that cheap reseller hosting or shared web hosting.

Dedicated Server Web Hosting

If you own a large website, or are planning to open up a serious online business, the best choice would be to go with dedicated server hosting. This is simply the best choice in terms of hosting and you will not find it in cheap reseller hosting providers. You will get everything that you want to in regards to security and server management. Of course, you will be the only one using the server, so no one else will be using resources from your website.

Avoid Using Cheap Hosting

While it might look like in the beginning, using cheap reseller hosting is really not the best choice. When you use cheap reseller hosting, or any other type of reseller hosting plan, you are buying the service from a middleman, rather than the true hosting company. This, means that if there is a problem, you will likely need to wait a lot longer to get it fixed. Instead of going with cheap reseller hosting, you should use one of the other hosting options available for you.

Does Free Reseller Hosting Exist?

The first thing that you should know is that finding free reseller hosting will not be an easy thing to accomplish. Sure, it might be possible to find a free hosting provider, but you should know that there would be a tradeoff then. And with reseller hosting, finding some for free would be nearly impossible.

But then, you may be asking yourself: why do we need to talk about free reseller hosting in that case. It is because you will need to know what you would be getting yourself into if you do happen to find this type of webhost. Free hosting is not necessarly good and you will need to understand that free hosting companies will not give you the quality that you expect for your websites most of the time.

Various Things To Be Aware of Regarding Reseller Hosting

The principal thing to know when it comes to free reseller hosting is that when you are offered free hosting for any reason, they will always be some kind of tradeoff. They may show ads on your website or not give you a real domain name, instead having your site hosted on a subdomain.

Letting the webhost put ads on your webpages is not a good thing as it will distract attention from the content and sometimes cause traffic to leave by clicking on the ads rather than staying on your site. If you want to put advertising on your page, then there are plenty of programs that you can participate in, such as Google Adsense, which will allow you to make some profits from these ads. If you host your own ads, the profits from the clicks on them will go into your pocket only and not the webhosts’s.

In order to understand why free reseller hosting is not a good idea, you need to also understand just how reseller hosting works. A hosting reseller is when someone buys hosting space in bulk from a large company such as Hostgator or BlueHost. Someone who does that has one motivation in mind: profit. So if you are offered free reseller hosting, that means that whoever is running this host is hoping to make back the amount they pay for their reseller package and then make some more money.

Things To Think About Regarding Free Hosting

Whenever something is offered to you for free, then you need to question as to why that is. In the business world, few things are given out for free out of the kindness of people’s hearts. This is why when you are offered a free product or service online, whoever is offering it for free probably has a plan to recoup the amount that they spent on your “gift” and in many cases make profit and sometimes large amount if it.

There are far better hosting solutions available to web masters and internet entrepreneurs than free reseller hosting, so it is strongly recommended that you scrape up the few dollars a month it would cost you to get a “normal” hosting plan and thus avoid any potential headaches in the future.


What You Get When You Use a Resellers Hosting

If you think that it is a good idea to use a resellers hosting, then you really have to know what you would be getting yourself into. Many of the resellers hosting solutions out there will simply give you too much trouble and you would be much better off using the hosting company directly for your needs. Sure, there are some good reseller hosting providers out there, but there are certainly not a lot of them available on the internet today.

What you also need to understand is that a resellers hosting is there primarily to make money for the reseller. An entrepreneur will purchased a big amount of hosting space with a well known web host and then sell parts of this space at a profit. The exact business model of a resellers hosting plan will vary. Sometimes, you will simply buy a hosting plan like any other. Other times, the reseller web host will give you a website, web templates, as well as a host of other things that you can get in addition to the reseller hosting itself.

Using a Resellers Hosting is Usually Not Good

When you make a decision to use a resellers hosting, it is possible that you will end up having issues with your host that you might not have had if you had gone directly to the actual web hosting company. Many people complain of problems when using a reseller, such as lack of sufficient web space and bandwidth, inaccessible technical support and sometimes completely bad customer service. One reason that can explain all of that is that a lot of the resellers hosting plans that you can find online are run by hosts which are actually one man operations and that will therefore not provide you with the quality web hosting that you would expect from a dedicated and professional hosting company.

Here are some issues that could affect you when you use resellers hosting:

1. Lack of support

This is fairly likely to happen to you, unless the resellers hosting provider that you will be using has dozens of employees responsible for support, or an owner that is super human and never sleeps. If you have a problem with your hosting account, you can’t actually contact the web hosting company directly. You will instead need to get in touch with the reseller by email and then wait for them to send on the message to the web hosting company.

After they have received a response from the main web host that they bought space from, they will then get back to you after sorting out the problem. This, of course, could cause a lot of delays and downtime, which can be a huge waste of money in the long term. Even if the actual quality of the hosting could be acceptable, the level of support that you will receive from a hosting reseller will often be insufficient and is thus better avoided.

2. Not enough web space

Another issue with resellers hosting is that a hosting reseller will only buy a certain amount of web space from the main web host. After they have sold it all off to their clients, there is simply nothing left. Opportunities to upgrade your hosting plan are usually rare with reseller hosts, so if you are thinking of expanding your website, then you could be stuck with having to move your website to another hosting provider. Of course, you can avoid all of these hassles by going directly with a quality web hosting company, instead of relying on the services of resellers hosting, which might not give you enough storage space to run your website in an adequate way.

3. Poor customer service

If you deal with a company which is simply a one man operation, then very often they will have trouble providing you with the quality customer service that you should be getting on a regular basis. Remember that the goal of resellers hosting is to make money for the owner of the reseller host and not to provide their customers with excellent service. Profit comes first to them and customer service is second, which is not a good thing if you want a host that will always be attentive to your needs.

The Best Choice is to Avoid Resellers Hosting

When you make a decision to avoid using the resellers hosting options, you can instead use shared hosting, VPS hosting or get a dedicated server directly from a reputable hosting company. All of such options have their unique benefits and differences. Before you actually make a decision, it is thus highly recommended that you take a look at each of these hosting types, so that you can make a determination as to which type of hosting will be the best one for your site and business.

By going directly with a high quality web host, you can thus receive the right amount of technical support, customer service and above all you will always have options to upgrade your web hosting services should the need arise for this. Remember that all of that will be quite difficult to find when you are using a resellers hosting, so you are therefore much better off to use a hosting account that is directly from one of the best web hosting companies on the internet, and not a one man operation reseller.

By saving some times, money and energy, you can thus put this to work by making efforts to improve the design of your website and to promote it in order to get more traffic, instead of constantly trying to resolve hosting problems that you might get by using a resellers hosting.

Do you Have to Find the Top Web Resellers – or Not?

When you begin looking for web hosting, you might be thinking of locating the top web resellers, but you should also consider as to whether doing so would actually be a good idea, or one that is not. Reseller hosting can sometimes be of good quality and if you want to be using this kinds of hosting, then you also need to find one of the top web resellers. There are dozens of them available that you will find online, but as a matter of fact, there are only a few good ones which are worth using.

When you take your needs into consideration, you will need to figure out what your requirements are before you begin looking for a web hosting solution. Doing so will be very helpful in narrowing down the top web resellers that you would want to do business with. But in addition to looking for reseller hosting, it is recommended that you actually take some time to examine some of the other types of hosting out there. Remember that while the top web resellers could provide you with good quality service for your business, there are plenty of web hosting companies that are not resellers and can provide you with even better quality web hosting and tech support than a reseller can.

Some Things you Must Know Regarding the Top Resellers

If you are new to the web hosting world, then you may be asking yourself as to what exactly is reseller hosting. In reality, a hosting reseller is someone that is acting as a middleman between you and one of the larger hosting companies such as HostGator and JustHost. The middleman buys a large amount of server space and bandwidth from the large company and then they go on to resell this to their own customers.

But you should know that the amount of space will vary. Some of the top web resellers out there have plenty of space they can allocate to customers, but some of the smaller operations might not. So if expanding your site is something that you plan to do in the future, it is better that you stick with the top web resellers, rather than some no name reseller that might not be able to accommodate your needs because they didn’t purchase a large enough amount of space from the web host. This could hamper your ability to make money online and expand your business without going through the hassle of switching web hosts and moving your site over to a new one.

So now you know that when you are buying hosting from one of the top web resellers, you are not buying it directly from a hosting company that owns their own servers and offices, but rather are dealing with a middleman which simply resells space that he bought on an existing server.

Also, remember that the goal of this middleman is mainly to earn money for himself. After all, this is why he paid good money to rent space on a server. Therefore, the support you will get may not be optimal, as web hosting resellers, even top web resellers, all place their focus on making as many sales as possible in order to line their pockets.

While there is nothing wrong with being entrepreneurial and wanting to make as much cash as you can on the internet, a good web host will not let that come before taking genuine care of their customers.

Also, be aware of the fact that when you use reseller hosting, you will not have as much control over your hosting as you would normally want to have. You will need to look as to whether the one of the top web resellers that you intend on using has had any problems with downtime. This is the amount of time that your website is essentially offline due to server problems or necessary maintenance and should be kept to a strict minimum. That’s because if your site is not accessible to the public, your customers could go elsewhere and you could lose money. This is especially true if you are in a highly competitive market, so you really want to be using one of the top web resellers that is very reliable.

How do you determine the downtime issues of the top web resellers? Of course, no hosting company will say: “Yeah, our hosting is complete rubbish and our server catches fire every 2 days”, they will always say that they are the best and most reliable. So the best choice in that case would be to actually take to webmasters that have used their services, to see if they are truly as reliable as they claim and thus deserve to have a spot amongst the top web resellers.

Another things that you can do if you do not know any webmasters that use top web resellers is to check around webmaster or internet marketing forums for information. You can also find plenty of review sites that give unbiased and neutral reviews and information on the top web resellers. That way, you will see details about much more than reliability, but also their features, tech support quality, rates when compared to other hosting places, etc.

Why You Should Compare Web Resellers With Other Hosting Choices

Hosting is something that you should not take lightly if you have a goal of earning serious money on the internet. When you look for top web resellers, be sure that you take all the necessary time to make a comparison with regards to price, available hosting space, bandwidth, technical support, and of course the overall reliability of the hosting company in regards to downtime, which should be at a minimum amount of time.

But don’t simply be stuck on reseller hosting, as you might miss out on some other hosting options that could be better suited for your business needs. You can compare some of the other web hosting companies that are not resellers to see if they measure up and maybe if using them could actually be better for you. This will allow you to make a much more informed and intelligent decision with regards to your hosting. If you do elect to go wit ha reseller, at least make sure that it is one of the top web resellers.


What Exactly is a Web hosting Reseller?

If you would like to be a web hosting reseller then you would first need to learn certain things about the hosting business so that you understand what you will be getting into. There are plenty of things that you need to know about being a webhosting reseller and it will actually not be as easy as some people say it is. Now is it possible to make money as a webhosting reseller? Definitely, however you will need to actually be quite good at what you are doing.

Being a webhosting reseller will require plenty of things from you, including getting the best kind of reseller web hosting that you can find. This is because if you do not begin by using the best reseller hosting, you will not be getting good support from your host. This will make it hard to become a good webhosting reseller as you will have trouble competing with others who provide better service than you do.

Many hosting resellers make money by giving a lower price of offering a type of bonus with their hosting packages, however this is not the best thing to do. You will not need to offer the cheapest prices nor give any kind of bonus if you build up a good reputation as the best provider of webhosting reseller around.

The main reason as to why building a good reputation in the web hosting reseller business is important is that you just need a few clients who will be satisfied and spread the word around about your business. This is the top kind of advertising that any business can make and if you would like to be successful from the very beginning, you should focus on providing the best service possible to your customers, rather than simply try to get as many people as possible to sign up by cutting down your pries. Here are some of the most important things that you should do if you would like to become a webhosting reseller on the internet.

Some Tips to Become a Great hosting Reseller

1. Get the Best Kind of Reseller Hosting

We have already seen that you would need to get the best kind of reseller hosting, however what you would now need to do is to know how you can find it. The best reseller hosting is not something that is too difficult to locate and there are plenty of web hosting companies around that can give you the best kind of hosting if you want to be a webhosting reseller.

You will need to make comparisons between the top web hosting companies and see what their reseller hosting options are. Start by reading some of the reviews that you can find online and you will see which ones of these companies will be able to give you the best kind of reseller web hosting. If you do not take the time to read the reviews that are out there, it will be quite difficult to make a comparison of different web hosts and to locate the one that will be the best for you as a webhosting reseller.

2. Make a Commitment to Your Clients

When you start out as a web hosting reseller, you will need to make a commitment to your clients, because it is from them that you will be making money. It is much easier for a webhosting reseller to find a couple of quality clients that will be loyal and keep using your hosting services, rather than constantly having to find new clients as existing ones are leaving you.

What you can do is to begin by buying a small reseller web hosting package and then market it enough so that you fill it. Once you are sure that you are able to manage these clients, you can then expand your business gradually. This is much better than simply starting out with a huge reseller hosting package and then realizing that you are having trouble handling all the clients that you get.

3. Provide Quality Support

This is downright the most important thing that you will need to be doing if you want to become known as a quality web hosting reseller. While hosting packages between different web hosting companies are quite similar in terms of features and options, what sets web hosting companies apart is their ability to provide support to their clients should they have a question or if something is not working as well as it should with their hosting account.

When you decide to become a web hosting reseller you will need to figure out a way to give incredibly good support to your users. In order to accomplish that you will yourself need to be buying the best reseller hosting from a web host that can give you excellent support. This will be of a great help to you, however you will still have to do some work and ensure that your clients are getting what they need.

Finding the Right Kind of Hosting to Be a Good Web Reseller

There are a lot of things that can be said about locating the best reseller hosting and basically as we have discussed before, you will need to make use of the top web hosting companies if you would like to find the best kind of reseller hosting for your needs. You will need to understand that there are plenty of choices available to you out there and that some of the best ones are found on the top 10 web hosts list that is present on this site.

You will of course want to read some of the reviews if you would like to find the best choice to be a good web hosting reseller. You can find a very useful HostMonster review, BlueHost review as well as a FatCow review too. These companies all provide you with quality service and support, which will be very important if you hope to become a good webhosting reseller.

These three companies mentioned here are among the best for reseller hosting, as well as web hosting in general. So if you would like to run a profitable business and become the best webhosting reseller there is, you should definitely consider using one of these companies. This will be very helpful for those of you who would like to start an online business as a webhosting reseller.

A VPS Reseller Hosting Review Is an Important Thing to Read

Those trying of finding the best possible reseller account for hosting, should definitely take the time to read a VPS reseller hosting review. Reading this review is going to help you decide which type of hosting will work best for you to use for yourself and to resell to others. By reading a VPS reseller hosting review you will find out that this type of hosting does have its advantages but that there are a few drawbacks that you should be aware of as well.

Something else that you should know before you read a VPS reseller hosting review is that the cheaper web hosting is not the best choice of web hosting for your project. When choosing cheap hosting, chances are that you will be quite disappointed with the service that you will receive. Quite often you will not get the speed, space and good support that you deserve for your project.

Locating the top reseller hosting option for you, it is important to read a VPS reseller hosting review. But this is not the only thing that you should do. You should also take a look what type of features the top hosting choices are going to give you. Make sure that you are able to select the best reseller hosting for your business and also to make it profitable.

A Complete and Neutral Reseller Hosting Review

Reseller hosting is a kind of web hosting that you can buy if you want to use a portion for yourself and then resell the rest to other webmasters. This will allow you hosting for your personal projects and the ability to sell the rest of the package off at a profit. Some people even get a reseller hosting package because it gives them a lot of space for their own projects, and often more disk space than some of the other potential options out there.

Looking for the right VPS reseller hosting review might not be easy, but it will help you find exactly what you need. Many companies offer great hosting with a virtual private server. This helps you with both your own hosting and with the reseller hosting you plan to make money from. It’s also a step above shared hosting and gives you more security and flexibility than other options do.

When you read a VPS reseller hosting review, you will see that it is in many cases much better than simply using shared web hosting. This is because shared hosting lets you create a blog or website, but you will share all the resources from the server with plenty of other web hosting accounts. In that case you won’t have hosting that is as fast and secure as if you were getting a VPS web hosting.

With VPS web hosting, as the VPS reseller hosting review states, you will have your own virtual server partition for you to use alone. While this is much better than using shared web hosting, it’s not quite the top choices when it comes to reseller hosting. This is because there are other kinds of web hosting that are considered superior to it.

As you will see with the VPS reseller hosting review, you will get a higher amount of security as well as speed when compared to shared web hosting. However, this is still reseller web hosting that we are talking about here. There is another kind of option that is much better in terms of reseller hosting, and that would be using your own dedicated server.

This is going to give you the best kind of hosting possible as well as the ability to provide support directly for your users without you always having to go through the web hosting company for that. While a VPS reseller hosting review may say that VPS reseller hosting is a good choice, you should know that having a dedicated server is a better one. On a dedicated server, you do not simply get a partition of an existing server, but the entire server for your own use. This gives you even greater power, security, speed and flexibility.

Some Final Thoughts About the VPS Hosting Review

When you go through a VPS reseller hosting review, you will get a lot of information about what this kind of web hosting actually is and how you can sell and market it. But you would need to have reseller web hosting that is of excellent quality if you would like to be able to become a successful reseller and to turn a profit with it.

Remember that despite what you could have read in the VPS reseller hosting review, being a web hosting reseller is not the easiest thing in the world that you can do. You will still be responsible for providing support for your customers and you will have a lot of competition from other web hosting companies out there. The web hosting industry is one that is very competitive and this is a fact that many of the VPS reseller hosting review sites do not really talk about when they tell you that becoming a web hosting reseller is an easy and profitable business to get into.

One way that you can be sure you will be providing your customers with the best possible support is to get a reseller web hosting package from one of the best 10 web hosting companies. This will give you the confidence you need to understand that you are dealing with a reputable company, with good servers and also a responsive and competent technical support department. When you read a VPS reseller hosting review about one of the top ten web hosting companies out there, you will see that they are able to provide you with this.


What Exactly is a Reseller Host?

When you are looking around the web for web hosting, you may have seen advertisements for a reseller host and were wondering as to exactly what one is? A reseller host is simply a hosting company that is run by someone who has purchased a large amount of bandwidth and storage space from a larger company such as iPage or HostGator. The company then resells that hosting to consumers in order to make a profit for themselves.

Basically, a reseller host is simply a middle man. You should be aware of the fact that most hosting resellers are actually small operations, even if they may have beautifully designed websites that make them look like a large and professional web hosting company. A reseller host could even be a one man business. The main disadvantage when dealing with a very small hosting company such as a reseller host is that technical support and customer service may not be the very best and they may also be hard to get in touch with should you experience any problems or issues with your hosting account.

The Main Reasons Not to Use a Reseller

1. Limited space and bandwidth

When you use a reseller host, you will usually get only a limited amount of bandwidth and storage space. Obviously, this is simply not good if you are planning to expand your online presence and build a bigger website. The reseller host may have limited options for you to upgrade your website hosting package, which can cause many problems when your business is starting to grow.

2. Poor support

One of the principal issues of doing business with a reseller host is that their support will usually not be as good as the once provided by large web hosting companies. Rather than focusing on technical support and customer service, many web hosting resellers are simply looking out for ways to maximize their own profits and put more money in their pocket.

3. Reliability issues

Another major issue with a reseller host is that if your site goes down, you will be stuck with their limited support options. Resolution will also be more time consuming and complicated as you are dealing with a middle man and not the hosting company itself. The reseller host has to contact the main hosting company and then reply to you with whatever information they provide on the problem. This simply wastes time in resolving the issue at hand.

A Better Choice Than a Reseller Web Host

There are a lot of companies that you can do business with in the hosting world, but a reseller host is not the best choice if you need a hosting place that is reliable and that will help you if you are having any problems. A much better thing to do as a webmaster would be to deal with a main hosting company such as BlueHost. They will provide you with around the clock support, as well as more interesting packages that you are unlikely to get should you be dealing with a reseller host instead.

Why Cheap Reseller Hosting is Not the Best Choice

When you think of using cheap reseller hosting, you should seriously pause to think that this may not be the best idea for your business. Why is that? In order to get an answer to this question, you would need to know what cheap reseller hosting actually consists of. Simply explained, it is a type of hosting where a reseller buys a large amount of hosting space from a web host and then sells it back to clients to make a profit.

This is not to say that all people who are involved in the cheap reseller hosting business are crooks and that everyone using this type of hosting is getting ripped off. But you should know that if you are building a stable and successful online business, it may not always be the best decision to go with cheap reseller hosting.

Issues Affecting Reseller Hosting

The problem is not with reseller hosting itself, but rather going for cheap reseller hosting. When you do everything possible to cut down on price, you should know that you will also be cutting down on features and support as well.

You also need to know that when you use cheap reseller hosting, you are not buying the server space directly from the owner of the web host, but rather through a middle man. Therefore, if something doesn’t work as it should, you add one layer between you and the web host, which could complicate or slow down resolution. While some resellers are actually serious companies that have a few dozen employees which are dedicated to solving issues around the clock, as soon as they arise, this is usually not the case with companies that sell cheap reseller hosting.

When someone decides to become a reseller for a large web host, that person’s primary motivation is making profit and not providing you with excellent support and service. As such, they would mainly focus their efforts and resources on acquiring as many new customers as possible, rather than making sure that existing ones are satisfied with what they are offering.

Because of all that, using cheap reseller hosting when you are building an e-commerce site is a very bad idea. Imagine if your site was down for an entire day, while you try to get hold of the support department of the reseller – which sometimes, could be just one person… and when he’s sleeping, eating or decides that he’s too lazy to work today… your request will be left waiting until he finally decides to look into it.

Some Alternatives to Cheap Hosting

As an alternative to making use of cheap reseller hosting, you should think about using another type of hosting arrangement for your website. There are various other options available to you. If your site is relatively small, you can go with shared hosting, directly purchased from a reputable web host. Or, if you have bigger projects, a VPS or dedicated server hosting option might work out better for you. All of these are better choices than cheap reseller hosting for a person who needs a reliable hosting solution when they want their online business to succeed.


What Exactly is a Cheap Hosting Reseller?

Simply put, a cheap hosting reseller is a company or individual that has bought a substantial amount of hosting space from a larger hosting company. Once they have purchased the hosting space, they can then split it up and sell it to other people who are looking for web hosting. Therefore, a cheap hosting reseller makes money by giving you web hosting services.

The most common types of cheap hosting reseller are sites which will sell you a pre designed website hoping that you would then buy a hosting package from them. Some of the cheap hosting reseller providers will actually build a simple website for you for free if you opt to get hosting through their services.

Some Good Things About a Cheap Reseller

In reality, there are only a few good things that can be said about getting your hosting from a reseller. One important fact that you must be aware of when you look for a cheap hosting reseller is that your hosting will be from a middleman and not directly from the web hosting company. This can actually mean that your hosting package would not give you all of the benefits that you are looking for.

When you look for a cheap hosting reseller you will be getting a hosting plan and often something for free with that hosting. This could be a guide to getting your website functioning faster and easier, an internet marketing guide, web building tools, or a pre built website. In any case, this is actually a good benefit, but it is one of the rare benefits that cheap hosting reseller will give you.

The Bad Things About Hosting Reseller Companies

The bad part about using cheap hosting reseller companies is that you will be getting hosting which is not as good for around the same price that you would pay had you gone directly with the hosting company. The support that you will receive will be quite limited and the hosting itself could be quite limited to. These are reasons to avoid cheap hosting reseller companies.

Reseller hosting is basically a type of hosting that you should avoid rather than seek out. Remember that the primary goal of a cheap hosting reseller is to make money by attracting as many customers as possible to their hosting business. This is why they give you free gifts when you sign up. However, there are many reputable and high quality hosting companies that can give you similar benefits at about the same price, so it is therefore not really a good idea to go with a cheap hosting reseller.

To make more money for themselves, owners of cheap hosting reseller providers will often try to sell you additional services and gimmicks that you may not truly need. They may even send you limited time offers in which you can get a discount on your hosting if you sign up right away. Of course, it is not in your best interest to take them up on these offers, as you need to take your time and examine all of the hosting options that are available to you prior to making a final decision.

Instead of using cheap hosting reseller, you can go directly with a web host and get shared hosting, VPS web hosting or a dedicated server, depending on the needs of your website. Reliable hosting companies will provide you with all the features and services that you need to make your site run well. Also, they will give you the option to upgrade your hosting selection when your website grows, which is something that a cheap hosting reseller will often not give you.

A Free Reseller Host is Not A Good Thing

Sure, it is possible to come across a free reseller host by searching online, but since it is free hosting there will always be some kind of tradeoff. Free hosting is usually not suitable for anyone who wants to earn money with the internet.

If you manage to find a free reseller hosting, they will probably offer you a free hosting account that will give you a few benefits, but not all of the features that you need. Many free reseller host companies give you free accounts in the hopes that you will later upgrade to a paid service in order to get better service. This is why the space and bandwidth that is given with a free hosting account is usually limited and far below what you would get if you had actually paid for your hosting.

Why a Free Host is a Bad Choice

When you choose a free option, you will often waste your time, as you are trading your time to get something for free instead of paying for it. This is especially true in the web hosting world., and you will find that few webmasters will recommend that you use any kind of free hosting, including a free reseller host.

When you try to earn money on the internet, you will need to make sure that your websites do not go through much downtime. To accomplish this, you will need to be using a web hosting provider that is very reliable and will be capable of providing you with the amount of support that you need. The overall success of your online business will depend on this.

Those who are web hosting resellers are doing so mainly to earn money for themselves. They accomplish this by buying a large amount of space on the server of a web hosting company and then sell parts of it to others. Also, a free reseller host works on a similar principle, except that you do not pay for your hosting. But this is not really a good thing, as they may put ads on your site, or at least place a lot of limitations on your hosting account which would make it unsuitable for online business.

Some Options You Can Use Instead of a Reseller Host

If you don’t want to experience the problems that come with using a free reseller host, then there are various other options that you can consider. You can, for example, use a shared hosting account from a well known web hosting provider. Or you can rent your own dedicated server which will provide you with more reliable and powerful hosting. All of these options are better than using a free reseller host.

It is true that getting a dedicated server can be quite expensive. This option is more suitable if you are building a large website and will need to run your own software and scripts, plus you will also need more security than what is normally provided with a shared hosting account.

But if you have a website that is relatively small and you are just starting out your business online, then getting shared hosting could be the answer for you. It is an option that is much more attractive than using a free reseller host. Plus, a shared hosting account at one of the major web hosting companies is not expensive at all. You will find that you can get shared hosting for a few dollars a month. The price that you will pay will depend on whether you pay in advance for a period of time, such as one, two or three years.

Remember that using the services of a reputable web hosting company that has built a solid reputation in the industry is much better than dealing with a free reseller host that will simply not be able to give you everything that you need for your business website. If you are serious about your online business, then you should equally go with a serious web hosting company and not a free reseller host that could be little more than actually a one man operation with little support and reliability problems.


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