BlueHost and HostMonster – Which Web Hosting Provider Is Better?

BlueHost and HostMonster happen to be two very renowned web hosting service providers and usually many people find themselves stuck when they need to decide which one is better. What most people do not know is that Matt Heaton is the owner of both of these well-known web hosting companies and currently both of them are operating under him.

One of the main things in running a site successfully has a trusty web-hosting service. A successful website hosting portrays the worth of a domain that may help you to make a market out of your business. When you’re looking to launch an internet site, you must look at some website hosting reviews before you select a hosting supplier. To have a site it’s important to have a web-hosting service and there are a large number of folks all around the globe who are looking at buying a webhosting service. Website proprietors would be required to save the info of their internet site to the servers which have been supplied by the website hosting firms and the servers would control the internet site and make it identifiable to folk all around the planet on the web.

There are that many corporations that are providing website hosting services so it can be often tricky to select the best website hosting company. In that circumstance, hosting reviews can truly help you evaluate different options and select a best possible option because thru these reviews, you would get neutral ideas from varied folk about different webhosting service suppliers. It is crucial to consider the plan for your site before reading the website hosting reviews as you should comprehend exactly what your internet site really wants. If you’re making a business web site then you need to read reviews of those corporations that are providing top hosting plans for business web sites.

When you are reading thru the reviews between Bluehost and HostMonster online you could be in a position to ask about them. If that is the case you can search and see if you can contact the person who wrote the review and ask them questions. This will help you understand much more about that actual hosting supplier and will help you understand if a writer of the review is trusty or not. If you do not want to bother doing all of that then hopefully this comparison will help you to know and learn as to what one could be the best for you to have.

The reason why I am comparing these two hosting companies is because they are known and used the most online. They both have a high reputation but a lot of people don’t understand the differences between the two and what all they do plus they do not have a clue about what kind of features they have with their packages. The pricing and many other things might differ from one another and so finding out the differences can actually help you in many ways.

For this very reason, these two companies have several things in common, yet the fact that their names are different is not the only thing they have that is not the same and so you should really research and see what company might be the best one for you to go with because you might like one over the other hosting company and sometimes it might just be about what all they have and can offer you to help with making it easier for you to put together your site. Hence, pointing out these differences should help people decide which web hosting provider is better for their needs.

How Old Are BlueHost and HostMonster Providers?

It was in 2003 that Matt Heaton established BlueHost, becoming its CEO as well. Then, HostMonster came two years later and the company was set up in 2005. Simply because BlueHost came before HostMonster, allowed the company to build its reputation and have a substantial number of clients by the time HostMonster came into existence. Therefore, as far as the age and reputability of these two companies are concerned, BlueHost is certainly operating at a much larger scale and is far more popular.

Price and Promotions Offered by the Two Companies

Overall, both BlueHost and HostMonster offer affordable priced web hosting packages, however BlueHost offers its web hosting service with a discount therefore it costs customers $2 less. Hence, those on a budget might feel inclined to select BlueHost not only for its reputability, but because of its cheaper service, as well.

Why Are BlueHost and HostMonster Separate Companies Rather than One?

Over time, many customers have wondered why Matt Heaton has not merged BlueHost and HostMonster into a larger one, since both are owned by him and are offering the same type of service. The fact is that this is some sort of a marketing strategy that has been carried out by Heaton and is why he continues to operate the two companies separately.

While BlueHost has built the reputation as a top-notch web hosting company, HostMonster has become known for its cost effectiveness. What is even surprising is that Matt Heaton now owns a third web hosting company by the name of FastDomain, offering people in need of web hosting with the cheapest web hosting alternative.

Bottom Line About BlueHost and HostMonster

As mentioned, BlueHost’s web hosting packages are cheaper than HostMonster; therefore, this is one thing that makes BlueHost a much more feasible choice over HostMonster. However, in comparison to BlueHost, HostMonster also offers its customers more features. Since both companies are owned by Matt Heaton, he has maintained a similar quality standard for both companies.

Both of these web hosting service providers are also equally reliable and offer exceptional customer service too. All of these factors and benefits therefore make the decision all the more difficult for those who want to select either one of these companies. Both BlueHost and HostMonster are valuable web hosting providers and people can determine which one they should be choosing based on own requirements and their overall budget.

HostMonster Testimonials For the Top Company

As a business owner, you will find that choosing the best web host to run and maintain your site is essential for your online success and reading the HostMonster testimonials will help. When considering a large host for services, reading HostMonster testimonials prior to choosing their services, or a competitor’s services, is something that the business owner should do.

By reading what other consumers and business owners have to say about the services that HostMonster has to offer, you can figure out if they are the right host for you. These HostMonster testimonials will help you to make the right decision for your hosting. If you don’t take your time with this type of decision, you may find yourself with hosting that is not all that good.

What to Expect from the HostMonster Testimonials

The HostMonster testimonials are a great way for business owners to gauge the quality of services the web host will offer. These testimonials are offered by real customers and clients that use the host, and therefore a business owner reading them will get an idea of the quality of their services.

They can provide insight about prices the host charges for services, what services they offer, how accurate and what type of quality the site can expect to get. You can also find out what type of marketing services HostMonster will offer to their clients, for a flat monthly rate or fee.

Choosing to read HostMonster testimonials from a third party site, rather than directly from the company’s site is something a business owner should consider. This will ensure that the remarks and testimonials are truly unbiased, and that they are exactly what the consumer has said, and not what HostMonster has interjected about the services they have to offer to their customers.

This will also ensure that the individual business owners, who are considering HostMonster for services, will have several reviews and bits of information about the services they offer. With this information, it will be easier to determine whether or not they are the web hosting company to choose for service.

The Right Company Found Within the HostMonster Testimonials

As a business owner, you have enough to worry about without having to run and operate your own hosting. For this reason, hiring a well-known nationwide web host to do the job is something that should be considered. However, as a business owner, you also want to ensure the quality of the hosting services, and the quality of the package they will provide for your website.

For this reason, reading as many HostMonster testimonials as possible, prior to choosing the host, is something business owners will find extremely useful and beneficial when choosing their host. These testimonials will show you everything you need to know about the company and the experiences they have provided for other customers.

As there is, so much competition in the hosting market, by reading testimonials the business owner can get clear indications of the types of services, and the quality of their hosting capabilities. This will also ensure the business owner has completely unbiased reviews and testimonials, about what types of services they can expect, and the quality hosting they can expect.

Knowing what the HostMonster testimonials say, and knowing what other business owners who use their services have to say, is the best indication a business owner can get, when deciding which host to choose for services.


HostMonster vs GoDaddy: Comparison Between the Two Most Successful Hosting Company

When looking into hosting you may come across the comparison between HostMonster vs GoDaddy. This is an important comparison to look at because HostMonster is known as a top hosting company, while GoDaddy is known more for domain name registration than hosting.

Are you in need of hosting support for your personal website or even for your professional business? HostMonster and GoDaddy will answer your wishes, because both these services have years of experience in dealing with customers in the field of web hosting. To decide which one between these two hosting service, you need to see a comparison between these HostMonster vs GoDaddy, making it easier for you to decide.

Basic Overview

HostMonster has proven to be one of the best web hosting services for over a decade and now is serving over 700,000 domain names. They not only offer web hosting with the quality performance, but also at an affordable price with unlimited complete package for customers.

GoDaddy is also a popular name in the world of hosting, but have made their mark more in the domain name registration business. In fact, they offer domain names at very affordable for the purposes of building the website. GoDaddy offers Windows and Linux web hosting with several plans that can be selected by the customer.

Feature Plan and Pricing

HostMonster provides an attractive package with very affordable prices as low as $4.95 per month. The cost is very interesting, because there is no setup fee and with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited sub domains, and unlimited email addresses you get nearly everything you could ever want from a hosting company.

Even the 99.9% uptime guarantee makes HostMonster a popular choice among enthusiasts hosting. Subscribers also get many promotions like 50 free scripts, free site promotion, and free site builder. This is a complete shared hosting package from a top company for sure.

On the other hand, GoDaddy offers affordable prices as low as $ 1.99 for the domain name. However, unfortunately, their hosting service package is a bit more expensive. Economic plan provides 10 GB disk space and 300 GB bandwidth given the price of $4.99 per month, the Deluxe Plan provides 150 GB disk space and 1500 GB bandwidth for the price of $6.99 per month. As for the package of unlimited disk space and bandwidth, you will pay $14.99 per month, which is over triple the price of HostMonster.

Customer Support

Both HostMonster and GoDaddy offer customer a good support package. Why change when you’ve created something that works. Both companies offer free phone support, live chat support, email support, free support tutorials, and free user support forums. Yes, all these features free of charge and included in every hosting plan.

Perhaps the best feature you can get is the live chat. This is an incredible option for your support needs. If you need support for any reason at all, they will be there for you. Now there are cases where the issues are too technical for a response through live chat, but they will make sure that any problems or questions you have will be answered.

Based on a review of HostMonster vs GoDaddy, you can be sure to find out and choose a hosting service that suits your needs. Both hosting services are quite good, reliable, and proven to be very professional. GoDaddy has been successful as a domain registrar, but for their hosting services, they still have some shortcomings, especially with the more expensive plan costs. While HostMonster with professional technical support, unlimited service, and higher uptime, offer it all to customers with a very affordable price.

It will ultimately be your choice and by looking at HostMonster vs GoDaddy, you will see exactly which company is best for you.

Why HostMonster Discount Hosting is the Beginner’s Choice

Hosting can be tricky and it can be expensive, but with HostMonster discount hosting you don’t have to worry about either of these issues. HostMonster is our second rated hosting company and really, we could have rated them as the top choice without much issue. They are just as good as the number one hosting company and it could have been a tie.

The package they offer is perfect for the beginner simply because it gives them everything necessary to start and run a website or a blog. If you want the best hosting for your project, then getting HostMonster discount hosting is a great way to go. It will give you more for each dollar you spend than most other companies will.

You won’t have to worry about whether or not you have a quality hosting company with HostMonster. They provide the necessary support to help you with any hosting questions you may have. Support is the hardest thing to find in the hosting world, but with HostMonster discount hosting you don’t have to worry.

The Top Three Reasons to Choose Discount Hosting

1. Price

If you are on a budget and you simply cannot afford to spend much for your hosting, then getting the HostMonster discount will help you tremendously. This hosting is priced to sell and nearly everybody will be able to afford it. The price of hosting is not the only thing that should determine your decision, but it is important.

Budget hosting is something many beginners need and for just a few dollars a month you can use a top hosting company for your shared hosting. You won’t have to worry about the cost of a domain name either because they give you one for free. This cuts your expenses down a little bit and we all know every little bit counts.

2. Features

Whether you are trying to put up a blog or you are trying to start a website, they give you all the features you could ask for to make it easy for you. There are many choices out there, for your hosting and many of them give you a few good features, but not many can top what HostMonster gives you.

3. The Company

Probably the number one reason a beginner should choose HostMonster discount hosting is because of the company. They support you perfectly and give you a stable hosting environment for your needs. This will help to keep your hosting secure and help you to build your website or blog instead of dealing with hosting issues.

HostMonster Hosting for your Budget

Since many beginners make their hosting decision with their budget, it is important to get the right company to back you up. HostMonster is a discount hosting provider that will give you everything you can possibly ask for when it comes to your hosting. They do this for a very low price that will not break your budget.

If you choose to go with hosting from another company, you may find out that it is simply not that good. You may find that cheaper hosting, from a company without the reputation of HostMonster discount hosting, will cause you more issues and will not give you the experience you deserve.


HostMonster vs Other Shared Hosting Choices

HostMonster is the best option for your web hosting needs and clients wanting to experience dependable web hosting services that provides excellent and powerful hosting will find it from HostMonster. For as low as low as $5.95 a month, HostMonster vs offers its clients a wide range of benefits such as limitless storage and bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, unlimited domain names, and a wide range of other benefits for your business or private website.

The advent of the Internet has resulted in the use of websites as marketing tools. In this regard, HostMonster vs is able to turn your dream of owning a website into reality at competitive web hosting prices. Provision of excellent customer service has always been the main point of focus since the inception of HostMonster vs more than a decade ago.

What HostMonster Provides for You

The technical support hotline operates on a 24/7 basis thus allowing clients to get in touch with a customer representative in case they have a pressing issue. Regardless of the time or day, HostMonster vs is ready to lend you a hand. Clients are afforded the privilege of free access to an online support center where they are can glance through informative materials, look at video tutorials, gain knowledge of using cPanel as well as engage in forums with other members.

HostMonster vs offer its clients a free domain name as well as domain name support for global domain names. The provision of international domain name support increases the client’s web visibility after opening an account. Moreover, clients get free POP3 protected email support, free IMAP email support, and unrestricted email accounts.

This allows you to maintain an effective correspondence with your customers. As part of email support, HostMonster vs provides you with spam protection including a spam prevention software known as Spam Assassin that cuts spam to new lows. Online businesses require incorporation of e-commerce to allow for online transactions.

HostMonster vs offer its clients the option of free shopping carts that area easy to use. These shopping carts come with an SSL secure server, operating system e-commerce shopping cart, Agora Shopping Cart, password protection, and certifications, thus providing a secure platform for your customers to shop from your newly designed website.

In addition to the standard features, websites designed by HostMonster vs come with free incentives like social network connectivity, mailing lists, blogs, Drupal, Joomla, and Moodle. Furthermore, they are equipped with well-known scripts like PHP 5, Perl 5, Python, and Ruby on rails. HostMonster vs has a dashboard integrated with the latest technologies hence clients need only to select their preferred features to be installed in their websites.

With the possibility to open unlimited web-based accounts, HostMonster vs provides clients with cPanel software to run their web accounts. The cPanel software tops the chart as the best control panel software available in the market. The cPanel software caters for both novices and professionals.

It has an appealing user interface that uses the drag and drop technology thus enabling users to come up with their preferred account look. Overall, HostMonster vs provide first-rate web hosting service to clients. They are one of the top web hosting choices in the industry. If an exciting unlimited plan offered at affordable prices, along with 24/7 technical support captures your attention, then HostMonster vs is your best choice.

HostMonster vs Inmotion: Comparison that Helps you in Choosing a Qualified Hosting Service Provider

Comparing HostMonster vs Inmotion is a great way to ensure you get one of the top choices for your needs. There are many types of hosting out there along with many different companies and you need to make sure you get the right combination for your needs.

HostMonster and Inmotion are popular hosting service providers among the general public. Both hosting service have the experience and dedication to providing the best service and quality assurance with features that make the customers satisfied. Therefore, after we see the comparison between HostMonster vs Inmotion, you can be more open minded and choose a hosting service that fits your needs and capabilities.


HostMonster has proven to be one of the best web hosting services and houses hundreds of thousands domains. They not only offer web hosting with the quality performance, but also at an affordable price with an unlimited complete package for customers. They have been in business since 1996 and have the experience to help you whenever necessary.

Inmotion is a leading hosting company that was founded in 2001 and has received many awards in the field of online services due to the rapid development in the field of VPS and dedicated server. They are a great choice if you need more than just shared hosting and they do offer a shared hosting package, as well.


When choosing a hosting company, of course, the first thing that is valued by customers is the price. HostMonster services provide a good price for its customers, with the normal price of $5.95 per month, and a special discount price to customers of $4.95 per month. This price includes unlimited features for customers on an annual payment plan.

Inmotion hosting services offer a price of $3.00 per month for the basic package, and $6.95 per month for unlimited business package. The prices of these two are not all that different, so it is important to look at much more than just the price of their hosting packages.

Features and Hosting Capabilities

In the feature segment, HostMonster and Inmotion compete very closely. This is because both the hosting services have almost the same quality features, including Web mail and sophisticated spam filter that are used to protect your inbox, unlimited email accounts and an auto responder was added by the provider to pamper their customers.

Do not forget, this hosting service also equips you with PHP, Ruby Rails, Python, and Perl that will facilitate your online activities. HostMonster and Inmotion trying to be superior compared to other hosting providers, by providing a flexible hosting solution for their customers to access the hosting account through SSH is configured with Htacces.

HostMonster only gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is in contrast with Inmotion, which provides a 90-days money-back guarantee. Even more interesting, both hosting services provide the choice to their customers to be able stop using their hosting services, if their customers feel the quality provided by the hosting has dropped.

Customer Support

HostMonster and Inmotion ensure your website is in good hands. Both hosting services provide an irreplaceable dedication to their customers at all times. This is evident by their 24/7 customer support, which both companies give you. Each time you encounter a problem, difficulty, or malfunction, their professional staff is ready to assist you through email, online chat support, and over the phone.


Making a choice between the two best hosting services is a difficult task for you, because they provide the features, services, and customer support is equally good and qualified. However, if you do not want to mess around with a wide selection of packages and plans, then choosing HostMonster after looking at HostMonster vs Inmotion is the right choice for you with a more affordable price.


Judging Two Top Choices – HostMonster versus HostGator

When looking at HostMonster versus HostGator, there are many things to consider. These are two of the top choices in the hosting world and you will do very well with either. However, they cater to a few different types of people and here is our full comparison of the two companies.

HostGator hosting services has been in business for nine years now and has become one of the best web hosting services to serve its users. HostMonster hosting services has been in business for a decade, and is also considered a very good choice. Competition between HostMonster and HostGator is very fierce, as both have a standard of quality hosting and good performance. There is no doubt these two companies are reliable.


Perhaps many people are asking about the location of these hosting companies. HostGator originally formed in Florida, but most of the management ranks quickly moved to Texas. HostMonster, on the other hand, was established in the state of Utah and both hosting services are managed by an American Entrepreneur.

This really does not tell you much when it comes to deciding on your hosting. However, if you are local to the areas where these two companies are, then it may have a bearing on your decision.

Plan Features and Pricing

HostGator offers many hosting plan for the users of Linux and Windows. A Basic plan from HostGator is available at $3.96 per month for a three-year package with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth quotas, and the ability to host one domain name. They also offer a package that will allow you to host unlimited domain names starting at $6.36 a month for a three-year plan.

Finally, they offer the best shared hosting package for businesses giving you access to shopping cart software, a dedicated IP address, and a private SSL certificate. This plan starts at $10.36 per month for a three-year plan. All the plans offered by HostGator also come with the option for two years, one year, six months, and monthly pricing.

In contrast to HostGator, HostMonster actually only offers one plan to for $3.95 per month for two years. This plan is also offered on a one-year agreement for a bit more per month. HostMonster also provides unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited sub domains as well as to support your main domain.

A money-back guarantee is also provided by this hosting service, which lasts for the first thirty days of your contract. HostMonster also have screenwriter is called “Simple Script,” which allows you to install it in all parts of the directory Cplesk and cPanel.

Perform and Capability

HostGator and HostMonster give you the guarantee of ninety-nine percent uptime. Both companies are also using a very similar control panel. They also provide support services to users through their website, email, phone, and live chat services. HostGator and HostMonster provides shopping cart facilities, choice of video streaming, and a spam filter, which gives you a secure and comfortable feeling with the Secure Socket Layers (SSL).

Customer Support

HostGator and HostMonster provide full support 24/7 via email, their toll-free phone number, live chat, and interaction via the forum. However, even so, HostMonster has to admit defeat on HostGator, because the support and response from the famous HostGator is very quick and they take care of your issues much faster than other hosting companies do. Their employees are ready to answer any requests you may have and they are usually able to get back to your emails within an hour or two.

Both HostGator and HostMonster are the best hosting service with full support and quality facilities. Overall, servers and management are very professional and at an affordable price. It is not an easy decision when looking at HostMonster versus HostGator, and you must consider the needs of your business before deciding.

HostMonster versus BlueHost – The Battle Begins

In the battle of the family members, compared will be two of the best web hosting companies: HostMonster versus BlueHost. The same person founded both companies and offers very similar high performance shared hosting plans.

HostMonster versus BlueHost – Introduction:

You have to wonder why the same person opened two cheap web hosting providers to compete only against each other. The simple answer is that we know when BlueHost was started; HostMonster had not been thought of yet. BlueHost had been up and running for a couple of years when HostMonster was launched.

Both companies were founded with the same concept of offering the most unlimited web hosting features you can find with affordable web hosting. The other key component of both HostMonster and BlueHost are their customer service and customer support.

Customer Service

Both BlueHost and HostMonster offer the same customer support packages. Why change when you’ve created something that works. Both companies offer free telephone support, live online chat support, free email support, free tutorials support, and free user forums support. Yes, all these features are free and are included in every hosting plan from either BlueHost hosting or HostMonster hosting.

Many other cheap web hosting providers offer free customer support, but not to the same levels offered by HostMonster and BlueHost. They can offer free telephone support, but not the free online chat support. They charge for long-distance phone calls, in most cases, while both HostMonster and BlueHost offer both systems completely free, and customer service is 100% satisfied with each of them.

Perhaps the best feature you can get for support is the live chat option. If it is a billing issue or a simple glitch, you can find the answer very quickly. Now there are cases in which the problem are too technical for a response via live chat, but they will be sure to get you the answer you are after, even if they have to email it to you within a few hours.


Now, all the basic features of unlimited web hosting, HostMonster versus BlueHost offer. Both offer unlimited disk space, data transfer, domain hosting, and email accounts. In addition, you get a free domain name, free marketing credits, free customer support, WordPress, forum software, PHP, MySQL databases, and more.

If you need to, you can also add on the shopping cart features. You can find many of the free and add on features right in your control panel and many of them are easy to install with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Control Panel

Speaking of the control panel, both HostMonster and BlueHost offer cPanel. CPanel is perhaps the best control panel out there. Some hosts try to use their own control panel and it ends up being a disaster for customers. Control panels are displayed prominently and set up for users to easily navigate.


From March 2010 onwards, HostMonster and BlueHost discontinue their sales promotion. Therefore, the $3.95 a month special promotion price is no longer valid. At this time, HostMonster and BlueHost are selling hosting at the same price, which is not a big surprise. It is still very cheap and you get quite a bit of value for the money you spend.

However, now, HostMonster’s discount price is at $3.95 per month, while BlueHost remain in the regular price of $6.95 per month. This makes HostMonster a cheaper hosting choice in comparison to BlueHost hosting. The HostMonster hosting plan is selling at a fixed rate of $3.95 per month, regardless of the choice of 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months on a long-term contract.


Choose between HostMonster versus BlueHost is not easy, but no matter which one you choose, you can be sure getting the best web hosting and getting the best prices around, along with the peace of mind that comes with a company that supports you completely.


HostGator vs JustHost – A Professional Comparison

HostGator is a monster and the world’s largest general and dedicated web hosting, but when you compare HostGator vs JustHost, you may find that one is better for you than another is. HostGator provides the best overall speed and response time from the server. They also provide a wide variety of packages along with many features that you can use for your business. In fact, it is obvious there is no comparison with the two web hosting companies.

JustHost hosting company is still limited and don’t offer the same variety as HostGator hosting does. They do, however, provide great service that is nearly as good as that of HostGator. They are rated as one of the top companies out there, but they are not as large or as highly recognized as HostGator is.

If you’re intending to build a domain, irrespective of whether it is for private use or for your company, it’s critical that you engage the assistance of a website hosting company. You might already know that but are all website hosting corporations the same? Being new to the Net world, many beginners have the delusion that there’s no difference with which service you’ve decided to utilize and you need to just select the least expensive one available. If that’s what you have got in mind, you can’t be farther away from the facts.

In reality with the robust competition, there are countless packages being offered by the assorted corporations and at different costs naturally. So how does one know which is a perfect website hosting company to enroll with? To reply to that question , first off you are going to need to learn all about the different sorts of website hosting that can be found on the web. Yes, there certainly are free hosting available for you and for someone that is only starting out on selling online and is on a tight budget, this might appear to be an especially interesting choice.

Unless you have absolutely no wish to bringing your business to an increased level, or you should desist from employing such services for the actual reason that you’re going to have extremely limited use. One of the drawbacks is that you’ll be needed by the host provider to incorporate their ad on your site.

This could pose as a distraction to any visitors to your website and if your target is to sell your own products, you may not be terribly successful with the extra adverts there. You may also not have any control of what ads they’d like to place on your website so you will finish up having rivals on your own site. The bandwidth, drive space and web site size for these free website hosting sites will be really limited since the company is offering the service to you for nothing. You can also struggle to host your website under a website name but only under a subdomain name.

All of these issues will affect the ranking of your sites and thus influence your revenue. Additionally the free website hosting corporations reserve their claims on remove your website whenever they need and without any previous caution. Imagine having spent countless hours and days on bringing traffic to a specific site, only to get an order from your free hosting provider that your internet site needs to be removed and with no reason given. Choosing a paid hosting service is certainly a much preferred choice over the above.

At an exceedingly minimum charge of as low as $3.95 a month, it is easy to get to enjoy much bigger control of your own sites when you join up to one of the copious plans offered by the hosting corporations. Before deciding, ensure you check on the bandwidth, disk drive space, simplicity of use, security level, number of e-mail accounts provided, number of domains you can host with the plan, service support and guaranty, for example. Make a comparison among the diverse plans available prior to signing up. You’ll find you can get excellent deals from some trusted firms like Hostgator and Justhost. The best benefit of getting a paid web-hosting service is you can get support from them anytime and is particularly useful to those that might not have technical experience. We’ll take a better look at Hostgator and Justhost.

Our Comparison

When looking at HostGator vs JustHost you have to realize that some of the best hosting comes from the type that fits your business just right. Sometimes you need more than shared hosting and that means you have to look at other options like VPS and dedicated hosting. It is necessary to find the right type of hosting first, and then worry about the company second.

With HostGator, you get more options than you do with JustHost and they also allow you to pay on a monthly basis instead of just by the year. They are the largest hosting company out there and they are considered one of the best for a reason. You need to be sure you get the best hosting possible and it will help if you do a full comparison of HostGator vs JustHost.

Specifications and Prices

HostGator offers three different shared web hosting packages range in price from $4.95 to $12.95 per month. The basic package includes a domain name, unlimited storage, and unlimited bandwidth. The middle plan offers all the features you can imagine, complete with unlimited domains, disk space and bandwidth. The most expensive plan provides a free dedicated IP with SSL, and e-commerce services, which is perfect for any business website.

JustHost offers two different packages ranging from $3.45 to $6.95 per month. Although we believe that, they are advertising rates, which can be changed at any time. Premium plans offer three free domains for life, which is nice, but they are not packed as full with features as the HostGator plans.


We are pleased that both HostGator and JustHost offer its customers a guarantee of 99.9% uptime. HostGator also offers 24/7 support, automatic backup, and weekly off-site backup monitor. JustHost offers the same features, but we could not find details about the off-site backup. JustHost offers biometric security with all their packages. They are both very reliable and can give you everything you need.

The Support

Although both companies have a positive value and quality hosting, HostGator has the highest approval rates in the industry. In addition, to facilitate 24/7 phone, email, and live chat HostGator offers great support through their knowledge base. Many times, you can find the answers; you need without even having to contact the support team.

When looking at both of these companies it is easy to see why many may choose JustHost, but it is easier to see why they might choose to go with HostGator instead. This is a very important thing and you really need to be aware of what you are getting when comparing HostGator vs JustHost.

Our HostGator VPS Review of Top Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting is a great choice and you can use the HostGator VPS review to help with your website. HostGator is one of the most popular hosting companies that provide top quality hosting service. They host more domain names than any other companies host and are considered by many to be the best.

Before selecting what host provider is the best for you and invest decent money in a V. P. S hosting plan, you should first spend a little bit of time to understand what VPS is, and what VPS isn’t. That may aid you in making the right purchasing choices. Manifestly , a VPS plan isn’t for everybody. Let’s try and understand more about VPS first before having a quick look at what HostGator has to give. VPS, which stands for virtual personal servers, is hosting on a shared server. Nevertheless using special software, the server can “split” itself into 1 or 2 smaller sections, which can function without interference from each other. As an example, if one VPS goes down, the others can continue to function routinely. The advantages are plain.

Typically, when clients join multi user hosting, their sites are hosted on machines that already have hundreds or thousands of sites on them. Infrequently , servers could be overloaded or compromised due to unsecured scripts. Note that there’s not much a customer can do if the server is to go down, although the customer himself has not done anything wrong.

Clients understand they’re undertaking such risks when enrolling for multi user hosts. Nonetheless with a VPS plan, clients get much more trusty hosting services since they do not have to stress about their VPS server going down due to mess ups not committed by them. Naturally, V. P. S hosting clients have a tendency to expect lower resource use, since the resources are shared. Generally , clients upgrade to VPS plans when they find that a multi-user hosting plan can’t pander to their wants.

As an example, they require more control of the server environment, or they require more dedicated resources to run their sites. Therefore what does HostGator has to supply when it comes down to VPS plans?

Many hosting firms offer only one admin control panel for such hosting. HostGator permits the clients to make a choice between Cpanel, Virtuozzo, or Ksplice. As different clients have different wishes the Firm has also taken the difficulty to supply a sum total of nine levels. Level one offers the smallest amount of resources ( but it is the least expensive ), and level nine offers the highest quantity of resources which is the costliest. When thinking about V. P. S hosting, clients sometimes begin with the basic 4 factors – CPU, RAM, diskspace and bandwidth. With these contributors considered, clients may then guesstimate whether the plan offers enough resources to power their web sites. What’s wonderful about HostGator’s VPS plans is that the lowest plan only cost $19.95. This is a very good price that’s infrequently seen in the hosting industry.

There are four web hosting plans are offered by HostGator: Shared hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting are the available hosting plans. The plan we are going to look at is VPS hosting. Many have already posted a positive HostGator VPS review on their websites and others, and here is ours.

Their Services

VPS web hosting has only been around for a few years and it has already become very popular. This web hosting service is getting cheaper, which makes it better for many people. VPS hosting is also offering more features compared to other web hosting services. You can easily get basic VPS web hosting for just $20 a month.

VPS hosting comes in many different sizes and HostGator offers many different packages for your needs. Since you will still be sharing a server, you do have to understand this is not as good as dedicated hosting. However, VPS hosting is not nearly as expensive as dedicated hosting and offers more benefits than shared hosting.

Advantages of VPS hosting: This web hosting is useful for covering the loopholes of shared hosting limitations. VPS hosting is customizable and gives you more security than shared hosting. VPS web hosting works like an original networked server. This web hosting service gives you the control of a dedicated server on different services.

Its stability and high performance are what make it so good. This hosting gives users a large amount of memory; disk space with CPU and RAM. There is no external interference in this web hosting. By using this web hosting you can easily restore and carry out your functions more effectively. The backup, installation, recovery, and repair process can keep your website functioning smoothly.

The VPS hosting service customer care and full time helpline will be best for additional support. Its control panel is user friendly and VPS web hosting is inexpensive compared to other web hosting services. It is no doubt that we believe HostGator VPS hosting is one of the best choices out there.


There are more reasons to why this web hosting service is selected by most of the people. VPS hosting is highly preferred due to the cost effectiveness and its reliability. The main two features are effectiveness and reliability. When you are using other hosting services, you have to spend more money on applications and hardware components.

However, this is not needed while using VPS web hosting. Even though VPS web hosting is a shared web hosting system, the modifications and updating of other websites will not affect your site. You can have total control of your website and the necessary amount of disk space to modify.

There are many benefits with VPS web hosting services. The important thing is that, this web hosting has a low set-up and low maintenance cost. If you are using this hosting service, you can save lots of money every month and save your money for other business necessities. The VPS web hosting uptime is better than shared web hosting’s uptime and that is the end of our positive HostGator VPS review.


Why a Shared Hosting Comparison can be Tricky

You need to do a shared hosting comparison if you plan on buying shared hosting, but this can be tricky. Unlike dedicated and VPS hosting, there are not as many things to consider, like the size and resources of the server or package you are getting. Most shared hosting packages are unlimited and this means you don’t need to look at the size.

However, there are still many reasons to perform a shared hosting comparison and many things you should look at. You need to be able to make an informed decision and this is not always the easiest thing to do. There are many ways to go about getting the right hosting, but if you don’t compare more than one company, you may miss the right one for you.

Below you will find an easy breakdown of how you can do a proper shared hosting comparison. This will help you to see the flaws and the advantages of each company you look and will ultimately lead you to the right decision for your hosting needs. If you want to be sure you are making the right decision, use this breakdown.

The Hosting Comparison Breakdown

1. Features

Even though many of the features will be the same from one company to another, you need to be sure the packages you are looking at give you every tool you need. Some don’t include a private SSL certificate or a dedicated IP address, while others don’t give you unlimited domain hosting. Make sure you are getting all the features you need.

2. Company

Probably the most important part of doing a shared hosting comparison is looking at the reputation and reliability of the company. This will make the biggest difference with shared hosting, since most packages are the same. If you get a company that is not known for supporting their customers in a professional way, then you may be dealing with less than average hosting.

3. Servers

Yes, even with shared hosting the servers make a difference. There are specific tools you can only use with Windows serves, while many believe Linux servers give you a higher performance and amount of security. You will have to decide which will benefit you the most and find shared hosting on the server of your choice.

4. Upgrade Options

If shared hosting is only the start for you, it is important to look at the upgrade options offered by each company. The last thing you want to deal with is transferring everything when it is time to upgrade. Not all shared hosting companies offer an upgrade option, so be aware of this while doing a shared hosting comparison.

Using your Comparison to Decide

The final decision will involve two very easy things to look at; one, which company gives you everything you need for now and the future along with having a good reputation, and two, which company do you have the most confidence in? After you do your shared hosting comparison, this is all you need to look at to make the right decision.

Rating the Best Shared Provider

If you choose the best shared hosting provider for your hosting need, do you think it will be much different than the second best or even the third best? There are hundreds of shared hosting choices and if you really look at them, they all seem to be very similar and some are almost exactly the same. Why is this and do you really need the best shared hosting provider to be successful?

The reason most of the companies that offer shared hosting are the same, is how cheap these packages are. Since they have to compete with so many other companies, they have to offer a very similar or even a better package for a competitive price to stay in business. On top of that, the resellers of hosting offer packages from other hosting companies, which will be identical.

So, the question remains, will the best shared hosting provider make a real difference for your website or blog? Compared to the rest of the top ten choices for hosting, it probably will not make much difference, but if you compare the top choices to the choices that are not listed, it could make a huge difference.

A lot of people just go in right away and don’t take the time out to compare them and because they do not do this then they put themselves at risk for not getting the package that they need and worst yet, they might end up getting a provider that might not end up working for them. You never really want to rush into this kind of situation fast because the provider that you get should have a very high reputation and also established. If it’s not established then it might be something you could regret later on.

Having a provider that is reliable and one that you can count on is the best thing to have in this kind of business. If you go with one that is not then the business might hurt later when something happens to the provider. If it is not known nor established then anything might just happen out of the blue and take you off guard and that’s why you want to avoid this from happening. You don’t hear of these type of things going on with providers that have been around for a long time and have glowing reviews on them.

When you are reading the reviews on shared providers also keep in mind that not all of the reviews will be perfect. Everyone has a different point of view on the services. However, if the reviews mainly happen to be very good and excellent with just a couple of reviews that might be negative then you might say that they are really good. If there are more reviews that tend to be negative instead of positive then you might want to be careful if you decide to go with them. There is a reason as to why they have so many negative reviews. If you decide to go with one that has a lot of bad reviews then at least back up your stuff just in case if something happens. It’s always best to be prepared with your hosting account regardless of who you go with even if it is a known hosting company.

You are always better off going with one of the best shared hosting providers than going with one of the ones that is not even on the list. There are reasons why these companies get rated as the top hosting providers and there are reasons why others don’t make the cut. You need to be aware of what a top company can do for you.

The Benefits of the Best Shared Hosting Provider

The major benefits you get from using one of the top providers of shared hosting are simple. You get the support of better servers, a better company, and a better overall hosting experience. The last thing you need is to add more obstacles to the road ahead. Choosing a good hosting company will make all the difference with shared hosting. You will need a hosting company that is positive, upbeat and that will be able to respond fast to your needs and wants. If you do not have this in a hosting company then it might discourage you from being able to put together your website and even slow you down. Having a great hosting company helps to encourage you and they can get you going and headed in the right direction with your website that you are making online.

Since you will rely on the support team to help when you are unsure of what to do or a problem arises, you need to be sure they are professional, fast, and reliable. If they are not, you may spend hours trying to get someone to help you while your website or blog is down. This could cost you money that you cannot afford to lose.

The best shared hosting provider will certainly make a difference when it comes to support and they will also make a difference with the actual servers your hosting is going to be put on. If the server is more reliable than another company’s server, this will cause less issues, and less for the support team to do.

This means the support is better and you won’t need it nearly as often. Some servers are faster than others and the best hosting companies know this. They choose servers that are faster for a reason and they know that the high performance of their servers give added value to every dollar you spend with them.

Choosing the Hosting Provider

There are more good reasons for choosing the best shared hosting provider compared to choosing one that is not nearly as good. You should simply consider the top few choices, compare them, and choose the one that you like the best. This will ensure you get one of the best shared hosting provider to support your needs.


Comparison Between Cloud Server Vs Dedicated Server Hosting

When looking at cloud server vs dedicated server, it is seen that the former is preferred over the latter by many bloggers. Choosing the perfect server is very important for a person who owns a blogging website. To keep a site up and running they need a proper hosting support hence people need to know which server is better for them a cloud server or a dedicated server. To make this decision, they need to know what each one of them is and what are the features offered in each case.

Differences Between The Two Types Of Servers

A dedicated server hosting is usually considered to be good for larger websites. In this case the entire server is reserved for a single website. This way the user gets to have more space and bandwidth. However the bandwidth is not really unlimited in this case as there might be cases when the host won’t allow the user to get more bandwidth in the same plan and it might crash after reaching a certain level. Some hosting companies call this fair usage policy. Therefore dedicated servers are costly and might cause a lot of trouble to the blogger when their website traffic is at peak. Hence a 100 percent up time and efficient control of traffic is not definite in this case.

Cloud server on the other hand is very different from a dedicated server. This type of a server provides users with a lot of resources and services. In this type of hosting several servers pool their resources together to meet the requirements of a client. Cloud server is basically a simple form of data center set up where virtualization technologies are put to use in order to provide good hosting services to the blogger. Cloud servers can be very useful to people as they do not have to manage and setup individual servers or operating systems in this case. People only have to load their application in this case and everything else happens automatically.

Why People Choose Cloud Server Over Dedicated Server

Now that you know what a cloud and dedicated server, you have a comparative look at the matter of dedicated vs cloud server. There are certain factors that one must consider while choosing cloud or dedicated server for hosting a website. The first thing that one must look into is the time taken in deploying the servers at service. In case of cloud servers, it is rather easier and quicker to deploy a ready to use server. The blogger only has to choose a package and software in this case. Once that is decided their server gets configured and deployed within a couple of minutes. However in case of a dedicated server, deploying takes a lot of time and it also require a lot of man power. Here everything has to be done manually like installing the hardware, operating system, etc. Therefore the entire process can take several days or even weeks.

Next important thing that one must consider, while trying to tally cloud server vs dedicated server, is the scalability between the two. There are two types of scaling namely the vertical and the horizontal scaling. In case of cloud servers they provide vertical scaling and all the blogger has to do is choose their desired resources here and give it to the server. It provides them with the ability to resize at will because of which they can add or remove hard drive space, memory and computing power very quickly and easily. However in case of dedicated servers this process can be very complex and time consuming. This could result in downtime where your website might suffer. Also dedicated upgrading is more difficult and time consuming as here you would have to build new servers and upgrade software’s manually.

Cloud servers also give the option of horizontal scaling to their clients. They do so by balancing the load over multiple web server front ends. They provide template features to their clients that make it easy to load balance. Also a user can test new identical cloud serves this way without impacting their original cloud. A dedicated server on the other hand involves building a new server and installation of the software along with copying of the data to new hardware. This can prove to be very expensive and time consuming.

Another important factor which needs to be considered is the reliability of cloud server vs dedicated server. In this case either one could prove to be more reliable as this basically depends on the reputation of the hosting company that is hired by the client. Next comes the hosting services provided by both the servers. Cloud hosting services basically provide all the tools required by their clients which they require to manage their servers. They can easily perform tasks from their browsers. These include restoration, monitoring, private networking, etc. In case of dedicated servers, hosting service can be costly and the client in this case has to pay for each additional charge. Therefore it is better to select cloud servers as they tend to be very cost effective and are high performing servers. Moreover, they provide quality hosting services as well.

One important factor to consider here is the affordability or the billing. In this case cloud servers are way more affordable then dedicated servers. It is one of the main reasons why cloud servers are more preferred over dedicated servers. In cloud hosting, clients usually pay for the usage of the hosting space and services. However in dedicated hosting, the client pays for the hosting space along with other services whether they use it or not.

Therefore both cloud and dedicated servers have their own unique features and provide different services to the clients. It all depends on what the client is looking for. If the client wants to pay only for what he uses, he could go for cloud servers. On the other hand, if he knows the exact amount of space he would require in the future, he can go for dedicated servers. As cloud servers tend to provide more services to the users and are pretty affordable, they usually win the fight of cloud server vs dedicated server.

Head Online For Cloud Hosting Providers Comparison

Reading a cloud hosting providers comparison will help you decide for yourself whether cloud hosting is the right option for you. Firstly, you need to know what cloud hosting is. Hosting is what takes your website online. One you’ve designed a website, you need to place it on a server so that other people are able to access it on the internet. Hosting companies maintain servers and they lend out space on these servers to different website owners.

There are many different types of hosting available today. The two most common types of hosting are dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Shared hosting is when your website shares server space with other websites. This type of hosting is suitable for smaller websites. The more server space you get, the more you can expand your website. For bigger businesses and companies, dedicated hosting is more suitable. Dedicated hosting provides you with an entire server and is more expensive. The third and most efficient type of hosting, which is as yet not as common as the other two, is cloud hosting. Cloud technology is an innovation in the world of IT.

Cloud essentially means that many virtual servers will be connected together to form a network. These clouds will be pools of information which can be accessed by anyone using cloud hosting. Websites can function across servers rather than be restricted to just one. Cloud technology offers a great improvement from conventional hosting packages. In order to find out whether cloud hosting is the right option for you, head online and read cloud hosting providers comparison. Cloud hosting company contrast makes the picture clearer for you as the sheer number of companies out there is mind boggling.

Cloud hosting offers many benefits. Cloud hosting is very cheap because it takes very little infrastructure changes. The basic package of cloud web hosting costs very little and much less as compared to the average dedicated hosting. Cloud hosting provides the end user with many facilities and services without charging anything extra. The end user can use the resources available in the cloud without paying any hidden charges. Licensed software, which is usually extremely expensive, is offered free in the basic package.

Also, there is no need to invest in expensive hardware updates. The hosting provider takes care of all the hardware updates and has the responsibility of maintaining hardware to support multiple virtual servers. The end user just benefits from the investment that the host makes. There is no need to worry about server storage because hardware to maintain large servers need to be securely placed. You need a separate room which is fire proof and constantly air conditioned. All these factors, when put together, save you a lot of precious capital that can be invested elsewhere.

How To Choose The Best Cloud Hosting Provider?

Cloud technology is the buzz word in the IT world. It has revolutionized how websites are hosted and now every other website owner wants cloud hosting for their website. The high level of reliability, security that cloud hosting offers is unparalleled. If you have decided to go for cloud hosting, there are a few tips to remember so that you can get the best package out there.

With cloud hosting, like any other hosting, you need to be careful which hosting provider you choose, which makes reading up on cloud hosting providers comparison an essential pre-requisite before making a final decision. This decision can make or break your website so it’s essential that you do a fair amount of research before you decide on a hosting provider. The most important thing is that the company should be reliable. So what does reliability mean? Reliability means that the company should promise you maximum up time. Companies which have badly maintained servers often encounter problems so that your website is down and thus inaccessible to people on the internet. This usually happens because the server is experiencing problems or because the traffic on your website is exceeding limits and the server is clogged.

Cloud hosting solves both these problems very efficiently. In cloud hosting, multiple virtual servers work simultaneously so that your website can shift from one to the next in no time. Consequently, if your server space is experiencing problems, you can always shift your website on another website. If the traffic is too much, you can shift the traffic on another server as well. Any good hosting company offers 99% up time but with cloud hosting, you are sure to receive 100% up time. The best way to see which company is more reliable is to go online and match cloud hosting companies.

The second thing that any good company should offer is excellent customer support service. As with any other type of hosting, your website experiences issues in cloud hosting as well. Since the technology is new, it is harder for the end user to figure out what is wrong and to fix it. It is absolutely essential that any problem that your website faces is fixed immediately so that sales or traffic on your website is not affected. For this is to happen, the customer support service of the company should be extremely efficient. They should be available 24/7 so that any time you experience a problem, you can email or call them up and have your problem fixed. If you can’t decide if the company is any good or not, drop in an email just to see the response time. The more quickly the company responds, the better.

The Cloud Hosting Market Online

A lot of IT giants have entered the cloud hosting market and have driven the competition up. Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, all are offering amazing services. Head online and do a cloud hosting providers comparison amongst the best companies before you choose the one for your website.



Free Web Hosting Compared to Paid Web Hosting

The first thing you need to consider when you are looking at free web hosting compared to paid web hosting is what each one of these is. You should start by understanding a few things about the free web hosting that are out there. Then, you really need to understand the different types of paid web hosting and what the differences are.

Free Web Hosting

The most popular type of free web hosting is the Google web host. This is a way to get a website up on the internet without having to pay for hosting. However, there is no such thing as free hosting or free anything. This means that you have to pay for the Google web hosting in a way other than with cash.

Cash is what you would normally use to pay for something, but when it is advertised as free you will pay in other ways. With free hosting you are going to usually pay by allowing the hosting company to place ads on your site. This is how they make money and can provide you with free hosting. The Google web hosting, however is a bit different.

With the Google web host you will not have to deal with ads on your site. However, you will get very little space and you will have absolutely no ownership of your website or blog. This is a big deal because you do not want to spend a large amount of time putting up a website and ending up losing all your information and work because Google doesn’t like it.

Paid Web Hosting

Paid web hosting comes in many forms and will cost you $3 a month all the way up to over $150 a month. The major three options you have with paid hosting are shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. These are the main three that most of the top web hosting companies will offer for you and when you want to look at free web hosting compared to paid web hosting you will most likely be looking at shared web hosting.

Shared hosting is the cheapest website hosting you are going to find out on the internet, which means you really need to get it from a top ten hosting company. This means in order to look at free web hosting compared to paid web hosting you not only want to look at shared hosting, but shared hosting from a top web hosting company.

With shared web hosting you will be able to host your website or your blog on your own domain name. This means you own it and even if you lose your hosting you will be able to transfer your website and all the content that goes with it to another hosting company. There are many benefits to getting paid hosting and below you are going to see the difference in the space, speed, price, support, and reliability of both free web hosting and shared web hosting.

The Space, Speed, and Price

When it comes to the space and the speed there is really no comparison between free hosting and shared hosting. Most of the times when you get free hosting you are going to get a very limited amount of space and typically with shared hosting you get an unlimited amount of space for your hosting. This means that you can grow your blog or your website to any size you want without an issue.

Free hosting also does not give you much speed at all. Why would it considering you are getting it for free? Free hosting is basically the slowest hosting you can get and when you have less speed you will make less money. With shared hosting you will not get the fastest hosting out there, but it is certainly faster than free hosting.

so, since you know that shared hosting will give you more speed and more space, why would you choose free hosting? Well, it would be a mistake to start with or to ever use free web hosting like the Google website hosting that is out there. You will lose money and this is how you will pay for free hosting, which can me much more expensive than the cost of even the cheapest website hosting option, shared hosting.

The price you pay for free hosting is the profits you could have made if you had faster hosting and more space for your website or your blog. This means that you could be paying as much as ten or more times a month for your hosting in missed out profits if you just miss out on one sale. This is not something you want to do and this makes free hosting very expensive.

Shared hosting, on the other hand, is the cheapest website hosting that you can get and it will cost between $3 and $20 a month. That is not much to spend to protect the profits you could be getting. This is not the best hosting you can get, but it is much better than free hosting and really not all that expensive either.

Support and Reliability

Hosting is a very important part of your website or your blog and if you do not have reliable hosting with great support you will wish you did. Those that do not worry about the support until they need it are making a mistake. Make sure you understand and test the support of the hosting company you are decide to get your hosting from.

The support from a free hosting choice like the Google web host is going to be very non-existent. This is simply because it is free hosting and that means they are not making any money from you. Free hosting is not known for having good support and you are very lucky if you get any support from a free hosting choice like the Google web host.

Even with the cheapest website hosting option if you choose a hosting company from the top ten hosting choices out there you will get incredible support. Support is a very important thing and even though they are a top web hosting company that you are looking at you should still test the support. Ask them a few questions and get yourself some confidence in whether they have great support or not.

Support and reliability go hand and hand, which means that free hosting is not going to be very reliable either. The more reliable the hosting is the less support they have to do, which means the support team is going to be there to help you when you need it. Shared hosting from a top web hosting company will give you reliable servers along with the support you need.

The bottom line is that free hosting like the Google website hosting is just not worth the effort. You can spend even the lowest amount and get the cheapest website hosting package you can find and it will be much better than free hosting. This is why when you look at free web hosting compared to paid hosting you should always choose paid hosting.

Free Web Hosting No Ads – What is the Worst and Best Options?

When you are looking for free web hosting no ads involved you are going to find out about the Google web host. This is because most of the hosting that is free will have ads with it, but the Google web host does not. You need to know whether using free hosting is good, what it is good for, and whether you should choose the Google web host or not.

The Google web host is very limited and is really only good for those that are playing around with making a website, but really do not care whether they make money or get anybody to the site or not. This option is not going to allow you to use your own domain name and the speed of your site will be pretty slow as well.

When you use free hosting even if it is free web hosting no ads at all you will end up with a site that is not on your own domain name. This is something you just simply cannot have if you want to make money from your website. Even the cheapest website hosting is better than going with a free host like the Google web host.

3 Choices that are Much Better than Free Web Hosting

1. HostMonster Reviews

If you take the time to find a top 10 web hosting list you will find that there are many HostMoster reviews on these lists, but you will never find a free web hosting no ads review on the list. This is because free hosting is just not good, whereas if you read at least one HostMonster review you will find out how much better it is and you will find out that it is not all that expensive either.

2. FatCow Reviews

The FatCow reviews are another hosting review you will find in the top 10 web hosting lists and they are one of the cheapest website hosting choices when you are looking in the top ten choices. FatCow provides good support and they are a value hosting company because they are not that expensive, but they provide great value for the money you pay.

3. BlueHost Review

Probably one of the most reliable hosting companies in the top 10 web hosting choices is BlueHost. This is one of the companies that you have to check out before you choose your hosting. Even if you do not choose to go with hosting from BlueHost just reading a BlueHost review will help you to understand what you should be looking for in a hosting company.

The Final Thoughts on Free Hosting No Ads

When you are considering going with a host that provides free web hosting no ads involved like the Google web host, then you need to make sure you do not want to make much money from your site at all. You will not get much space to put your site on and this will make your site very slow when someone visits your pages.

This means that you will get hosting that is not going to perform the way you need it to and you will most likely struggle to have your visitors stay on your website long enough to purchase anything or do anything that will make you money. This is a problem and this is exactly why you need to find anything but free web hosting no ads involved.

You can go with the cheapest website hosting you can find and still do better than free hosting, however, it will not cost much money to get hosting from the top 10 web hosting options. Read one of the HostMoster reviews, FatCow reviews, and even read a BlueHost review before you decide that you want to stick with free web hosting no ads.


FatCow vs iPage – The Comparison of the Year

The best way to choose a hosting company to achieve the best website hosting and comparing FatCow vs iPage is a great way to start. The FatCow vs Ipage compare and better understand what is iPage and what is FatCow. Let’s just look at the answer to this interesting topic.


FatCow managed to remain a strong company, as they host more than 300,000 sites around the world at this time. FatCow provides web hosting services for small and medium-sized businesses along with individuals. If you are looking for affordable shared web hosting, and you want a company for “green” web hosting to support you with quality and top of the line equipment, the FatCow hosting is a great choice.

FatCow was launched in 1998, and are a top hosting company located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Before we get into this business, the analysis of FatCow web hosting and the different aspects was done and we found that their offer is not much different in price or features from others. However, when it comes to service and support, they are ranked above the rest.

They have created a product that not only gives you everything you need to put up a website, but they do it while supporting you the entire way through. Having this kind of support puts you a step ahead because you might need this support while you are putting together your website. This really helps ones that might be new to building and creating websites. Sometimes even pro’s might still be able to learn something new when they are talking with the professionals on the phone.

Now, we need to look at the iPage part of, FatCow vs iPage. The iPage does not host nearly as many domain names as FatCow, but they are still known as one of the top choices in the hosting world and you will be able to understand as to why after you compare the two and see what all the fuss is about with these awesome hosting companies online. In the end, the final decision is yours but you’ve got to make sure that you pick out the best hosting package for your website and for your personal needs. Everyone has different needs so just keep that in mind when reading the differences between the two hosting companies on the web.

FatCow vs iPage Hosted by:

FatCow offers a package with unlimited space, domains, e-mail, and speed. They also have a plan for Domain parking called the MiniMoo plan. Domain parking is the registration of domain names without the use of services such as email or web site. This is done in order to order a domain name for future development.

Ipage also offers unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and domain name offers, but they don’t offer domain parking in the same way as FatCow does so remember that if you do go with them.

Key features:

In addition, unlimited storage and bandwidth FatCow including tools to create content. You must set the wizard to add applications and easy to read the forum. They also have large e-commerce capabilities, including the E-Store Builder and Free Google and Yahoo credits.

IPage has the tools for creating websites, blogs, and many other online entities, but not much more effective than FatCow.


FatCow is one of the best at a cost of $3.67/mo. if you have a coupon. The master plan for parking and $5/year. Ipage offers their plan for $3.50/mo. FatCow offers better service compared to Ipage, even though they are slightly more expensive than Ipage. They also recognized the opportunity to win a car, if the sign iPage, which is not possible with FatCow. In addition, they are both green hosting services.

FatCow vs iPage Services Data Center:

FatCow’s data center is “the best kind, because it is of very high quality data center, which has many functions combined within it”. FatCow Router supports dual hosting plans with great redundancy. Own security best line of Cisco PIX firewalls. Improving the reliability of their cluster storage NetApp. Increase the efficiency of this new gigabit network connection. Together to make a secure and reliable hosting provider in FatCow. Their high quality data provides for monitoring 24/7 facility.

IPages data center, “Application Server environment so that each server in the network, will be able to access the site files, and will be backed up regularly”. They use AT&T and a Global Crossing IP-backbone.

The Servers:

Both hosting providers use a control panel called vDeck. Ipage uses vDeck and FatCow uses vDeck 3.0. In addition, they both offer the latest version of vDeck 4.0. This control panel works best on the servers offered by both of these companies. FatCow uses Linux-servers and has a daily backup and load-balancing platform.

Customer Support:

At FatCow, the customer support team has a number of ways to help you, including the 24/7 toll-free number, email, and chat. They also have a library of frequently asked questions. Ipage offers 24/7 phone, chat, and email support, as well. FatCow is the best and they promise a “Heitercratic oath” that says their staff members will get to your request within 2 minutes or less. IPage does not offer this same type of support.

6 reasons why you should choose FatCow over Ipage:

FatCow uses powerful technology; all you need to provide personal or business website online and you can manage in the coming years.

– 100% wind-powered data center, and they can be proud to host websites and e-mail in a completely green way.

– Point and click tool for the construction of your site, you don’t have to know HTML or have programming experience, you can create professional looking websites with only a few clicks through a variety of themes and templates that the offer.

– Integrating Google Webmaster Tools

– Application Wizard: You can add various applications onto your website with the easy to use installation wizard.

– Free Advertising: $125 towards advertising on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook

The bottom line is when you compare FatCow vs iPage; FatCow is the best choice for any individual or business looking to get a website up.

FatCow Servers for Those Looking for Top Hosting

There are many functions available when you use one of the FatCow servers. This article explains how to save energy with FatCow servers and process information, and other interesting facts.

If you think of FatCow web hosting as a service, then there are some important things to know about their servers. At least, one of which can lead to unexpected, but pleasant surprises. FatCow is a “green” web hosting company. This means that not only are the data centers that house the FatCow server, but also their offices are working on 100% wind energy.

This includes the power to run the server, FatCow overheating of the cooling system of servers and server security, fire protection systems, and backup systems and everything else. FatCow customers who want a green sign that the user is that they were elected to the web host that fight for environmental signals to determine.

Why the FatCow is Good Choice

All FatCow hosting packages are housed on Linux/UNIX. You can even use the live chat option to help you get what you need. Since this is shared hosting, you will get the best you need for a very cheap price. With Linux servers, you will get a very reliable hosting environment and you will be able to do much more. In addition, if you’re using the Linux versions for distribution, a UNIX operating system meets the requirements for most CMS choices. Operating systems, including AIX, Solaris, and Mac OS X.

With one of the FatCow servers for your hosting needs, you will get unlimited bandwidth and server space. This takes the worry away when it comes to traffic and it comes to space. You don’t have to worry about how active your site becomes or how much space you take up.

You will also have access to many tools like a site builder (great for beginners), many scripts, and much more. You just need to get more out of your hosting than you get from other shared hosting providers. This will make a huge difference and with FatCow, you will have the best package for your needs.

FatCow takes a variety of scripting languages and makes them available to developer for use on their sites. You will have access to Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress, along with more choices for your needs. This will be easy to implement and will make the design of your website much easier. If you want the best, you need to go with FatCow.

The Best Choice

Unlimited access to the database MySQL is also available from FatCow. FatCow created the AMP solution stack, as well. AMP is an acronym referring to the combination, Apache server, database, MySQL, and at least one scripting language, starting with P (PHP, Perl, and / or Python) Favorite folders for software developers. Although most of the lamp (L for Linux) discovered, AMP is able to work on UNIX-based server (or server is Windows).

The combination of the facts leads you to make informed decisions into account when choosing a hosting server. For additional information, such as the exact version of the scripting language available, please contact support FatCows phone or live chat. You can also use these options for FatCow server’s support.


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